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I too think that TA&M is over-ranked on this list. Curious as to why this list didn't include baseball. Why only single out Football & Basketball? SEC schools have done well nationally in baseball over the last decade or so. I'd like to see the thoughts on the 3 sport coaching trifecta - football, basketball and baseball. I'd argue hard that LSU wins that comparison - Orgeron, Wade and Mainieri.
Way off with the mark with wanting the Iron Bowl back at Legion Field. There is no comparison to having the games played on campus. Legion Field was never a neutral site. It was always heavily favored towards Bama. In addition, there was much lost revenue for both schools by not alternating the game site each year. Home and Away series always make for better football. Home field advantage should rotate with the schedule every year. Bama playing at Legion Field was always a "home field advantage" for the Tide. Bama fans will argue that ticket sales were 50/50 for each school, but one look around the stadium would confirm there were more Tide fans than Auburn fans. Almost as bad as UGA having to travel to Jacksonville every year for the cocktail party. We LSU fans do miss CLM antics and interviews, but we don't miss his lost in the 1970's style of offense. You left off the legendary Stan Torgerson from Ole Miss as a great radio voice. Though I'm pretty sure that few play-by-play guys will ever surpass Larry Munson. Never have been a Dawgs fan, but Munson was definitely one-of-a-kind. Never quite understood the Verne/Gary hate fest myself. Gary does have some good insight and Verne does have great pitch and timing. Only people I know that really hate the 2 are usually Bama fans...go figure.