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Dude... I can't stress this enough. Colton. Jumper. Is. Terrible. Anyone with a set of eyes knows this.
You settle down. It was joke ya jabroni.
Marquez Callaway aka Larry Fitzgerald 2.0, aka FryLock, aka The Dread Hawk
Uhhh... did you watch the game last night? He whiffs on tackles on the regular, and flat out doesn't have the speed to keep up most RBs or WRs. He's slow. He takes poor angles. He misses tackles. He's not good.
Butch is a massive dork. He only does what his little binder tells him to do. Sure he can recruit, but very few of these recruits tend to pan out. He's good for 8-9 wins every year, which is fine... but I don't ever see him taking the Vols to another level. It's just outside of his capabilities.
Butch is a nerd, and I won't feel a damn thing if he gets canned.
I loathe Colton Jumper. I've had to watch this jabroni get beat and miss tackles for years now, and I'm sick of it. 18 Tackles on a night where they ran the ball for 500+ yards is nothing to hang your hat on. Just means they got to his level all night long.