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Fact check? Gus told us that he went with Bo because he’s more accurate than Gatewood. Fact check this.. Auburn is one of the worse passing offense in the SEC and in the country. Very rarely are the passes on target. Even the ones that are caught are behind the receivers for crying out loud. If you can’t see that, then it’s a fact that you don’t know football. You and Gus both can go down with the ship. It’s win now!! You bum!!
True.. But why waste a great defense this year? Those guys came back to school to win. Run the football and play great defense. That’s been the recipe in the SEC for decades. Auburn has enough talented runners to make defenses afraid of every run option. Add the QB and they don’t know who’s getting the ball.
Let’s not ignore the facts. Bo Nix will one day be a good QB. But not this year. He has only passed for 1301 yards which is barely 185 yards per game. Malzahn offense has only been successful with a true running QB. Cam Newton and Nick Marshall. Neither of those guys are considered accurate passers. Nick Marshall couldn’t throw 20 yards but he fit the system. Gatewood is that guy until Bo is physically ready to take over.