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Bump is right. While the effort during this slow start is plenty of reason enough to ask a few questions of Mullen, but anyone who thinks he needs to lose his job is insane. Any MSU "fans" who think he is a bad coach either was not a fan during the Felker or Croom years, or is a young student or recent Alumni who has fallen victim to the success experienced with all the NFL talent from the 2014-2015 teams... Do we need to play with more energy in that first half vs Auburn or second half vs South Alabama? Absolutely, and that's where leaders in the locker room need to step up. But to say Dan needs to be run out of town after 4 bad games (We looked decent vs S Carolina), is very naive and shortsighted.
Dan is the worst at pressers. Good coach, but always tries to make jokes and they fall flat as hell.
Funny stuff? How about a Florida fan talking smack about a team struggling against UMass this season? I think we both did bub.
Because Ole Miss isnt playing South Alabama or UT Martin anytime soon right?
I wouldn't really call this taking a shot at LSU. Reporters asked him for his opinion on Tiger stadium, considering the first time he played there the LSU fans emptied the stadium early in the 3rd quarter he doesn't have much else to go on. I was there and easily left my seat in the upper deck and got down by the MSU band to watch us get a long awaited win in an almost empty "Death Valley".
Wow. Are you serious with this Kevin? What a terrible joke about Dak. This kid is nothing but class and respectful to the media and you want to come at him with that lame question. I sure hope SDS doesn't actually let you go to press conferences.