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Watch out for that Cinderella St. Mary’s. Coming all the way from outside the tourney to make an upset. We all know this was pre-written but you could at least make sure that the teams you talk about are in.
Don't get me wrong the grading was right, but to say that the hogs were never really in the game is absurd. It was 14-7 until 2:18 in the game. They also had the ball twice inside the 5 with chances to go ahead and tie the game.
Maybe it has nothing to do with what any fans think but actually more to do with what the players think. Maybe they really like them. Look good feel goo play good right? Also it maybe for impressing the large number of recruits we have coming to campus this week.
If we can limit HUGE plays our run defense is pretty good. That will be the key to how our defense plays. I think/hope that our oline has turned a corner and it won't be a jail break. Allen may not have long but at least longer. I think this will be a two touchdown win, I'm just not sure which team.
auburntiger1987: talks about pedestrian numbers for offense after cupcakes are taken away. Other clearly more decent auburn fans: realize that other than cupcakes auburn is beat with 20 points. I definitely respect auburn and the fact that their defense is very good but their offense is nothing special at all. I am concerned about a new linebacker making the right reads on the run. Disclaimer I definitely don't endorse arkansaucey either. Hopefully not but these predictions are bold and could happen.
Dplafoll I really hope that the players take that mentality. We didn't run the ball well against a&m but we passed up and down the field we just couldn't capitalize in the redzone. Knight had all his yards on three plays. Those have killed us time and time again so if we don't at least slow them down this week we deserve the whopping we are gonna get. But please underestimate us!
I wish we would realize that this year we are a passing team and stop making every pass a play action. It wastes time in letting allen get his eyes down field. I'm also looking forward to a great game. Go hogs!
If that's not poetic I don't know what is. Nothing like a hog sliding in mud.
Unfortunately it does... Hopefully it was one bad game.
A friend once said "look at bielema's wife and tell me he doesn't know how to recruit."
Because the other three teams are capable of beating those other teams...or shutting them out or anything
Same way I look at Arkansas. Is it very possible to do well? Yes. But realistically I would be pumped to go 4-4 in the SEC.
Well we can't all have two other teams in our division can we?
Switch auburn and Tennessee and change LSU to a win and I'm totally ok with this.
I see where you are coming from as to Arkansas but another thing to consider is how much of that big three was developed by smith. Even the most hardcore hog fan had never heard of martrell speight before last year. I think there will be a small step down in talent but a step up in depth.
When Henry and fournette rush for 150 in a game then they can start talking.
They didn't know how to close games. Had they not just become a train wreck in the 4th/overtime against Texas a&m they would have won also against the number 2 passing offense in the SEC they held them to 14 points and 161 passing... Wouldn't say they struggled with passing offenses as much as just closing games as a whole.
Obviously I'm biased but Allen's completion percentage has little to do with him and more about what is around him. That 56% was probably almost all to tight ends in which if the spring game shows a thing will be a much bigger factor than they were last year, and rightfully so. Also hopefully Allen will be asked to throw in better situations, not when we have two negative plays and are throwing from 3rd and 14.
As a big fan I am with you in this one! Although I think we will be much better this year due to a new offensive coordinator that plays more to our strengths than the last, that said we still have to prove it. I am also with you on your previous comment that LSU won't at all be what they have been recently. Les Miles will make incredibly stupid offensive decisions and won't have a defense to bail him out.
I was a bit shocked at bielma being at 15 even as a hog fan. He hasn't done much in the SEC but I think this will be the year he breaks through to make an impact. I'm not saying we will win the SEC but we won't be at the bottom. Richt is a great coach in my eyes but he has a habit of blowing the ones that matter. He just comes up a bit short consistently, but definitely in the top 25
This article was spot on Allen isn't going to be a star by an stretch of the imagination but Enos is putting him into a great position to make comfortable throws. I think I hate Mizzou fans more than Mizzou themselves so I'm fine with a rivalry starting, just wish it was named "ARMOgedon" instead of "the battle line rivalry"