BC in NC

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I’m not saying he’s anywhere near a hot seat. What I am saying is losses like this are unacceptable. We were at home at we have all the tools we needed to win. We held SC’s offense to 10 points through regulation play. Smart’s predecessor was the winningest coach in UGA’s modern era by win percentage. That’s the bar he has to beat. He’s doing it for now, but he needed to take care of business.
And Kentucky’s prize is the game against the freshly pissed off UGA team. Enjoy.
Kirby better realize that losing games we should win is the crap that got his predecessor canned. Yes, the Gamecocks have talent, but no way Ga. should lose at home like that.
If we had won I was planning to say that we got bailed out by a bad call on our final scoring drive (uncatchable pass) and did not deserve to win. Congrats to South Carolina.
There’s one stat that’s a concern for me — but it involves our offense. We have not scored a touchdown in the third quarter against SEC opponents or Norte Dame. That isn’t going to cut it against better competition.
The headlines for the two articles say it all: reasons Florida "can win" and reasons LSU "beats Florida." I think the Gators have a puncher's chance, but I don't see them overcoming the hostile environment. In fairness to Florida, I'll also admit that I thought Auburn would win last week. It'll be an interesting one to watch.
We’ve done the black uni thing. Sometimes it’s great, others, not so much. When you lose wearing the special uniform it adds a bit of zing to the sting.
For Fla. to win, they’re going to have to play all-out. Whether they pull off the win or not, it’ll be great to have all the game tape on them.
This one was pretty awesome. And for all the Tennessee fans feeling picked on, search "SEC Shorts - Georgia fans have their hard lives filmed in a nature documentary."
I'm glad to see our run defense doing so well thus far, especially since our front 7 group was pegged as an area of concern in the preseason. It'll be good to have them tested again on Saturday.
Whoever wins Fla.-LSU next week deserves to leapfrog Ohio State.
It’ll be really interesting to see what happens. Was the Maurer start an attempt to spur Guarantano to better production on game day, or is Tennessee really going to make a change? If Maurer does in fact take over, I’ll be curious to see how he develops. He had some nice touch on throws and definitely seems to have potential.
Three takeaways: 1. Our secondary was seen as a strength at the start of the season, but our run defense is getting top marks so far. Maybe that’s just due to the level of competition to date, but it’s still interesting. I hope our strong run defense continues. 2. For all the talk of the slow start, I’m more concerned about the lack of offensive production in the third quarter. In games against Vandy, Norte Dame and now Tennessee, we haven’t scored more than a field goal in the third. That won’t cut it against a better offense. 3. It seems like our coaching staff, particularly our new OC, are learning more each week about how to use this team to best effect. Hopefully, the upward trajectory continues with manageable home games in the next 2 weeks.
This year’s Georgia-Florida game is getting to be a more interesting matchup, but I still see Auburn as our toughest remaining game due to the Jordan Hare factor.
We actually scored a touchdown on our opening drive, but then bogged down. Definitely need to do better early on. Also, we didn’t score a touchdown in the third quarter... Need to come. Out stronger after the break.
Tennessee’s freshman QB had me nervous for a while there, but it was great to see our defense step it up. Go Dawgs!
Wow, not what I expected at all. Is it time to throw Gus under the bus yet?
Crop top guy is probably going through some initiation ritual.
So you predict that “Auburn beats Georgia and turns around the next week and beats Alabama at home.” Then you assert that this turn of events (along with other game results) “leaves LSU and Georgia as the only undefeated teams in the conference.” Does this site ever use editors?
We don't have any pro-Auburn bias, in fact, considering that UGA has to play Auburn at home this year, I'd prefer to see them be the weaker team on Saturday. I just think they're a notch higher than Florida this year.
Auburn has been tested against far better competition, so game stats to date are all but meaningless, as far as I'm concerned. Florida may be ranked in the top 10, but it's that doesn't mean much. Auburn will roll.
We can't sleep on Tennessee, regardless of their record. I have faith that the coaches and leadership team will have us in the right mindset, and I definitely want to see us come out of the game healthy.
I’m probably reading too much into it, but it’s kinda funny that the Columbia station used tape of Kirby talking and then cut away when Muschamp began his reply.
Clemson shouldn't be higher than 5th after Saturday.
Calm down a little. It was a throwaway hot take at the end of a fluff piece.
The video’s cute, but I also like the “join a conference” chant in the background. It really makes the moment for me.
A big priority for the team and fans should be to enjoy this Saturday -- the schedule turns brutal in the first 2 weeks of October.
Notre Dame is better and slimier than expected. I hope the get roasted for the blatant fake injury. Now I went to see them went out so that our win over them looks better.
I definitely prefer this view to the rat poison parade. We definitely should win, but we have a lot of young players who could get their heads turned by a hype train. I trust the coaching staff and the leadership team to do their job this week, though. Go Dawgs!
Alabama has decided that running is what you do when you can’t pass. It’d be funny to hear reactions to that philosophy if you could time travel to the pre fun n’ gun days.