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Our defensive front is more of a weakness/concern to me. If we can't get more pressure on quarterbacks, the good ones we'll see in the postseason will pick us apart. If we can't stop the run, we'll get trucked there. Even without proven receivers, we have enough offensive weapons to make a game of it with anyone.
If you are talking about a wrecked season in the sense of fan expectations, then — for many UGA fans — any regular season loss will wreck our season. We want to finally win that hostile-environment road conference game (Auburn), we want to stay unbeaten in the East, and we want the resume enhancement the Norte Dame win will bring. And we definitely don’t want to drop any other of our non-conference games. Yeah, it’s a really tough thing to pull off and probably an unrealistically high expectation, but it’s what we want.
Ga. losing to Fla. would likely mean Fla. wins the East, as a Fla. team capable of beating Ga. likely runs the table in the division. Losing the East would pretty much wreck our season.
Kiper's keen insight has inspired me. I hereby predict that at least 80 percent of Jake Fromm's passes this year will land in the Western Hemisphere, and that he will throw the ball with one hand. Place your prop bets now! It would be hilarious to hear a Vegas sportsbook reaction
There's also motivation. Saban's team came back on fire after they lost in the CFP final in 2016-17. Georgia's looking pretty motivated as well, so we shall see.
Franks is just an absolute wild card at this point. If his trajectory from last year continues, he could deserve the top spot on this list. We will find out soon enough.
I expect Franks to continue improving. Look for him to have a positive year and for the gators to approach 10 wins.
It cracks me up every time someone pretends like Franks hasn't been on an upward trajectory. I fully expect him to be even better this year. I'm glad Georgia has a few weeks to see just what the 2019 version of Franks is like before we play Florida.
I'm sure Duke doesn't exactly have Bama quaking in their boots even with this injury. Not during football season, anyway.
@tonytiger "That being said, the liberal sites are almost unreadable because of their anti Trump, anti-police, open borders, platform." Many who are on the other side of the spectrum would say similar things about conservative sites. I think both liberals and conservatives should develop thicker skin and read a wide range of sites.
That is an amusing dig. At the risk of sounding pedantic, I'll also mention that I offered a defense of print news in the 10 Bold Predictions for the SEC East article. That article was old when I posted the comment, so I wanted to give one mention of it here as well.
If you doubt credibility, the solution is to read more, not less. Along with the New York Times, you could read the Arizona Republic, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The New Orleans Times Picayune, The Chicago Tribune and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, to name a few. You also could read some international sources, like the BBC, the English-language version of Der Spiegel out of Germany, and The Economist (they cover news in general, not just business, and they're seen as conservative by international standards). If you lump all print journalism together because Fox News tells you everyone but Fox is biased, consider the source. Fox has a financial interest in promoting its brand, and Fox News' claim that everyone else is biased is brand promotion. I'll also offer an argument regarding TV news: All the 24-hour TV "news" channels are more about entertainment than journalism -- whether they are conservative or liberal. A show with a single host or a group of hosts giving their opinions on the news is an entertainment program, not journalistic reporting. Most of the 24-hour channels have these kinds of entertainment programs as the majority of their content. [NOTE: My next statement deals with a channel that existed years ago; I make no claims about CNN's current stance] Years ago, CNN ran a channel called "CNN Headline News" that offered a 30-minute loop that repeated all day long and was updated as events unfolded. It was like watching a nightly news broadcast over and over. That's about the closest a 24-hour channel ever came to being truly journalistic all day long.
Yeah, I definitely don't want to find out.
"if Jake Fromm goes down for any extended period, Georgia’s Playoff hopes go with him." Stetson Bennett has the familiarity and ability to keep Georgia's hopes alive, especially if the running game is what Georgia fans hope it will be this season. Would our playoff hopes take a big hit? Of course. Do I want to see this assertion tested? Of course not. Would all hope be lost if Fromm is knocked out? No.
Per Dawgnation: “Braun doesn’t do any showcase or national or regional camps. Or his ratings would be a lot higher.”
Of course, "Killer Force" (1976) would probably be the most apt choice for him...
Mullen's 9 makes sense considering the length of his tenure. If he doesn't keep building on his success to date, that number will crater quickly. Kirby's 8 makes sense considering what we got rid of to make the switch and the consecutive close-but-no-cigar seasons and the blown leads over Bama. It's all about the expectations.
If he doesn’t get the starting gig he’ll be the poster boy for the argument against jumping into the portal. I could still see it being a situation of Day challenging both QBs during camp, but the irony is that it’s the same method Kirby used and Fields didn’t look all that amazing when he took the field at Georgia. It’ll be interesting to see if the same pattern emerges.
And every team’s second squad defense has the benefit of seeing the first squad offense week after week in practice. I’d bet UGA’s second team D would do better against our first team O than they would against the first team Gators (or several other first team SEC offenses).
If LSU has an 11-1 record and there is playoff buzz for them, it will send the 18 playoff discussion into overdrive. And just imagine if LSU and Alabama are both 11 and 1, with Alabama's loss coming in the SEC Championship game and LSU's loss being a razor thin one to Bama. That would make for some playoff chaos.
(Meant to post this with my initial comment) There has been a narrative within the Georgia community arguing that the Dawgs should get some sort of benefit were there to be another scheduling shift.
The people complaining about the Auburn-Georgia move likely are doing so because it feels like Auburn got its way after also getting the benefit of two home games in a row back when the SEC expanded. Those two home games in a row were not something Auburn had pushed for; they were scheduling fluke needed to allow everything to work at the expansion point and Georgia agreed to it.
I didn’t say it was a rational fear. :) I guess I could simplify it to say that our fear is that we’ve seen our peak and that we’ll slide backward. That’s the nagging, lingering doubt, but it’s easy to push it from the mind when there’s so much reason for optimism.
Our biggest fear is that Kirby takes an NFL job. Our second biggest fear is that the last 2 years are as good as it gets, that after an initial flurry of results that are better than what we’d been seeing, we regress to that previous level.
I agree there is lots of potential at receiver, but since we are having to change out so much from last year, it is a question mark until we see proof on the field. I am pretty optimistic, though.
Receivers and defensive front. Our season will largely turn on how the unproven talent in those groups shakes out. Hopefully, a strong fall camp gets them ready. The good news is that, on each side of the ball, guys have tough opposition to line up against each day at practice. Should help get them ready.
I'm glad we don't play LSU in the regular season this year. Fla., Texas A&M and Auburn will be enough.
Per Dawgnation: So it should be very clear that without or with Cox, Georgia is loaded with unproven talent at the outside linebacker position. And with all of them competing for playing time, it was far from a sure thing that Cox was going to be a regular contributor for Georgia in 2019."