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And our new OL coach looks like he can get the most out of players, based on the bowl game. Hope that trend continues.
It'd be great if Georgia and Florida are both undefeated at when they enter the WLOCP. The east would have handed defeats to both Bama and LSU, and it'd make for a massive showdown.
UGA has said Coley will be in a new role, but has not specified.
With him back our only hole on the OL is the one Cade Mays left. I feel good about our chances to fill it well with incoming recruits, and I'm hoping Luke can keep the OL performing at the level that it did in the bowl game.
Running back isn't a "battle." We always use multiple backs and we actually prefer to have a good tandem like Chubb-Michel. Even when Chubb and Michel were in our backfield, the remainder of our 5-deep at running back got touches.
Clickbait designed to rile folks up. By the look of the comment section, it's mission accomplished.
Yeah, I'm sure that list will be on the proverbial bulletin board in the Tuscaloosa football facilities.
No disrespect to Burrow, but I've gotta say the LSU defense was the difference-maker. They kept Lawrence off balance after Clemson's early scoreing, and that sealed the win. By the third quarter, Lawrence was off the mark with his throws as much as he was on, and the Clemson offense didn't have a chance.
Georgia also has a coaching vacancy. It'll be really interesting to see which direction they go with that.
Newman’s going to have some tough competition in Mathis and Beck. He’s not guaranteed the starting job, and he’ll be going up against one of the best defenses in the SEC in practice. If he is as weak as the naysayers hearsay he is, he won’t get a starting job.
"What might a retired Nick Saban do?" There's only 1 reason he's doing the Aflac commercials (it's not the money, of course) -- he wants to get a different persona out there to compete with his image as grouchy press conference guy. That indicates that he has his eye on some sort of analyst gig. Considering that he is famously detail-oriented as a coach, it's a natural fit for his next career.
Another writer on a different site even mentioned Mac Jones and Felipe Franks as transfer options. Talk about comedy!
Even the ones we lost recently were competitive games. We weren't a sacrificial lamb to the almighty west.
If Florida or any other East team unseats us this year, I want it to because they're improving and the division is getting tougher. If it's because we took a step back, we'll just be returning to the days when the East winner was the annual sacrificial lamb at the SECCG.
There's a lot of doom and gloom being bandied about, but I'm not terribly worried. D'Wan Mathis has had more than a year to study our playbook, and even if he isn't cleared for contact until May, he can still continue to throw passes and develop rapport with receivers. Carson Beck's a true freshman, but I seem to remember some other true freshman QBs recently who didn't do too horribly. Stetson Bennett may not be the flashiest guy out there, but we could do worse. And that's just the guys already on our roster. And our defense will be pretty stout as well.
I have no hard feelings toward Cade; I understand wanting to play with his brother. His dad's lawsuit 2 years later is the only part that annoys me. To me, it's either a slimy attempt at a payday or a ploy to get Cade immediate eligibility to play.
Felipe Franks becomes our transfer portal QB.
The lawsuit is to give an excuse for a waiver so he can play at Tennessee (maybe, or maybe Arkansas) right away. He’s in the portal.
He likely wouldn't be any higher up the chain next year -- his draft stock likely had no place to go but down. I'm sad to see him go, but wish him the best.
That’s going to be a crowded QB room in this era of the transfer portal. I’m sure I speak for many UGA fans when I say we can care less who your starter is. Who will your backup be?
And now the ripple effect starts. Fromm might well decide to come back now that Tua's departure is set.
Best wishes to Baylor’s QB. Glad to see our offense go without turning it over and see both sides play with the passion to win. And, we successfully converted a fake field goal!!!
For Kirby Smart: An offense that matches his defense.
Dang, LSU, greedy much? And yes, I’m feeling jealous.
It is regularly called the greatest Rose Bowl ever, so there's more than just UGA fans' fond memories in its favor.
I'd like to see Georgia's comeback in the Rose Bowl on the list -- just because I'd like to see something positive about our offense.
We haven’t yet seen whether LSU can win it all. I expect they will, and I wish them well in the playoff. But don’t geaux throwing stones until you’re sure the gumbo’s finished.
If LSU wins out this year they deserve the top spot. I’d also put the undefeated Auburn squad in front of the 2011 Tide.
Many Georgia fans are likely throwing darts at Coley, but the shortcomings of the UGA offense are on Smart's shoulders. It will be interesting to see how things shake out this offseason.