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I think Florida has a tougher ‘21 schedule than we do.
Vanderbilt recruiting momentum — not a phrase you hear every day. Cheers to y’all, ‘Dores!
Poor defense was a knock on Crean's teams even before he came to Georgia. As I recall from articles when he was hired, his philosophy is to focus on fast transition play and scoring to overcome defensive deficiencies, but that has not been a consistently winning strategy thus far. It would be nice to see his teams get better at defense, but at this point he likely is who he is as a coach.
Barring injuries or other unforeseen factors, Georgia should be competitive with anyone next year. To say it's Natty or never time when we're replacing the entire defensive secondary is a stretch. With Clemson as our game 1, we'll know soon enough.
I think it's more of a "get your mouth right or walk" situation, to an extent. If Mullen sounds like a solid head coach all season and says all the right things in public, he may be able to survive a loss to UGA and a second place finish in the SEC East. If he has continued issues in front of the mic as well as lack of on-field production, the heat will rise dramatically. McElwain was fired for losses and also for the "death threats" fiasco. Likewise, Mullen he has speaking gaffes but wins the East, he's likely safe. If the Gators finish worse than Second in the East, Mullen's days are likely numbered, and if an awesome head coach candidate comes available and Mullen is having issues, that could change things as well.
Mullen likely will have a bit more success with that than we have had. His QB whisperer reputation will get him the benefit of the doubt.
Winning it all will be a tall order, but hopefully we can get back to the playoff and then anything is possible. And finally beating ‘Bama — that would be nice (and probably will have to happen to reach the playoff, anyway).
He’s probably being tracked to pick up a coordinator position in the near future when a vacancy comes open. Waiting a year to become a coordinator at a high-visibility program makes sense if he’s trying to build his coaching stock toward a head coaching gig.
We’ve got Gunner Stockton for the ‘22 cycle, so we don’t have room for another QB. Even though Gunner’s a 5-star, he’s listed at 6’1 and this kid’s 6’4. That extra height could prove to be a significant advantage.
Looks like we’re stocking up to replace someone who jumps on the coaching carousel in the next year or so. Cochran did well with special teams, so I could see him moving to another coordinator position that comes open, and Discher taking over at special teams. There could even be a cascade of promotions if Monken leaves after 2021 (he’s definitely not long for a coordinator position).
Best of luck to you, Tommy. Hated to see all the injuries that hampered you.
LSU is going to need to beat Bama again and make the playoff at least once in the next 4 years, or the narrative will become that they caught lightning in a bottle once. They’re better off than UGA is with the “1980” jab, though.
Georgia's (hopefully) improved passing attack will help our running backs, as defenses won't be able to load the box and dare us to throw they way they often did in recent years.
Going back to ‘08, it’s been a 3-game streak for each team and Florida’s currently in year 2 of their turn. It’ll be interesting to see if the Dawgs can break that pattern.
Might need to narrow that list to the top 6 after UGA’s upset of Mizzou.
Exactly. If we can get pressure up front on defense and also keep our offense on the field and put up points, I'll be far less worried about our secondary. the talent is there and they'll have time to grow. But if we see yet another year of lackluster offense against top-tier competition, things will probably get ugly in a hurry. I'm really hoping we get a regular spring season without injuries so that Monken can really get the offense in prime shape.
5 Bama players drafted in the first 23 picks would definitely be a prominent mention in Saban’s next leaked recruiting pitch.
The biggest challenge for Jones, or any other coach, is to be able to understand what he does well and to be willing to delegate. Whether it's in-game decision making or anything else, a head coach is more a CEO than anything else, especially at the top P5 schools. I think that's why Jones focused on what he called Saban's ability to "balance" so many things. Balancing often involves delegation.
Georgia's depth will make it harder for single-player records to fall. Overall production will, hopefully, increase significantly, though.
I think some of the “not knowing how to tackle” part may be due to kids trying to avoid targeting and unnecessary roughness penalties. You’ll see a defender come in unblocked and slow down as he tries to square up for a legal hit on the QB.
The bigger story is how hard Kentucky’s trying to be a football school this hoops season.
Yeah, that’s surprising considering the number of Bama players drafted in recent years.
With the head coaching turnover at other SEC East schools, it seems Mizzou has a clear path to becoming a an even greater contender in the division. Will be interesting to watch.
Here’s hoping we have a full spring ball season and summer drills to help our guys really gel. It would be nice to have an offense that isn’t underperforming after the last few years.
The closest SDS gets to real journalism is recycling the work found on other sites. It's a shame that posting a bunch of social media reactions and writing source-free, speculative fluff counts as acceptable content these days.
A strong Tennessee is good for the conference, but it's kind of like eating vegetables for the opposing teams. I know cupcakes aren't the most healthy thing, but they sure are tasty.