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The current pandemic, Covid-19, is a disease caused by a strain of coronavirus. The flu is caused by the influenza virus. They're not the same thing.
Those flu numbers are worse -- so far. COVID 19 has a higher mortality rate, and we're just getting started with the outbreak. The lack of testing to date means we really don't know how many cases are out there in the U.S., and it spreads so easily that it's likely going to infect a lot of people. I know the response seems extreme, but it is exactly that sort of strong response early on that will do the most good.
So many responses are such half-measures. The entire tourney needs to be cancelled.
Well, if we're going to be encouraging people to look things up, perhaps we should include the fact that "underappreciated" is one word.
His list looks like chronological order, not order of importance.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. If someone else knocks us out of winning the East, I want it to be a cause other teams are getting better and not because we are backsliding.
It's a little hard to tell from the angle, but it looks like the catcher should have had that throw.
Ole Miss firing a shot across 'Bama's bow? That'd be like a kid in a rowboat with a .22 letting fly across the bow of one of these: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ea/BB61_USS_Iowa_BB61_broadside_USN.jpg
Most of I saw about Fromm's draft predictions indicated that he wouldn't necessarily fare better in next year's QB class, so why not go now. I tink that's why he pulled the trigger.
C'mon all, dial it back a bit. Brewster is an ace recruiter, and I'm sure he'll have UF winning those recruiting battles against Miami, FSU and FIU any day now.
If he hit a woman the coaches need to work with him to make him understand when aggressiveness is OK and when its not. The team culture feeds that aggressiveness on-field, so coaches have a responsibility if that aggressiveness spills over into off field life.
Family violence sounds like a situation where Wyatt isn’t able to rein in his aggressiveness. The coaches encourage aggressiveness on the field, but now they need to help Wyatt understand how to keep things under control. They shouldn’t kick him off the team; they should suspend him and work with him to help him keep things in check. They owe it to him and to his family.
So we get the RBU title (Running Bases U.) for the spring as well, I guess.
The move could also allow for some interesting trick play options.
The Gators have landed top-10 classes the last 2 years, per 24/7. Before that, they were at 14th in 2018 and 11th in 2017. Considering how close last year's game was, and the production they return, they definitely have a real shot at winning in Jax in the fall. I think we're far too much of an unknown at this point to really say anything. But perhaps the biggest question is, how would Fla. fans take a loss in Jax next year if UGA goes on to fizzle out again in the SECCG? Would that scenario heighten their frustration at all, or would it not matter? I'm assuming that if UGA made the playoff, Fla. fans might not take a loss in Jax quite so badly. But perhaps that would be worse, as it would be the second time that the hated rival had made it to the big party while the Gators sat at home?
Change “are on board with” to “support.” It’s less wordy ad it fixes the grammar issue.
If coaches want to block this change, then they should forfeit all salary they were ever paid by a university every time they jump to a new job before their contracts end. It’s ridiculous for coaches to demand that players can’t move on when the coaches can hop whenever they want.
Yeah, it's crazy that ND gets such high rankings. As for UGA, we're enough of an unknown with all the newness in the offense that 10 is probably relatively fair.
For all answers regarding UGA, the magic eight ball is stuck on the following answers until after the end of spring practice: ● Reply hazy, try again. ● Ask again later. ● Better not tell you now. ● Cannot predict now. ● Concentrate and ask again. As long as the definitive answer doesn't turn out to be bullet point 3, we'll be fine.
Much was made of his decision to wait until now to actually sign, but at his high school there is a tradition of teammates signing together on the traditional signing day, not the early one. Granted, anything can happen, but it wasn't ever as dicey as some headlines made it seem. With his and Branch's signings this morning, all of our commits are officially locked in.
"Newman could play great and never live up to that hype — and maybe Kirby Smart hopes he’ll do just that." Smart wants to win it all, and Georgia's best shot at doing so is for for Newman to have a Burrow-like year. I'm not predicting that - we're too much of an unknown as others have said. I'm just saying that there is no way that Smart would want anything other than maximum production and hype realization out of Newman. Additionally, such a best-case scenario will benefit recruiting on the offensive side of the ball. That also will be huge, as Smart wants UGA to stay competitive at the top.
Perhaps Perine suffered from offensive scheming that didn't allow him to shine as well as he could have?
Humiliation? I don’t see it when players get plenty of support from teammates and coaches after an ejection. The disqualified player also usually gets a big round of applause from his team’s fans on the way to the locker room. Holding off on a consequence because we’re too worried about tender feelings is the kind of mollycoddling that should be avoided.
Granted, this article is focused on the SEC West, but since scheduling is a conference wide concern, I will address the cupcake concern with, "(cough) Georgia State - Tennessee."