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Alabama is a young team, and young teams play down to the level of level of competition from time to time. I said before tonight that I expected them to play their best game of the season today. They did. Congrats on a solid win.
I remember watching that game on TV, and I'm not even retirement age yet. Pac-Man was the big craze at the time, and there were animated helmets that bobbed across the screen at each other (one UGA, one ND) from time to time with Pac-Man music playing. The helmet of the team in the lead ate the other helmet as the Pac Man death music played.
I have less of a problem with an individual award within a position group, but even there the team dynamic comes into play. If Smith was the exact same player last year, but his QB couldn’t hit receivers, Smith wouldn’t win a Heisman or a receiver award. Or if the QB was running for his life due to an inferior O line and couldn’t make throws, same thing. Likewise, if Burrow’s receivers dropped everything or if his O line didn’t give him time to throw, he wouldn’t have won a Heisman. I do agree that the Heisman has become a beauty contest, and that an “impactful player” award could have more merit. But even that impactful player’s achievement depends on the rest of the team.
The whole notion of an individual award in a team sport, especially when it is open to multiple positions, is absurd. Any one player — even a quarterback — depends on the rest of his teammates on both sides of the ball. A stellar QB whose team loses due to lack of defense will rarely get noticed, even if he is deserving. I will never take the Heisman seriously. I don’t care if it has a long and storied tradition. It’s complete B S as an award.
Yeah, that makes no sense. If the committee was thinking of keeping a 2-loss Bama in the playoff, they would have kept Bama at 2 for now. If Bama loses and stays at 3 in the rankings, it’ll be complete garbage. If they lose and get a do-over in the playoff as a 4 seed, it’ll be worse than garbage.
Also, no single Georgia player has eye-popping stats because we spread the ball around so much. We have tight ends and running backs catching passes along with the wide outs.
If we’re playing a team from the Midwest in round 1 and we get the option to choose a location, I would expect Smart to opt for Florida.
So Kelly wanted "new challenges," but hadn't overcome the challenge of winning it all at Notre Dame. Translation -- ND has little chance of ever winning it all. Or, Kelly is a coach who could get ND to good, but not great, status. It'll be really interesting to see what he can accomplish at LSU.
The key will be whether we can pressure Young. If we can't, it'll be a rough night for our secondary.
Reveal videos just work so much better when you have aircraft carriers and fighter jets.
This year, at least... "Momma always said playing 'Bama is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
I fully expect 'Bama to play their best game of the season on Saturday. That said, I think UGA has a decent shot at a win. If we do win, I definitely want to see 'Bama out of the CFP, as I don't want to play them twice. They'll be playing for their season on Saturday and will be tough to beat just once.
Can't wait for Funny Maine this week. He'll have a field day with this game
Saban will be chewing his team out all week and they will come into the SECCG breathing fire. It'll be as tough a fight as always.
"according to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg, who recently interviewed for multiple Power 5 opportunities, and had chances to move on in the Group of 5." That's quite the career move for Rittenberg.
If it happens, it would likely mean that UGA won the SECCG and Bama was knocked out of the playoff by the loss. I would definitely take that outcome. Beating Alabama once will be hard enough. I don't want to have to do it twice.
This comes from the Tampa Bay Times: "The state and Seminole Tribe are expected to appeal the decision and request an immediate stay of the order, said Daniel Wallach, a gambling expert and Hallandale Beach-based lawyer. But, he said, he does not expect a subsequent decision to prevail. The other option is for the Florida Legislature to either put an amendment on the November 2022 ballot to enable statewide sports betting, or conceive of some other statutory regime that does not violate Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, he said."
This is a U.S. District Court opinion. Can it not be appealed? There may still be a U.S. Court of Appeals decision and a U.S. Supreme Court hearing (if it's appealed that far and if the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case).
It looks like they had their script all planned, and then scrambled to fit in some Florida gags after Mullen's firing. They pivoted pretty well, though.
I think that statement is more about the mentality the coach needs to have than the current situation.
I think they shouldn't make it in with 2 losses, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I'd be really pissed if the first round of the playoff gives a 2-loss Bama team a do-over of the SECCG.
If Bama drops to third in this week's CFP rankings, it'll be an indicator that they cannot make the playoff unless they win the SECCG. If they stay at second, it'll mean they may be able to make the playoff even with a loss in Atlanta.
Can't wait to see who is healthy enough to play on Saturday! Give Dawgs!
The light saber at the postgame press conference was perfect.
the University of Miami should just buy Riviera Country Club and expand the campus. I'm sure they could swing the purchase price.
You forgot Georgia (-54.5) vs. Charleston Southern.
SEC Shorts is hoping for pods so that they can do a skit on the Tide pod challenge.