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Michigan's low strength of schedule to date is pushing them down the list.
Was Milroe benched to punish him for the Texas game, or to show the rest of the world that the other two quarterbacks were not better options? Perhaps Saban essentially said to the world, "you want me to bench Milroe? Ok, here's what you get." It’s also astounding that Alabama couldn’t attract a stronger portal quarterback, especially when he would get to play immediately.
Saturday was a wake-up call for Georgia. We shall see if they actually wake up.
Even with a mediocre QB, Bama was paying South Florida. The Tide should have been able to score more than 3 points in the first half with a high school kid taking snaps.
Georgia's defense had been lulled to sleep by cupcakes in the first two games, and Carson Beck is still getting his feet under him. The crucial question going forward is whether Deck can come out confident just turn off the game or whether he will continue to play skittish for a quarter or more before improving like he did Saturday.
It could be worse — we could have Bama’s offensive production. Feels really weird to say that.
We don’t have an OC problem. We have a jittery quarterback problem. Once our QB settles in he’s fine; we just need him to be settled in more quickly.
Thank you for making our slow start look not as bad.
Our offense is definitely a work in progress. Not having MConkey really hurts, and other guys banged up as well are slpwongus down. Beck definitely looks like a work in progress, though he improved in the second half. Hopefully, he can keep that momentum going. The first game in a hostile environment will be a big test.
For context, total QBR thus far, per ESPN: Conner Weigman TA&M Jaxson Dart MISS Jalen Milroe ALA Spencer Rattler SC Jayden Daniels LSU KJ Jefferson ARK Will Rogers MSST Brady Cook MIZ Payton Thorne AUB Carson Beck UGA AJ Swann VAN Joe Milton III TENN Graham Mertz FLA Devin Leary UK
Can't wait for Ladd to be healthy again; he is one of my favorite players.
He will be the portal to UGA when the next opportunity opens.
Was wondering when we would hear that chant. Hopefully, our coaches and player leadership have plenty of rat poison antidote on hand.
Bowers did not get many targets at all, and that was by design. Kirby said last week that they are intentionally limiting his targets in an effort to get some of the other, younger, players worked into the offense. My guess is we see more of him vs. South Carolina.
As a Georgia fan, I was really wishing we could play the Tide last year. Ditto for this year. After so many years of Alabama being the unstoppable juggernaut, it would be really nice to play y'all when you're mortal. not saying it would be an easy win for UGA; just that it would feel like more of a normal conference game.
Kirby has said that the coaches are purposefully trying to spread the ball around and not just throw it to Bowers. that is probably both to keep him healthy and to develop chemistry between Beck and some of the younger receivers and backs. These first two games were treated like scrimmages. Our first real game of the season comes on Saturday.
Alabama isn’t “in decline” in the sense that it’s going to fall apart. It has just rejoined the rest of the college football world as more of a “normal” program. They’ll still be a program with a floor better than many programs’ ceilings.
Dang it Tennessee, you were supposed to HELP our strength of schedule this year!
A pair of tip drill interceptions gave us quick scores in the second. Game’s in cruise control and hopefully we’ll see Vandagriff and Stockton get plenty of playing time in the second half.
As long as it didn’t require a loss to get there, I think the UGA coaching staff would be perfectly happy to see the Dawgs drop from #1. Trying to go coast to coast in the top spot is incredibly hard.
Bama's home-field advantage will negate any Texas skill advantage.
Maybe we can get "Tump" on the ballot in 2024. That'd be fun!
As for UGA, Beck looked hesitant, especially in the first quarter. It was as if he was so focused on not being reckless that he ended up taking shorter check down throws that led to slower offense overall. We shifted to the kind of roll-out plays that let the QB make confidence-building throws. i’m not worried though. The Bennett that everyone is writing about in comparison to Beck is a guy who had scout team experience at UGA and JUCO starting experoence. Beck himself admitted that he didn’t really settle in until the second quarter, and I expect him to settle and even more in the next game. The O-line was a bit more of a concern. A week of tough practice awaits them, though, and I think the coaches will succeed in "encouraging" them to show a bit more dominance next week.
Jayden Daniels has plenty of guts and dual threat skill, but I'd worry about his durability. He needs to learn to slide -- saw him charge into a hit after picking up a first down when he could have avoided the hit. Then there's hurdling into a crowd. I'm sure the coaches will take care of that impulse, though.
The offensive plan was purposely conservative. That's a Kirby thing
To everyone already hating on Bobo: please refer back to the UGA-Samford game last year. We scored less than 40 with the offensive guru you're pining for and our back-to-back natty QB. Last night's offensive plan was intentionally vanilla. It's what we've done for years against teams we expect to blow out. Whether it is to challenge our players to impose their will, keep from showing too much of our offensive plan, some other reason, or some combination of factors, it's what we do. If the offensive call fails when the game is on the line, that's another matter. Last night was not that situation.
Got to see Beck, Vandagriff and Stockton all play, which is what I wanted. I’m not worried by the slow start. We’ll build as the season progresses. Go Dawgs!
Boy, TCU’s “all steak, no sizzle” mantra didn’t age well.
Unless dramatic improvements come in week 2, I only see the Gators winning the McNeese, Charlotte and Vandy games. And I'm not sure about Vandy; if it weren't in the Swamp I'd lean toward that game being as loss as well.
I didn’t see the first half, but from what I saw late, Mertz seems to miss open receivers.