BC in NC

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A strong Tennessee is good for the conference, but it's kind of like eating vegetables for the opposing teams. I know cupcakes aren't the most healthy thing, but they sure are tasty.
The irony is that the quality depth on so many teams will make it harder for deserving backs to get as much recognition as they will deserve. But the overall production will hopefully be there.
There could also be passes to rb’s in Monken’s system. Really excited and hopeful we get a full spring season and a G Day to see the results.
1. Bama 2. Ohio St. 3. Clemson 4. Oklahoma
So OSU has the advantage in both O-line and D-line? If that is really the case, it could get really interesting. I'll believe it when I see it, though. As others have said, replicating last week's performance could be hard.
Here's hoping we all get a full Spring ball season and a much more "normal" 2021!
Or maybe Mullen is just angling for a salary bump.
Several of our opt-outs had been playing hurt and wanted to heal up before NFL evaluation season. I can't fault them for that. I'd guess it's a similar story with several other teams' opt-outs.
Imagine the reactions in August if you had predicted Texas A&M to finish third in the CFP rankings. If Bama-OSU is a blowout, the Aggies might even sneak into second.
The semifinal gave Saban and company plenty of tape to study. They'll be ready. After all the talk of elite offense being the key to success, the Natty will go to the team who has the best D.
Whew! All respect to Cincy; they wanted it and played with a lot of heart. I'm sure Funny Maine will call it a struggle win, but I'll take it! And Podlensy is now officially Hot Pod.
Really curious to see how Georgia can do against Mississippi State. Go Dawgs!
Some of our opt outs have been playing hurt. I can’t fault them for wanting to get healthy before NFL tryout season. It’s great to see Davis’ commitment as well. We’ll need him against Cincinnati.
I'm looking forward to seeing some of our younger faces on defense. Can't blame the guys who are opting out on our side. Some of them were playing hurt and are wanting to heal up before the NFL combine. That makes perfect sense.
It'll be our job to keep this year's UCF from being able to claim a "natty."
ND will get in because the committee will want to reward the Irish for “joining” a conference.
I think a healthy Clemson wins on offense. And to clarify my original post, Fla. obviously challenged Bama, but won't make the playoff.
I don't see anyone who can challenge Bama and Clemson, assuming those teams aren't depleted in the playoff. Bama's defense might have trouble against clemson, though.
Still feeling the sting of Fla.’s senior day, I see.
He has a specific goal in mind — he’s too detail-oriented not to. My guess is that he wants to win more national championships at Bama than Bryant did, so he’ll retire after winning 2 more at Bama.
Sounds like they might be opting for an extended interim coach while they wait for the candidate they really want.
Looks like we might still have some room in the class, probabably 3 to 4 spots. It'll be interesting to see who we can pick up before the end of the season.
Yeah. They cancel with us, play to get their senior day in, then cancel with us again. They need to be spanked hard for that cr@p.
All the Florida ones are great; gotta admit the Georgia one is pretty spot-on.
Fla. still gets the East crown based on their head-to-head record with us, no?