BC in NC

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I feel bad for him; was hoping he'd bounce back after the slow start. But it's great to see the Mailman come through in the clutch. He's been waiting so long for his chance.
Way to go, Mailman! So glad to see you come through when you got your chance!
So, "Daniels is more ready to play right now"? If he has limited mobility, then he isn't. Even if he's medically cleared, he might not be back to his best form. Also, after losing one player coming back from an ACL to re-injury, I have to believe the coaches are going to go slow with another player in that situation.
Define "pass-happy." 80 percent pass? No. 55 percent pass 45 percent run? Maybe, especially if it brings results. The bigger question is whether Kirby will allow Monken to keep the foot on the gas when we're ahead -- especially against strong teams. I hope the lesson has been learned on that one.
The bigger question is why he's doing the commercials; it's not like he needs the money. I'm guessing he's either trying to look like he can have some fun to catch the eye of recruits or that he's thinking about his next career move and considering working as a commentator. He's just too methodical to do the commercials without a bigger game plan.
That's why Monken was brought in. Hopefully, it will be a positive result.
The 1-loss second place team in the East in my scenario would have enough quality wins to merit a playoff berth, especially in a year with only 3 Power 5 conferences playing. The committee would probably cook the rankings so that the 2 East teams would meet again in the championship game.
The really fun take would be UGA and Fla both being undefeated going into the cocktail party, which goes to overtime, and both winning out afterward. Then, the East representative wins the SECCG. It would seem impossible to deny both teams playoff berths in that scenerio.
Is there any word yet on what will be allowed by way of artificial crowd noise? Will there be a uniform decibel level permitted in all venues, or will it vary? How will it be enforced, and what will penalties be for violations? Will visiting teams be allowed to produce any artificial noise at all?
They’ll actually have more of a home field advantage this year.
If they had changed it to another white singer's song would you still be whining? How about a white non-country singer? Personally, I'm glad I won't have to put up with that Hank Jr. music any more. I've never liked country music (and yes, I'm born and raised in the Deep South.
Don’t worry. He’ll get his ratings bump soon.
This has to be a finalist for weakest troll attempt of the preseason. You’re really giving Negan and Nottttttwhatever a run for their money.
We were a question mark on offense when Newman was still with the team; we're still a question mark. I'm disappointed that Newman opted out but I wish him the best. I think our first two offensive series against Arkansas will be very telling. If we come out being able to move the ball well, I'll have a cautiously optimistic opinion about the rest of the season. If we come out slow, I'll be more worried.
If he’s not already enrolled, he probably can’t get into classes at this point. Not to mention the fact that there’s not time for a waiver and no hardship since he has an extra year of eligibility.
I’d feel better about our chances this year if Newman’s decision isn’t really due to COVID. To me, it would mean he wasn’t necessarily going to start anyway.
Of course we're concerned. Doesn't mean we have to be this guy ... i.pinimg.com/originals/99/30/8f/99308fac3b53593b0b78fa5a0e84ac6a.png
The huge question is whether more players will opt out. We shall see.
We’re gonna clone UGA and have them lunge at every Auburn player they can get close to... bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/redandblack.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/b/78/b78a106c-9293-11e7-9797-3bb8a31ea1dc/59af36bac9e00.image.jpg
Scouts/agents could be telling him he can light the world on fire at the combine and be golden.
Yeah that’ll be really interesting. It could be a real struggle to keep morale up this year.
He could have family who are terrified blowing up his phone and/or NFL agents in his ear. Or something else. I wish him the best. My biggest concern as a fan is that this leads to other opt-outs at UGA. I’ll be watching nervously for the next few weeks.
Definitely hate it for him, and wish him a speedy recovery. Before anybody goes too far down the gloom-and-doom trail, though, we still have these guys in the WR room, listed in order from upperclassmen down to freshmen. Demetrius Robertson, Matt Landers, Trey Blount, Tommy Bush, Kearis Jackson, George Pickens, Makiya Tongue, Marcus Rosemy, Jermaine Burton, Arian Smith, Justin Robinson and Ladd McConkey.
I think the idea of cutouts being used in SEC stadiums -- ie. "coming to the SEC" -- was the idea. But I also was thinking that the article would talk about Duke coming to the SEC.
It might just be coachspeak, but Monken’s comment makes me feel better about the coming year. If our OL fits into his ideas for scheme, we’ll be able to get rolling that much faster.
Exactly. The anonymous coach who talked about us being predictable last year was getting at a similar thing. I’m cautiously optimistic as well.