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As someone who is from SE Alabama and lived in Colorado Springs and Denver for a number of years, this is a ridiculous statement. You literally said the culture is greater in Alabama? Lol what a joke.
That's a bold statement with your hindsight fallacy.
"Has become"? The world has always been this way. Take a look at history.
I've got a feeling this comment won't age well...much like the rest of your comments.
I see Eason putting up heisman quality numbers next year at Washington.
I would think competence of the head coach is a major factor. It'll be hilarious when Smart is getting fired in 2-3 years once Florida owns the East again.
Ouch, two years in a row losing in heartbreaking fashion at the end of the year. It must hurt a lot.
I'm surprised more recruits aren't jumping ship considering the ridiculous fake punt on 4th and 11. I used to think of Smart as, well, smart. But there's no excuse.
I think Alabama has the edge in pass defense but I'll give Georgia the edge in run offense. That says a lot about how good I think Swift is. Holyfield is no slouch either.
He's raising money for charity you imbecile. Your comments always make you come across as a little b*tch.
It's gotta be rough being a Gamecock fan right now. You guys are terrible.
It's insane to think this could be the most talent in Bama's backfield under Saban.
Living in Colorado, me and my fellow citizens understand the medicinal uses of Marijuana and let people use it as they please, recreationally. We all should know what football does to your body and Marijuana is an almost harmless, depending on how it's consumed, pain reliever.
Football is a rough sport. So what if he wants to smoke a little bud after a long day? There's nothing wrong with cannabis.
I figured Chad Kelly would be too busy trying to get with women out of his league than posting on Twitter.
I typically wouldn't agree with this statement, but we have a plethora of running backs at this time. I would say he needs Alabama more than we need him.
That's exactly right. He didn't destroy anything. It was a dirty move.
He pushed him over the bench while they were out of bounds. How do you excuse that?
I didn't realize that's how Swinney handled recruiting. I absolutely love that approach.
I can't see that being beneficial but I can see it causing a ton of protests and problems.
If Clemson wins, it's a close game. But i guarantee Oklahoma spanks Auburn. They've been playing up to their potential lately while Auburn has become stagnant if not worse.
I live in Colorado. I wish the rest of the country with get their stuff together and stop arresting people for victim-less crimes.
I hope so. Assuming Bama is in the SEC championship game again next year, I'd like for it to be against Georgia.
It takes a real moron to make this accusation after winning. I can only hope that Georgia destroys them next year.
Haha LSUSMC, you were so sure LSU would be getting Kiffin just a few days ago? It was either a head coaching job or remain at Alabama. There was no scenario where he betrayed Saban to go to LSU. All media speculation and hope from a distraught fan base.
Just like Fisher was guaranteed to be the coach at LSU? You guys will fail and fail some more. He won't betray Saban, who revived his career, by going to LSU.