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No tie. No debate. Herschel is the greatest college running back to ever live
Georgia barely beats Nicholls, Tennessee barely beats Florida, Florida barely beats vandy, Tennessee barely beats Georgia. Just some observations
When you made that post about the NC game, y'all were up 21 points... Now you're losing.
Yeah you make good points. But too early like you said... It's not as easy as beating bama either. You'll have to work for those Ws
Idk what you've been watching, cus the d was good before today. Good, not great... 4 interceptions and a forced fumble against mizzou that didn't result in points. Today, they were horrible
It's not a bunch of Tennessee fans, it's just this one guy... He's been talking smack on just about every one of our posts. Don't make this one guy make you hate all Vols fans. Go dawgs! P.s. You're spot on, he's obsessed with us b/c our program has outclassed his in every way, shape, and form since Lane Kiffin left them.
I know right? Of any football program, you'd think an Auburn fan of all people would know that 1 person can make or break a team... It's why preseason polls have never mattered and never will matter. We'll see who the real contenders are in November/December
I just made the same comment to a Tennessee fan lol. It's not the fact that he's talking smack that pisses me off, it's the fact that he's talking smack early, like a redneck who didn't even go to the school he's pulling for. Go dawgs
It's probably "one of the most exciting" games of the year for Missouri, but not for the dawgs. We just want to get on with it so we can focus on Ole miss, Florida, Tennessee, auburn... Stop trying to make your team relevant via the comment section lol. "Missouri has more weapons." Keep dreaming. Your about to see some grown man football
Wow, another fan talking trash before a game and not afterwards... I'm not even a Vols fan, I just can't stand when a team talks trash early in the season. Does it mean you're afraid you won't get to talk trash after the game, so you choose now to do it? I hope you get stomped. Go dawgs
Vols fans preseason last 6 years: "This is our breakout year! Our top recruits are seasoned now, we're back!" Vols fans after week 2 every year: "We're the best! We're back! We're gonna talk trash before we play a team and not after!" Vols fans at the end of each and every season since Lane Kiffin: "......."
I'm sure everybody can agree on that point... Just a little info on Ledbetters DUI if you didn't know - he was actually asleep in his car, drunk and who knows what else. He actually wasn't driving the vehicle, thank God
Salty b/c y'all barely beat us without our best player? Yeah I guess we are, cus that actually is embarrassing... We're still waiting for you guys to actually be relevant again, instead of y'all just saying you're gonna be
Saying every team goes through this is a load of crap. Saying that some teams get caught and others don't is probably true, but you discredit the programs that abide by the rules by ignorantly lumping them in with the same programs that break the rules and don't get caught... I'm proud to say that my school hasn't gone through this, and I believe it's because they run an honest program.. And the school will be punished, not the athletes. Idk why you figure they'll punish the athletes
My hatred for auburn goes way beyond the current topic. Auburn will do anything to get an edge: fact. They make up for poor recruiting by picking up dirty players, cheating and much more. You'll never see a star player from the convict U get suspended or kicked off the team, but that's because they're so well behaved at auburn right?? Wrong. Go dawgs.
He was stealing money from his teams locked room lol. Stealing is against the law, but stealing from your own team and from within the university that is housing and feeding you just shows that these players are disgusting human beings. he never got arrested because UGA is actually an honorable program, unlike au, so they just kicked him off the team... But you want more, tray Matthews arrested for double dipping checks that the university provided for him then got kicked off the team for smoking pot. Keep bringing them in, and keep building that rep
Larry, nice dog, but what does the championship game have to do with this? We're talking about people who got arrested and transfer to auburn, not what they did once they got there. Stay on topic bud
@ weagleimgermany. Don't pay too much attention to the rape part. That's not the only reason people dislike Winston. He screams obscenity, steals and treats others like dirt all for attention. But everyone that dislikes that is just a "hater," atleast that's what cam would say... And if you want to bring up the NCAA not finding anything conclusive, you might as well say jameis isn't a rapist cus he was never found guilty. If you look at it like that, cam is worse. Convict U
Ever heard of Nick Marshall?
And you seriously bring up Cam the Scam?? Cam is one rape charge away from being Jameis Winston in my eyes. last time a checked, stealing a laptop and then proceeding to destroy it is worse than stealing crab legs... Or are you trying to say that he's a good role model for future athletes?? giving away footballs is the only admirable thing he's done, and giving away free stuff (no matter how much he is getting fined) is not affecting his bank account at all. Thanks for helping my argument.
That's because they know if they get that third strike, they won't have a chance at that NFL pay check they've dreamed their entire life of getting. These kids aren't stupid... However, they are going to be terrible role models as adults if they make it. Good luck next season, oh wait that's all y'all have!
Lmao at Auburn. Everyone knows auburn is Convict University... They wait until they get the arrest, then they bring them in. I call it 'poor mans recruiting.'
You can't expect an Auburn fan to know that, even if the info is right in front of them... Kind of like how you can't expect a Tennessee fan to know how to spell "were" and "winning."
This made me laugh. I'm not an Alabama fan, but our feelings about that program are mutual.
The two teams being rivals won't have anything to do with eason's decision. He didn't grow up pulling for either team. He will do what is best for him as a player.