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Others have touched on good points, but I'd like to expand. UK is catching up on football facilities, support, etc. Stoops' contract is really nice. He'd be foolish to go elsewhere, though, for this point. At what other school can he become a legend? If he goes to an "elite" SEC school or another power 5 conference, he'll be another in a long line of great coaches. But, if he stays at UK and builds and builds as he's done.... and manages to take UK to an SEC championship, he will be legendary! LEGENDARY!! And he will have built that legend on his own, not on the shoulders of great coaches before him, or by benefit of a "name brand" (like Bama, or Georgia, or Florida). He can do all of this in the comfort of an excellent contract structure, and without the pressure of "win or die" mentality (like at Tennessee or Auburn). I think Stoops is one of the smarter coaches in the country for realizing that UK had all of this potential, and he has taken full advantage of this win-win situation for himself and the Univeristy of Kentucky.
Condolences to Vol Nation. Majors was a cornerstone-type guy for your program.
I was less concerned about "when" he went in the draft, and more concerned about him getting on a team that wants to utilize his off-the-charts versatility. I'm not necessarily a Raiders/ Gruden fan, but they at least seem to know what they have in Lynn, and appear to be willing to use him in multiple spots. Kudos to LBJ and the Raiders!...and, piss off, Clayton :-p
I'm torn about Gatewood's eligibility. On the one hand, I'd like him to be available immediately... in case TWilson is ineffective and/or can't get back to full speed (which I am concerned about). But, if Terry does come back strong and plays well, not sure that Gatewood could get the nod over him... then he would waste a year as a back-up. If they both play, then maybe our offense doesn't have to re-tool like last year, and we can have a little bit of a 1-2 punch at QB. Heck, I dunno. Joey sure seems to have a lot of tools in the toolbox, though, and I am excited about what he can bring, no matter when he gets to play!
It's about time! We didn't call him Auto-Mac for nothing during his time at UK. He's clutch and reliable. Rams have done themselves right.
I think this is another good hire. I know he doesn't have the greatest amount of experience, but I like that he's part of the UK legacy. He'll be surrounded by plenty of guys who can help him gain any knowledge he might need. Good Luck, Coach Stewart!
Stoops took a few years scraping in the mud and forming the footings, but now the foundation is complete and the Big Blue Building is coming out of the ground. This past two years, and the player development prior to that is starting to pay dividends. I just hope he can keep it all rolling!
I had hopes he'd return, if only to get more reps at WR next year. But his intangibles are off the charts good. NFL teams are just now realizing this. Get him the ball and let him work. His stock will probably never be higher, so I can only wish him the best.... and most deservedly so. Farewell LBJ!
I hope Mitch and Mark are able to keep the band together. The rise of UK football has been, I think, largely due to continuity in the program ranks. Gran needs to stay.
That was nice... but not as good as Stephen Johnson’s “I love this $hit” before the bomb to Juice in 2016.
I heard that Smoke was battling a stomach bug or something like that. Nothing to worry over.
Ls down is just part of the rivalry. I don’t know why he would be so offended by that. I’m sure his players were talking about sUcK, Kensucky, Mildcats, and KYjelly all week too. But funny that we have a screen shot that we can use of him from now on.
Great win to finish a tumultuous season. Lost in the LBJ chatter has been the steady improvement of the defense. I think the UK coaches all around earned every dime of their pay. Yeah, I’m pissed at a few of the losses, but this team is in good hands, and poised for a great 2020 campaign.
I love Bowden, but I think, ultimately, playing him at QB is not the answer. We need Smith healthy the rest of the way. I do think having the added speed option and a few other looks from a Bowden wildcat could give us a nice change up going forward....give him one or two drives a game, but it should not be a permanant move. I do think he should learn how to be the holder on placekicks, though... you know... to round out his game.