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This is a great game plan strategy for us. At least we won’t have a loosing season.
Yep he’s gone. This is a pitiful class. Just filling spots. Whoever gets this mess is going to be in worse shape than what Muschump inherited.
I’ll just be glad to see the patriots finally go away. 15-20 years has been a heck of a run but I’m tired of them.
Good for him. Well deserved. Just take some money and buy a decent house where you want to be for the rest of your life and buy a reasonable vehicle and put the rest in the bank. You have a chance to live comfortable financially for the rest of your life.
We’re just going to have to live through the pain. It sux too.
A degree form The Naval Academy will go a lot farther than one from Ole Miss young man! Better think about it a little longer.
I don’t know about that. The last time I checked Carolina was the 2nd most expensive school to attend in the SEC behind Vandy. And I don’t know why?
A 4*? Nah we’re not interested he wouldn’t fit in.
3* rollen!! Like going to the Dollar General and saying....you can have anything you want!!
He won’t be a Div 1 head coach again. This is his last run. I’ve lobbied for him to be moved to DC since the UNC loss.
I love coach Martin. We should be in the SEC hunt every year.
This article has to set the SDS world record. There are a lot of smart people on here with a bunch of wisdom giving their opinions.
Dumbest thing I’ve heard Finebaum say. So let me get this right...so if you wear the “wrong” t-shirt fishing with your boys you are wrong and he should apologize? I’m glad Gundy didn’t apologize. He had no reason to. My boss is a huge Kentucky fan so I guess I’ll take a knee and sit out a few days in protest.
That’s going to be a premium SB location.
I admit we are getting side tracked by these crappy writers...they can’t find anything else to write about. Next thing you know they will have an article about Colorado football.
I’ve never seen a generation get so butt hurt about everything in my life. I bet if you don’t cut the crust of his peanut butter and Jelly sandwich he throws himself on the floor.
Remember just a couple days ago Chump was able to snag another world beater from that power house in Raleigh...NC State. We’re going to be loaded...Go COCKS!
WE ARE “3*U”! Chump and company is doing an amazing job by out recruiting Memphis. Go COCKS!
I commend his effort but I loath his position. No true South Carolinian can be a Democrat.
Your comment proves that Mizzo has no right being in the SEC...anti American communist.
Hmmm another 4*. Eeeeh not interested we’ll pass.
The College Football Hall of Fame wasn’t much of a loss. There was nothing in there worth seeing anyway.
I thought the Virtual NFL draft was the best one they ever did. It was cool seeing the players family’s and reactions. As far as Covid goes...that’s been over for weeks now. You’ll see no spikes after the commotion we have had.