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I would agree but LSU and Ole Miss are right there. Still haven’t been to Vandy/Mizz or Arkansas.
That was a great day. Was fortunate to be there for that one. We were on our way...then we lose to Kentucky the following week.
As much as I loath klempson a have to agree...and that sux to say.
Love me some football...but man...don't wish the summer away people!
I guess that makes Ray Tanner a legend too. 2009 World Series Winners over UCLA and 2010 World Series Winners against Florida. We won the last game played in Rosanblat Stadium and we opened the new stadium with a win. That’s pretty cool.
I have to admit, that was funny.
Didn’t we beat Mizzou when they won the East? Just sayn!
What ever happened to the kid Fromm replaced?
Memphis or Nashville in Dec/Jan...I’ll pass. Thanks anyway.
You say that as if UGA was the college football hub of the universe. As Boom continues to build we will run with anybody in terms of talent/facilities and fan base. There is no reason he shouldn’t go to Carolina.
Yep, I was there. Met Jadaveon Clowney (he was there being recruited). We had better teams good enough to win the championship after that season. Hope to see us get back to that level soon.
Excellent. He’s building like Spurrier did. There is no reason we can’t get back to winning 11 games and be back in the SEC championship game. We have much better support and facilities this time around. We will truly see very soon if Muschamp is an elite coach.
As much as it pains me to say it...klempson has the best thing going right now. Easiest schedule in the land so they will always be in the play off playing the 4th seed team and walk into the championship. Not a bad gig.
We’re finally ranked Number 1 in something!!
Muschamp is better than Mullen. I really like our chances against Florida this year.
I didn’t realize that Mac Brown was Nick Sabans 2nd coming. It wouldn’t matter if UNC had Vince Lombardi...you can’t win if you don’t have good players. Give it a rest SDS.
It’s because of the UVA loss. Remember we played 7 true freshmen and a walk on on defense and no Deebo on offense.
Oh my word...really? Every time we have played UNC they say they are going to beat us or we’re on upset alert! Thanks for the laugh SDS!!
Dabo preaches Jesus Christ to the families of his recruits. Who is gonna beat that?
Had this side turned into the klempson show...sure does look like it.
So why are they one of the 5 teams being praised too much after the spring games? All these talking heads make about as much sense as nothing.