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No need for these exposition games anymore.
Whaaat? Love-a-sea? Good Grief. Reminds me of the Key&Peel sketch!
Articles aren’t worth reading...I just respond the the titles.
Klempson is a basketball school? We just man handled them a few days ago.
Bama is entitled to no excuses. Being 3 deep in 5* star players at every position with the best coach in history you should win or at least play in the national championship game every year.
Now it’s not good enough to win a championship? Now you have to have “staying power”? Good grief. Then how long do you have to have staying power?
We’re going to see just how good Ed is with building a coaching staff like how Saban has done year after year. Dabo has been able to keep his staff together. Very possible LSU is a one and done. Time will tell.
That’s ok. Y’all will have a completely new team again next year.
It’s simple management 101...Ed surrounded himself with great people and he let them do their job along with catching lighting in a bottle with Burrough.
Just to help you out a little...we have nothing to “crumble”.
My prediction has not changed from 2 weeks ago. I expect an excellent game.
I want LSU to win. If not I’ll have to continue to hear how great klempson is for Another year and for several more years. I give LSU only a slight edge to win but again, as I’ve been saying for 2 weeks, they won’t cover. Klempson win out right if it’s close and they have the ball last. Should be a good one!
It’s obvious y’all don’t know anything about the cow tippers known as klempson or anything about Dabo. Parents eat him up (Heck Golly gee we’re just little ole klempson). He recruits solid character kids. He has built a monster with no signs of it slowing down. He’s young so he has another 20 years. With an easy schedule for years to come they suffer hardly any injuries. They are going to win several more championships before he retires. I hate it but it is what it is.
Dabo (always get Debo Samuels and Dabo Sweeney crossed lol). Good luck to all the gamblers!
Al and Chris are the only 2 right. The others are way off. I’ll keep saying it...LSU won’t cover/klempson wins if it’s close and they have the ball last. Debo has been there Ed has not.
Kiffen and Leach are quirky wild cards, but interesting. Saban will do whatever he wants to and still not have fun doing it.
UCLA college BB Patriots NFL Yankees Baseball Bulls NBA Alabama college FB (klempson will be next)
We did that for 5 years in a row with Spurrier...it was great watching him wine and cry! But he’s getting the last laugh.
I took klempson at 5. I was thinking anything at 5 or more is an excellent bet. I don’t believe LSU will cover and I said this earlier...if it’s close and klempson has the ball last they will win out right. If you have put money down good luck.
I give Dabo the edge on his players. He recruits high quality kids both on and off the field. He does it by recruiting parents. He uses that “Aww shucks we’re just little ole klempson Christian approach”. and the kids and parents eat it up.
Man I hope you don’t get your heart broke. You are seriously underestimating klempson...kinda like Alabama used to. Dabo has and is building a monster program. You should see who they have recruited this year. As much as I hate it klempson IS the new Alabama and Dabo is the new Saban...and it sux!
This is going to be a great game and can’t wait to see it. I would like to see LSU take it but my $$$ is on klempson.
Nope, it’s going to come down to the wire. Dabo has been there Ed hasn’t.