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Im really really tired of the injuries we always have. The best thing to do is just get better and stop talking about all the injuries.
Yep we had little if any leadership from the coaching ranks and that spills over to development a recruiting. Beamer has his work cut out. If he can keep a good staff together he will have a reasonable chance.
The liberal mindset got him. It’s proof that it gets you nowhere. Some people are good examples of what not to do. Maybe he gan run on a tread mill and create green energy.
We have a lot of good teams this year. Will be a fun tourney! Hope we have several that make it to Omaha.
Yep. We’re the most injured team in college football. We must recruit fragile kids.
Weird how all these big time programs QBs never really do anything in the NFL. It’s always the Ben Rothlesburgers of the world who do well that come out of schools like Wisconsin Whitewater. Why is that?
I believe the Panthers have recruited more Carolina players than any other team. I’m sure somebody could look that up.
Chump is nothing more than a charlatan. Georgia fans...watch your wallets.
You’re kidding yourself if Bama fans have any concern over any position. Next 5* please step up.
Apparently our players get injured when doing things to prevent injuries.
It’s just weird to me. 18-22 year old Div 1 athletes don’t get “injured” exercising?
It sounds like each player is going to “compete” for a position. Didn’t get to see it yesterday, but did Doty run around like a crazy man again?
All we can really do is hope. We haven’t recruited well for the last 3 years so I’m not expecting much for at least 2 more. All I do know is ...we seem to be the most “injured” team in college football.
If he’s that good I wish he could have shown it more at Carolina.
Guess I missed it...Chump is their D coordinator? If so, I wouldn’t be too worried about them because all their players will be injured.
What I want to see... Do we have players good enough to compete Will our coaches be able to develop players Will our players start throwing their hands up when we begin losing (play 60 min every game)
Injuries...is this going to be us again? We stayed that way with Chump. We either have poor conditioning coaches or we recruit frail kids.
He didn’t dominate the SEC, don’t know why he thinks he will in the NBA...but good luck anyway young man.
Hang around, hang around....we need to just keep hanging around. Good job Gamecocks.
The coach who left UCF is the one who made the critical mistake by going to TENN. Gus made a great move , though forced, he is going to have a great finish to his career. UCF is the best thing going in college football plus a pretty good place to live.
I could do one season for 10 mill. That’s a little better than 500k/game and a little better than 100k/qtr. Not a bad gig.