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Hey, don’t be talking down everybody too much or your victories will be less meaningful and you’ll be labeled as playing a weak schedule. Kinda what klempson has.
It would have looked better on paper if the 2 tds counted but the outcome would be the same. That’s just 5* talent against 3* talent. We have pieces and parts here and there but we’re a long way off.
Yep, Spurrier should have quit the day after we struggled to beat Miami in the bowl game.
When we hired him he said , “I can sell ketchup popsicles to eskimos”. I don’t know if he was directing that comment to us or that he could recruit. We have a potential piece or two but we have a long way to go to compete for championships.
Muschump had no choice but to go on 4th down. What was he supposed to do...take 4 shots and give up the ball and let them score a TD or take 3 shots punt the ball and then let them score a TD? I didnt matter! He wasn’t out coached...we were just grossly over matched.
Y’all should give UCF a call and put them on your schedule.
This is a solid program with legit athletes. It’s the largest University in the country. I don’t see power 5 schools knocking down their door to play them either. As I’ve said, their president should be pushing to join either the ACC or SEC.
14 points denied by the officials...that may not have been enough to change the outcome but it would have made it much more interesting.
That reminds me of Marcus Lattimore...makes me sick. Prayers to Franks.
Life is still good...grilling some filets and a Basil Hayden and ginger ale listening to Gregg Allman “Back To Macon”on you tube and watching Ky v Fla. We’ll live to fight again. Go COCKS!
The kicking game is gonna cost y’all when it’s all said and done.
Just too much NFL talent. I could coach them to the play offs. Got to make plays. At lest we prevented Alabama from covering the spread. Go COCKS!!
That D was brutal...led by Melvin Ingram. Alshon and Lattimore on O...Garcia would rather be smoking a J and drinking a beer.
I hope you’re in good cardio shape. Everything on that campus is up hill. I mean really up hill.
Athletes are getting paid. A full ride and a degree worth about 100k.
We talk about it because it’s fun. That year and 11,12 I believe we had teams good enough to win the Nat Championship. (Garcia literally threw games away).
That’s ok...y’all are still newbies and still don’t have perspective.
Was there...saw Jadeveon Clowney as we entered the stadium. That game and the 91 Braves worst to first season 7th game of the NLCS against the Pirates are the 2 best games I have ever been to.
There are soo many things we will need to do perfectly for Hilinski to have a good game I can’t name them all.
I don’t disagree. I became a non fan of Muschump after North Carolina.
This is late in the game for a comment on this topic but...klempson is a one man show, y’all have zero support from your fearless conference. Without you the ash she simply doesn’t exist.
Answer this...what conference has won the most championships with multiple schools over the last 15 years? What conference has more Blue chip players? What conference has the most NFL drafts? Yeah that’s what I thought, so go sit down.
We owned y’all with Spurrier. Guess you don’t want to talk abut that. Y’all play about 2 games a year and the rest is scrimmage. Y’all never have injuries because you play against Pop Warner competition.
Just to let y’all know it’s going to be a cool refreshing 100 degrees in Columbia at 3:30 Saturday. Bring your coats and gloves.
Slow down there big boy...y’all struggled against Miami...UNC beat Miami...maybe UNC is better than we think. I think y’all will win but it’s going to be closer than you want.
Losing their QB didn’t help. I think Fla wins and when we play y’all it’s going to be a battle. Can’t wait to see that one.
I’m just glad it’s not us. Now you can start to appreciate a little bit of what we have endured for decades upon decades. When you want to win but can’t win...now that builds character. It’s character building time for Tennessee. We’ll see just how much y’all love your team and school.