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Klempson has much better parts and pieces for their freshman an to work with. Not the case with us. Better slow the bus down and red shirt him while we still attempt to get a solid O-line and running game.
Congrats Auburn. Any team who can shoot 3s has a shot at winning the whole thing. This is the new way to play. It takes the big man out of the game.
To have an investigation for football one first have a football team.
Telling my kids to forego college and get into coaching football or basketball.
Here we go...like LSU has done anything in basketball? When was the last time y’all made it to the final 4? Yea that’s what I thought. Go sit down. Your season this year is a fraud.
Why? What can Ala really expect from their basketball program?
Pretty obvious their little Coach got busted. The problem is that he learned that from somebody.
Where did all the neigh sayers go? You know, the ones who were saying Clowney was a bust?!
Blake can only do so much. The whole team had issues whether it be injuries or what. We couldn’t make a stop that mattered when we needed one on defense. Our running game was one of the worst in the SEC. I don’t know why we can’t run block worth a darn. Muschamp and company has to recruit bigger stronger faster players. Then all the pressure won’t be on the QB position to make every single throw and play.
What an honor to be at the White House. Congrats NDSU! I’ll take 2 Big Mack’s and 3 Chic-fil-As and a chocolate shake please!
Were cold because we only have 7 players left who are healthy enough to play.
The all wise all knowing Corch Irvin Meyers ladies and gentlemen.
Jerry Rice had a 40 about like that. He turned out ok. Running backs don’t have long runs in the NFL. All you need is quickness and power. IDE take him by the 3rd round easy.
He would be better in the Arena League.
He and Dana Holgerson have been hanging out with some friends of mine this week at the Houston Rodeo.
It took Dabo a looong time to get Klempson where they are.
A 23 point flip in the 2nd half to Miss St was a colassal melt down.
We man handled Ole Miss the other day then got man handled by Miss St yesterday. What’s it gonna be Gamecocks?!
Why would anyone give this league a bad rap? These are legitimate players with legitimate coaches. It’s good football for any football junkie. Play on!
I believe we’ve won and played in as many or more championships as y’all have over the last 10 years.
When it got physical and the refs let them play Tenn folded. Kinda how the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons used to play and beat everybody.
UK was more physical and they figured out Trnn cut back pass. Don’t see Tenn winning in Knoxville either. UK youngest, UT oldest team.
Let’s see...Baseball, Basketball,women’s basketball,tennis,soccer,golf
Ala doesn’t show up for most of the year. Are pretty good in football but otherwise disappear.
Nice win for LSU. But like in baseball, no single game matters. Kentucky will be in March madness...that’s all that counts.
I believe we’re also ranked around 15th in the country for both facilities and most valuable programs. Bottom line is you got to have the horses.
All of these guys are good coaches. We’ve spent and continue to spend...we have caught up and surpassed many with facilities. Just look at the recruiting rankings. That tells you all you need to know. Spurrier had too 10 classes. We competed then too. If you’re at the back half of the SEC and not in the top 10 nationally you could have Vince Lombardi and it wouldn’t matter.
Wow...no comments? Gamecock Nation must be clueless or are content to be at the bottom half of the SEC. Oh well.