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I beg to differ on your week six prediction. When Jeremy Pruit beat us EVERYBODY said Jeremy Pruit was the 2nd coming of Nick Saban and that TENN was BACK. So I wouldn’t be that bold on this one.
If that’s the case it begs the question…where do all these hundreds of millions of dollars go they talk about with all the tv contracts? Like I said there certainly isn’t a need to build more buildings because on line is the future.
Sports and money. Nobody sees any of the money. With the money these schools make off of sports that should be the amount of reduced tax dollars they get each year. It costs 30k a year to go to college. These kids will be in their 50s before it gets paid off. With on line technology brick mortar campuses are obsolete…there certainly isn’t any reason to have a library any longer. The spirit of college sports is now lost with NIL. Change makes things worse sometimes.
It’s all about the money,ok… Mergers and NIL $$$…you don’t think the NFL won’t start coming in and offer your best players a contract after their freshman sophomore seasons? You will be competing against NFL scouts for high school players. The NFL isn’t going to just sit around on this. Kentucky basketball has been forever ruined because of this. Y’all just don’t know what you’re getting into. I can’t believe everyone so sooo blind to all of this. Simply amazing. Y’all are going to get what you ask for and it ain’t gonna be pretty.
The NFL will start drafting kids out of high school like the NBA and MLB to help stem the tide.
All this $$$$ and NIL…this is the beginning of the end of said professional sports as we know it. College/NFL football will compare to the PGA and the Senior PGA. The NFL is pretty cut throat and crafty. I can’t believe they don’t see what’s developing right before their eyes.
That’s is said exactly like a UT fan! Here we gooo…it’s already started. Already saying you are better. Real SEC people see right through the BS. Go away to the PAC12. Others here are naive and just don’t know any better.
We’re doing better than great without you and OU. We have nothing to gain. If you get in it only helps you. You both will be a better fit in the PAC12.
These schools need more money for what? It certainly isn’t going towards lowering tuition.
This is a very FOOLISH idea IF this actually happens. We have zero to gain. The winners would be Texas and OU by a mile. Alabama, open your eyes because y’all will be taking the 2nd seat if this happens. Besides these two schools WHO else takes the bank roll? I heard one time, “ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.
We gave Muschump 4 years too many so I think that warrants at least 8 for Beamer.
Who benefits from “all this money”…you? The fans? College students? It certainly isn’t going to benefit anyone but a handful. Ruin the league and it’s history. This would be a foolish move.
I’ll say it again….FOOLS, the lot of you if you think this is a good idea!!
They have more money and larger than any current SEC school…so what do you think will happen? FOOLS, the lot of you if you think this is a good idea.
How are all of you naive people going to react when Texas starts calling all the shots?
We change all of the tradition for Texas? Who’s driving the bus?
There is not one benefit or gain to the SEC by doing this. Might as well just invite all of them in and the BIG as well…take a couple PAC 12 schools while we’re at it…why not?
I agree with our ranking. We should win 3,4 maybe steal a 5th.
Let’s just dismantle the SEC and just have a unified college conference where there are no conferences.
If they want in they have to earn the right. They have to play at least 3 SEC teams a year for the next 10 years then WE will decide if they are worthy.
Then why not invite Ohio state and penn state and Norte dame according to your logic?