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We’ll give y’all a real good deal on Muschump and company!
Cutting too many rap albums I guess in their recording studio provided by Mr Rukker.
I haven’t heard much about injuries during practice, we seem to get hurt in games.
What this means is another lost season is on the way for 2020...”CANT WAIT!!”
It appears we have spent about 100 million dollars on facility upgrades and coaches salaries the last 6 years Resulting in a mid tier Sunbelt conference performing team in return. I think that’s called a bad ROI.
Knowing there is a huge difference in volume and talent base in Miss vs La..why was Orgeron fired from Ole Miss?
Just because he says it it doesn’t make it so. I know he doesn’t have my support anymore...lost that with the UNC loss. You could see and feel us getting better with Spurrier. There was a confident vibe. Now, that’s all gone with Muschump.
Ooh. I believe I’ll take that bet against A&M. I’ll will make a significant wager on A&M. It’s going to be waaay more than 10. Take this to the bank.
I guess...UT Dollywood took us behind the woodshed too.
Hey be glad in it...we are who put y’all back on the map. So kindly thank us and be on your way.
We were just like this last year at the end of the season. We have a serious strength and conditioning problem with Chump.
“Coach better”? I think that’s programmed into his post game speeches. He’s coaching as good as he can. I don’t see where all of a sudden he’s going to flip a switch and be able to “coach better”. Please, let’s move on with this!
I’m for hire! I will accept the head coaching job at Arkansas. I will accept $1 million a season (after taxes). You may fire me for any reason after any season and will have no buy out clause. That’s a bargain.
If y’all had us on your schedule there would be a very good chance you would get that SEC win.
What Chump is trying to say is...We’re not good, I can’t coach and we have nothing to show after 4 seasons.
Now can we get rid of Muschump...please? We are so bad. Don’t want to hear we have hurt players....we had everybody hurt this time last year too. Seems like we have a strength and conditioning problem. We have gotten worse every year with Chump.
I would like to see it but it won’t happen until Saban retires. It’s been time for some new blood at the top.
See...when you beat S.C. that instantly gives a program credibility. Funny how that works.
That’s cool. If I were president I would go to all of the big games.
Can we borrow Saban for a few years? I would like to know what greatness feels like.
Klempson will get in by default. They play no ranked teams and will breeze in.
Strange how the non conference games we schedule those teams always seem to be at their peak of goodness.