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Have no problem with coach Martin at all. But you better be ready to play and give effort if he’s your coach.
I rennet listening to an interview with Dabo Sweeney describing Tajh Boyd...before one of the best downs we gave them....that he had Greatness in him! Kinda like when he also said before the Orange Bowl against West Virginia that “We have a championship defense, you will see”! LOL
They were 2 great players for us and good guys to boot. I wish them the best of luck when they don’t play us.
Wow...looks like a down year for LSU next year. Unless you’re 3 deep in 5* players at every position like Alabama, it’s tough to overcome your best players leaving early.
The o line moved...so the play would have been called dead anyway.
Y’all got the biggest call of the game when the receiver stepped out for the touch down, so I would call it even. Still an awesome game.
An incredible game, an instant classic. Congrats to the kings of college football! Saban is a geniuos
You know deep down LSU fans are sick. It could have been them winning about 10 more championships.
Eeeeh I don’t know about this one. Man, is that the best y’all can do? Y’all just got weaker. Our sights are clearly on UGA.
Ffffft...whatever dude. James Madison then has an argument too...right?
All gas no brakes!! Live it! We’re on our way ladies and gentlemen!
Fromm and Eason is the college example of Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady. Tough break for season.
What would happen? Nothing, they would still be playing in the championship game. But when you have the best coach in college football, are 3 deep in 5* players at every position you better be playing for the championship.
It should me mandatory for teams to have a UFC cage match the day before the game! How awesome would that be?
Wait a minute...this article contradicts everything I've been hearing about all these bowl games! All I've heard is how non meaningful all these bowl games are and kids electing not to play in them. Now all of a sudden this coach is feeling pressure for losing the bowl game? Ehhh... I don't get it? Everybody can't be right.
At the end of the day they don’t add a great deal to a program. I know from experience with us. I get really frustrated when we have to go after JUCO players. That just tells me we can’t get legit recruits.
Not knocking any kid who plays college sports. But I’ll continue to say it...”We are 3* U”. If you want to win championships you have to recruit championship level. Have to be in the top 10 at lest in recruiting to contend.
Hayden, wishing you the best of luck. You’re a great Gamecock!
That never gets old...Justice!! A forever classic!
I just got a call from Fat Fulmer. With much thought I have just accepted the Head football coaching job at tenn. The details of my contract are 1 million a year with no buy out... I can be fired for any reason after any season. This is all they could afford and actually it’s a really good bargain for them. (By the way I’ve never coached football before). Now let’s have some fun and win some championships!
The only way that happens is to go back in Time about 25 years and have him be head coach again...but then y’all would fire him.
I really don't understand this move...is lateral at best. All I know is Tallahassee is a better place to live than College Station.
It's hard to beat someone twice. Just sayn.
Several years ago Norte Dame hired a high school football coach that didn't work out too well. I don't remember his name, but I bet he would take the job.