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Muschamp is better than Mullen. I really like our chances against Florida this year.
I didn’t realize that Mac Brown was Nick Sabans 2nd coming. It wouldn’t matter if UNC had Vince Lombardi...you can’t win if you don’t have good players. Give it a rest SDS.
It’s because of the UVA loss. Remember we played 7 true freshmen and a walk on on defense and no Deebo on offense.
Oh my word...really? Every time we have played UNC they say they are going to beat us or we’re on upset alert! Thanks for the laugh SDS!!
Dabo preaches Jesus Christ to the families of his recruits. Who is gonna beat that?
Had this side turned into the klempson show...sure does look like it.
So why are they one of the 5 teams being praised too much after the spring games? All these talking heads make about as much sense as nothing.
He will stay in klempson and continue to punish his alma mater. You can take that to the bank.
I beg to differ. There is no way in Haiti’s that Dabo goes to Ala. Why would he? Why follow a legend we’re the only way is down when he is becoming his own legend at klempson. Dabo to Ala...will never happen.
This is the 2nd or 3rd time they have pitched this subject. My answer remains the same. There is no good reason Dabo would ever leave Klempson. He’s building his own brand there and can whatever he wants to do there and then ride off into the sunset.
Vince Young/Jamarcus Russle/Ryan Leaf are the 3 all time worst QB drafts...Period!!!
If you knew about our injuries on defense going into that game the result wouldn’t have surprised you. We played 9 true freshmen and a walk on. We still only give up 4 scores.
Bet they wouldn’t be cruising into the play offs undefeated if they played our schedule year in year out. They have the easiest path to the play offs without question.
Apparently he has a bad financial advisor. I would have to him “Don’t and say you did” on the car. The satisfaction is knowing you can have stuff like that but don’t. Let’s see how long it takes him to spend and give away all his money.
They have had better talent than us over the last 5 years and we’re starting to turn the tide on that. But they play an Arena league schedule against our NFL schedule. We unquestionably play in a totally different league (it’s not comparing oranges to oranges).
It’s the largest Christian school in the world founded by Jerry Falwell located in Lynchburg Va and Hugh Freez is their new football coach...hope that helps.
Klempson has much better parts and pieces for their freshman an to work with. Not the case with us. Better slow the bus down and red shirt him while we still attempt to get a solid O-line and running game.
Congrats Auburn. Any team who can shoot 3s has a shot at winning the whole thing. This is the new way to play. It takes the big man out of the game.
To have an investigation for football one first have a football team.
Telling my kids to forego college and get into coaching football or basketball.
Here we go...like LSU has done anything in basketball? When was the last time y’all made it to the final 4? Yea that’s what I thought. Go sit down. Your season this year is a fraud.
Why? What can Ala really expect from their basketball program?
Pretty obvious their little Coach got busted. The problem is that he learned that from somebody.