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If we don’t have an answer for Snell it’s going to be a looong night.
Everyone will get a drubbing from Alabama...no lesson here, move on.
I’m tired of losing to Ky. It’s time to end that streak Sat!
As the largest university in the country, they should be considering moving to a major conference very soon.
They only like brands. Like Michigan and Notre Dame are always ranked high regardless
Oh man...y’all have been cast down to the Nebraska’s and Texas’s of college football. You have fallen and can’t get up! LOL
Snell is the real deal. If we don’t stop him y’all win easily.
This is one of the examples I’m talking about with Alabama being a finished product and Georgia wanting to be. Alabama hands the ball to the ref after they score and Georgia does this.
Not going to comment yet as we need to take care of business against Snell and Kentucky.
That’s hard to do when they fire every coach that actually make them competitive.
There was a time many many years ago when I was dreading the Tenn game. I’m more worried about Kentucky...how things change. LOL
It’s good to be humbled! But y’all have been bad for so long now I almost feel sorry for you...I said almost!!
I think every defender on that team tried to tackle him.
Was. Good scrimmage for us because it’s going to be a test with Snell and Kentucky...he is the real deal.
That was a good work out for us because we’re going to have our hands full with Snell and Kentucky.
Have watched both teams. Georgia is arguably the Second best team in the country. But the divide between Ala and UGA are vast. Alabama is a finished product...UGA has great prices and parts but is in no way at the level of Alabama. That’s just looking at the two products with a football eye and with no respect to either team.
Because we lost to UGA we have absolutely no cred. What does that say about UGA?
We need bigger legs, belly’s and butts in the O and D lines until we do it doesn’t matter if we get the best wide receivers or running backs.
Everybody knows it’s bad form to have a wedding during college football season. We got married Aug 20th (the last Saturday before the first game. It was probably 200 degrees. You have to do what you have to do.
That movie will be the hilight of your week-end. It’s going to be a long Saturday I’m afraid. Whew...Good luck.
Not even close. Any college team would look like a high school team. You are comparing kids who play for fun against men who play for a living.
I feel your pain...We went 0-12 one year heck we lost to The Cutadel a few years ago.
I know we’re nobody but nobody is going to beat Alabama.
In reality there are only about 4 programs that truly contend for championships every year, then occasionally one outlier. Everybody else just plays for fun.
The problem is...Everybody thinks they should be winning championships.
Struggle win! In an academic challenge this game is a toss up.
Don’t you just love Alabama fans...it’s easy to like a winner!