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How sad it is when we are the upset game against tenn. I just hate we’re that pitiful.
I’m glad you’re hopeful. Other than 84 and 10-13 seasons I have finally accepted reality We do have nice facilities though.
Bobo is his last chance. If he can’t let him do his job Chump doesn’t have a chance staying around because everybody knows what he does with an offense. This will probably be his last season as a Div1 head coach.
This will be a forgotten season, at least for us. I expect about the same as last year, unless every team we play comes down with Covid the day before we play them.
I’m not greedy but you’re probably right.
I will accept the University of South Carolina head football coaching job. I will accept 1 million per season after taxes. I may be fired for any reason after any season and I will not have a buy out clause. Please call...that’s a bargain.
Ehhh we don’t have the talent of an LSU...not even close. Pro style offenses will allow the opponent defense to get plenty of rest and substitution on the field as well. But hey, our hurry up tempo offense didn’t work either so what’s to lose?
Thought for sure Carolina vs Georgia would have made the cut. That’s usually a barn burner.
I supported Muschamp to a point where it was embarrassing. Every year nearing the end of the season we never had any body left (everybody would be hurt). When we lost to UNC in our first game last year I was done with him. He is eyeballing his last head coaching job in a division 1 school. So long Chump!
Will be a survival of the fittest week in and week out. I doubt the season will go longer than 3 weeks.
Who is complaining? It is what it is. We’re lucky if we finish the season. This whole Covid thing is a farce. The cold and flu virus never goes away and Covid is just another virus we have to deal with.
Chump has already sealed his fate. With an anemic recruiting class this year as a tell tell sign. Weird season to say the least (if we get through it). If Georgia or Florida has an entire O line out with Covid the week we play them who knows what will happen. It will be a survival of the fittest each week.
You’re no fan but to answer your statement. It’s no surprise and should be expected when you are 3 deep in 5* players at every position and have the best coach in history. There’s no excuse not to win it.
Assuming we have a season we only win 4 games. He’s gone, taking several millions of our dollars with him. Was 5 more lost years with Chump.
IDE rather see us pay more for better coaches and players.
Wait what? A 4*? We’re just goofn...new boot goofn. Only 3 payments.
Yep and this years recruiting class is pitiful. Chump is just grabbing kids to fill a roster. He knows it’s over. Our next HC is going to inherit a worse program than what Chump got.
This will be Muschumps last year as a head coach, at least for a Division 1 team. I’d still like to move him to be our D coordinator.
Woo Hoo! We went up from 12th to 11th in the SEC recruiting ranking. We’re rolling!
This is a great game plan strategy for us. At least we won’t have a loosing season.
Yep he’s gone. This is a pitiful class. Just filling spots. Whoever gets this mess is going to be in worse shape than what Muschump inherited.
I’ll just be glad to see the patriots finally go away. 15-20 years has been a heck of a run but I’m tired of them.