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That’s an obvious observation...since they recruit the best players every year.
McFaddin and Felix Jones...as good of a tandem you could have.
Rams have been my team since 73. They are the only pro favorite team of mine to ever win a championship in anything. Please tell me they aren’t using this on their helmets! The blue and white horns and the classic blue and white uniforms are one of the best looking uniforms in all of sports. I think I’m going to be sick.
We saw all this coming. That’s why we kept Muschump! Hehe
Marcus Lattimore...his career was cut short. Would have been a heisman candidate. Great kid too.
Panthers need to sign him. Would be great to have him back in the Carolinas.
Most underutilized player in the NFL. His skill set is exactly like Randall Cobb. His former teams missed out big time. Panthers just got a good one!
I would like to see a Big 10 and Big12 SEC challenge week-end.
By the way...Decula is pronounced “Deck you la”
My neighbor is one of his coaches and he told me today he commuted to us. Glad to have him but man we have a lot of good QBs. We need big time help everywhere else too.
Been watching Carrol Shelby and the Ford v Ferrari’s stuff on Netflix and YouTube. Those were the days. GT40 was the most beautiful car ever built.
If he can get on a team that’s on the verge he can help...like how Peyton Manning did. If he goes to a crap team he will be injured by the 4th game and be done.
I’ll have to look Iona up...I have no clue where they are.
My argument has merit because we beat Kentucky, so there.
Duke...the dumbest smart people I know. Go back to your Asheshe hole.
Sorry Kentucky...we already claimed it 2 days ago. First come first serve. Go COCKS!!
You can’t reschedule the Masters. It’s winter rye grass and is dead a couple weeks after the tournament is played.
Ok this is now officially out of control!
It’s ok to err on the side of caution but this is over the top. If you’re old or have compromised health then yes stay at home. Are we going to do this every winter now moving forward?
We are then declared the National Champions since we’re ranked #1...would have happened anyway. Congrats Lady Gamecocks!!
You apparently almost got me but misfired!
True. Don’t rule it out the way things are going.
On the behalf of the SEC The University of South Carolina claims the Men’s SEC Basketball Tournament Champions. We thank everyone’s efforts this year. I wish all the schools of the SEC good luck next year.
Lord help us when pollen season hits...it’s all going to be called corona virus.
So is this going to be the new standard? We just going to close everything every time a virus comes around? Guess winter sports will just be no more.
They should move them to a centrally located high school gym and safe a lot of money.
All Carolina fans should lobby for Muschamp to be our DC. Because guess what’s going to happen...when he gets booted from his HC job he’s going to be a DC for somebody else and it will probably be another team in the SEC.