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Must be from I 95 N. Because there is no other mayonnaise. Dukes is the gold standard Blue Plate is a distant second.
Good, a much better bowl than I was expecting.
He’s the gold standard. Every NFL coach calls him first every draft season and they ask ,”What do you have this year Nick, because we’re buying”.
I thought GA had the better team but the Saban factor of preparation and execution won the day again.
I’m being honest, I have always liked LSU, spend a lot of time in south La. I like Coach Kelly, think he’s a solid coach and a good person, but these two together are like banana pudding and sardines in mustard sauce…I love both but terrible mixed together. But you don’t turn down 100 million dollars. He’s gone in 3-4 years.
That message would have been very easy to give, short and sweet…”I’m getting 100 million dollars, bye”!
Being a college football coach is the best sports gig of all time. Win or lose you are a multi millionaire. Riley and Kelly both got 100 million. The coach at Mich St also around 98 million. Not too shabby.
Nope this will not work. This is not a good fit. He’s a good guy but he simply won’t fit in with the culture. He’ll be gone in 3 years. Write it down.
This is going to be a good one. I'll be a Dawg fan saturday. Go get you some!!
It's not that bad. The east side is fine. Could always live in Lafayette.
You dont think he can build ASU "brick by Brick" either?
Whats his buy out? Regardless, in 4 years the man will be a multi millionaire. Its a win win for him. Its an awesome gig either way.
Thought y’all had it. Georgia will finally prevail. I know y’all will be big Bulldog fans Saturday along with most everybody else.
You do know that Beamer is having to play with Muschumps kids…right?
We played 90% of the season with 2 QBs nobody else wanted and got production out of them despite having one of the worst O lines in college football. That’s says something about Shane Beamer and companies ability to coach.
Our O line is sooo bad even if we had play makers they couldn’t do anything. That then pressures our defense. They are on the field waaay too long. Remember these are Muschumps players. Beamer got more than expected out of them.
Beamer will have to recruit his way out of this. Have to be in the top 4 in the SEC and top 10 nationally in recruiting to compete. Time will tell. We exceeded my expectations but this one always stings. I loved how klempson is diverse…we on the other hand look like Grambling. Shipley is a very good player and their O line was excellent as well as everything else was dominated by klempson. I’m not sure what happened to Lloyd but I don’t think he’s the back everybody was expecting. He goes down waaay too easily. With Van being slowed I was shocked at how little receiving depth we have. Let’s go to the mid west to find us an O line and some line backers.
Its one of the better places for sure, but there are no places to stay in Oxford. Your best bet will be an hour away in South Haven. If you decide to stay in Memphis, stay near Beal St. but its gotten very sketchy.
Ive said this before...i believe hes smart enough to know what he has at Ole Miss. It would be a tragic decision for him to go anywhere else. He's already a legend there and will have opportunities to compete for a national championship when Saban retires (which is not far away). He has a chance to ride off into the sunset a happy wealthy man when its all said and done.
Mullen and Ojeron are going to be the two happiest guys on the planet in a few short days if not hours. Heres to your agents...well done boys.
He’ll get his shot just like the rest of them have. I wouldn’t anoint him as the next Spurrier yet.
You really think it bothers Muschump, Ogeron and now Mullen when they walk away multi millionaires? They sitting back on their yachts and beach houses with a tall cool drink in hand smoking a stogie saying, “Life is good”.
No not really. Universities are so stupid with money now they don’t give coaches a reason to work hard.