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I said it a year ago and will say it again…NIL will be the biggest impact. Buying a team will be the norm and Texas and ND will win this war moving forward if it isn’t regulated. These 2 schools can buy everybody else over 10 fold.
This shows you how bad it had gotten with Muschump…we had gotten to where we had a bunch of ACC level players.
That would be like saying Vanderbilt will contend...it won’t happen.
It all sounds good. Hope he turns out to be “elite”.
That’s good because we need an entirely new OL and depth any way. Good luck young man.
They will need to hire someone so unconventional that it will totally make no sense because they will have to serve as the sacrificial lamb and create a buffer for who they will ultimately replace him with.
I feel sorry for whoever comes in after coach Saban….he is doomed.
He will play as well as our O line can block…which has been less than satisfactory over the last several years. The O line should be Beamers first priority. Even mediocre QBs and RBs flourish with good blocking.
EK you’re still learning and that’s ok. We have a solid chance of winning every game you listed. See you soon.
Spring games don’t mean anything….well if he had played poorly that’s all we would have heard about and it would have been a big deal. The thing is, EVERYBODY is hating watching us get better and are on our way back to the Spurrier era of winning. People don’t start talking smack if it weren’t true. Go COCKS! We’re on our way and everybody knows it.
I’m not a basketball guy and this even sounds pitiful to me.
I didn’t see UConn on the sidelines last night for the national anthem?
Apparently you know NOTHING about coach Staley. The Lady Gamecocks are on their way to being the next UConn.
A lot of the Gamecock fans are getting what they wanted…the dismissal of coach Martin. Where are they now? Don’t hear from any of them. LOL
Not much of a loss but the sad thing is our replacement will probably be worse.
Good for him. We may not have been winning but at least we had a brand name coach. We’re off to oblivion with a nobody now.
Sparky Woods?! You are banned for life from this sight for mentioning that name!
I knew we wouldn’t get a name anywhere near coach Martin but this is absolutely pitiful. There are church league coaches that are better qualified.
That will happen. We won’t get a bigger name as a coach. I just can’t believe we can’t find 5 guys in SC who can play basketball. It just goes against common logic with the states demographic. It’s very hard to believe. We should at least be competitive.
We’re good at running back and receiving. We have to get better players on the O line. That has been our issue for a long time.
Not really. They will just be another decent SEC team.
I guess y’all have to put us somewhere. We’ll take care of klempson.
I don’t think you’re seeing the big picture. TX can buy UA 10x over. If NIL takes over, which I hope it doesn’t, TX will be in power forever.