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Not everyone going to the League goes to Alabama. This is a good lesson...go to where you want or can go and where you can play. Some really good athletes make this critical mistake of going somewhere like Alabama and get lost where as if they went to South Carolina they will get to play.
They matched their talent but the biggest thing is they cracked their code. Alabama isn’t fancy, they just have better players than everybody else. If you can recruit anywhere near Ala (which is a stretch) use Clemson’s game plan and you have a chance. I think Clemson has a very solid chance of taking over moving forward.
That’s s little unusual for us. Our guys leave...this is good news.
It could have been worse...and Klempson didn’t take their starters out when we played them.
To add...I believe we are the second most expensive school to attend only after Vandy in the SEC.
We keep spending money and are all dressed up with no place to go all the while Klempson wins championships...well at least we look good. LOL
Oh my word...y’all look worse than we do...but we played Klempson better.
No excuses...this season is a total loss and disaster. Y’all have the best of EVERYTHING. At least you can call yourselves...1st loser.
How does that butt smacking feel? And I hate Klempson but it’s nice to see y’all get to take your medicine for a change...I guess you could call it character building...LOL
I expect nothing less than a Nat Championship every year as long as Saban is there. When you have the best of everything (players/coaches/facilities) there are no excuses.
I guess when you are privaledged and spoiled you can complain about nonsense...kinda like going to an exotic island and complaining they didn’t put enough ice in my drink.
I’ve been talking about this for months on end. It’s sumple, to compete for championships you HAVE to be ranked inside the top 10 in recruiting. Everybodyhasgiodfaciliyies today and most of the coaches are pretty solid. It ALL comes down to the horses, period. If your team doesn’t recruit like Klempson or Ala you playing for fun, just like the rest of us.
I’m an SEC homer, but college football won’t be fun for the rest of us until Saban retires.
Bad location for college football/game not intriguing...like seeing the Patriots in the super bowl. Alabama should win again. Zzzzz
Ehhh...is it because they have better players and Saban is the best coach in college football history?
Oh common...it’s the sense and potential for danger that makes things like this fun!
Rule number 1 don’t let the facts get in front of the story. It’s much better and more fun to think Bevo was getting After UGAs butt.
The Seahawks coach has done well but he has bounced back and forth a few times.
I’m not sure of the record of college coaches going pro. Oddly enough the best one I remember doing it recently was Harbreath when he was at San Fran.
I always thought WVa was a strange place for him to be. All the Uof H people I know are very excited to have him back.
In fact yes. To my knowledge he will be one of the highest paid coached in the country if not the highest. Plus he’s back home. They just built s very nice stadium and he will win again there immediately. Much better place than BFE WVa.
One name says it all...Muschamp...be afraid, very afraid!