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If we can get off to a good start we’ll have a shot.
Columbia would be a solid location. Great stadium and plenty of places to stay. The Vista and 5 Points good places to hang out.
What a great game today! Keep it up boys! Go COCKS!!!
Out pitching has fallen off the table and we only swing at bad pitches. Injuries have not been a factor with this.
We are a shell of the team we had just 3 weeks ago. Bad time to start going bad.
Yes indeed. Finally going to have a solid team to go along with everything else we’ve built.
Excellent. Kids love Beamer. Gonna be some fun years ahead. Go COCKS!
Won’t see anything on offense tomorrow. Bubble screens and run right run left.
We love what Beamer is doing. I don’t expect it to go down any time soon. We just had too many players opt out for the bowl game. It is what it is.
She gives us great cred. A fine upstanding young lady. Good luck.
Ignore this clown. He just wishes he was part of the SEC.
Had the game in hand and blew it in the 8th. That was painful. Got to bounce back. Looking forward to the Fla and Vandy series. Go COCKS.
Yeah I know you wish you were good in other sports. We’ve had a good March Madness and another good baseball season brewing. We’ll have fun all the way through June.
Looking forward to a great week end with Carolina winning the series and Petre lighting it up.
Yeah well…You can put up with a lot when you’re winning.
Not one American born starter. Can’t root for that. SEC or not, can’t do it.
Y’all don’t have one American born player on your team. That’s weird. Def rooting against that.
Well, y’all are going to have to figure out how to beat us on the grid iron first and we’re going to give you a run for your money on the diamond.
Nope. We are really good. I went to the 1st game yesterday. We finally have hitters this year.
Wow that’s awesome! Can I give you my bank account number and debit card number with PIN?