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Turns out he wasn’t the recruiter he claimed to be. We just didn’t have any size or talent. We ranked near the end or bottom in recruiting in the SEC every year. Can’t win many games doing that.
Pot calling the kettle black...what are your feelings about Alabama?
We will provide the perfect remedy for your offense. We will make y’all look like heisman candidates. We will help you set records.
We had some hurt, some sick and some quit. What we had left was a bunch of under sized kids running around in space.
Vandy probably has more money than any other school in the SEC...they just need to start ponying up the cash to get better players, that simple.
Ehhh I don’t know. It’s critical to get someone who can recruit. If he can’t do that we will continue to suk. I don’t think he’s known for recruiting elite athletes.
We fight and struggle to beat football power houses like Western Carolina/Georgia Tech/Southern Miss/East Tenn State for players.
Good luck to your 3* recruit. We have several more we’re willing to give away. Because “We Are 3* U!
The decommits weren’t SEC caliber players any way. So they won’t be missed.
Don’t worry Bull Dog fans...we will help you set records and fulfill every goal and dream you have. We’re just here to be a blessing.
Rooster...good point. I got burned a couple times this year. Especially the Auburn game.
Pu$$ies cry and complain. We’re so far from the 2010-2014 teams it’s laughable. Getm Jungleboi!!
4*? Ehhh, we don’t recruit 4* players here under Chump. That Certainly was a typo.
I’m cheap because I’ve been lobbying for over a year for this job. I’ll take 1 million (after taxes) per year and I’ll have no buy out clause. They still haven’t called.
If Smart is smart he’ll make an offer to Doty to transfer for sure. I would also make a bid for Harris as well.
Our 3* house is crumbling!! Guess he’ll take his talents to Western Carolina.
We lost another 3*!! That’s tragic! Guess he’ll take his talents to East Tenn State.
I would like to see injury stats compared to other schools. Just seems like we end up with more injured players than any body since Chump has been our coach.
Well he should be right at home here because that’s exactly what we have...but without the competitive edge.
We used to be “3* U” Now we’re a Juco and whoever else we can get here to play. Gonna be another exciting decade of Gamecock football! Hope the younger generation will be able to see it through.
Furious? No. Hilarious...yes! Absolutely nothing at this point would surprise me regarding our stupidity. This would be a classic move. One of which I would expect no less. Do it!!!