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The best way to eliminate CTE in football...remove the pads. Football started with little if any pads. Rugby is essentially played without pads. Football would then be as good if not better without them. Strength on streangth speed on speed and form tackling. It would be more of a mans game without pads.
With 4+ million people living in Harris county just down the road to recruit from and the alumni $$$$ they have there is no reason they can’t girls a national contender every year.
Hey Chizik! If if and buts we’re candy and nuts everyday would be like Christmas!
If we can get by UGA which isn’t a stretch at home and we don’t go the next week and lose to someone like Kentucky again the east will be ours. Ala all the way in the West with Aub with an outside chance.
I would love to have Marcus Lattimore back for one more UGA game. What an epic performance he had is freshman year. He was a joy to watch.
What the heck?! Did Coach Martin not want him? That’s no good!
This guy truly has nothing to do! I wish I had a job where I could just sit and babble.
Good player. He should have stayed for his senior season.
They really don’t have much to work with. Not a lot you can do with red and white.
That’s not bad news. Because they will plug in one of the 3 5* players that plays the same position.
How will he be replaced? Easy, by picking one of the 3 5* players that were behind him.
We beat the SEC champs for about 4 years in a row and we could never get any help from anybody to get to the championship.
We never expect to get a shred of respect or positive press. When we won 11 games 4 years in a row and had one of the longest home winning streaks and and won every bowl game we went to and we would be on upset alert every week. That’s ok, we will just keep winning games.
If that’s the case, that will be the end of Paul Finebaum.
I called this as soon as the ball hit the ground last night. I knew I should have bet the farm on OSU!!!
Opportunity lost. Y’all are going to have nightmares for years after being one strike away from glory. OSU will be the CWS champions. Too bad so sad for Ark.
Y’all are looking good and have a legitimate shot! Y’all took out best shot. Good luck!
Man they are selling Tenn. As we will continue to spank that butt!!
We don’t play them enough to know. But our record lately is good. We’re 2 of three. I’ll take that!!
Florida? Really? We could field the Eagles and still be picked no better.
Alshon!!! Doing it again in the Super Bowl!!
Las Vegas would be very interesting. I’m for it. Myrtle Beach...that obviously would be several years away.
He’s a big man but the Gamecocks were bigger!! One more to go...Go COCKS!!
I like it. It gets boring playing the same teams at the same venue every year. I would love to see us play more teams against the Big 12 and PAC 12. It’s cheap and easy to get Vegas from anywhere. Much better than some of the venues we play. I hope we get it.