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Football is irrelevant to this article but we’re trying to fix our baseball program. We had a coach who in the last 2 seasons took us to a super regional and a regional and got fired for it. We’ll be back.
Evansville is no joke. They beat a solid ECU team twice in Greenville.
Maybe. We’re going to be better next year. Cardoso is the only player that we will not have.
Ehhh, I don’t know if this is going to work. His style just doesn’t really work. Ky has the best of the best and it didn’t work the way it should have.
Unreal. I had y’all at least in the great 8. We’re getting blown away. I guess Tenn is the only one left.
Dang we’re getting blown out. I guess Tenn is the only one left.
Oh and by the way…We went 5-0 over the week-end! It’s great to be a Gamecock!!
What a great physical game Kamilla is a best. Staley is the class of the SEC. Champions again! On the the NCAA. GREAT JOB GIRLS!!!
What a gutsy win for South Carolina over Florida. We’re ready to beat Tenn again in Columbia. We still have a say in who wins the regular season championship.
All I know is we’re never going to have enough NIL$ to compete at a championship level. We are too small and too regional to compete on the grand scale. Just getting to a bowl game from time to time will be how we measure our success.
Who cares! Just keep winning! Win 6,7 of our last games and we’re in the tournament. That’s all that matters.
These aren’t upsets anymore. We must be pretty good.
We beat them so bad we made Calipari bleed. (His lip was bloody near the end of the game, literally). LOL. Go GOCKS!
Best I’ve ever seen them play. Hope they can keep it up. Go COCKS!
He’s the Sacrificial Lamb. This is a no win situation. Be about a 5 year collapse then they will have to get serious about finding the real Saban replacement to move the program forward.
Another receiver?! Oh my word. We’ll, I hope he can block.
My question is, where in Ole Miss getting all their NIL $ for all these players? This is impressive to see how well they are doing.
Man, I don’t know. Hard to pin the lack of production on this guy. Zero blocking/every single O lineman gets hurt around here/didn’t have any true RB to begin with. I blame lack of recruiting and NIL $ more than anything else.
It doesn’t appear good. At this rate there will never be any depth.
Couldn’t pass block or cover. Michigan tried giving the game away.