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We will do many more good things better than Florida I His season!
I would expect nothing less. Anything other than a 5 * would be a travesty. When you can cherry pick and are 3 deep in 5* players st every position you better be winning N.C.
For as long as Saban is there this is going to be an Ala beat down. Texas is weak. They will never be what they were. Kinda like Nebraska.
We’ve caught up with all the SEC teams in terms of facilities and have surpassed some. (Ala being the exception). We have as good a coaching staff as anybody as well. Our recruiting continues to get better. So Fla and Tenn is going to have to fight us to get around us.
I guess that’s nice. Only lack Mizo/Vandy and Ark from visiting all SEC stadiums. Miss St is definitely the hardest one to get to. You have to want to go there. There’s no hotel rooms and a 3 hr ride back to Jackson after the game. So tailgating is pretty much shot.
Has to be far and away the $$$ school in the SEC. They have the resources with recruiting Harris county alone to have a Nat. Championship contender every year. Let’s see if they can get their act together.
Everybody gave us down the road and we were the butt of all the jokes after we hired Muschamp...not too many people laughing now though. It will us who will have the last laugh. We will be in Atlanta soon and often.
Homer? I remember when the almighty rebs came into Colymbia ranked 4th in the nation...and we sent them “Homer” a loser!
Not a ravens fan but living in Richmond I’ll get to see him play!!
The outsiders truly don’t understand the SEC brotherhood. We can cuss each other but if someone from the outside says something we’re all in. It’s a way of life as it’s said... no other place is like it. That’s what makes it so great. SEC!SEC!SEC!
Don’t forget...He had help from Spurriers neglect
Have no problem with coach Martin at all. But you better be ready to play and give effort if he’s your coach.
I rennet listening to an interview with Dabo Sweeney describing Tajh Boyd...before one of the best downs we gave them....that he had Greatness in him! Kinda like when he also said before the Orange Bowl against West Virginia that “We have a championship defense, you will see”! LOL
They were 2 great players for us and good guys to boot. I wish them the best of luck when they don’t play us.
Wow...looks like a down year for LSU next year. Unless you’re 3 deep in 5* players at every position like Alabama, it’s tough to overcome your best players leaving early.
The o line moved...so the play would have been called dead anyway.
Y’all got the biggest call of the game when the receiver stepped out for the touch down, so I would call it even. Still an awesome game.
An incredible game, an instant classic. Congrats to the kings of college football! Saban is a geniuos
You know deep down LSU fans are sick. It could have been them winning about 10 more championships.
Eeeeh I don’t know about this one. Man, is that the best y’all can do? Y’all just got weaker. Our sights are clearly on UGA.