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I don’t know about all that but I would argue that we are a woman’s basketball school...that is all
If I were him ide want to go to Tampa. He still has a couple years left in him. At the very least he will always have a TD catch recorded in the super bowl. Enjoy that ring Alshon.
I’m not going to waste my time looking it up but I don’t think UVA,Duke, Wake Forest, Boston College, Louisville have stadiums that big.
Everybody hating on UCF. They are a pretty darn good program. They are the largest university in the country. They should just join the ACC. They would give Clemson all they could handle.
That’s weird and bad. Why would you ever want to post the entire coaching staff salary? Now every school in America knows what they need to do if they want one of them. This is stupid.
I think he has some off field gig, player development or something.
I take my hat off to him for trying. Still think he was good enough to play in the nfl. If anything be a back up and carry a clipboard. That alone with his motivation to others is good for a win or two.
Assumption? Good grief... Is that an on line football gaming site? I’ll need to look that up.
That’s a good gig. He’ll make plenty of money, win a lot of games...maybe a shot at a national title. Best part he will be able to sit back and watch auburn struggle for years.
I don’t know if we missed him (we can always use as many good backs as we can get) Harris did an awesome job.
Okay...start recruiting. Let’s see what kind of kids this staff can get.
Anybody know the odds and pay out if you put $100 on that happening?
He was the last draft pick (47th pic in 7th round) and was taken in 2009 by the Chiefs...that would be ironic.
If it comes down to a 50 yard field goal for Tampa to win with 1 second remaining it could be Mr Irrelevant Ryan Succop from you guessed it...South Carolina.
Sadly I agree somewhat here...if it’s things and buildings you like then we will give you a great game day experience...but what we actually do in the game, not so much.
I could take over for Saban the next 2 years and would win a championship with those players. TENN is Land of The Lost...Josh will be running up and down the sidelines in his Florsheim zipper boots.
When your god Saban leaves you will only be talking about what it used to be.
Who cares,Everybody has great facilities now...it’s the expected norm. The ONLY thing that matters is getting the players Alabama gets anything less than that you are just playing for fun.
And all of the that shiny new stuff gets you 2 wins. When we were going 11-2 and ranked 4th in the country we didn’t have any of that “stuff”. We had great SEC/NFL caliber players.
What are you saying? Skipped right by your posts. You talk too much
I don’t know what the salary discrepancy was but man he had a pretty good thing going in Orlando. Just looks like a nowhere gig at Tennessee.
There was a time when Nebraska was good...Tennessee is like that. Only older people will remember. Fans today have only experienced what we have...it is what it is.