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No blame at all. We have great facilities that rival anybody in the country, a solid coaching staff from top to bottom fan base as loyal you will see anywhere and a heap of desire to go with it. We lack talent and depth to make it complete. It took Sourrier about 5 years to build (that was done essentially on his name alone because our facilities were still sub par). Muschamp did say when we hired him, quote, “I can sell katchup popsicles to Eskimos”. To compete for championships you have to be ranked in the top 10 in recruiting. So we shall see. But for now it is what it is.
Wow it’s really ramped up the last couple of days! I’m still not letting y’all off the hook. I EXPECT y’all to win the championship. ( I don’t want to hear excuses). Anything less is a total disaster! But it’s sounding like y’all only have one player on your team. Sounding like y’all are a farse.
There is some truth to his statement. Most obvious is Klempson...they play schools like Slippery Rock every week.
It would be a lateral move at best. But Louisville would be a better place to live.
Go beat Alabama...if y’all were good enough to do that y’all would have beaten LSU. You have good parts and pieces but that’s about it. You mentioned that Carolina has terrible atmosphere? When did Athens become the Mecca of all college football? IF you get by Alabama I’ll give you props but until then you are no better than anybody else. “If you ain’t 1st you’re last”!
Hahaha...you weren’t even born the last time they won. If you could read you would have seen the many answers and solutions to your mindless rant. When you actually graduate from an accredited university come back and talk to me.
Well y’all did win it once about 40 years ago. So I ask, if you don’t win championships does the season really matter? Since y’all are relevant and everything.
But isn’t Finebaum a homer? He is Alabama’s Supreme mouth piece so yes he speaks for your fan base.
Enjoy your time in the hot sun with all of your fancy creams and lotions. After Saban leaves we’ll see how much character y’all have. Those will be interesting times. But off to the next championship with you.
It builds character...something we have an abundance of.
Your question gave you your answer. Our defense is trash. If we make one stop we win.
We used to have an anchor on the defensive line in Jeredou and Quarrels and MelvinIngram at Supreme pass rush Taylor And Clowney stoking fear as the book ends and Culliver/ Hampton/Jungle Boi and Stephon Gilmore at the back end. We are light years away from that.
Our defense looks like a jr college team. They lack size and toughness. We are way too small on the line and in later part of games they start getting trucked. We have no Enforcers at line backer with zero pass rush. The defensive backs are all too small and lack speed hence all of the pass interference calls because they can’t cover. Until Muschamp starts recruiting better players it doesn’t matter who is coaching. So, until we start ranking in the top 10 in recruiting don’t expect to compete at the highest level.
UFC is the largest university in the country. If they want to be included they will have to join a top 5 conference. There shouldn’t be any reason that couldn’t happen.
Oh no...not letting y’all off this easy. Next man up! Shurly y’all have a couple more 5* qbs sitting on the bench.
I just figured it out! We’re not an SEC team, were a solid Big 12 team!!!
I formally accept the Louisville head coaching job. I accept a $1 million per year non binding contract. If you don’t like the results after any season I can be fired for just cause and I will walk away. That’s a bargain.
I always find it interresting when someone beats us they are “Turning the Corner and will now start competing for championships”. They soo badly wanted Tenn to beat us because they were talking the same stuff “Tenn will be back if they beat Carolina”. When we win it’s...ehhh this doesn’t fit the narrative.
You’re a chump. Your trash talk is garbage. Go back to the Asheshe you poser.
We are who we are. But y’all are expected to win championships every year. So I don’t want to start hearing that things are starting to get squirly at the end.
Nope not going to accept any excuses. Y’all cherry pick 5* players and are 3 deep at every position with 5* players. Y’all have the best coach in college football history. So don’t give me this crap. You should without question win the championship. Y’all just have to deal with it and move forward.
We could have won if we could have gotten one stop! We should call our game off with Klempson due to HSSE reasons. It will be a serious health risk for our little defenders.
I wouldn’t talk too big cause you bearly got s struggle win over Vandy.
I’ll say it here too. Just remember ,both times y’all won the East, we beat you.
We’re up by 14 then again by 17 and still lose. It’s comical watching our “D”. They should be called “The other team enablers.”
Because our defense is TRASH!!!!!! Good win Gators!!