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Aggie cult is so bizarre. Pretend military. Awkward macho/gay role playing. Bad football teams. Bad jokes with weird knee kicks. Boy cheerleaders in white pajamas.
Or maybe that's the cover story until they can announce an early move by OU and Texas. It wouldn't be the end of the world if the back end of a 1 and 1 was never played.
A&M was 3rd or 4th every year in Big XII as well. 8 wins average in both conferences.
Isn't cheerleader boy in white jammies weird enough?
Aggies once hung a banner for making a three-way tie for 1st place in the Big XII South.
Oklahoma is bringing strong programs to SEC. Maybe next year. Looking forward to it.
OU and Texas are further South than Arkansas, Vandy, Missouri and Tennessee.
Playing only 8 conf games and lightweight out of conference schedules makes for lots of bowl eligible teams that aren't that good.
Mullin is a huckster snake oil salesman. No crystal in his future unless its meth.
UCF has better program. SEC blinders don't change that. Big 12 has better middle of the pack teams than SEC. Iowa St, Okla St., Kansas State, all finish ahead of Miss, MSU, Vandy, Arkansas, Missouri, etc. SEC has a few great teams and a lot of very average teams. Florida lost last two bowl games to Big 12 and future big 12 by 35 and 12 points.
I don't think they would only win 2-3 games in SEC. No one is afraid of Miss, MSU, Vandy, South Carolina, Arkansas, etc.
Except that UCF is a school with 70,000 students and an up and coming program that has had more success than Florida in recent years. Maybe it's the new normal.
Isn't this when SEC/Florida says "We didn't really care about this bowl game?"
Best wishes to Spencer and South Carolina. Hopefully, the change of scenery serves both well.
Kansas State is especially known for defense and boring offense.
They work hard to keep you thinking that way so you stay in the humid southeast and they enjoy cool Pacific breezes. Also, education is not a bad thing. Your kids deserve to see the world and make up their own minds.
The headlines over the last three years all seem to read "Scott Frost throws team under the bus for poor performance". Does that inspire players? Maybe something else is going on.
Get off your evangelical overreaction. @afan has it right.
Not really for a guy that wear's his "Santa Claus told me to do it" on his sleeve. We don't need fairy tales in football.
Please don't spread false information. Covid is real. Covid is deadly. Thankfully, there are vaccines. Please get your vaccine and tell everyone else to get theirs. Then, we can move on and not have cancelled games.
Texas A&M going back to middle of the pack once OU and Texas join the SEC. Never won anything. Never will.
Only eight players on the 2023 Rivals 100 are currently committed and four are committed to the Sooners. Florida is the only other program with two Rivals 100 commits, though neither are ranked above No. 86. The Sooners have No. 2 (Nelson), No. 42 (Bixby tight end Luke Hasz) and No. 56 (Webb) to go along with Lemon.
So, that would be 8 from next year's SEC.
OU will embarrass most SEC schools. It is just hard to understand why the lessers in the SEC kiss up to the teams that kick their butts.
Wrong. We beat Auburn last time. We killed Florida last year. We beat Alabama in Sugar Bowl. Quit making stuff up.
No, OU is was not undeserving. Just because they lost some close games and one not so close does not such a conclusion make. OU has a positive win percentage against Alabama and most SEC teams.