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Girted ... in caps. I read the comments on FUS’s fan site after Alabama beat them. Most all were respectful and realistic. They are real football fans and FSU has built a strong program. Gifted is not when you work hard all year and demonstrate through execution that you belong in the playoff. That would be earned. Gifted is when you inherit genes that make you 6’ 3”, athletic, with a throwing arm. Unfortunately that doesn’t guarantee a good thought process.
The BCS didn’t start it. It began in 1992. There was an alliance. Rose bowl (PAC and BIG) didn’t participate. It didn’t matter because they didn’t have highly ranked teams. Forgot the name of the first alliance. Then there was the Bowl Alliance then the BCS. Now the pseudo-playoff. What every champion has in common is votes. Now days the vote is for 4 teams. Prior was for one. Alabama has 2 titles that were given prior to the bowls. Those were the rules and thay count. One AP and one UPI. Both AP and UPI changed their method of the result of the Texas game (AP) mentioned in the article and the 73 loss to ND (UPI). Those were good fortune for Alabama but the Tide has also been snubbed a few times. 1967 undefearted and national champions the the prior two years and came in third. Really? Also 1977, 11-1. Close loss to Nebraska in Lincoln despite 4 interceptions. They thrashed Woody Hayes’ Ohio state team 35-7 and were leap frogged by ND who was #5. The champions have been named differently over the years. If you count only one method, ie the CFP then there were no champions prior to it. And when it changes those wont count either. BTW, take your shots at Alabama. When you do that just reaffirms what we know. Roll Tide.