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I'm a big fan of the silver (sheen) britches.
Cam should just get Aaron Rodgers to send that family a cheeshead and a signed jersey. Case closed.
I've been completing SDS' bowl projections the last three years. I do plenty of research.
haha, that's funny Nobleman.
That's why it's BOLD lol.
They'll be vacated IF it's proven that Florida knew of Grier's PED use.
Yeah, Bulldogs were ranked No. 21 at time of game last week.
If we're going by predictions, I had Georgia 11-1 during the regular season ... (and beating Tennessee).
He's played well so far, can't help that his team hasn't ... And be careful, your Dawgs still have to play the Vols ..
It's a BOLD prediction, ha.
There are three elite teams in the SEC right now, I don't think there's another Power 5 league in CFB that can say that.
Well, I picked Georgia to beat Alabama in August as the Tide's only regular-season loss. (oops, Ole Miss).
Bama would likely be 10-2 in this projection (loss at Georgia). A 10-win regular season could get Tide into the New Year's Six, but hard to predict how committee will feel ...
Win's a win in the SEC. Ole Miss is fine. Vandy's defense is better than most would admit.
I was shocked the Josh Dobbs fumble inside the 5 wasn't even looked at.
I've watched this guy a ton the first three weeks and he's extremely talented. Just lost on a bad team. ArmyGuy, good call on Bridges being an instant impact guy this season. I think you and I both made that assessment in March.
Ha, these are some funny ones. Thanks for reading, StobyJoe.