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I think you perfectly summed up this situation. Personally I hope Mathis gets cleared soon or at least by summer. He isn't cleared for contact but he has been in the QB room for the last year. He has had to opportunity to learn from Jake is probably the most ready (maybe Bennet is too but his throwing scares me). Beck honestly reminds me of Burrow after watching his HS film. Big size and gets positive yards when he runs. Good arm and with the right QB development can turn into a great QB. Not saying he is the next Burrow but has similar characteristics. I personally don't think we should go after a transfer because in 2021, should bring in a 5 star QB you'll have a lot of QB controversy and most likely transfers because you'll also have Beck and Mathis primed and ready.
Regardless of what most people think is going on in his head this decision really comes down to medical clearance. I wish Tua all the best as he has been amazing to watch during his career at Bama. I think his decision comes down to when doctors expect him to be able to compete again. If they recommend that he sit out all spring and summer and that playing next fall will not be in his best interest then he will most likely declare. If doctors say he will definitely be good to go come fall and will be able to start throwing again in the spring and summer then I think he will most likely stay. I hope he gets to play again, he is a good man and a heck of an athlete.
Agree with MattJ, Lets not forget Freshman and Sophomore Jake. Where he only had a few blemishes on his resume. To answer the question about Field please point to an example during the 2018 year where you can definitely point out where Fields should have taken over for Fromm. Jake led his team to another SEC Champ game and did everything he could to Beat Bama in that game but come up short. The fumble on the coaches side was not benching Fromm but was not keeping Fields for 2019. Yes hindsight is wonderful after watching both those teams this year but that isnt how you can judge this decision. You have to look at it with the information on hand during 2018. No one know that Fromm would have a bad year and Fields would tear up a defenseless Big 10. I stand with the Coaches on keeping Jake and I hope he returns for 2020 and puts all the doubters to shame.
He is a great addition to the class but one thing I hope Coley utilizes out of him is treating him both as a true tight end and as a Y receiver. Kid has amazing ability to body off defenders and go up and make a catch. He also has great speed for his size. If Jake stays all I can see is back shoulder fades to both him and Pickens all day on opposite outside routes. He's a total mismatch for most corners and linebackers due to his size. Regardless of who the QB is though we need to have some packages that get him in the Y receiver position. Just watch some of his film.
Check out who he celebrated with... Washington... I hope he signs with us too!
Agreed. He definitely started mixing it up especially in the passing game. Too many drops for anyone to notice it plus Jake was inaccurate on a couple as well. However he needs to be pedal to the metal all season not just toward the end when you finally realize running it up the middle and poorly drawn routes aren't going to cut it.
Also think he has the skill set to not only be a traditional 3 point TE but also can play the wide receiver role. Doesn't have the insane breakout speed but I don't see many corners being able to body him off the ball. I can picture many back-shoulder fades from Fromm to Washington next year.
Either two things are happening. 1). Kirby is all about running the ball down the opponents throats and won't let OC free. or 2). Coley is just that bad. Either option its on Kirby to make a change. He either needs to go hands free and let the OC do his job or hire an OC that can do a better job. I think its a combo of both but more fault is on Option 2. Don't think Coley is the right fit for this young receiving core and running fire power. No creativity just good ole fashioned football in the year of explosive offenses. That being said if Coley is asked to leave I would like to see Kirby get a proven OC that he will let do his job.
I think we should steal Joe Brady from LSU. He has proven he can develop receivers and QBs. He is only making 450kish per year. Kirby should offer him 1 mil plus. Let him get our offense roaring in 2020. I imagine he would like more money and an upgraded position as he furthers his coaching career.
Personally I think the only two potential sits that would drastically hurt us would be Reed and LeCounte. We should be fine if Swift sits or any of the upper class O line since we have plenty of options there. If Rice and Crowder sit that will hurt but we have talented enough underclassmen at LB that we should be fine. Receiver we already know we are screwed with Blaylock out and Cager a toss up. I imagine he will sit out so it will be the Georgia Pickens show.
Fromm has struggled I will partially give you that but Fromm could hit Jackson, Landers, Simmons, and Robertson square in the hands with no coverage and they will still drop it or it will bounce of their chest up into the air right into the defense's hands. We have one solid wide out for sure going to play in the bowl. Would be surprised if Cager plays even if he is healthy.
Biggest offensive line* not best. Most of those guys are 5 stars because if you are 330 in HS going up against a pathetic d line you are going win that battle simply because of your size. Look at Cade Mays his freshman year. He did not have a low center of gravity because he was able to man handle most of his opponents, he learned quickly that you cannot do that. Hopefully they will get better. Pass protection was decent to good through the season but our run blocking was terrible.
Agreed but dont think he was off until after USCar. Think his confidence in receivers dropped and feared throwing them 50/50 balls as it could lead to an INT. Outside of Pickens, Blaylock and Cager no one emerged as a consistent receiver. We will see what happens next year. I absolutely love Fromm and am hoping for a lights out senior year. Going to need some help with recruiting receivers and new offensive schematics.
Kirby has some big tasks for this coming Offseason/Bowl Season. His biggest issue right now is making the hard decisions. 1). Offensive Coordinator. Coley has been extremely vanilla but not only does he neglect to alter and improvise mid game because his play calling isn't working but also he doesn't have the ability to adjust to boost the confidence of a struggling QB and receivers. The offense should have shifting to passing plays that feature Fromm's Strength. Back shoulder throws and Slants, his bread and butter that brought us to the Championship in 2017. Personally, to replace Coley I think he should go after Brady over at LSU. I'm sure for the right price he would love to be upgraded to OC to further his career. 2). Wide Receiver Recruiting: CKS needs to lock down Darnell Washington as a TE or Y receiver. Pickens will definitely be a Breakout receiver at the X position and Blaylock at the Z or slot receiver position. He also should try to flip some other top receiver recruits. We need more standout receivers because Finebaum is right, we are a top recruiting school so if one or two go down we should have a similar replacement ready to go. We are able to do it on Defense why cant we do it on O. I know the excuse is out there about having everyone leave for the NFL but Kirby had to know they were leaving, he has to have those conversations to make sure he is replenishing his team with recruiting 3). QB Situation: I love Fromm and definitely don't think he did anything wrong last season to lose the job to Justin Fields. Additionally I do not think we have the offense that compliments Fields' skill set and after watching this season, there would have been no changes to the offense that would have done that either. So we don't need to have that conversation. What we do know is that Jake will be back for his senior year and we need to make sure we lock down Carson Beck and continue to develop Mathis. There needs to be QB competition. Jake thrives off of it. Keeping Eason on the bench made him better. Having the threat of Fields made him better. Additionally CKS needs to lock down the best possible QB in the 2021 Class. This season was filled with expectations that ended just like every other Georgia Sports season. Its behind us and what needs to happen is big wins on recruiting, on staff hires and building the program to where it needs to be. We are close but CKS has to make some big decisions in the coming months to get there and it starts with either firing Coley or telling him to start looking elsewhere so it can be a peaceful transition.
Ahh. I have followed SDS for a while but am finally getting into the commenting; gotta learn who the trolls are.
I'm curious how you arrived at that conclusion. In the two games you are reference where Florida played both teams Trask's completion percentage and passing yards were basically identical and in both games and threw for 2 touchdowns however against Georgia, Florida was only able to rush for 44 yards (not including -22 for trask) and against Auburn, Florida was able to rush for 168 yards. Florida won the game against the "WAY WAY better Defense? Yes Auburn has slowed LSU this year but we do not know how UGA will do this weekend till the end but to make that claim that Auburn's Defense is WAY WAY better is just insane.
I have a weird (but good) feeling that Cook and White are gunna be similar to Chubb and Michel, if Cook can put a little more weight on himself. I fear the reason we haven't seen him as a true back as much is because the coaches think he is undersized to be a true back. He has incredible speed and I really don't know why we aren't treating him as a slot receiver as he is a total mismatch for any linebacker. Although I hope we get to see some Mcintosh. He looked great in his limited showing and we can play him and still preserve his redshirt if Swift is down. The young guy has great vision and great cutting ability and has little to no film on him.
I wouldn't mind us resting the defensive starters after we get a comfortable lead, but the way the offense has played the last month they should get every snap in the first half. Use this game as an opportunity to gain confidence in the passing game heading into LSU.
2021 Star Rankings don't hold much value either. He is probably just opening up his options as he may move up from 3 to 4 star. Not much to worry about this far out. We have flipped plenty in their senior year or even right before they make their commitment.
MattyJ is right. I don't remember too many dropped passes, however Jake just seems off. He used to have great touch but he hasn't been the same QB since the SC game. I'm hoping he can gain some confidence against a bad GT team and then really get back to being himself before SEC Champ. If he hits Herrian and Pickens x2 we are up by 21 early. It was great to see him throw two perfect back shoulder throws that were his staple but I really think he is lacking confidence in himself sometimes. Hopefully getting Cager back will help him too. Although the way he has played the last couple weeks reaffirms my position that he is coming back for his senior year.
LawGator, Would be a crazy scenario but I think LSU gets in as SEC runner up over Big10 Runner up OSU. LSU's Top 25 wins outweighs OSU's and anyone else suggested above. I think the only way Big10 gets two in is if OSU loses to undefeated Minn. and LSU wins.
All three players hurt practiced yesterday. I think they will be just fine. Also wouldn't consider our line out given the depth on our line. Gunna be a great game.
Agreed! I also think Pickens is going to have a big day. He's going back to Alabama and was an Auburn commit and might have some extra motivation to put up big numbers in front of the Auburn Crowd. Also think Our secondary is going to have a great day given Bo Nix's inaccuracies. Gunna be a battle for sure.
Can someone tell me how I can change my profile logo? I'm a UGA fan and for the longest time its been blank but just discovered its the Bama logo... wtf.
Don't think he is going Pro for a couple of Reasons. 1). Loaded QB draft 2). Not having a truly amazing year thus far to boost his draft stock 3). Kid is smart, knows how hard it is to make it in NFL, see him staying and getting his degree (Plus he loves UGA/Georgia) 4). He wants to win a Natty/Beat Bama, gunna try to get all the cracks at it he can (This is speculation but kinda got that vibe after the SEC Championship loss Post game interview)
Pretty sure this QB battle was up in the air this spring but Franks ended up winning because Trask got hurt and they rolled with Franks until he got hurt this fall. That is what I remember the announcers saying during the UK v. UF game. As a UGA fan Trask makes this UF Team look better than Franks did. Looking forward to Nov. 2nd.
Probably for the way each handled their situation.