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Exactly what we needed! Just need Ringo to get healthy before spring ball so Kirby and Dan can get those young DBs up to speed. I think we definitely will be able to reload on the defensive side of the Ball. Looking for Nolan Smith to develop some more as well as we will need elite Pass Rushers to replace Herring and Ojulari!
I'm not so sure I agree with your comment that our best players are home. It will hurt to not have Stokes and Rice but offensively we aren't missing any talent besides Cook. Dont think we will be in the same boat as Florida as far as play makers being out. That was the main issue with Florida is that Trask had no Chemistry with his receivers and it showed. Thats what happens when you have multiple opt outs. I just don't see the lack of skill coming from Georgia. Will have 2 Featured RBs, all the receivers, and most of the OL. Just missing some senior talent on the defensive side of the ball but so many 2's and 3's have played this season it doesn't worry me as much.
Yes, injuries definitely impacted defense. No excuse as young guys need to step up but I truly believe not having the leadership from LeCounte is impacting the secondary. Regardless, MISS State played hard and had a good offensive game plan.
Agreed with BC. We have heard the issues with Daniels all year, plus I heard rumors that Daniels personal doctor hadn't cleared him yet. Don't know the truths about that but interesting none the less. I think it would reflect more poorly if Beck was given the starting job and lit it up as he has been healthy all year. I had faith in our defense all year but since Fromm went pro I had no idea what our offense would look like given the QB situation.
Don't have any faith we will be seeing JT as seeing him limping is not a good sign that he is physically ready for SEC ball. One leg tackle can result in him being out or one bad cut can do more damage. Carson Beck is who I personally would like to see given a shot. Also please drop the Justin Fields talk. Fromm did nothing in 2018 to lose the job and had a great season, where he put his team in the position to win SEC Champ game with a 301 yard, 3td performance against Bama. In 2018 the outcome would not have been any different with Fields at the helm and there was no way to know Fromm would have a rough year in 2019. I highly doubt Kirby could have said anything to Fields to convince him to stay. Fields wanted to play immediately especially with recruiting class rival Trevor Lawrence having a breakout freshman year. I wish he could have stayed but this day in age, if you are a 5 star and you aren't starting when you get on campus they most likely are transferring. Plus if you really think James Coley would have been able to develop an offensive scheme to play to Field's talent then you might not have been paying attention to UGA. To me the biggest QB failure on Kirby's ledger was 2019 to 2020. He didn't anticipate that Fromm would go pro and recruit a top shelf QB. Beck seems to be decent and is a 4 star but was the 19th rated overall QB in the previous class... Kirby should have focused on trying to convince Fromm to stay for a 4th year after a great game in the Sugar Bowl. Not having Fromm on the roster is what hurt Georgia the most this year as the fan base and coaches had to put all their chips into the transfer market and the result was: an opt out and a broken qb, leaving the fate of the team in Mathis who came up very short of expectations which resulted in Stetson taking over...
I hope he isn't counted for us. BS he opted out and now wants to play in a game...
Very true but I was more just commenting on the fact it wasn't like years past when the transfer market included the likes of: Justin Fields, Jalen Hurts, Kelly Bryant, etc.
@TheRealcojones if I had to speculate it probably had to do with COVID canceling spring ball and him being behind schematically. I think he has the physical talent but might not have a strong enough grasp of the playbook or scheme. It’s one thing to miss throws because you have slight inaccuracies it’s another to miss throws or reads because you don’t know the scheme or playbook. I’m hoping that heading into game 7 he has enough under his belt to be given a shot.
100%. We have seen what Setson can do. Its enough to beat the average SEC team. Mathis is lost and just seems to be showing off how far and fast he can throw it. Daniels is still hurt IMO. Beck needs to be given a shot because if not, he will transfer and who knows Mathis might too. That would leave us with Gimpy and a True Freshman.
Also hats off the Florida. They played a great game. Offense was firing on all cylinders. Defense made stops when they needed it. I suspected this would happen given our offensive play but I give credit where it is due.
After watching this game I am beyond frustrated with where we are at QB. Frankly I am over the Justin Fields talk, yes he is great and glad he is doing well and we can dream all day about how he would be at UGA, but during that 2018 Season, Jake Fromm did nothing to lose the job. Had Fields stayed I definitely think he would have taken the job from Fromm in 2019 but that is neither here nor there. What frustrates me the most is the fanbase hating on Jake so much and Kirby not "recruiting" him to stay for his senior season, both of which I believe to be contributing factors to his decision to leave. Jake is not a world beater QB and isn't going to have godly numbers, but he is going to complete more than 5 passes in a game, he is smarter with his decisions and is more accurate short range than Bennett and Mathis. We saw what could have been a 4th year of Fromm in the Sugar Bowl. That to me is the biggest downfall because now it forced Kirby to play the transfer market in a year where there wasn't any serious talent there. The result was no QB on the roster with any SEC experience and the only QB on roster with any solid chemistry with the team was Bennett. Bennett's ceiling has been hit and now I feel as though his confidence is fading, Mathis looks confused and clearly has no connection with his receivers as his throws were sometimes 10-15 yards away from them. JT is not going to play this year. His leg is not ready. So what to do from here, I don't know what Kirby will do but I would like to see Beck. I am not sure if the redshirt rules are still the same but there are 4 games left. Lets see what he can do, get him some live reps because if we do not, there might not be a QB on the roster leading into next season with SEC experience. I think Vandergriff will end up winning the starting job but I would like there to be a competent QB on roster with experience that either could be the starter next year to let Vandergriff develop or serve as a backup that can come in and not crap the bed.
Rumor is that he was Medically Cleared by team but Personal Doctor has not. Don't know what the future holds for him as its not well over a year since the injury. Knee injuries are weird. Hoping the best for him but I do not see him playing this year.
I don't know much about Becks ability outside of his HS film which was good, his biggest issue right now is COVID. He wasn't able to get the spring development that he would have in a normal year. Mathis, while recovering from brain surgery, has been with the team for over a year now and knows the program and teammates, same with Bennett who technically is in year three with UGA and Daniels , while coming in the summer has experience at the college level. I feel bad for Beck as he does seem physically gifted he has just had his development stripped from him and his development and familiarity with teammates and the coaching staff was hindered. I wonder if the reason he hasn't been mention is that he is either not living up to the 4star rating he received or he is not doing the necessary things in and out of practice to get noticed or get trusted with the call. Unfortunately Vandergriff seems to be the guy who will take over for next year but you never know. Jacob Eason was supposed to be the next great gun slinger but never was. All the strength but no real accuracy or brains. Vandergriff isn't playing 6a or 7a ball so he may be a miss read; we will find out next year. I definitely expect for Mathis and Beck to hit the transfer portal unless one of them can take the reigns by the end of the year. I would be shocked if Daniels leaves a team for the second time. So you're looking at a QB Room with Vandergriff, Daniels and Bennett on scholarship. COVID really messed with the QB game here. First it was Newman with continued development of Mathis and Beck then covid happened, Daniels was then brought in as I imagine Newman told Kirby that if things aren't right he will opt out. Daniels didn't get medically cleared fast enough and Mathis blew a flat tire. Wild year but it is what it is.
I suspect that Vandagriff will win the starting job next year. He will be a first year starter against Clemson. So the QB play is probably helping keep him recruited as it shows that there clearly isn't anyone who is better than a low ceiling Bennett IV. That probably gives confidence to a highly rated 5 star to come in and win the job.
Agree but I worry that is not going to happen. While JT is cleared medically there must be something that is still holding him back. I said this to a friend during the UT Game but once we were up big Kirby should have given JT reps to get a feel for live play again because if we were going to need him against Bama (Which we needed something in the second half)it would not be a good scenario to have JT's first live reps be a come from behind attempt over Saban and the Bama O. I hope things do change and I hope Kirby makes the move but in this era of football you can get by with a game manager but you aren't going to win the big games. Speaking of the Tennessee game I don't think Mathis is the guy either. Mentally he looked defeated. When he was put in during garbage time his facial expression was "I don't want to be here." He doesn't seem to have the attitude to take the team by the Reigns and win the starting job anymore after losing it. Also I think Beck is getting overlooked or is not the QB currently that we expect. Don't know why he isn't in consideration but I imagine we will see either his name or Mathis in the transfer portal by the end of the year with Brock coming into the picture this spring.
This^ Same thing happened to the MLB when the Phillies and Marlins had their scares at the beginning of the season. It will get straightened out.
I am hoping with the true big tests on our schedule approaching (Bama and UF) that Monken and Kirby were keeping creativity to a minimum, hence why in the Auburn game we basically went straight run offense throughout the second half. You don't want too much film out at the moment. Although I almost lost my mind when we ran a toss play and as pissed we didn't see it again. Hoping we see more of that this weekend. I agree with your RB comments. McIntosh reminds me of Sony. Great speed and cutting ability. Milton reminds me of Gurley. Long stride and strong as hell. Both are going to be great. I don't like how we are mainly just using White in the inside. He has such powerful legs would be nice to see what he could do in the flats. But I love the way he runs.
Probably, or just got lazy and knew he was the easiest choice for Freshman of the Week and didn't want to do some digging there.
I'm with Kirby here... Yeah Jackson has stole the show this year thus far but the moment you start forgetting about Pickens is when he will make defenses bleed. He has more explosive play potential than Jackson but Jackson is the one getting open right now. We will see how teams adjust now with there being more film out on the Georgia passing game. Just wish Pickens would grow up. I hope that Kirby had him at the field yesterday for some extracurricular activity.
Don't think they were saying Mond was, they just didn't want to put Bazelak on there twice.
I think you perfectly summed up this situation. Personally I hope Mathis gets cleared soon or at least by summer. He isn't cleared for contact but he has been in the QB room for the last year. He has had to opportunity to learn from Jake is probably the most ready (maybe Bennet is too but his throwing scares me). Beck honestly reminds me of Burrow after watching his HS film. Big size and gets positive yards when he runs. Good arm and with the right QB development can turn into a great QB. Not saying he is the next Burrow but has similar characteristics. I personally don't think we should go after a transfer because in 2021, should bring in a 5 star QB you'll have a lot of QB controversy and most likely transfers because you'll also have Beck and Mathis primed and ready.
Regardless of what most people think is going on in his head this decision really comes down to medical clearance. I wish Tua all the best as he has been amazing to watch during his career at Bama. I think his decision comes down to when doctors expect him to be able to compete again. If they recommend that he sit out all spring and summer and that playing next fall will not be in his best interest then he will most likely declare. If doctors say he will definitely be good to go come fall and will be able to start throwing again in the spring and summer then I think he will most likely stay. I hope he gets to play again, he is a good man and a heck of an athlete.
Agree with MattJ, Lets not forget Freshman and Sophomore Jake. Where he only had a few blemishes on his resume. To answer the question about Field please point to an example during the 2018 year where you can definitely point out where Fields should have taken over for Fromm. Jake led his team to another SEC Champ game and did everything he could to Beat Bama in that game but come up short. The fumble on the coaches side was not benching Fromm but was not keeping Fields for 2019. Yes hindsight is wonderful after watching both those teams this year but that isnt how you can judge this decision. You have to look at it with the information on hand during 2018. No one know that Fromm would have a bad year and Fields would tear up a defenseless Big 10. I stand with the Coaches on keeping Jake and I hope he returns for 2020 and puts all the doubters to shame.
He is a great addition to the class but one thing I hope Coley utilizes out of him is treating him both as a true tight end and as a Y receiver. Kid has amazing ability to body off defenders and go up and make a catch. He also has great speed for his size. If Jake stays all I can see is back shoulder fades to both him and Pickens all day on opposite outside routes. He's a total mismatch for most corners and linebackers due to his size. Regardless of who the QB is though we need to have some packages that get him in the Y receiver position. Just watch some of his film.
Check out who he celebrated with... Washington... I hope he signs with us too!
Agreed. He definitely started mixing it up especially in the passing game. Too many drops for anyone to notice it plus Jake was inaccurate on a couple as well. However he needs to be pedal to the metal all season not just toward the end when you finally realize running it up the middle and poorly drawn routes aren't going to cut it.
Also think he has the skill set to not only be a traditional 3 point TE but also can play the wide receiver role. Doesn't have the insane breakout speed but I don't see many corners being able to body him off the ball. I can picture many back-shoulder fades from Fromm to Washington next year.