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Well...Eason needs to start day 1. Sorry, but in my crazy brain I'd like to see Chubb take a medical red shirt this season, and come back 100% for 2017. Eason year 2, Chubb full strength, Kirbys first recruiting class with a year under their case to make a championship run in 2017.
Why would Dalvin be so low. That kids fire. He should be 2.
Really Nick? Easy to say when your the coach of a team that has a few Natties and loses maybe 1 game a year in the same conference.
Except that Chubb had 120+ against Bama...
I hope he feels like his old self again. I feel like after his injury, he's been somewhat scared to move and hurt it again.
Really? What did Peyton even do in the SEC? Heisman? No. National Championship? No. Manziel no SEC or Natty...Mike Evans made Johnny look awesome. I agree with Tebow number 1. 2 Champs and a Heisman. But this list is flawed.
Gimme a break. How bout you not talk like he's the only one who disciplines players lol as a Georgia fan I constantly have to deal with disciplinary issues that guaranteed would get swept under the rug at other programs. Not that that's a problem, I love the way CMR handles situations, but other schools have shown again and again they they will try anything and everything to keep things under wraps.
Agreed, but as a Georgia fan I will say this, we know he can throw, we recruited him remember? He got kicked out and ended up at AU similar to the Cam Newton story. We know he can throw, we wouldn't have signed him if he couldn't have.
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