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I understand. I was agreeing with you and saying what do they expect him to say
Farner is impressive as well. 119 typos per 11 articles
True. What's Will supposed to say? "Tom Brady had the greatest NFL career of any QB ever and Bryce hasn't played a snap in the NFL." That'd make for great TV lol
Bama lost the championship when he was the interim OC. Massage man drove the Tigers down the field and scored to win it
I won't die on this hill, but there's an awful lot of them out there and some faring pretty well for themselves, IMO.
natty chances in '24. got it. let's revisit after '24 season.
I think the confusion is this portion: "or at least get the opportunity to beat the GOAT." The implication is that you are saying that Saban will retire before any of them have the opportunity to beat him, meaning that he will retire before any of these coaches have a game against him. I'm not saying that you meant it this way, that's just where the other comments are coming from. I hope this helps.
Bama usually plays Tenn better on the road than at home here lately, but they'll put up probably 28ish on us, I'd take Tennessee at 16 pt dogs. Bama would probably win by 14 based on the way things look currently. Bama usually plays Texas A&M well at home. I think that number looks about right, to be honest, my gut is telling me 17-20 pts. I would put money immediately on Arkansas at that 16.5 pt line.
That's true. I sure hope he does well this year
Other SEC team? Used to be the Gators if I had to choose. Honestly, I'd like to see ole Rocky Top succeed. But in reality, Arkansas. Woo Pig. Followed by Tenn Then Florida
AR can't be on the list just based on pure hype. no one else is. Take Moore off, put on Jordan Battle. And add another UGA defender or UK lineman in AR's place. Other than that, I think the list is fine.
At least it was something different and he took a chance. I commend him for that. Very possible for him to bat .200 or below
Everybody give me your hats, currently eating hats all weekend
You see "raw", I see upside and less wear-and-tear. Walker is a better athlete than Hutchinson and has a much higher ceiling than Hutchinson. Don't get me wrong, I like Hutchinson's effort and attitude, but the guy is not as close to either Bosa bro, either Watt bro., or Chase Young as some might lead you to believe.
You never know. Maybe we fumble the punt return. Maybe the pressure of being backed up at our own endzone causes Jalen to panic. Maybe it causes us to go conservative and play for OT.
"Coach Sam Pittamn recently made comments about it." Come on Farner, do better.
Ultimately, I agree. Although it did give Bama a shorter field to work with.
"He didn’t scre" Nope, he sure didn't scre, Joe. Needs an editor