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That dude is hungry for success and I am happy for him. Hope he can fall to my Vikings!
It's got to be pronounced as DUH-MON, right?
Tight Ends coach. Feel like I just put in as much time on the article as Mike did.
Missing Kirby, yes, but mainly Pruitt. Those Pruitt defenses were nasty
Oooh, I would love it. Saban has started the true freshman before with Hurts. With that said, he will go with Mike McCorckle Jones.
Die hard fan here. Love Jalen, and what he did for the Tide, but you really think I'll root Oklahoma over an SEC school? Ha.
Nick takes kicking seriously at this point. Our highly recruited freshman kicker (#1 kicking recruit in 2019) has been hurt all season.
Preach. Been saying this for two years now.
Every point you made is literally a conjecture. You can't provide proof of one thing that you just said.
From 2000 to 2011, the Birmingham market along with Columbus Ohio was consistently at the top. Not sure of the last eight years, but I doubt that much has changed.
I would agree, except in 2017 UGA had a 13-point lead at half. They didn't have to match Bama point for point to win. The only points they scored in the 2nd half was a bomb to Hardman (Why didn't they go back to that?). I think if they kept the foot on the gas, regardless of how the defense played, they still would have won. But I see where you are coming from
I see what you mean, but you and I both know his role on that team. Not sure that GRob does.
Can't agree with you. Kentucky is not a recruiting hotbed, yet Stoops seems to find athletic enough skill position players. What tells me that Stoops will be successful wherever he goes is that the play of both the offensive and defensive lines is consistently great
He did not get a championship
What editor? I'm convinced they don't have one
You are right, he has much more than memories and heartbreaks. Typical dramatic Pawl
I disagree. In my opinion, what resulted in the loss was the conservative playcalling down the stretch in both 2017 and 2018. Putting Fromm in tough 3rd down situations. No points in either fourth quarter, to me, speaks volumes.
Birmingham because it is the largest market for NCAA football. Hagan has called D1 before, Hawaii bowl last year just as an example. How much did the line judge actually affect the game Saturday?
It's weird how the numbers work. I think that the playoff number is higher just simply due to the fact that there are four playoff spots available and only one conference champion spot available. There's still enough time for those fringe statistical chaos scenarios to happen.
My man, distance of the ball in the air does not determine whether it is a big time throw or not. The proof that Fromm can be elite is in the SEC champ game, I completely agree. And when they go away from Fromm, they lose those games. Again, I am not dishing on Fromm, I am dishing on the coaches. I didn't say that he can't make the throws, just that they don't let him.
No backhanded compliment towards Fromm, only a compliment. The backhand goes to the UGA coaching staff, for not unleashing the beast. Pesky stats, Tua is averaging 7.4 more throws per game. Burrow is even higher than that. Fromm's yards per attempt is so high because that offense will only ask him to throw back shoulder throws and other widely open passes. I never said he was simply making check downs. Just not having to make any difficult/dangerous downfield throws. He is not making the same big time throws that everyone else is. He is not even asked to attempt them. You can keep telling yourself that, but until CKS takes the handcuffs off of him, it just isn't so. The Notre Dame game should tell you everything that you need to know regarding this subject. UGA is three touchdowns better than the Irish, and everyone knows it.
That makes sense because UGA's scheme is to play defense and run, which allows him to not even have to attempt many unsafe throws. Coincidentally, UGA's scheme is precisely the reason that UGA can't close out big games when it matters against Bama. Personally, I think if they would let Fromm loose, that would give them the best shot to win a natty.
I've got it. Whenever we catch a pass for a first down, we'll immediately fall down. Ball control!