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My man, distance of the ball in the air does not determine whether it is a big time throw or not. The proof that Fromm can be elite is in the SEC champ game, I completely agree. And when they go away from Fromm, they lose those games. Again, I am not dishing on Fromm, I am dishing on the coaches. I didn't say that he can't make the throws, just that they don't let him.
No backhanded compliment towards Fromm, only a compliment. The backhand goes to the UGA coaching staff, for not unleashing the beast. Pesky stats, Tua is averaging 7.4 more throws per game. Burrow is even higher than that. Fromm's yards per attempt is so high because that offense will only ask him to throw back shoulder throws and other widely open passes. I never said he was simply making check downs. Just not having to make any difficult/dangerous downfield throws. He is not making the same big time throws that everyone else is. He is not even asked to attempt them. You can keep telling yourself that, but until CKS takes the handcuffs off of him, it just isn't so. The Notre Dame game should tell you everything that you need to know regarding this subject. UGA is three touchdowns better than the Irish, and everyone knows it.
That makes sense because UGA's scheme is to play defense and run, which allows him to not even have to attempt many unsafe throws. Coincidentally, UGA's scheme is precisely the reason that UGA can't close out big games when it matters against Bama. Personally, I think if they would let Fromm loose, that would give them the best shot to win a natty.
I've got it. Whenever we catch a pass for a first down, we'll immediately fall down. Ball control!
What he means is 98 field goals. Not extra points.
Huge Bama fan here. I'm rooting for little brother to win it all. Makes me feel good that at least it would be one of our own
Agree bad look for Bama, not kidding about the "pass" given to Notre Dame for roughly the same thing (i.e. gross negligence).
There should be public outcry if Notre Dame did it. But isn't it odd that Notre Dame was "excused" when they did roughly an equal "crime"? I would say every university in the country would get blasted except Notre Dame. I totally agree it is a bad look for Bama, though.
Hypocrisy. For instance, Brian Kelly is lauded as a great coach, but no one remembers when his actions directly caused the death of one of his staff members. Windy day, student videographer. Does this ring any bells? Forgive him instantly because he is at an "untouchable" program. Bama isn't as media-favored as ye olde Notre Dame
All you cats weren't outraged until the video came out and well after the courts and OU already made their decisions. If you don't root for Joe Mixon, that's your opinion, but nothing can change the way that the situation was handled. This whole conversation is entirely moot.
Serious response: I hope that Speedy learns from former Aggies what to do (Von Miller) and what not to do (Johnny) when it comes to obeying the law. Humorous and Homerous response: Probably used it for medicinal purposes while still recovering from the Mack Wilson hit
Well, you just used the only "suggestion box" we have, and by the response of John Crist, it don't matter how we feel about the videos. They will continue to be played
If I was in his shoes, I take the money and USC
The Hogs are 10 aways from kickoff of the Belk Bowl
what a wonderful decision. Invest in your future now and it will pay extreme dividends later on. Great choice!
I hope for the sake of the state that you're gut feeling is wrong
It seems that QBs of Patterson's mold are a perfect fit for what this guy would like to do. I think this offense could be potentially frightening over the next two seasons.
As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Not saying Saban doesn't deserve blame, just saying wait until we know all the details
I wouldn't be shocked if UW pulled it out. Anyone that says otherwise has not seen Washington play or only saw them in the second half of the USC game
True. But they'll give Love a healthy raise. It's a win-win.
That is an excellent decision. Good luck young fella
I think Dan is one of those guys who will do well wherever he ends up going in his career,
The claims surrounding Lane Kiffin were that he would not remain there very long if he took the job as LSU OC. I don't believe Canada will be there for very long either.