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I've seen them both play, and the fact that D.K. can say that with a straight face AND get paid money to do so is a travesty
I agree, they definitely have the feel like no one will be able to stop them this year
Just for that, how bout 52-31
I think Joel is right on the money with the biggest takeaway from the game. With that said, the offense shouldn't have to score a million points to win on the road. Pete Golding's defense is embarrassing in an environment with any noise whatsoever
Thanks for assuming my Dodgers will win tonight. Now I know who to blame when they don't.
I'm thinking more like 48-31 Ole Miss
I think Corral is the better player for sure. But the gap is slowly closing the more games B. Young plays
Bama has not gone to every playoff since its inception. 2019 season, Tua injured. We lost to LSU (pre-Tua injury) and to Auburn (post-Tua injury). Beat UofM in the Citrus Bowl.
Jimbo's tone has really changed since the summer. Remember this great quote? "We're going to beat his ass when he's there, don't worry"
Makes you wonder if he won't just delay coming back and even maybe miss the rest of the year. We've seen LSU (and other team) stars that seem to do this every year. He knows he's a high draft pick, and doesn't need to show anything else on film.
Came here to say no chance Harris is at 12. He can't get off of blocks
I know this: Kiffin and Co. will coach circles around Golding and Co. But, I think it comes down to Ole Miss and their ability to stop Alabama's run game. If they can, the Rebels could get us by a couple of scores.
I *think* what he is getting at is that, sure, Bryce threw his first interception. But it bounced right off the receiver's chest and into the hands of a defender. It wasn't like it was a bad read or bad pass. It could read like Bryce made a bonehead play against a bad defense, when it was really a well-thrown pass that was dropped.
And this vast array of talent was tied with the citadel at halftime. I think that speaks volumes. You can't just show up and expect the other team to accept defeat. This attitude reared its head multiple times down the stretch of the season, but not completely until the Nat'l Champ Game against a Clemson team that might not have been as talented but were definitely more hungry and the better team.
I agree 100% with the offense. Defensively Marcus Spears was LSU, why is he on the list? Replace him with I'll say Daron Payne. Then at CB, Dre Kirkpatrick. No one was a bigger Dre fan in college than I, but he does not belong on this list. Give me Marlon Humphrey, Dee Milliner, or Javier Arenas. I get it, Javier wasnt a great pro, but meant a lot to those early Saban Bama teams
I think this would have been a great game. I really think it would've come down to which defenses could get 3rd down stops in the 3rd and 5+ ranges. I'm not sure which team would win, to be honest. But I'll admit I lol'd when some of his reasoning was Stingley Jr. on Devonta. Devonta took him for 200 last year and vastly improved between last year and this year.
No wonder he won the award. Unsure if any of the other guys could handle playing in two conferences at the same time
Where is the comment section moderator when you need him?
I guess I'm THAT guy again on this subject. A coach is responsible for many things, not at all the least of which is the safety of all members of their program. I would argue that this should be the highest priority for a football coach. Brian Kelly may be better at fielding a fundamentally sound football team than we give him credit for. But I find myself every single year posting on this site about how he was directly responsible for the death of a student, who Kelly had filming practice from a hydraulic lift in 60 mph winds. Look it up. Declan Sullivan was the kid's name.
I'll pay Todd Grantham to stay in Gainesville :)
Jones has thrown 3 ints this year. Trask has thrown 3 ints this year. Corral threw 6 ints in one game. He's a great quarterback, but that's why
32. Deonte Brown (Alabama) makes 12 I think Moses is too high, I think Waddle is too low. I think Trask is too high also (although, I think he is a great quarterback). But a mock at this point is a complete shot in the dark.