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Fellas, youngbammer was making a joke that went way over your heads r/woosh
Win it again and we'll talk about that soon enough
That's a disgusting post and SDS should be removing stuff like this.
to will0637: How is AJ a bust exactly? How many 5th round draft pick QBs stay in the league longer than their rookie contract? AJ is still in the league (7 years in) and is a serviceable backup. I know that's not too much, but what would you expect out of your average 5th round pick?
Here's what the CDC says. If they are 80 or older, and get the coronavirus, they have a roughly 15% chance of dying (conservative estimate). 60 or older drops down to about 8% (again, a conservative estimate). The death rate of this disease is much higher than the flu
I love Jalen as much as anyone. Come on now
I hate to admit it (for Tua's sake), but you may be right. Burrow's awareness in the pocket and ability to extend plays is what sets him apart from Tua.
Can't tell if you understood Chaisson's meaning or not. Well played.
According to the article, Trent Richardson averaged 27.52 yards per carry that year.
He won't get that kind of money. He isn't a jump cut runner, which is what the majority of the offensive lines in the nfl are built for. He doesn't have a quick burst, but is a downhill runner. There are only a few teams that could actually use him effectively. I see him back at the Titans with a healthy pay increase, but a top ten back contract, not Zeke money. I see 8-10 million a year, not 15. And I'm a HUGE Derrick Henry fan. He is in my top 5 all-time favorite players.
Carson. 2002 Heisman winning QB at USC. It is understandable that he flew under some radars being west coast.
"Had Tagovailoa played out his junior year at 100%, odds are that he still wouldn’t have been picked ahead of Burrow or Chase Young, both of whom had overwhelmingly impressive seasons to boost their respective draft stocks. Burrow and Young were better players than healthy Tagovailoa." Don't say that like it's fact.
Great dude, great ambassador. I hope he ends up in a situation where he can develop and has a great career
Hard to argue with that. I think the Taysom Hill comparison is a bit off, too, as Hill has higher top end speed, runs harder, and has a better arm. He certainly is a dynamic player, and I think worthy of a roster spot at least for a couple of years as a project, but I have a hard time seeing the fit. I hope he proves me wrong, though.
That dude is hungry for success and I am happy for him. Hope he can fall to my Vikings!
It's got to be pronounced as DUH-MON, right?
Tight Ends coach. Feel like I just put in as much time on the article as Mike did.
Missing Kirby, yes, but mainly Pruitt. Those Pruitt defenses were nasty
Oooh, I would love it. Saban has started the true freshman before with Hurts. With that said, he will go with Mike McCorckle Jones.
Die hard fan here. Love Jalen, and what he did for the Tide, but you really think I'll root Oklahoma over an SEC school? Ha.