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Yeah Jimbo really effed up that program leaving Taggart to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately for Taggart I don’t think FSU will give him time to fix it.
This is a list of players that haven’t decided on a new school yet. Not an all inclusive list of players that have transferred.
I and my family are from the south. My grandfather, father, and mother all got trophies from 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s just for participating in their sports. Is this really a millennial thing?
Whatever happens this year Gus has to own it. Our schedule is tough as hell too. I think we see an offense like 2013/14 more than 17/18 this coming year.
The author is just trying get the comment section to blow up so they can get more traffic and ad revenue. This site is bush league. Why even mention Fromm’s arm strength in the article about whether or not Franks shows up to the game?
After reading this back and forth I agree with wde0012.
Technically he isn’t. He’s in his second year. It’s not the NBA/Ben Simmons garbage.
I hope Mecole lights it up. I’ll be looking at him in the later rounds for FF.
Will you Georgia fans please understand my comment. I know that there are differences between the 2 programs and transfers. I’m just relating the transfers by both teams and their readiness for the opening game. Geez. All of these UGA fans are getting huge boners talking about Dan and what he’s said.
Guys. I’m responding to the original comment about having enough people to play the opener. I know the reasons are different for the transfers.
That’s true. I haven’t read or heard anything Dan has said about UF other than the 14,000 and 39 some odd thousand reference. I thought it was good clean fun myself. My Wife is a UGA grad and thought it was hilarious. But she is also a UF grad. She’s torn.
The reason doesn’t matter. A transfer is a transfer in discussing whether or not a team will have enough players for the first game. I’m just responding to the post about UF not having enough players for the season due to transfers when UGA only has 2 less transfers. So what I guess I’m trying to say is that the post I responded to was a half baked jab at UF.
Georgia has about almost as many transfers (5) as UF has had (7) in 2019 so far.
I knew he went and visited Bama and UGA and thought it was to gain insight into something. Might as well kill 2 birds with one stone.
And Alabama scheduled them before UGA. So y’all are copying them then I guess, right?
Kids decommit all the time and from every team. This is also a ‘21 prospect and could always recommit. It is definitely another blow though to a tough couple of days for the Gators.
I don’t really see it that way. How many Georgia players were arrested this offseason? Sounds like Kirby might be losing control....
I don’t think this has anything to do with recruiting if the other comments on here have any merit to them.
All of the teams you mentioned already have non conference power 5 opponents for the years ‘28 and ‘29 with the exception of UCF and Penn St. Getting Colorado isn’t sexy but you got to work with the opponents available.
1st round talent is important but rounds 2-7 make up 86% of the draft. Those rounds also make up the majority of 53 man rosters.
His average signing class is in line with Auburn’s NFL numbers too. Auburn ranks 9th in representation on 53 man rosters and Auburn had the 7th most NFL draftees in 2019.
I’m enjoying the trash talk and am looking forward to this game!
My guess is he tested the “free agent” waters and didn’t get any calls from other schools.