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Tua is a great QB but no player is worth tanking for. Also, I have seen zero articles of “tanking for Tua”. Has anybody else?
Maybe they look at the whole body of work. While McPherson did have a higher FG%, 11 of his makes were between 20-29 with only 4 attempts greater than 40 and zero over the 50 mark. His TB% was also only 55%. Seems like he lacks the leg power to merit an all-SEC selection.
Did I miss something? The NCAA denied the waiver, not Harbaugh. Why is this a story?
Auburn is the second most decorated SEC team this decade.
#23 should say 2010 and not 2011 And the kick 6 should be at least number 2. The Alabama-LSU championship was a snooze fest
I don't think those two would have gotten along. I know they are good friends but I feel like there would be tension between them due to that fact. If I had to pick one I’d say Alabama came closest given Saban’s track record bringing in troubled coaches.
Just because there are only 2 on the “preseason” list, doesn’t mean that by seasons end there won’t be more. Also, just because there are only 2 “best in the SEC” defensive players doesn’t s mean UGA won’t gave a top defense to contend for an SEC championship or more.
Perhaps. I would still expect some continuity, though.
SDS did the top 10 corners in the SEC a few days ago. On that list it had Javaris Davis for Auburn listed and not Iggy, but now Iggy is one of the 25 best players in the SEC and not Davis. How does that work?
Why Frost has the number 20 offense last year. Moorhead has the number 84 offense?
Who knows. Maybe they think UF has a better shot at beating UGA than LSU has of beating Alabama.
Auburn is bringing back 7 offensive, 7 defensive, K and P. Replacing our QB and LB’s are the biggest concerns. Also, Oregon has a lot of folks coming back because they don’t have a lot of players leaving early for the draft unlike the SEC (which I think is why the SEC teams rank lower in returning experience).
Very good class. I can see him playing RB or even Safety as well as we don’t have any commits at those positions yet.
A&M doesn’t have a QB yet for 2020 so my money is on them.
What do you the State will do? Lost a lot of talent on D and a murky QB situation has me leaning to the under.
Please list examples other than Cam, Nick Marshall, and Trey Matthews. There may be more but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.
From Fan Duel: South Carolina (under 6) Likely wins: Charleston Southern, Vanderbilt Likely losses: Alabama, at Georgia, Florida, at Texas A&M, Clemson Toss-ups: North Carolina, at Missouri, Kentucky, at Tennessee, Appalachian State
I agree with Fuzzy. UT and Mizz should be toss ups. I thought UT was a sure fire win for us last year and we all know how that worked out.
Who do you see them losing to? It’s hard to tell but I can see Alabama, Texas, UF, and A&M having a shot at getting a W against LSU this year. Really the only guaranteed loss I would have penciled in is Alabama, but please prove me wrong!
Do you think they took into account Auburn comes straight out of the gate with Oregon and TAMU has a glorified bye week before Clemson?
They’re both tough. As the USA Today preseason poll sits right now Auburn plays 5 of the top 9 teams whereas A&M plays 4. The Clemson game at Clemson is tougher than the Neutral site game against Oregon. Flip a coin they’re about the same.
It will be interesting to see what the NCAA will do in this investigation. I don’t think it should impact current LSU coaches or players though. Maybe forfeiture of wins from the time Alexander was playing? Maybe nothing? Maybe postseason ban? It’s the NCAA so who knows.