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Texas would go independent over joining the SEC if the Big 12 were to dissolve.
It only cost Maryland 31.4 million to leave the ACC in 2014. The fee is based on: “ the exit fee, which the schools set at an amount equal to three times the ACC's operating budget at the time a school provides official notice of withdrawal.“ Not sure what the buyout would be today.
If you read O’Gara’s take he brings up the point of adding, at least one team (UNC), to expand the SEC’s basketball brand. No doubt the SEC is the premier football conference though. But adding a traditional basketball powerhouse to the conference would pay dividends.
I should've said “be immediately eligible”. Whether or not he see’s the field is on him and the team he transfers to.
It looks like the one offended was Lovett and now he has a sure fire way to transfer and play immediately.
The Bear is picking games ATS, he’s not saying team A or team B will win for the most part. I’m sure if it was a pick ‘em he’d be at a higher percentage. And the CFP poll for the most part resembles the AP/coaches poll. But I do agree preseason polls are more popularity based.
Perhaps. Regardless, at least to me, it’s a “who cares”situation.
ND is Independent. So they don’t have a division that they’re in...
“The plane was sanitized,” he said. “We don’t have any concern.” Except that you could be a carrier and not know it and spread/endanger more lives. Very irresponsible.
This article encompasses the entire decade and doesn’t say that Clemson is underrated this coming season. Prior to ~2016 they most definitely were underrated.
Yeah. Chipper is the best switch hitter of all time. I’d slide him above Glavine, who is one of the best lefties ever in the game, but not THE best.
He didn’t take a shot at Alabama. He gave his honest opinion. I bet he’d say the same thing even if it was UNC or FSU that uses the Apple Watch. The only reason why it’s “a shot at Alabama” is because the media written headline says it is.
There are ~500,000 NCAA athletes, not mention coaches and support personnel. That’s 2 million tests a month if you test every week which is often. I know life and football will go on. It’s just that football might not this year.
The players will have to be tested often? There is already a short supply of tests as it is and you want to test the 100+ players from EVERY school often? Seems like a huge waste of good tests that the country/world would need more than football players. And although a test is key, it’s not a vaccine. You can not be symptomatic and still spread the virus. It would only be a matter of time until one of the players were to test positive, in which case the entire team and whoever the team came into contact with would need to isolate and so on and so fourth.
And per Dr. Fauci, from an article from yesterday on CNBC, public vaccines won’t be available for another 12-18 months.
I would be shocked to see it this year too. The games could be played without fans for sure, but what about the 100+ people on each sideline? All it takes is one of those guys/gals to get Covid, then everything would need to shut down again. I just don’t see it happening this year.
Paul is right. Nothing Herb said was outrageous or unfathomable.
One of my favorite RB’s of all time! Hope he can get a long term deal with them.
That’s what all USC fans said last year too. A lot of fans on this site were thinking 9-10 wins. Having said that I’ll take the under at 5. Those wins are the same as stayed by wde0012. Those other teams are just too stacked and experienced compared to SC. I’ll also take the under on Auburn.
Auburn would be 4th behind UGA, FL, and LSU. I just looked up the all time kickers on You could probably slot Tenn and A&M above Auburn.
Herb is privy toward the latest info that the CDC and whoever put out there. I’m not saying the NCAA is listening Herb, but I bet they’re listening to someone. Why does it irk you so much that he offered his opinion? I know it irks the coaches and AD’s because that’s their livelihood and they don’t want to think about that. But it doesn’t mean the possibility should be ignored.