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There is zero legitimacy from Dillingham is NOT a contender at all.
Nix said Tuesday in an interview he still wasn’t sure if he would return or not. He’s 50/50 right now it seems.
So it had to be from a team that was shredded by Corral and probably limited Young in some capacity. Hmmmm
Very strange to bring up Auburn at your introductory press conference at Oklahoma.
I don’t see us winning this game honestly. No OC with a banged up backup QB/potential third stringer starting with defensive players sitting doesn’t bode well against a good Houston team.
Reports are that a “handful” of defensive players will opt out.
It’s obvious he doesn’t think that. Why would he or anybody think that?
It’s that time of the year and the new normal. I’m sure we will see some Georgia players hit the portal after the season too.
Wow. Actually none of those are important at all. What’s actually important to ask (to yourself) is how are you so bad at trolling? It’s so easy. But yet you couldn’t quite do it.
No definitely not. There were mixed reactions for sure.
Bryan McClendon WR coach at Oregon would be who I would consider. Kellen Moore would never leave the cowboys to coach for Auburn. He is a future NFL HC.
How is his career over of he doesn’t go into the portal?
It’s being reported by multiple sources Lincoln was 100% against joining the SEC and is the number 1 reason he left.
This isn’t a joke either. This is really happening.
Lol now Bob Stoops is expected to be the coach per multiple sources.
Remember the time we were ranked 12 in the CFP and we controlled our own destiny. Good times.
Michigan state is a team that will win 9/10 games for a season or two followed up with a 3/4 win seasons and it will always be like that.
I am an Auburn fan in a family full of Alabama fans I agree with Saban’s sentiments.
I wouldn’t call Saban a jerk but he definitely isn’t here to make friends - he’s here to win.