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This was his 7th and final year of ball anyway. He was not coming back.
He was never banned from coaching P5 ball….
Can you provide info on that? I have only heard that from fans and no official article or interview.
Look closely. It’s a different T-bone username. He’s a troll.
He’s technically not our AD yet.
I don’t think that thought has passed through anyone’s mind until seeing this comment.
That’s the easy, simple answer everyone gives as to why he would go to X. Kiffin isn’t going to chase money for a lateral move at best right now - he is going to wait/hold out a for a higher profile job.
Some fans are delusional. Now way in hades he comes to Auburn. Why would he?
Classy you say? “Take the money and run” Remember that one?
Caddy putting in work as his primary recruiter. Would be a welcomed addition.
Regardless of the outcome it was still the right call.
It was the right call. Got the look we wanted but the up back missed the block. Would’ve gone for 20 yards had the block been made.
Can’t wait for ‘Snickers for Kickers’.
Per on3, King cites health reasons as the reason for sitting out the rest of the year.
It’s also interesting that while Ron has been on a commenting rampage that T-bone has been missing. That makes me think there the same person….
Ron - I said the subject is HC’s….. I understand what you’re attempting to do but your comment made me think you didn’t know Chad had ever coached at AU.
The subject is HC’s not D/OC’s or position coaches. But Ron - Chad was our OC in 2020.
It was a great defensive play. It’s not like it just fell out of his hands. So no - It wasn’t his fault.
I understand that but that’s not the point of my comment. My point was that it wasn’t Robby’s fault like being the rain makes it out to be. It was just a great play by the defender.
It wasn’t really an interception. It was a decent pass and Koy caught it (and should’ve held on to it) but the defender just ripped it out of his arms. The stat column shows an INT but I think it was more of a fumble/strip.
Drink should’ve made him kick some warm up kicks. Cost em the game.
Actually, Arky is last in passing YPG defense. They are 131st out of 131st