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One 9-1 season with an Orange Bowl victory against a team missing their best players is all it takes folks.
Don’t let him fool you. He’s an Alabama fan posing as an AU fan.
Gotta find an AD first. It will be a while before UT hires another HC. I could very well see Steele being HC next year.
Looks like we could end up with Brooks. And who knows maybe Big Kat domes back with Shelton Felton being fired as well.
They just announced Steele as interim HC.
Gonna miss the Big Kat. You got a good one, Vols!
I wouldn’t say me pointing out facts is “sucking up”. I think UGA is going to do good with JT. I also think UF will do good with Jones.
He had achilles injuries in 2018 and 2019. He was banged up this year too but played through a lot due to depth issues. Natural Gator, Newkirk was injured most of 2019 and was not DB’s primary backup. You’re thinking of Coynis Miller.
But yeah he will definitely be a solid rotational piece on yalls DL.
Where are you getting your info on that he started every game? For the first few weeks the starters were Truesdell and Wooden.
Nobody said that he sucked. He’s had a disappointing career (always injured) but was more than serviceable this season. We will be okay without him though.
We had to play an OT there because we were riddled with injuries.
We only had 2 healthy DT’s until late in the season.
He already left the team.....So he isn’t transferring from Auburn. He declared for the draft, signed an agent and began training. How he is transferring is beyond me.
“two best lineman” lol You obviously don’t watch many Auburn games. Big Kat was our 3rd best DE and Newkirk was our 4th best DT.
If not for Covid he would be out of eligibility anyway. Now with more DT’s in this class that will free up Wooden and Walker to play their true positions instead of having to play inside so much.
I wouldn’t say hiring away from Auburn. He’s wasn’t staying on as a coach anyway.
I’m good with Bobo if he can convince Stockton (who is from Tiger, GA) to come play for us.
Looks like it’ll be the Capers, Cannion, and Hudson show at WR next year.
Totally agree. And if he did take an NFL job I’d say it would be with Da Bears.
NW is just as likely to go 3-9 (like they did last year) as they are to win like they did this year.
247 and BR report Sarkisian has accepted an Offer from Texas.
That’s what I’ve been saying and hope. Auburn insider Jay Tate has reported that a big name is about to enter the portal from Auburn.