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Unfortunately we won’t know his progression until 2021 when football is actually played. Governed Kay Ivey extended Alabama’s state of emergency through Sept 9th; Auburn’s first game is Sept 5th.
If this is a great day for you I’d hate to see a regular day in your life. Must be sad.
100% in 10 years that Miami Dolphins tweet will be considered offensive.
Nobody cares. But if you ain’t a Gator you must be Gator bait.
Nobody cares. But if you ain’t a Gator you must be Gator bait.
Doesn’t suspended indefinitely mean kicked off team?
Alabama: Jeremy Shelley. Highest FG % in program history at 80%.
My first thought has Greg Robinson. But DB would be great too.
Only issue is Oregon. What have they done to warrant being a top 16 program all time?
Kelly Bryant was there 2015-2018. Morris was there 2011-2014.
LSU just quarantined 30 football players. I wonder what the SEC will do?
JTF, yeah it is. I’m not sure what C21 is talking about. But he definitely didn’t have the players at Arkansas to run his system. Maybe that’s what he meant?
I’m not saying that Morris is an elite coach by any means but he’s at least a good to great coach. Clemson got better because they started recruiting better and more elite players at all positions. Since Morris left, the ACC has gotten much weaker giving them little to no competition. But Morris did help start that dynasty. As for Arkansas, Saban would’ve struggled with that dumpster fire.
Yes. Corch is probably in the top-3 idiot category. The guy is insane.
The liability is too big. The NCAA and the schools would get slammed if things got out of control. If 1 player dies all hell will break loose. I know that these are seemingly healthy players but I’m 100% certain there are players that have undiagnosed medical issues that COVID would exacerbate.
Tomorrow’s headline: Ohio state cancels 2028 trip to Tuscaloosa because Alabama was a confederate state and is therefore racist.
Essentially, B rabbit, played by Eminem, trashes himself during a rap battle against Papa Doc Leaving Papa Doc speechless when it’s his turn to rap. This leads to B rabbit winning the rap battle.
Why the change? Health concerns or just revamping the show?
This is akin to B Rabbits intro vs Papa Doc in the final rap battle of 8 mile.