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Workplace accident. Depending on what happened it could be a big payday for the 2 men injured. Either from insurance or a settlement from whatever company they worked for.
He has had numerous incidents with the law since this incident. More reckless driving and getting busted for smoking weed. Kid is out of control.
A lot of 2021 mock drafts have Newman going in the mid first round. He is a physical specimen that has more talent than Fromm has but does he have Fromm’s football IQ?
The coaches can look into a database to see if a player has signed a LOI. An article I read earlier (247?) stated that UT and any other coaches should have been aware of his signing.
Auburn has just officially announced that he did indeed sign with the Tigers.
Why wouldn’t Riley just try to hire away Steele? Seems easier.
Tennessee has more SEC titles and Nat’l titles than LSU.....
So neither offense or defense wins. Special teams wins.
In your scenario UF would also kid to Alabama in the SECCG giving UF the same 2 loses as Auburn. It would just depend on the rankings at that point. I’m not sure what the tie ins are based on the SEC rankings but that would be up to the playoff committee to decide. But I believe SDS is just giving Auburn the higher ranking for whatever reason.
Oregon’s biggest threat generally is Washington and they’re replacing their HC (and coaching staff) and QB as well. Even with a loss to OSU, the path for them to the CFP is generally easier than most. They should’ve been in this year over Okie if the didn’t screw up the ASU game.
Well, Jefferson is a junior and technically hasn’t declared. I guess he is now.
He also said that the game against Ohio State was a road game (in Phoenix) which it was. If you watched the presser, he was not complaining at all, he was loving it and embracing playing in another teams backyard.
Per PFF: “Behind Burrow, Jamie Newman is the second highest-graded QB throwing to a tight window — and third isn’t anywhere near him.” “College football’s highest-graded QB’s through the first 11 weeks of 2019: Joe Burrow Justin Fields Jamie Newman”
Well he was surrounded by WF talent and not SEC talent. Same with Daniel Jones last year and he went number 5 overall.
I watched the Wake Forest bowl game and the commentators kept comparing him to Cam Newton if that gives you an indication of what to expect.
He did touch the Vandy player, or rather the Vandy player touched him because Okoro was fouled on the play. Vandy played a great game and had me worried late.
Oh wow. Just saw the username. Makes sense now.
How do you get troll fan out of that? I’ve been on these boards a while and matty seems to be pro UGA.
Never mind, he played in the under armour game. I need to work on my next theory.
Wild Theory: He did get into more trouble than everybody thinks and now needs an ankle monitor and can’t leave the state...
Fromm is the most polarizing player when it comes to mock drafts. He goes anywhere from rounds 1-3. With Tua gone I’d expect him to stay another year with one less elite QB in the 2021 draft class now.