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He knows the playbook and how it’s supposed to be executed in theory. But it sounds like he’s still struggling with decision making. Man! The guy has all the physical tools but just can’t make the decisions necessary to take that next step. That’s at least what I read between the lines with Harsin’s comments anyways.
Another move I think we should consider is moving Steiner to RB. Though moving to the 3-4 defense might make that a less likely scenario than it already is.
Make a case for knocking his dik in the dirt. That’s a massive CLEAN hit.
Yeah definitely not uncommon. Auburn has had a ton: Trovon Reed: WR>CB Rudy Ford: RB>S Iggy: WR>CB Alec Jackson: DL>OL Prince Tega: DL>OL Devan Barret: RB>CB>RB Kodi Burns: QB>WR Jeremiah Wright: OL>DL JJ Pegeus: TE>DL I’m sure there’s one or two more I missed over the last decade.
Not a Dazed and confused fan? David Wooderson is mcconaughey‘s character.
You got twitter handles on the back of your jersey’s? It would be a whole lot cooler if you did. -69 year old David Wooderson
A 4/5 technique DT? Okay then. Glad he’s on the D line though. He’s a tremendous athlete but has a better future on the D line side. He’s Jay Ratliff 2.0.
I don’t think Harsin runs the Wildcat at all. His move to DT though will be beneficial for both the team and JJ.
Where are the negative comments? Everything is positive. Why is Harris being so defensive?
Flash over Seth is a heads scratcher. I also personally thought Eli was/is better than flash.
Ridley was a full 20 lbs heavier. Pretty significant. I think Smith will be fine though.
Sensei Mud. Should’ve come back for his Sr year.
Should he have said “is it LSU against the world or woe is LSU”? The use of “us” is appropriate for his comment.
Carlton Davis and Jamel Dean combo at CB.
I in no way think Tank could win the Heisman but Henry could’ve definitely have done it with our O line. Tank averaged 6.0 YPC and Henry averaged 5.6 his heisman season. The only reason Henry won it is because he carried the dang ball nearly 400 times and the 28 TD’s didn’t hurt either.
Nobody said they were underrated, just that they could be appreciated more now in hindsight.
The women is 74 years old. I’m sure she’s not playing games at this point in her life and doesn’t have really anything to gain from it.
BSU led the MWC in recruiting every year. Obviously he’s not going to get top25 classes at BSU but against like competition he dominated the landscape. He had 5 ten win seasons in 6 1/2 years at BSU. Harsin followed the greatest coach in BSU history so it tracks that there was some slight annoyance with BSU fans only winning 10-11 games instead of 12-13 every year.
The major recruiting services only go up to three stars for specialists. There are separate specialist recruiting services that go the way up to 6 stars though. Most folks use the 247 composite when referencing star ratings.
Also, Bryce Young is 5’11. I guess him performing well is asking a lot too.
Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson did pretty solid for being undersized. I’d say just being a freshman QB in the SEC is asking a lot more than the size.
I’d say Kyler Murray/Russell Wilson simply based on his size and skill.
For all of Bo’s deficiencies he is the best known QB commodity on the roster. Loy will not beat him out. Demetrius Davis might be able to but he is an unknown right now. Harsin has said that Bo and Loy are 1-2 in the pecking order for QB but of course that can always change. Having said this Bo will be QB 1 come week 1.
Nick Brahms has been #52 the past 5 years. Alec Jackson has been #65 for 3 years.