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I understand. But it’s all we have to work with. If that’s the case then nobody should ever reference prior seasons when talking sports which is impossible.
I was just giving a comparison of Bennet and Nix. The only common opponent between them was Arky. Take from it what you will.
Corch is grasping for anything
Last year Nix went 12/17 (70.6%) for 177 and 3 TD’s to 0 picks against Arky.
Nothing is impressive other than their O line. Nobody said Auburn over UK was impressive or that folks should be scared of Auburn.
Not bad for no spring and multiple players out for fall camp at numerous times, most notably the O line.
It was targeting via blind side block. Not a hit to the helmet.
I can’t wait to listen to Brad and Gary. I also can’t wait to yell and shout “shut up, Gary!” 25 times.
Arkansas covering has been a popular pick and I could see OM covering UF as well. Alabama will crush Mizzou though.
It all has to do with money. Too many people were taking Kentucky so they moved the line down considerably over the last couple of months.
A few months ago Auburn was a 23.5 point favorite.
Domio being CB 3 and Burks and Butler not being in the 2 deep are surprising. I think J Wright moving to DT was a good move.
Just stoking the flames, Corch. I’ve seen UGA-UF fans go at it for months on this site and the UGA fans are super annoying. So I’m pulling for UF this year even though I typically go for UGA.
Do you know something we don’t? Since you claimed UCF is the best team FL.
Then I guess UCF is the better than any team in GA and FL considering UF will beat UGA this year.
“Is there something going on at Florida State that’s not positive?“ Yes. Novell’s Covid test.
I know but that wasn’t the question I answered. The question was just allowing transfers. Not whether or not they were immediately eligible.
Corey Grant Alabama to Auburn, Tray Matthews UGA to Auburn, Austin Golson OM To Auburn Just off the top of my head for Auburn guys.
The Tiger has a concerned look on his face as Burrow tries to play footsie with him.
From the minds that brought you the “Leaders” and “Legends” divisions.
It doesn’t. It’s a misleading title. Sankey has the final say if he can play at all. The “gentleman’s agreement” is only between UK-AU on whether or not Gatewood sees the field week 1.
Just let him play. Does anybody remember the “gentlemen’s agreement” episode on “How I met your Mother”? Hilarious.
Burrow certainly didn’t help himself with the shovel pass interception. Rookie mistake that I thought he’d actually be too smart to commit. He’ll rally though and be a heck of a player.