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How I learned to stop worrying about conference realignment: It’s a game. No reason to worry.
His stats went up? Take away the cupcake games from 2019 and he went for 13 TD’s and 6 INT’s - more TD’s and less INT’s in 2020.
His completion % went up 2% and his Y/A went up by .1. He played in less games this year but only had a 20 attempt difference from 2019. So VERY similar stats in terms of overall passing not counting games.
He didn’t improve though. How did he improve?
He didn’t convert anybody in the spring. He is using a TE/HB for that role.
He didn’t even pad the stats with cupcakes though in 2019. Go and look at his stats against Tulane, Kent State, and Samford. They’re extremely similar to his stats against SEC comp.
Completion % and YPA weren’t a marked improvement. And he had more INT’s and less TD passes than 2019 so I’d say he definitely did not improve.
He’s a 4-star on the 247 composite, which is what the vast majority of everyone uses.
Every SEC team played a 10 game SEC slate last year. You do not a make a very good argument for Bo’s non-progression. I’m sure there were plenty of players that progressed last year as well as those that didn’t but the 10 game SEC slate was not a factor.
Forget your pills again? These guys are ASSISTANTS, they’re not leading any portion of the off field staff. These are entry level jobs and these guys are also getting their Masters degrees. Jeez.
Zakoby did lead the SEC in tackles but Zakoby also played in 2 more games (due to Morgan being injured) with only a 3 tackle difference.
You must be looking at ESPN, who’s stats are often wrong. Zakoby had 113 to Morgan’s 110. Sports reference has the most accurate and comprehensive stats. Also, every article you read about Zakoby will mention how he led the SEC in tackles.
See my response above about the word “elite”.
The definition of elite is “ a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group” so being 28 out of 300 would be considered elite I guess.
“Gardner Minshew wins starting job; suffers season ending intestinal/rectum explosion”
Penn state wears blue at home games. They don’t actually wear their white uniforms even during the white out. Auburn will be in full storm trooper attire for the game.
We’re 2-2 against Alabama the last 4 years. But thank you for beating us and helping to get Gus out.
UF has played Michigan and Miami in recent years to open up the season. Their schedule has had as many top teams and cupcakes as UGA’s has.
Anthony Schwartz, Shaun Shivers, Darrius Slayton, Zakoby Mclain, Owen Pappoe. Some undersized players for their position that have done well.
It’s funny that people actually think this is real. SMH.