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Texax A&M beat you. You barely beat a dismal LSU and Arkansas both at home. Held on against the inconsistent Gators. Kudos for beating powerhouse programs of Mercer and NM State. You all were pissing in your pants last Saturday with 2:00 minutes to play to Auburn. You did not win, Auburn choked like they have all season. Bearcats have best corners and defensive front are top 5. Ridder probably going to Steelers or Falcons. PS Ford happy to have left Bama that has no OLine.
Really!? Discussion because same Cincy team dominated same Georgia team in the Peach Bowl last year in Atlanta! Georgia didn't win that game we just lost with 2:00 left. Beat #6 ND at home by 11. Crimson Hide easily should have lost to unranked Auburn if receiver stayed in bounds with 1:30 left to play. Bama will get hammered by Georgia but still will get in due to SEC bull then after Michigan does the same maybe Sabin can stick to doing AFLAC commercials. Maybe he can get his players a discount since they will need the next few weeks.In conclusion, Bama always overrated! Georgia just lucky.