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I've been going to Mizzou games since 1958

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Bravo, outstanding young man. Pin'em to the goal line, Mr. McKinniss. Make them earn every yard on the field
The goal line stand against LSU was a joy to behold. LSU's Terrace Marshall, Jr had ripped up Mizzou's defense all day, but Mizzou held when it mattered most. A pass to Marshall had put the ball on the one yard line, first and goal. If he had only turned slightly to his right he would have scored. First and second down were running plays straight into the line. Then on third down Bolton batted a pass to Marshall away. Fourth down Bledsoe beat Marshall to the ball, turnover on downs. This will stand as one of the great moments in Mizzou history. Like Stryker Sulak and Lorenzo Williams tackling KU Quarterback Todd Reesing in the end zone in 2007. Both are examples of last minute heroics never to be forgotten
I agree with Eli Drinkwitz that it is bad for the coaching profession. I don't like what I am seeing on or off the field. This is a season of financial recoupment for the schools. Great performances on the field are offset by too many off field distractions. The Muschamp firing comes at an odd time. C-19/2020 is going off half-baked and is beginning to look like a mistake
@PamThomas, what does this have to do with football? And btw, there are child labor laws that prevent children from working at home while you get paid. Just sayin'
I'm frustrated not being able to watch the team play or seeing player development during this C-19/2020 season. It must be doubly frustrating for these young men and the coaches on this team. It is beginning to feel regretful that the season was ever played. Too much off-the-field distractions and not enough playing time is the devil's workshop. From the National Championship, bowl games and the Heisman Trophy on down, the whole season is a washout and an asterisk in the record books
I'd like to see the stealth uniform make another appearance sometime
Yeah, Bazelak has an accurate quick release. Impressive for a true freshman
"Kansas is full of ugly quitters, have you ever been there!?!" -Ron White
But jeez, "I'm a MAN!" is a mullet-headed classic from a well paid public employee
General Ewing issued the Martial Law Order No. 11 of August 25, 1863. His order led to the burning of Missouri homes along the border. The order also led to summary executions of civilians and exile of their families (as in "Gone to Texas"). The conflagration was depicted in a painting by George Caleb Bingham, the first Professor of Art at MU. The Bingham painting hangs in the Missouri State Capitol. I am divided about more MU vs. KU football. I've seen plenty of these football games and don't care if they play another. Maybe if KU joined the SEC. Then it would be an annual game played at Arrowhead and would count as a conference game
What are some possible sanctions? Three years of probation A $5,000 fine, plus 1 percent of their budget A 5 percent scholarship cut Several recruiting penalties Vacate the KU victory None of the above
"Winning is hard" -Gary Pinkel. Yes, it's that simple
Sounds like a good hire, The pressure to perform well out of the gate is mounting now that Leach has signed on at MSU. Mike the Pirate was at the top of my list when Drink became HC
The Johnny Roland Tigers beat the Steve Spurrier Gators 20-18 in the 1966 Sugar Bowl at Tulane Stadium, New Orleans
With every victory the stakes get larger. This one is on time and on target. "A group of several tigers is called a streak or an ambush...Tigers are usually described as solitary animals, but not asocial." -Wikipedia
What an inspiring story. It is the kind of story that players and coaches can grab on to and catch fire. This can be a statement team, the kind that Cale Garrett has built on hard work, discipline and character. This is a team that knows how hard it was to beat a 2-3 Ole Miss and what it takes to beat hungry Vanderbilt this week. This could be a very special team
"The Tigers knocked off Ole Miss 38-27." Chew on that Corso...
Pantone 10123 C known as MU GOLD, but here it gets tricky because the metallic gold version is slightly darker than MU GOLD. Regardless, all I want to see is Mizzou fight hard and win while looking good doing it
Excellent. Well done. Beat Ole Miss. A video for the happy hearted...
General Order 11 of 1863: A Union Army directive issued during the Civil War on August 25, 1863 forcing the evacuation of four counties in western Missouri. The order by Union General Ewing affected all rural residents regardless of allegiance
It is indeed a very short stick to measure a rivalry. The MU vs KU "rivalry has historic roots in the often violent relationship between the states of Kansas and Missouri, including guerrilla warfare between the states before and during the American Civil War." -(Wikipedia). So it was a good time to end that nonsense. The MU (4 wins) vs SC (5 wins) games have been good. We like the civility of this clean slate. Perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit, but I have nearly 60 years of watching college ball and this one feels up to the measure