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I've been going to Mizzou games since 1958

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General Order 11 of 1863: A Union Army directive issued during the Civil War on August 25, 1863 forcing the evacuation of four counties in western Missouri. The order by Union General Ewing affected all rural residents regardless of allegiance
It is indeed a very short stick to measure a rivalry. The MU vs KU "rivalry has historic roots in the often violent relationship between the states of Kansas and Missouri, including guerrilla warfare between the states before and during the American Civil War." -(Wikipedia). So it was a good time to end that nonsense. The MU (4 wins) vs SC (5 wins) games have been good. We like the civility of this clean slate. Perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit, but I have nearly 60 years of watching college ball and this one feels up to the measure
Just like the old Missouri-Kansas Border War rivalry, we look forward to South Carolina with the same intensity of those storied MU-KU games.
I like it. COMO should have many tiger statues
Welcome young man. You are following in footsteps of some of the greats. William Moore, Roger Wehrli, Jason Simpson, Erik McMillan and many more. You have a great opportunity ahead so prepare well
Bowls are a nice rewards to successful schools. The communities and sponsors treat the players nice. But the real mark of success is a victory on Saturdays. As Coach Pinkel is fond of saying, winning is hard, victory is not easy. Losing the incentive of a bowl game makes every game seem more important, every victory a point of pride. Once again we start the season hoping for victory, and this season, regardless of a bowl invitation and outside decisions, should be played for respect. Just play them one game at a time and let the chips fall where they may.
The 1978 Missouri Tigers put up some big numbers with: Phil Bradley, James Wilder, Earl Gant, Gerry Ellis, David Newman, Howard Richards, Leo Lewis, Lamont Downer, and Kellen Winslow (just to name a few). Could this team be of this caliber...? Only time will tell
Would someone please take the highlighter pens away from Nike
Gone are the days of Black and (old) Gold. Okay, whatever works, right? Yellow uniforms with black pants are tolerable once a year, but please, please, PLEASE NO WHITE PANTS AT HOME!!! This is why we lost to Kentucky. That was a personal foul for bad taste)
Mizzou used to be MU black and old gold. This was a good combination and hope to see it return
I'm still looking for the character and determination they showed us last November against Arkansas
Maybe Lock should sit out for a series after he throws an interception. Looking carefully at their defense from the sideline might help break this frustrating habit
Raping little boys is not okay and neither is being in charge while looking the other way
Also, Mizzou beat Florida 20-18 in the Sugar Bowl (Spurrier won the Heisman that season).
Mizzou, 1968 Gator Bowl, beat Alabama 35-10. At the time Bear Bryant was HC at Alabama.
Now that we've got a coach I'm on the fence. I'm kinda thinking dump the OC, play a sandlot game and take the bowl money and run. Please, please no more spread. Play SEC ball.
@RCFD326 : I agree. Luck and Mauk are experienced playmakers.
Yeah, this season was painful to watch Mizzou struggle to make first downs.
Prudent move on the part of that youngster. Until we know who the next HC will be it is better for him to wait and see. Hopefully the new HC will be ready to take the program to the next level.
Pinkel has made a commitment to seal the borders. How did a player like Ezekiel Elliott get away? Why isn't he wearing black and gold on Saturday?