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If LSU is using a search firm, that always gives a school cover by being able to say they didn't directly offer the job to someone that wasn't interested. The one exception, is after my Vols' fiasco with the aborted Schiano hire, we may as well have been live tweeting who we were talking to and how much we offered when we were turned down.
I'm a Vol fan here, but I have heard that he has great relationships with high school football coaches in Louisiana. I don't believe there is any other connection, other than his years at his current job in the state.
Maybe he learned what not to do under McElwain. :-) McElwain has a good offensive mind, but just isn't a good big program head coach.
The tough thing for Michigan is who would they hire to replace Harbaugh? They struggled between Lloyd Carr and Harbaugh. He probably will win around 10 games per year consistently. I agree that he is unlikely to beat OSU anytime soon, but I think the odds are the the replacement will do no better and probably worse. I'm not sure why, but I do enjoy watching him bent over slightly with his hands on his thighs when he is about to lose.
The Florida loss was Hooker's first start. Sadly, we played them too early in the season. Our offense didn't really start to click until a week or two later. This Florida season reminds me of Butch's last season. The team didn't look that bad on paper, but fell apart after the loss to Florida on the last play of the game.
I am not trying to troll Gator fans here (my Vols haven't been a contender for the SEC East in almost 15 years), but is there any way Mullen survives? With the talent Florida has (and I know he hasn't recruited great), this 5-6 record is baffling. I think your big donors have plenty of money for the buyout. I really thought he was the right hire for UF, but I was obviously wrong. What are the Gator fan thoughts, and if fired, who do you want?
Orgeron was the head coach at Ole Miss (and failed) and did well as the interim head coach at USC.
From a Tennessee perspective, this could create an interesting chain reaction. Has Huepel done enough as a HC for Oklahoma to be interested? I think their first choices would be someone with a longer head coach track record, but Huepel could certainly be on their list if the first couple of people say no.
Would I take Stetson Bennett over Hendon Hooker if I also get Bennett's OL and defense? Sure. There is no way I would take Bennett over Hooker with similar teams. To be clear, I like Bennett. He is one of the best QB stories in the SEC for several years (with the name Stetson Bennett IV, I also picture him after hours in a smoking jacket, Ascot, and brandy snifter :-) ). But, he is not as good as Hooker. A healthy JT Daniels is a worthy debate.
I think the key is if the Vols can handle your basic 4 man rush. We have given up a lot of sacks. I think we will be able to score a little, but I don't know that we can slow down all your 300+ pound guys that run like gazelles. The one thing I am confident about is that our guys will play hard to the end, even if they are over matched. I think our previous teams would give up under Pruitt and Jones.
As I point out to my Texas friend, if it weren't for a few hundred Tennessee men and their rifles, Texas would be La Universidad de la Noreste Mexico, and their sport would be futbol. :-)
AFan - how does Milton throw pick sixes? The out route is a bullet that isn't picked off. On post routes, the bullet that sails 20 yards past the receiver is way over the safety's head as well. That said, I don't see how this is a close game, even with the Gators having to play a much more physical game last week (I remember an interesting stat a few years ago about the poor record of teams the week after they played Alabama). We can't really replace injured players on the OL, and probably not 2 injuries to any other position group. It will take a few years to build back to quality depth.
I think a bigger issue is the turnover we have had with the number of University Presidents we have had, along with turnover in the Chancellor position at UTK. It's hard to have stability anywhere when there is little stability at the top. I do agree that changing coaches every 3 to 5 years isn't going to work. I also don't think next year is already a lost cause(I know - my Orange colored sunglasses). We have talent at WR, RB, and the OL. With decent QB play, our offense could be pretty good. I'm a little more concerned with the defense. Yes, we have talent, but the DB group is thin and starting to lose more players to the portal. It is also an area where didn't address the needs in recruiting. We also seem mystified by the slant pattern. I certainly don't expect to challenge for the East next year, but I think we could start climbing out of the depths we are in now.