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I am anti-bye weeks altogether. Its too big of an advantage at the end of a long season when almost everyone is beat up. I support 8 teams with the first round being home games for the top for rather than a bye. There are too many off campus games already. The games should fall 2 weeks after the Conference Championships. No automatics, every team that advances should have played the same number of games except for those teams left out of a conference championship that are ranked in the top 8, there should be few of those. Notre Dame should be given no special consideration.
They way teams 3 and 4 have been getting blown out in round one , jumping to 12 or 16 makes no sense to me. However, that could change in the coming years if teams like A&M, Oregon, USC, Miami, and FSU get up to the elite level there is a chance that they could actually make the finals. But still 12 or 16 is letting some underserving teams in just so they could get some payout. I think the only way expansion makes since is to add 4 teams to make it 8, same criteria as we currently have. The new first round should be an additional home field game for the top four which in my opinion would be better than a bye. I am all for adding good home games to schedules. If a 5-8 team can beat a top 4 at home then they deserve to advance. The round of 8 would be played 2 weeks after the Conference Championships' Saturday and the current round of 4 would remain on the existing schedule.