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You forgot they also have Reuben Foster (whether or not he can play is yet to be decided, but he is still with them).
There is no way he has 1.6% body fat. The combine needs to look at that getting that "Bod POD" re calibrated or stop using it. More like 8-12% body fat which is still remarkable. Connor has no idea how weightlifting/fitness works at all lol
Josh Jacobs is a lock. Would be very surprised if he didnt go 1st round. Especially with the popularity of a versatile running back these days
This entire article is assuming that Alabama wont have a practice until the next time they play Georgia. Don't you understand that Saban has an ENTIRE offseason and spring and fall camps to get his team better?
The end of the dynasty will come when Saban retires. Even then, if Bama hires a complete idiot the residual talent will still propel the Tide to maybe a playoff appearance and top 10 finishes.
Let them all play. Also, let them pop tren right before the game idc. Give us Clemson at their chemical best.
Yeah, but UGA also recruited well under Richt. UGA had Stafford, Moreno, and AJ Green and Bama came to Athens with John Parker Wilson and destroyed them. Kirby can sign all the 5 stars he wants but so far the development has been lacking.
No. He could be the next Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram, or Kenyan Drake.
Jalen Hurts staying makes alot of sense. If he leaves, ill still support him and wish him the best; I get it. But let's look at what he would be leaving. The greatest coach of all time, one of the best QB coach and soon to be OC, arguably best in the nation WR crew, a really stacked RB roster, a great O-line and lastly, some of the best facilities. Also, this year we have seen many formations that involve both QB's. Think about it like this, Much like tandem RB's, why couldnt Bama run tandem QB's? Or keep on with the creative formations where both Jalen and Tua are in the same play.
Here is a lesson to any football athlete looking at big time success, or heck for anyone in general who is using social media. Any post or tweet, understand it can be used against you, so word everything as if you will have to go into court to defend yourself for it. Also, if I was in Heisman contention; id delete my previous tweets. And finally, this just proves that teenagers never should have social media.
It might be a destination school now, but it had lost ALOT of it's luster in the early to mid 2000's. And yeah, i'd say taking Bama from an average of 14.6 to #1 is pretty darn impressive. Especially doing for many consecutive years with virtually more than 50% staff turnover every year. These recruits ain't coming to play at Bama because it's Bama, they're coming to play because of Saban. I doubt you understand how much the Bama program was in shambles before Saban. Also, you can't really compare NFL to college in terms of "destination" places. NFL has a salary cap and a draft for so that teams just cant be "destinations" and load up on the best talent every year.
How does Aranda get an A for letting A&M score 74 on him? WTF?
Not just the 4th quarter. There has been many games where Tua left after 1 drive in the 3rd. Other times there were games where he left before HALFTIME. Plus, if the Heisman was only about stats-- how come so many other players do not win, even though they may lead the nation in whatever stat. Like why didnt Pat Mahomes win in 2016 when he threw for over 5,000 yards and 41 Td's? The Heisman is for best player, one who elevates the team to another level. Without Tua, Bama still might make the playoff, but with Tua Bama is seemingly unstoppable. First time Bama has had an offense like this, EVER. Kyler stats are like that of Mayfield for last year. But Mayfield went into OSU and beat them at home. Heisman Moment type stuff. You can throw out stats night and day, but that's the Oklahoma system. A very high powered offense, under any QB. Where is the Heisman moment for Kyler? Losing to Texas? Tua's so far came after going down to Death Valley at night and beating a highly ranked, highly motivated LSU team who just killed UGA. But let's talk stats if you wanna keep with that narrative. If Kyler Murray played an SEC schedule, he wouldn't have all of those stats you like to throw out. Oklahoma has only played 1 teams who rank in the top 30 of total defense. That's Army. Murray went 11/15 for 165 yards against ARMY. Tua has played 3 teams in the top 50 with 1 more in UGA upcoming. Kyler Murray is a great qb who should be in New York. But Tua gets the edge, and also gets to play against UGA in the SEC Championship game to better highlight his resume.
I'd think that with the downfall of USC, Oregon and other PAC 12 schools many commits are looking elsewhere (see UCF, and Ole Miss) as a way to get into a big time school to help then get to the NFL. And no other school is better right now at that than Bama. I also right next to Alabaster, AL and that's where Taulia goes to school. The school (Thompson High) recently got a massive 68 million dollar renovation and rivals that of most colleges. Besides that, the county here is one of the fastest growing counties in the US and it may not be able to rival Hawaii for beauty, but it's too. Suburb heavy and only 30 mins away from Birmingham, but still enough country to relax and do various outdoor activities. Also, SEC Media Days was and (when it comes back) is in Hoover, AL which is also very close. So when I look at the entire picture, I can see why they moved over here. That and although ive never been to Hawaii, im sure the price of living here is waaaay less lol
"Their passing game gave us problems, and their quarterback made plays and we didn’t.” Last year Jalen was 11-24 for 183 yds and 1 td. If THAT gave LSU problems last year, do they know what Tua could do? I'm not gonna wear crimson color biased goggles right now, but Tua is a far better passer than Jalen. Maybe Bama doesnt score over 50, but I dont see where Tua wont double Jalen's production from last year.
Or maybe Auburn sucks that bad and Bama doesn't.
I'll say it. I like Joe Burrow. His attitude, competitiveness and charisma are very high for a QB. Going to be a heck of game in a few weeks. With how he and LSU are playing at home, it's basically a qualifier for the playoffs
I don't know of any defense that plays over 90 plays in a game and not run out of gas. Bo go hurt and then the offense couldnt convert any first downs and the defense was basically on the field the entire 3rd and most of the 4th qtr. Also, I will never worry about any players conditioning because "he doesnt play a 4th qtr." There is a reason Scott Cochran is being paid so much.
Wow. Hot take from Tebow. Thanks, bro-- it's just the same point EVERYBODY has been talking about. What's the next bold prediction? That Urban Meyer wont coach in the OSU v TCU game today? That the Tigers will win in the AU v LSU game? Freakin Captain Obvious over here thinks he has "revealed" something.
I like Hurts. Alot. Got a ton of respect for him. But we have to let that 26-2 record go. If he could have thrown the ball and convert 3rd downs in the 3rd quarter it would be 28-0. 2016 could have been the best Bama defense ever (at least in contention) and 2017 was a great defense too. Jalen didnt go 26-2 by himself. Defense and offensive line was why Bama went 26-2.
In the Rolling with the Tide episodes on ESPN Saban himself pronounced Waddle as "Wah-Del"-- good enough for me.
So he has only been a fan for a few years, willing to waste alot of money just to watch them lose to Bama, and became a fan because he initially liked the team colors? Yep, I'd say he's a true LSU fan.
Exactly! I'd be more impressed if he did like 485 with proper form for 3 or more reps
yeah that form wasn't great. Shaking on the walkout like that should have told his coach or trainer to make him take some weight off. He didn't go down deep enough and if he keeps quarter squatting like that it's gonna put more of a strain on his knees and hamstrings etc and present a higher chance to get hurt.
its different because Tua won the natty and Jeremy Johnson only ever won a spring scrimmage.
How can Missouri get 1 vote to win the SEC but get no votes to win the SEC east? How you gonna win the SEC without winning your conference?(yes I know this will take some flak cause imma Bama fan--- but Bama didnt win the SEC last year, we won the Natty)