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I would usually watch a different game or mute the TV, she was awful. No one in their right mind could listen to her call a game and think she was the best "person" for that job. ESPN is a nauseating PC obsessed struggling network. No matter how bad she is, ESPN will defiantly defend her, and you wonder why the network is struggling. I'm sure she's a great person, but not an announcer.
Yes, and it was painfully obvious last year, so what did Freeze do in the off-season to fix it? The same thing Les Miles did in the off season to fix his problems....nothing. Ole Miss picked up where they left off last year, FSU & Bama were a repeat of the Ark and Memphis game. Great coaches instills confidence and excellence in their players, Saben does a good job of it, Freeze doesn't. This is why Ole Miss has struggled under Freeze to play 4 quarters.
So you were manhandled by an 8-4 team, and barely squeaked-out a 5 pt win. That means you're not the #1 team in the country, not by any stretch. I have to admire you, I don't meet many humble Bama fans, kudos to your honesty.
This just in, Florida State just hired a defense attorney for him and he has committed for the '16 season.
ESPN must have some court order forcing them to have female announcers. No one i know prefers a them, yet ESPN forces it on the viewers--ESPN has nothing but contempt for its viewers anyway. How can anyone suck at their job that much, yet come back the next week? Please, no Les Miles comments.
No Vols? You could hear the crickets chirping at Neyland most of the game.
You can't legislate common sense. If the congressman wanted to do something productive, he would ensure the school leadership is fired (0 confidence in their leadership) and the school handbook rewritten. Exterminate the idiotic PC and "social responsibility" BS, fire the bombastic staff, and pull scholarships from the entitled "safe space" cry babies.
This may be the most deranged comment on SDS for 2015. Clearly, you didn't go to UGA, unless you were mopping the floors.
John, have you run out of ideas for a story or are you just drunk? Really? Have you been to a game in Baton Rouge? Do you have any idea what it would take to actually offend an LSU fan? I'd call you a fool for writing a click-bait article, but maybe I'm the fool who clicked on it.
So BamaTime, no one pays attention to Ole Miss? You've been smoked 2 years in a row, so I'm not sure that's the smartest comment you could make. Then again, judging by your grammar, I believe you're one of the many Walmart alumni.
As much as I'd like to pile on, Les Miles is a damn good coach. Look at his record, in 10 years he's taken them to a bowl game every year, 2 national championships games and his worse season was 8-5. The players love him and that motivation shows on the field. I'll agree, his O scheme needs a makeover. He's keeps going to the well to get these dual threat QBs, who are nothing more than quick, slippery running backs who can't throw. Mettenberg was the only good QB he has had. If they had a passing game to match Fournette, they'd be playing Bama for the national championship. Miles can be stubborn, but I think he finally realizes this and I see him evolving. If LSU is smart, they'll keep him.
Would you mind being specific? I haven't read anything that was outright bigoted, at least to the degree you suggest. You throw a bomb, but give no specifics. Just like what's going on at Mizzou, a lot of hysteria, and short on facts, and certainly no proof but only random accusations. Something else I've noticed, the more deranged the allegation, the less educated and intelligent the accuser seems to be. mrbettarthan's logic and writing skills are about a 2nd grade level. Other than the student body president, the Mizzou protesters seem very crude and unintelligent.
Are you smoking crack boss hog? Blacks have made the decision to drop out of school, become/cause pregnant as a teen, sell drugs, commit crime, and raise children in single parent homes far more than any other race. These are ALL decisions that blacks make, not Mizzou president Wolfe, but the individual. How about the black community? Do they hold these kids accountable for their actions or look the other way and cry "white privilege"? Look at oriental immigrants who came to this country with no money and not even able to speak English, yet within one generation they own the store and outperform white students academically. Why? Because they worked hard, kept the family intact and expected the children to work/study hard as well. In other words, they've been working/studying hard while Mizzou students have been whining about sh!t on the wall!!!!
It was nothing but luck, dumb-luck, but many games have been decided on a final play of blind luck. Give 'em the win. However, that's not why Ole Miss lost. They lost because they knew the play action pass was coming and they couldn't stop it. If you can't stop UA's play action pass, then you don't deserve to be ranked. Find a coach, assistant coach, or players who can.
So someone drew a swastika with crap in a bathroom stall, you don't know who did it, why, and to whom was it directed if it was even a threat at all. There is no evidence of any name calling, no cell phone video, nothing. I'm not saying it's never happened, I'm saying if it's that pervasive, then there would be more evidence. For this, you want to fire the univ president? I heard a student complaining that black enrollment is only 10%. Let's see, black population is 13% and high school graduation rate is 68% for blacks and 85% for whites, so there seems to be parity. However, they may have a point, so they should restrict Mizzou athletic scholarships to black player to only 13%. Facts and logic are probably just white privilege.
I'm sure there are a few cases of personal animosity, we've seen them on rare occasions, but I would guess 98% of the time that it's sheer incompetence. Like Seahorn said, ignoring common sense to lawyer a definition of "irrefutable".
After listening to the former head of ACC officials on College Football Sunday, it's no wonder they are a gang of idiots. Jason Seahorn was beside himself about how he was defining "irrefutable" and the total lack of common sense. The officiating rulebook needs to be rewritten during the off-season. I would also put the SEC officials not far behind the ACC for incompetence.
Well, how did we do last year after loosing Treadwell? How did we do against Memphis without Tunsil and Nkemdiche? I hope Freeze works some recruiting magic, otherwise we'll be back to the mediocre days. Bama and LSU usually have the recruiting pipeline, but I think UGA, USC, and Ole Miss could suffer.
At what point did society change and excuse behavior like attacking the police and carjacking, but when the response includes deadly force, oh, now it's police brutality, and the young thug isn't the problem. I don't care if it's me, my brother, son, whoever...if you attack the police, steal sh1t, whatever crime is your forte, the consequences might be deadly. SIMPLE: if you don't want to get shot, don't steal sh1t and don't commit violence. You're free to make choices, but you're not free from the consequences.
I think the game was evolving away from him. he was an icon and a great one.
Everyone I've known from New Orleans does nearly everything to the extreme...extreme trash talking, extreme fighting, and extreme hospitality. The vast majority of LSU fans I've encounter in the Grove have been good folks.
Reading the headline, I'm envisioning a Miss St Dillon Day stomp (trash at it's worse). After looking at the video, he should have been stomped, next time I bet he won't grab any more jerseys. The flag should be thrown on SDS for click baiting, c'mon SDS, I know you're not real journalism, but try and act like.
Are you on drugs or do you have a problem with reading comprehension? The article is about Freeze' responsibility and Joel continues to address the Ole Miss variables--it has nothing to do with UF. They played well, were coached well, and were able to capitalize on OM's weakness, namely the O line. If you struggle with reading comprehension and context, have someone else explain it to you.
From what I've heard, most of the booster and alumni never cared for him. So why have they so stubbornly held on to him? He was a good Def Coord, there's certainly some programs that could use him.
Dakattack, it must have taken you all day to put together one sentence without a misspelling, so congratulations. However, you have never added anything to any conversation on SDS. You're a semi-literate troll who probably didn't finish high school. MSU has plenty of grads that can speak for the school you never attended. Please let the grown-ups talk and go back to the Kanye West board.
Agree with all but NCAA holding Tunsil out. It painfully clear to all of us the O line is weak and needs Tunsil. It's also BS that the NCAA cleared him but won't let him play, and that was a huge factor in the lost. I don't think Freeze is ok with it, but unlike some coaches that publicly whine, his discontentment along with the idiot AD of ours, has been behind the scenes.
What is with a minority of Bama fans that actually live their life vicariously through a sports team? Get a life, seriously, get a life. Bama had a great game against UGA, and I was pulling for them, but instead of enjoying a win and moving forward, you still have sand in your vajay-jay. Yeah, I could talk about freak plays and calls that went Bama's way, or FORCED turnovers, but I'll let it go. What a sad life some of you Bama fans live.
There's no one in the SEC east that will beat UGA...short drive to Atlanta for them. The SEC west will get complicated as I don't see an undefeated team in the west. A&M and MSU will have 2 losses, Ole Miss, LSU, and Bama will likely be one loss teams. West schedules are just too hard and a given team can't play at that level every week.
Most every time I see a Mizzou post, I think there's a big prank going on at TigerDroppings where they all troll SDS pretending to be Mizzou fans. Tigerto, you need help boy.