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Another garbage article from a failure and garbage of a coach himself. What exactly makes this a-hole the expert on A&M's program?!? Tubberville is trash, and Saturday Down South is so freaking anti-A&M it's ridiculous. Gig 'Em and eat a turd Tubberville.
#17 You are so wrong, and Coach Fisher knows it. So does Coach Saban if you'd been paying attention. Gig'Em douche-nozzle!
A&M is a better job than FSU, and A&M is is a far better program than most of these fans of other SEC teams will give the Aggies credit for. It's a tedious argument to have with someone who has never set foot in College Station, Texas to see what our football culture looks like, but A&M's facilities are second to none in the country not just the SEC. Fisher is making the best move for his career.... and if y'all had been listening to the coaches and not the media, Lord Saban has been trying to tell you that A&M is a sleeping giant. Gig 'Em Aggies, nice hire!
I'm going to miss that voice, but I hated it when Brent had bet against my team and was in the booth. Enjoy Vegas Musburger, your Mixon rant was inappropriate and the last thing I'm going to remember you for.
How did Notre Dame get left off the list? And they sure ain't talkin' fan-bases or Colorado would be on top!
Les is arguably the 2nd best coach in the SEC and with a national championship and a 70% winning percentage at LSU his job should have never been in question. He singlehandedly turned around Okie State, and has maintained a level of success at LSU that makes the whipping boy they were in the early 90's a distant memory. Get a grip LSU... you wouldn't have done better on the free market, stick with your proven commodity!
Whoop! Three points to the Aggies, and I've been hearing the line was even on the A&M v. ASU game. Looks like it's still the hardest to call outta the SEC...