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I'm not sure you've been watching LSU or Tennessee this year. Not to say that Bama has looked great, but they will get better. I'm more worried about having to play Louisville in the semi-finals. What they did to FSU...
I think you should read through his response again. He mentioned attendance. You however did not specify in your original post, and it kinda came across the wrong way. He didn't call you a moron for not being specific. That being said, congrats to Tennessee for winning their attendance award.
You do realize the people who create these hype videos are on staff at the schools just for this purpose. The making of the hype videos doesn't cost that much, and it's part of their jobs as well as making tape for recruits to watch. Whether or not they are going to win a game isn't the point, they are promoting the first home game of the season. Pumping up the crowd!