Born in Auburn, Will Die in Auburn.

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That sure looks like a nice plan. I dont want another Malik to leave us though. AU and UGA knows how painful that is.
We threw out our trash and UCF is eating it up and bragging about it! They are about to embark into an era of suckage and aggravation they never thought possible. Here is a Tip for UCF: Your offense is going to be as good as it is ever going to be the players starting year and only regress from that point forward, but still best of luck on the Gus Bus.
We will beat Penn game #3. The loses are going to be UGA and Bamma if we get them. Ole Miss could be the dark horse.
AFan, I have been a die hard Au fan for 42 years and am glad TJ is coming, but with the mindset to directly take Bo's job right off the bat. Sure competition is great and we need some depth at QB, but the FB pages bashing Bo and calling to bench Bo even before a single down this season just makes me sick of our fans. I have never seen such disloyalty. No QB would have faired any better with the swiss cheese Oline he had and the lack of development under Gus. The AU fans folding on this kid is still going to new lows even today... Its enough to make me wanna come over join you guys. I dont think TJ will be able to adjust to a new team and learn our system and beat out Bo in a matter of months, but it will allow Bo to cool his jets on the sideline should he start losing his cool under pressure come game #3. Personally, I hope Bo plays so good this year, all those fake AU fans have to bury their heads in the dirt.
Keep them coming! TJ is next I hope. Could use some more on the OL also Id imagine.
So there isnt really any new news out of Auburn and this is a space filler... In other Auburn news it was 85 degrees and cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms today.....
And why is that? Old Harvey Updyke had to find out the hard way.. Sure hope you don't get any ideas. We let the players Defend JHS to be sure but you are going to have deal with a whole lot more to go after those trees.
My fellow Au fans can say what they what they want but I sure threw my roll for their loss..Should have seen the original tree the Louisiana Monroe beat them. Its something we do. Esp as locals. Bammers cheered all the more when Auburn lost to Virginia in the Final Four. Dont let any of them say any different. Many of them in Auburn doing so. I sure dont remember seeing any of our players crying on television after it either... Or our coach yelling GTFO at LSU on television BTW...
Yea, he is not going anywhere right now. We all love him around town. He could run for mayor and easily win. We would match any offer to stay right here.
Finebaum..... they should just rename his show: "The Bama Show featuring Paul Finebaum." Its always the same callers calling about what they did that day and less and less about football and if you not one of his every day callers he cuts you short. He's hates having to say anything positive toward AU.
"It may be a hard sell for an elite quarterback to want to play in the Malzahn or Briles offense in the year’s to come if their ultimate goal is to reach the NFL" Absolutely! Glad he is gone now... J.S. had been saying this very thing for a while now. Now I hope we see a big adjustment for Nix. Been hearing positive things coming from practice in the last few weeks. This sure is bad press for those wanting to be Gus's QB1 now...
Oh my goodness I agree with a Bama fan on an Auburn topic..... 2021 is gonna be a crazy year.
I actually thinks this will be his breakout year. Hopefully he will attend some top tier camps this summer and have a better coaching staff to help him this year. I hope he has a better front to have time to get a breath off much less the ball unlike last year.
well said yet again! Could not have said it better!
Not this crap again.... Another AU has been. Dont let the door hit ya on your way out... UCF will be the next 7-5 or 8-4 team. I just hope you guys learned to pay for results with the Gus Bus. Im glad to see the out with the old. Hopefully this is all just a part of our upgrade.
This should be UCF news now. Were on the Harsin train now.. We do not care what Gus is doing anymore... Anyone wants to go with him.. fine, but dont care. No looking back. Time to turn the page and get pumped for whats coming.
UCF is the next Titanic to set sail in 2021... Auburn already knows to start playing the fiddles for you guys even before you hit the ice.
You guys know how it goes. We just like to wreck it for you guys ranked or not.
I cannot jump on this bandwagon with Nix, until we see what he does with a halfway decent offensive line and a staff that can develop a QB. I wish everyone would get off his back. Dematrius Davis wont fix anything if he does not have O-linemen that can give him time to do anything.
Same here: How we all wish their fans could adopt the same policy :)
Thanks for that... Reminds me why I loathe Bama. Such great players and Staff, but their fans can and will always ruin it. We will see on March 2nd.
That is Exactly what is going on... COVID excuse is a downright lie. I find myself agreeing with Finebaum for once. "Play with the players you have at the time" no more delays. JF took a hell of a lick, but that was his decision to not slide. As much as I hate to pull for Bama, I really hope they crush OSU over this...
AU, I normally agree with your comments but we need to stop blaming Bo. He has regressed due to lack of coaching and absolutely no offensive line. Stidham has even said the same. While I’d like to see his camera demeanor change he’s a good QB that earned the 5 star rating he had. He just was mismanaged like so many others. It wouldn’t have matter who our QB was under the staff we had. M. Willis is a prime example of one of our QBs that IS being