Born in Auburn, Will Die in Auburn.

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It’s funny but sadly also very ironically true. It’s tough being us. But when you are at the bottom the only way to go is up.
Anyone else bet Conner wishes this foot in mouth article wasn’t published?
Exactly. I don’t wanna see him get injured if we keep doing this to him.
We have a potential nick Marshall/ tre Mason 2.0. With ashford and our deep running backs, but we cannot be so obvious in play calling. I hope we didn’t even crack the playbook last week. Sec opponents will just stack the line whenever ashford is in if it is going to be like this. I’d love to see ashford fake out everyone with a pass or fake handoff to hunter. I think freeze knows this also. Could be a very exciting year.
T-Bone did you and Ron ever get your well earned apologies yet from the Harsin rainbow puffers and care bears?
The TJ glass statue wont be playing for a while and we will see improvement the next two games. If ashford and tank/hunter keep in on the ground with no costly interceptions (cross passes) we will beat Mizzou and LSU. Would have beaten PSU if ashford had played the entire game. Cant convince me he would not have gotten into the endzone twice we we settled for 3. Then TJs fumble wouldnt have happened because Ashford can move. Ashford + no turn overs = 2 game win streak. TJs dad was correct but sadly TJ just is not designed for the O-line that he has. Got to move fast because the D is coming....
Dont count yourself out just yet. We play at 11am. Ashford will pass to your receivers or TJ will roll it to them for a few extra possessions. Or one will get on a hot streak with a few plays and Harsin will sub them out for you. Now, if Ashford and one of our RBs could watch some 2013 film we might have a shot but you need an O'line for that to work or if TJ would watch some 2010 tape, but he trips on his shoelaces. OR there is Calzada that supposedly doesnt get the play calling.. well neither does anyone else so this might actually be a good thing.
11am kick off has never been good for our team regardless of the opponent...
Not Deon. I vote Freeze or Myer and still remember talk of Stoops. Sure Deon can recruit but we need a proven brand name D5 coach.
Boy oh boy oh boy so many of you owe Ron an apology. He tried to tell everyone and barely anyone would listen. Now all you feel gooders that kept wanting to give Harsin chance after chance can just shut up and sit back and brace yourselves. This was not even an SEC power. We were pathetic… and it will get worse while Harsin is here. All that bad mouthing blaming the boosters…. Go cry to the person in the mirror. This is only the beginning.
Well ill be under the #4 screaming like a madman to pull us through plus the sun is going to really be laying it down on their side. Welcome to the humidity of the south Penn State and there is no way to practice for our scoreboard. We have been given every opportunity to win this one. i like WarEagles score. If we can stop their pass game we will win, if not it will be like Miss State last year.
If it gets bad early, I dont think Harsin makes it to those later games. Need to try and salvage the early signing period if we are getting a new guy.. Cough.. Freeze.. Cough...
Nope... dumbest post of the thread right here... ADs job to work with boosters and board and not make a hire that "He Wants" and completely go against the grain. Its not just "Yella Boy" either I promise you that.
I see more Alabama fans that i agree with on the status of our team then many of our own. Crazy times..
But come on guys... you dont have to say it on a Friday before the game. Let us at least enjoy the tailgate until 2:30 and then you can say the "I told ya so." I also believe a lot of people will owe you (and Ron...) an apology after this one, but its too nice outside to run it into the ground just yet. Making my beer sour in the can....
Crazy how a Tide fan gets it but so many of our own fans do not. The trick is doing it as so not to completely miss out on the early signing period Nebraska Style. They probably wanting to see how this game goes. Its a very pivotal game.
Yea.. That Miss State loss was it for me last year. No adjustments were made and we let them just keep doing it over an over. Told me right there what I needed to know. Then when tanks went out of bounds in the bama game. Coaches knew the play coming and should had made absolute sure he stayed in bounds. Its calls like this that make people question. I mean run directly backwards 10 yards and fall down or let TJ take yet another long winded sack before someone runs or is tackled out of bounds on that play? Whatever... but yea if he beats Bammer they will let him stay on.
#legaltiger HAHAHA !! this is awesome! Post of the thread right here!
Sure would be awesome if he came out and saved the day... Might change my mind on Harsin some.
WDE!! Same goes both ways if we happen to not win.. But this same argument going round and round is only diving Auburn more and more. Simple truth is that if Harsin loses and the trend continues, hes gone. Some of us dont like it, but thats how it goes. Blame the boosters all you want, but it wont change anything. Please Lord dont let me hear the word "Booster" tomorrow.
No kidding... everytime! Its Friday before game day and im not going to let the feel-gooders get me down. Im just exhausted of arguing about it. WDE!
WDE! Well Ron's on the prowl early! As of Wednesday traffic was awful in town. PSU definitely showed up with their entire ticket allotment sold out. They are parking their motor homes downtown, blocking traffic learning what not to do in the SEC already. Im getting out there at 7am to set up the welcoming party. Perfect weather and the suns gonna be in our favor tomorrow. Such energy is in the air. We are gonna win until we dont at this point. No matter what happens this game sets the tone.
"That’s a disrespectful question." That's Ron! Dont worry though he does it to everyone equal.
Lord.. I hope we win if nothing else but to shut you up.