Born in Auburn, Will Die in Auburn.

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I never thought I would find myself on a college football forum telling a fellow Auburn fan of how jacked up his comment was. You are certainly no "AU True Tiger". I second what wde0012 said...again..
If we don't manage to get him injured will amazing. I think we may already have from Saturday matter of fact.... My question is why not allow Grant Loy take a few snaps when Bo loses his cool like that. He and Seth are not the whole team.
Why does this NOT surprise me one bit... he and ole Verne have ALWAYS been the #1 Bama fans over the last decade or two..
Id take: Freeze, of Fleck, but what about B. Stoops? The rumors from last year had some credit. He was spotted in Montgomery. Why would he ever go there? AU should take a play out of Bama's book with Sabin. Hire Stoops and never bother him.
The years of QB regression is what bothers me. Saw the same with J. Stidham after his first year also. Just imagine next year... Poor Coaching and we wont do anything about it. Next, our recruiting will take an even more massive hit and before you know it we are the new Vandy (no offense Vandy)
Haha! Smack talk is what its all about. Historically, it seems we always forget to drink our morning coffee for the 11 AM games and after what I have seen this year, if USC ever did have a chance, this would be it. Still, Id take our entire roster as freshman over the fighting game chickens of South Carolina.
Auburn Tenn Ole Miss A&M ....Najee Harris and Jalen Waddle
Nice one wde0012.. We know that stung a little :) Wish we could say more, but I cant disagree on the USC prediction.
Sadly, most of us AU fans cant argue with that. Actually seems reasonable... Still we hope for the best. WDE!
Yep. looking like its gonna be a wet one. Could come down to whomever holds on to the ball better.
Got to give the man props on hiring a contract agent though.... That dude did one hell of a job. Must have hypnotized the powers the be on negotiating that deal.. I think its what rubs AU fans the worst. That kind of $$ for this kind of result...
Its ok Aub, we will just keep telling ourselves we are grateful just for playing this year....
Absolutely!. Its nice to see others besides AU fans seeing this! It was WAY worse when his partner in crime Verne was there. Bama Bias at its best!
I agree. There is a dim bright side... And they did not hang 50 on us like Bama did to A&M. I thought we would be able to get into the endzone and not settle for FGs. Can force plays that are not there off the back of the foot either. Joe Burrow would have had a tough time with our O-line and their D Saturday. Lots to work on, but plenty of time between now and Bama, which is going to be similar if not worse if we dont fix it.