Born in Auburn, Will Die in Auburn.

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Haha! I knew it was fake when I hear the so called Sonic employee over the intercom. Nice gesture, but what a staged farce. Could actually come back to bite them from what I have experienced from those breakfast wraps. 1000 students may be cramping around game time... just saying.
"Whip?" I wonder what Glenn considers in that term. PSU didnt "whip" Auburn at home, UGA beat Auburn, but I dont know about "Whipped." Auburn may have whipped themselves a good bit that game. The pigs may beat Auburn, but they wont "Whip" them. Now... when I think of getting "Whipped" that is what UGA did to Arkansas. Shut them out. If you simply use UGA as the constant and Auburn and Ark as the variables, Auburn beats Arkansas even with the dropped passes and poor throws.
....But what if we do? If we lose ill fully admit you guys were right, but if we pull an upset, I sure hope to get a wide spread SEC apology. Course, Im wishful thinking. #99 for UGA defense looks like the Hulk strapped in a football uniform. I say UGA puts him on our front three and sends everyone else around the side. Im hope Bo and Shivers and quick and slippery enough to slide through. Maybe they will coat them with vasoline before the game.
We are in full-out Josie Wales mode in Auburn. We are taking the "Plumb Mad Dog Crazy Approach." Eyes rolled back, green puking, and heads spinning Exorcist game play for the win!! Its gonna take ankle biting and foaming at the mouth but we can make it happen if we get mad enough.
I thought it would be projected to be a bit worse myself, but you never know in JHS. The dawgs were #1 when they played us in 2017 ( at home) and we beat them 40 to 17 before they came back and beat us in the SEC title game and in 2013 the prayer game. Crazy things can happen in that stadium. ( like almost losing to GA state)
We got some play makers back. I would not bet on the same team from last weekend. Auburn greatly underestimated GA state. We know better against LSU and really want to break the curse. The only issue for me is 8pm kick. Ill have to head to roll Toomers at midnight...
This is also what I foresee. Nix will start and be under the microscope. Least he knows he can and will be pulled.
Something else I saw was how the other players on the team seemed to respond when TJ came in. Its like they just gave more effort. I wonder if there is something going on between the players. It does not matter how goo they are if they dont "want" to play for you. If Bo is not treating his team mates with respect or attitude it will show on the field. We saw this in the past. Back when Campbell started out I remember some of the o-line has some beef with him. Rumored a female was behind it. I hope they iron this out this week. We arnt having a massive backyard boil and red beans and rice, and projectors for them to play like last weekend.
He did the same to Stidham. Looked his best his first year on the team and got worse from there. Cant name one.....
Tidefan said this? I have to agree. And well said. His first year, Bo looked every much the part.... I cant believe the fanbase at the game was actually Booing the players at the half and Nix. I dont think I have ever been so ashamed of Auburn's Fanbase. Almost makes me wanna jump over to the Crimson side of the force.
Auburn needs to be added to this group.. Ga State had us in the surrender cobra until the final seconds.
if we extract just Hudson's fumble we take a TD off for PSU and win the game with a chip shot FG. So even with that other stuff you mentioned we would have still won. There was absolutely ZERO reason at that point in the game to try and get cute with some trick play with a freshman in that environment. Tank and Hunter was running just fine.
This is my call as well. So glad we get the all three of the top you mentioned at home.
We have every right to call out Bobo after that stupid trick play debacle and then the 4th and 2 fade. My grandmother even knew we should have been running when the running was working.
Tidefan is not wrong here... Absolutely no reason for that trick play when our running game was clicking. You take this one play off and it removed one of their TDs and keeps our momentum. Then all we needed was a chip shot FG to win and it saves that embarrassing fade. Whoever made those two play calls needs to let the entire team slap him.
Paul Finebaum not saying anything good about Auburn... Well thats a real shocker.... He has WAAAYYY to much Bama in him from the old days to not be biased and for most Auburn fans the feeling is mutual toward him. Proving him wrong is something we long forward to. Anything he says about Auburn goes with a grain of salt. He did not think the 2010 team would be good either. Skinny, bald, bammer hack...
Pasadena and Glendale was a long road trip.. This one will be fun. Atlanta and Bham Airport will be all Auburn fans going to the same place. Im expecting to see a white out with a big chunk of orange.
We are reading PSU fans are considering not cheering Saturday out of protest due tot he USC position. Auburns fans will be glad to join your cause Saturday! Im thinking this is going to be just like the Auburn VS UGA game in 2017. Auburn always plays better when the chips are stacked against us.
Well, no offense to LSU, but if we beat Penn we want to go into UGA at Home 5-0 and try to get some payback for last year. Coach O is having a tough time this year. If we get UGA undefeated, it will surely be a heck of a tailgate.
I agree. I cant wait to go out there. Most of us have never been to Penn much less their stadium. Im so glad they are doing the white out for us. No matter what conference you cheer for, Penn's white out is truly something to behold.... I wonder how they tailgate in Pennsylvania?
no that just the USMC in him. Best way to prove it to him is by showing him. No amount of $talking here can phase him. He will see come Sat.
Wow... You know how hard that was for Finebaum to admit? I thought he would say Ole Miss. Those guys look really good this year. So glad we play them later on.
All these fans arguing!!! Thank GOD CFB is back!!! Y'all all know we'd be drinking a beer together if we were in the same room laughing about this.
Haha. Nice... It does feel good to see OSU take one on the chin. ESAD knows all too well. Same goes for his team as well... You guys have to know that most all other fan bases cheer for the underdog against you guys. Props for ATL Buckeye for coming on and commenting at all today.
Yep, this is the true test for him this weekend. I was a little worried when he was trying to hush the 11am crowd at JHS so he could hear last weekend. Hes gonna have to do it deaf for at least the first half until we take the crowd out of it. Hopefully we run it up so high by the half most of the Peen state crowd decided to go home... wishful thinking I know. I do know there is going to be tons of AU fans there as well. Should be a good game. WDE
He should definitely play. He will still develop with his team during live play. I dont think he should play past half and take needless risks, but he should start.
How is Oklahoma up at 4? The beat Tulane an unranked opponent by 5... I think to be in the top 5 you have to consider margin of win by unranked opponent. Top 10 sure, fine, whatever, but not 4. I guess they better enjoying while they can, once they join the SEC they wont be there anymore. They could not beat Ole Miss if they played this Saturday.
Herb is way late. I called Ole Miss the breakout team in April. I think most of us did. They did better then I was expecting for game 1 though. Very explosive.
They looked this good to me also. Bama has no excuses with 5 stars at every position, but Ole Miss games are now going to be very exciting. 10/2 should be a sellout. Ill be wearing my Ole miss gear for that one. Hopefully, we beat LSU and then the town immediately changes into Ole Miss shirts