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Oh my goodness I agree with a Bama fan on an Auburn topic..... 2021 is gonna be a crazy year.
I actually thinks this will be his breakout year. Hopefully he will attend some top tier camps this summer and have a better coaching staff to help him this year. I hope he has a better front to have time to get a breath off much less the ball unlike last year.
well said yet again! Could not have said it better!
Not this crap again.... Another AU has been. Dont let the door hit ya on your way out... UCF will be the next 7-5 or 8-4 team. I just hope you guys learned to pay for results with the Gus Bus. Im glad to see the out with the old. Hopefully this is all just a part of our upgrade.
This should be UCF news now. Were on the Harsin train now.. We do not care what Gus is doing anymore... Anyone wants to go with him.. fine, but dont care. No looking back. Time to turn the page and get pumped for whats coming.
UCF is the next Titanic to set sail in 2021... Auburn already knows to start playing the fiddles for you guys even before you hit the ice.
You guys know how it goes. We just like to wreck it for you guys ranked or not.
I cannot jump on this bandwagon with Nix, until we see what he does with a halfway decent offensive line and a staff that can develop a QB. I wish everyone would get off his back. Dematrius Davis wont fix anything if he does not have O-linemen that can give him time to do anything.
Same here: How we all wish their fans could adopt the same policy :)
Thanks for that... Reminds me why I loathe Bama. Such great players and Staff, but their fans can and will always ruin it. We will see on March 2nd.
That is Exactly what is going on... COVID excuse is a downright lie. I find myself agreeing with Finebaum for once. "Play with the players you have at the time" no more delays. JF took a hell of a lick, but that was his decision to not slide. As much as I hate to pull for Bama, I really hope they crush OSU over this...
AU, I normally agree with your comments but we need to stop blaming Bo. He has regressed due to lack of coaching and absolutely no offensive line. Stidham has even said the same. While I’d like to see his camera demeanor change he’s a good QB that earned the 5 star rating he had. He just was mismanaged like so many others. It wouldn’t have matter who our QB was under the staff we had. M. Willis is a prime example of one of our QBs that IS being
I agree I have not seen it all season from State. Those Tulsa boys just must not know how to act.
Good point. Our Bowl record has not been stellar against those boys out west. Ill be pulling hard for them but wont be shocked either way. Looking forward to Penn State next year. I hope it is in Atlanta. I always love the Chick-fil-A classics there.
"Might get smoked." Thats a good one Connor. Dont get me wrong we will all be sporting Auburn themed Irish shirts for the game, but just keeping it real, gonna be a bloodbath by the 2nd.
I am finding myself agreeing more and more with Bama fans over this hire. Not just here but in all social media platforms. The only way we are ever going to be competitive both on the field and in recruiting is to do exactly what they did when the hired Saban. We need to take notes from their Athletic Director. This hire just seems lackluster from what expectations were and the competition we have every year. I hope I am proven very very wrong, nothing would make me happier to be wrong here.
Yep I am one of them. Don’t understand this move at all 21M lateral move at best. Booster pressure ran the Top shelf choices off. Typical of my team.
Haha. I thought the same thing. I don’t get this hire unless we scared the others away. He may be a fine coach but for the dramatic way we fired Gus so suddenly and the 8 committee members sent on fellowship to mount doom to destroy the one ring I would have expected a Bigger name with some championships under his belt. I guess we will see but we deserve all the trash talk Bama wants to dish out at us.
As a 40 year resident of Auburn and life long fan, I too am growing tired of our own fans in this situation. We are about to let your big opinionated mouths run a good D.C. out the door. If Steele is the new man, I dont see the rush to get Gus fired before signing day, bowl season, or even COVID season at all. If it was to salvage recruiting, I dont think Steel will have a major impact on that this year. I think we set out eyes on Cristobal and that backfired so Steel will be the man until we find someone else. If we pulls a coach O then great, if not they will let him go next year or the next when more choices are avail. ... I still want Bob Stoops for one, but if he is reading how our fans are talking, he may be running for the hills. We are certainly not making the job look very appealing for any brave soul.....
The title "Don't expect Bo Nix to start another game at Auburn" is just rediculous. He will certainly start and any other assumption is just idiotic. Its not only the coaching, its recruiting. Id love to see Mac Jones play with our Oline. He'd look even worse. Bamas Oline makes him shine. He has time to drop the ball and pick it back up to make a play. Easy for a Bama fan to criticize with 5 stars at every position. Heck, I would look like a Hiesman finalist playing behind that wall.
Word around town is the "Everyone Deserves a Second Chance" with Freeze. We did it with Cam.. A man can learn his lesson and change. But why was Bob Stoops such a huge topic last year and all of a sudden he is rarely mentioned? I always liked Bob and thought if he was treated in the same manner as Saban (leave him alone by the boosters)and let him build a program with who he wants, he would be a success. Whats wrong with Bob Stoops from last year? Why does everyone tend to want a graduate of the "Nick Saban school of coaching"? Nick knows everything he taught them. Freeze and Stoops are about the only two veteran coaches with this feature out there.
I agree a terrible waste of an article and another cheap shot at our QB. You get a real QB coach in there and recruit a halfway decent o-line and Nix will be good to go. I mean what is the point here except to try and piss off Auburn fans?
Here is one that would not. Ill join the Tide if we make this call.
I normally do not pull for Bama, but after this display, I hope the Tide mops the floor with Florida. Ever since Dan got this job he has been nothing but an arrogant smart ass to everyone. use to be one of my favorite coaches, but we see the kind of program he runs. Wont see player ever pull this crap with Saban. Ill just cheer for Clemson later on.... Those two go every year anyway. I finally just bought a Clemson t-shirt for the occasion.
Well said once again Weagle99. If we will take the time to hire the right guy. ( I’m a Stoops backer) then the players will be better coached all around. This will hopefully bring the fans back into it and give us all hope for next season. I know a lot of players are reacting out of emotion right now but let’s face it. Our program was a sinking ship. We had to do something. We were risking losing the future of the program. Still might have if we make another bone headed hire. Don’t really want another Sabin lackey either. I say get Stoops and let him hire who he wants and the boosters need to leave him good and well alone to let him do his thang!