Born in Auburn, Will Die in Auburn.

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Welcome! We sure can get good looking RBs... Why cant we get more OL men? WIsh TJ could do a little of that.
124 Million! This article just made me feel a little better about our raw deal with Gus. A little...
I think all of College football awaits that game. Im just sure there wont be any personal fouls the whole game.
I love Sonny D and he alone was worth the price of season tickets this year, but Burkhalter won this one no doubt. When he went in, they quit hitting. Man Oregon State was tough. They have some really good players.
While I know this is a click bait article wit the sole intention of strike a chord, AL, UGA, and TAMU all beat OSU in 22. OSU wins the Big 10, but what else is new. ....OSU still beats my team though....
I still cannot understand why Alex Mcphereson's name never is mentioned any more. Didnt see him in spring game either. Where did he go?
"Who starts? Stay tuned, but the fact that none of the 3 primary candidates created separation this spring could be an ominous glance into the fall." What??? did Dave even see the spring game? Zack was still injured and didnt play. TJ looked the same yes, but Ashford certainly stood out. I fear it will be no better for him or Zac as it was for Bo though if our Oline has not improved. It does not really matter though. I agree it wont work with Harsin....never did. Not because he's a bad coach or anything, I just know how us Auburn fans are.
Agree with BamaTime. Nothing against TAMU fans but ill pulling against Jimbo every game. Congrats in Baseball BTW. If NIL stays like this and Texas comes in to the SEC they will have more money then anyone else and it will be the whole Texas/ A&M drama all over again.
A&M has enough oil money to pay those NIL deals in pocket change. They prolly have an NIL deal on their concession stand. Jimbo knows it and cant even lie good with all his repeating and jerky podium body language. At least in the old days the money exchange was all under the table. Now its just in your face and they still act like its not happening. I agree Saban is only so outspoken because his monopoly is ending. Starting to think Texas joining the Sec could be a smart move on their with the NIL money they have as well.
Well.. I hate to say it but you got to have their money now to buy those NIL players to come play. Its the new ruined CFB.
I admit I was thinking the same if the journalist is to be believed.
Personally, I dont blame the boosters at all. They know we are nothing more than a spit shined Vandy this year. Everyone just wants to slam the big boosters, but donate what they donate with the results we get and I dont blame them one bit for wanting change. Dont worry... after this year's dumpster fire, they will get it. So we need to remember to just grit our teeth and take it on the chin.. we still have basketball.
Not a fan to spout all false sunshine and rainbows... We are in for an extremely bumpy ride this year. If TJ could just remember that he does infact have legs and would actually use them, it could really open more things up. Otherwise all teams have to do is make sure Tank is covered on the line and we are 1 dimensional. I for one like Robby Ashford. He stood out in the spring game but I imagine will look similar to Bo did in a real game running backwards for his life the instant the ball is in play.
Sonny D is totally worth the price of admission. His walk up music is hilarious and they he just cranks them out of the park. Babe Ruth born again.
Yep. He was the highlight of A-day for sure. Knowing us... we will not make him the starter and he will transfer and be a future #1 draft pick .....
Right... Looked pretty bad.. I did like the new QB from Oregon. He was spiffy and is not scared to run (like TJ)... Also Sen Jackson looked like he could be valuable. I wanted to see Calzada, but of course we got him hurt in practice.... If TJ could play more like Cam... He has the size just not the athletics...... Man he would run over defenders... Why wont he try??? just why???
Well after Saturday's A-day game I certainly know who is NOT gonna be a challenge......
Sadly this is also where I am at as well. I was on the Dark side with the Boosters on Harsin. We had a shot to fix our mistake, but Auburn being Auburn with football is gonna be like watching an massacre this year...
Whoa! Capt. Obvious is writing sports columns now... Just a bug DUHHHHHHH!!!
Im taking Duke this year. They are tough and playing for their coach's last year. Only blue blood I would'nt care if they won this year. Rest make me wanna puke. I have to admit watching them pay Texas tech. They were a step above any of the SEC teams this year. It was nice to see Coach K give props to Notae. Felt so strange as an AU fan cheering on Williams and Notae.
oh sit down blue blood... literally no one in conference like you guys anyway.. Talk about calling the kettle black....
Auburn just made the TN loss not look so bad. We have not looked that sorry all season long. "Choke" just does not sum up what we just did......
John Calipari: "Frank Martin should have been Coach of the Year in our league. No disrespect to who won it, but South Carolina was picked to finish 12th." Nah.. they got that one right. We are proud of who won.
and this is why if Auburn cant do it this year, I hope Ark can win one. They have made such a strong come back this year. I dread playing them again.