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It’s good to read all this negativity from fans within the sec and especially one teams fans from the east. I might remind fans that championships have came from poor A-Day performances from the crimson tide. No, the qb play kinda resembles that stuff that bears drop in the woods but let’s not forget it’s a controlled scrimmage. If the offense had of lit up the defense then it would’ve been the sky is falling on the defensive side of the ball. I have a feeling this defense is gonna be nasty and not soft like last yrs bunch. Even tho it was a spring game you could tell there was a lot of jitters out there today. Fall practice is where your most improvement comes from and you can bet there will be plenty of improvement during fall practices and kickoff. No qb is going to look good coming behind a player like Bryce Young and expectations need to be lowered at the qb position no doubt. But, for you fans who don’t believe there’s talent on this team are going to be sadly surprised when the season starts. So go ahead and crown Georgia and LSU to be playing each other in the seccg.
Georgia and Bama certainly have had their share of great rbs. I’d say bama has the slight edge over the last decade. But I’ll also add a lot of it had to do with a dominant offensive line. It’s fallen off lately and more so last yr. Gibbs was a good back but not the great hard running backs of the past. Even tho he was a great pass catcher. Bama needs to get back to a big nasty oline with fast and big hard running rbs.
It’s strange how a Vols fan haven’t been heard from for 15 yrs and then suddenly leave the foothills and climb atop the mountain to holler we’re Sabans boss ???! 17 penalties and obvious orange striped officials called the game and bama still had their chances to win. No matter how much you sing Rocky Top you’re still not in the dawgs or Bama’s class. Be assured it’s payback when the Vols visit Title Town in 2023. You won’t have those horrendous orange striped officials to bale you out in Tuscaloosa
Look, Nate’s Oats style has brought excitement back to Coleman Coliseum so just leave bama and Oats alone! He’s been bringing in some great recruiting classes and the future looks bright. Yeah, the last game didn’t play out to well but hey they were there at least. Poor shooting game by Miller and Quinerly played like he thought he was Jordaness driving down the lane only to get his shots rejected instead of looking for a kick out. No team is going to win games against a quality opponent shooting such low % but they were still in the game. The offense Oats runs is the type of game many of the younger players like today…stop pop a long jumper without being yelled at. If you’re open you’d better shoot it! What kid doesn’t like that style of play?! BB isn’t fb and the best team doesn’t always win. But I’ll take Bamas style of playing and 30 wins a season before we go back to the 18-13 days and an NIT invite!
As a Bama fan I believe you’re right. WV is like Maryland in a way. They’ve been blown out in some games but have also beaten some good teams. They’re definitely a team that could make some noise and surprise some people. But, I believe if Bama brings their A game this game won’t be close. But, WV had Huggie Bear whose been there before and knows what it takes to win. I’m just hoping it’s not on the day they play Bama?
Anyone who believes Golding left Bama for Ole Miss without the blessing or pushing him to do so by Saban just doesn’t know how it works. Saban does a good job allowing asst to leave and still have dignity without being fired. Golding was gone whether it was to OM or elsewhere you can believe that. I mean really who’d leave as Bama’s dc to go to OM? That’s like leaving Michigan to coach at slippery rock. I believe O’Briens contract will be up in February and then he’ll be replaced. I’ll guarantee you someone has already been contacted for a future OC at Bama. Sabans not going to publicly criticize his assts but behind closed doors they know where they stand.
If I was Darius Miles I’m not sure if I’d be looking forward to my day in court. Seeing that he supplied the gun to the shooter that killed the young lady. Is he that ignorant about the law to even think he’s innocent of any wrongdoing?
I’m hoping Pruitt doesn’t have a show cause from his debacle at Tennessee. Dawg fans saying Bama’s d fell off when Kirby left is bs. It fell off when Pruitt left. Actually the d improved under Pruitt with a better blitz package.
Reichard was almost Mr Automatic for Bama during his career. Bama finally after yrs of frustration of missed extra pts and fgs Saban finally got a good’in in Will Reichard.
Not a Georgia fan at all but being #1 didn’t help the dawgs chances of a repeat. The committee didn’t want a Michigan vs Ohio st rematch do they left tcu at 3. That’s the only reason they were left there. Never heard of a team not to drop a spot or 3 spots when losing a game. Since wins and losses and point total seem to be cherry picked by the committee why did Ohio st fall out of the top 4 when Michigan spanked their ass? Don’t say because of the score because by all accounts that doesn’t matter.
Georgia fans have no room to talk at all. Win one title in 40 yrs and now you’re all experts on fb.
I’m certainly not advocating that Bama be in the playoffs, but if teams lose that’s above them why not? I’m speaking of TCU and SCal. Yeah sure Bama lost 2 games at two of the most hostile environments for a visiting team in college fb. They lost by 4 pts combined and lost on the last play of each ballgame. The could’ve won these games just as well as they lost them. No loss or losses are good but even these 2 losses are better than getting blown out at home when you were a 9-10 pt fav as OSU did. That proves just one thing and that is OSU is overrated. Bama doesn’t have a marque win that’s true but I wouldn’t call Penn St a marque win either. I believe Penn St would lose playing at Baton Rouge and Knoxville. Out of the top 4-5 teams which one would you bet your paycheck on to beat Bama at a neutral site game? Awwww that’s what I thought. But either way I won’t be mad or upset if they don’t get in it but at least I’ll still know they didn’t get blown out and curb stomped at home by 22 points?
Mr Klatt, is Bama as dominate as in the past…no they’re not. But, they’ve lost 2 games in an hostile environment by a grand total of 4 pts and each being on the last play of the game. Also, if Bama had Clemsons schedule they’d be sitting at #1 and undefeated at this time. Since you’re so sure of yourself Mr Klatt would you bet your house on Clemson beating Bama? I didn’t think so!
Yep, missed a 50 yd against the orange striped refs. But anyway, does 63-28 ring a bell?‍♂️???
With this bama team the only guarantee is Austin Peay ( I think) but the iron bowl is no guarantee. One would’ve thought the LSU game should’ve been a guarantee and look what happened. I will say this if Bama had an offensive coordinator with a pulse they’d be undefeated at this time and that includes beating the Vols. After missing a possible game winning 50 yd fg Will Riechard has hit 10 in a row. This undisciplined team is 4 pts from being undefeated. In the other hand bama is lucky not to have already lost 3 games and if not for Bryce Young they might be sitting at a .500 mark. But, I figure they’ll beat Auburn by 10-14 pts simply because their offense is worse than bamas with no passing game.
No worries mtnman…dawg fans are one of the teams that storm the field when they beat bama which isn’t very often.
As a bama fan I really can’t expect much next yr. Milroe is a great option for a backup qb or for mop up games. Even if he was a starter he’d have the same issues Bryce had this yr with no elite type go to receivers. Did bama recruiters misjudge the talent that they signed? Where’s the eliteness of rbs and wr’s that are usually on the field for the crimson tide? I don’t see any that enters the conversation and that includes all the returning players. I’m afraid Finebum might be right. I’m not saying he is but this years play and player development has been way down from past teams. I can’t name one returning player for next years team that you’d consider a sure nfl prospect. That includes rb..qb..oline..dline..etc. If someone can tell me who will be the standout player next year please do!
Law Dog, Saban at one point coached the dbs. But, he’s 71 yrs old and can’t move or teach em as he use to. Golding is about the worst in game dc I’ve ever seen at Bama. He doesn’t know how to adjust mid game. Yeah, the d played great the first half at lsu but in the 2nd half he kept the same d scheme when lsu changed their offensive plans. He just can’t adjust to anything. It’s not the first time this has happened since he’s been dc. Gone are the days of Kirby and Pruitt’s aggressiveness on defense.
I’m not saying Saban is slipping as far as his coaching ability but I do think he’s slipping in the being more tolerant of substandard coaches. He hired Golding and therefore wants to make him a dc which he is not. It’s been a great run for bama and fans for 15 yrs but if coach doesn’t see the error of his ways such as Golding he’ll never hoist another natty trophy. Players aren’t being developed and haven’t improved at all during the year. The talent is there but the coaching up is not
Most Tide fans realize Saban has asst position coaches who say yay or nay who should be starting or the better choice. Saban can’t be everywhere at one time so he has to trust his asst coaches to make the right decision. I can tell you if everyone was saying Ricks is the man or is the best we have he’d of been starting at the first of the yr. My problem with is hell our secondary couldn’t be any worse so maybe he should’ve been playing more. Some players just suck in practice and show out in the game. Let’s hope that’s Ricks case and he’s a shutdown type corner. Lord knows we need someone who can. To be honest I have no faith in Golding to make the right call. After the Tennessee game who would?
Pollack has been a bama hater since his days at Georgia. He says something negative about bama every year. Sure thing Bama has been nothing short of astonishing the last decade and going into the second one. It’s not like bama goes undefeated every year because they’ll lose a game they’re not suppose to. Now if they start to lose 2-3 games then you can open your negative pie hole Pollack. No team in the history of fb has had the run Bama’s had and anything less will be considered a downfall. Be advised Pollack do not count bama out of the natty race just yet. Oh, if the playoffs are expanded to 12 teams how many times will bama miss getting in then?
Hey Doug, the fan bases that rooted for the Vols to beat the Tide are gonna be regretting it if the Vols stay legit. It’s been so long since Tn had been relevant the vol fan base have been hiding up in the Smokies. But Dayuum they’ll be flapping them jaws here before long and then people will remember they’re the most obnoxious fan fan in the sec if not the entire nation ???.
Haha, yeah Bamas d look pretty pathetic and so did the Vols. But, ya need to step back and look at the d Tennessee put on the field that bama was up and down the field on. It still came down to our kicker missing a 50 yd fg that was hit well and to the right. Haha, that was the ugliest winning 40 yd fg I’ve ever seen???.
Some of you people ate ridiculous to day the least. Punched her? ??? Everyone one you should be fined for exaggerating so bad. If he’d of punched her she’d of been laying on the field. I surely don’t believe in hitting or beating a female and this has been blown out as if he pulled a deontay wilder on her. Good grief.
Dang I’m still trying to find it amongst all those fans. If it’s the one I think it is do people call that a slap or assault? If he did strike a woman I’ll fully support getting rid of him but I can’t find or see what you’d call an assault?‍♂️
The schedule is not so friendly as you say. Miss st is no gimme but at least it’s at home. Ole miss is undefeated and we play then in Oxford. I do believe lsu is in Baton Rouge also. If Bama plays as sloppy as they did against the Vols they’ll possibly be looking at another loss or two.
Mountain Dog me either. But, i really cant think of a coach that has won multiple championshis at another school that was ever offered a chance to come back home. How many coaches today ( thats still coaching ) has multiple nattys? Im hard pressed to name anyone other than Saban an Dabo.
You’re right gator...what coach wouldn’t want to return to his alma mater? The Clemson fans who say Dabo’s a tiger for life are just in denial. The only drawback for Dabo would be the following a legend which some coaches can’t live up to the pressure. But, he’d have no issues with his salary being cut and would takeover a well greased machine without having to be rebuilt. It’d be a win win situation for Dabo.
It’s not going to make any difference what the buyout will be. One reason is if Bama wants him they’ll pay the buyout. But, the main reason is Saban will still be coaching when this stipulation in his contract runs out. Dabo can deny that he’s not interested in the Bama job all he wants but when Saban retires an Bama comes knocking Dabo will have already had his suitcase packed.