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Mountain Dog me either. But, i really cant think of a coach that has won multiple championshis at another school that was ever offered a chance to come back home. How many coaches today ( thats still coaching ) has multiple nattys? Im hard pressed to name anyone other than Saban an Dabo.
You’re right gator...what coach wouldn’t want to return to his alma mater? The Clemson fans who say Dabo’s a tiger for life are just in denial. The only drawback for Dabo would be the following a legend which some coaches can’t live up to the pressure. But, he’d have no issues with his salary being cut and would takeover a well greased machine without having to be rebuilt. It’d be a win win situation for Dabo.
It’s not going to make any difference what the buyout will be. One reason is if Bama wants him they’ll pay the buyout. But, the main reason is Saban will still be coaching when this stipulation in his contract runs out. Dabo can deny that he’s not interested in the Bama job all he wants but when Saban retires an Bama comes knocking Dabo will have already had his suitcase packed.
As a bammer I can’t see him leaving Clemson to fight the sec schedule. With Florida and The Vols on the upswing why would he? He has one if not the easiest road to the playoffs than any other coach. What team in the acc is in the same league as Clemson? Is there an improving and upcoming team in the acc? I think not! Having a team fresh coming into the playoffs is a much better situation than having a team from the sec with a beat up group. Now who disagrees with that?
Bama wont be able to shutdown Murray. But, they judt need to contain him in the pocket an not let him get outsidemake where theres no containment. Make the pocket collapse around him to where he has to throw over the outstretched arms of our taller d line. If he gets outside an bama loses containment then he has the option of running or passing the ball with no pressure. Easier said then done and even tho bama has some excellent pass rushers itll take more than one to coral the little varmit. Im just hoping bamas offense can get offto a fast start an not slow like the last 2 games. But as in Tua you can give him all day to find a receiver and itll take more than a 4 man rush like bama likes to use to disrupt him. Sooners oline is very good at protecting murray.
Freeze would be a hire that would at least give us stability at oc because no major college would hire lesst for a few years. Now, maybe a small college would but they couldnt pay the $$$ he’d make at bama. Im good with Enos either way.
Im not saying hes wring or right. I do know bama has faced two of the most physical teams in the nation with a one legged qb. I'd probably give the slught edge to the sooners..but not before tua strained his knee.
As a bama fan i dont see bama getting in with a matter how small. It wiuld be like the lsu fanbase raising all kinda hell about bama getting special treatment by the refs. So much so that lsu had several ibvious holding penalties not called. Plus a targeting penalty overturned. Unless the committee can clearly overlook fans who dont think bama should be in then it wont happen. Fans other than those of bama have severe bama fatigue even tho even with one loss bama would still be one of the top 4 teams in the country.
I guess fans talking about bamas offense is about as tiring as fans talking about LSU’s immovable defense huh? Yep, Lsu has had a tougher schedule than Bama at this point of the season and Bama has put up some gaudy numbers on the O side of the ball. Problem being is everyones overlooking Bamas defense. Just because theyve given up some points and yardage doesnt mean theyre not elite. Having a high powered O is something Bamas not use to having. Therefore a lot of 2nd & 3rd stringers are getting valuable playing time in the 2nd half. This will skew the d stats a little no doubt. Lsu no doubt will have Bamas starters playing a lot more than normal..they arent ranked 3rd for nothing. But i can tell you this much, if joe Burrow an the Lsu do not put up any better numbers than they did against Miss st its gonna be a long long night fir the Lsu team an fans. I mean 280 yds of offense will not get it done against Bama.
Nov 3rd will be an epic fb game i believe. Im giving the defensive edge to lsu and the offensive edge to bama. Itll all come down to bamas secondary not to allow big plays to happen from joe Burrows. Bamas kinda use to lsu and the defense they always bring to the game. Burrows is not a tom brady but he has proven to be a good game manager. Bamas d isnt as stout as in the past so that means the offense has to step it up this yr and they have big time. Does bamas defense match up better to lsu offense or does lsu defense match up better to bamas offense? Its gonna be interesting to see the chess game played between these two good teams.
Its the talk as youre doing now will be the exact reason why they wont get in...even tho they would still be a top 4 team. A team that has a run as bama has had fans get burnt out of seeing the same team in the mix yr in an yr out. Most of this is just pure jelousy to the highest degree. All you hear is...they must be cheating..they dont play anyone or they have the refs on their payroll. All a bunch of silly bs simply because a team in the playoff has no desire to play bama.
Im not sold on bama getting in with a L to Lsu. Banas schedule is not as tough as in the past and the sec east opponents ate still weak. With ole miss down and auburns struggles bama will be hard pressed to get in. Especially with all the fake bama bias that goes around.
Sorry, i meant to say wanted or wants Hurts to succeed more than i did.
Theres no one that wantec or wants Hurts to succeed as Bama’s qb. But, after the dismal passing game in the last 3 games its time to give Tua a shot. Actually Hurts should’ve been replaced in the Auburn game or at least inserted Tua at some point. Hurts just cant find open receiver’s...period. At the first sign of a rush he either take’s off running or takes off running to his right which eliminated most of the field. If Tua cant move the team...fine put Hurts back in. But i dont see that happening.
Ol’Gus has already started making excuses. Sorry Gus all your games cant be played at the very ref friendly confines of Jordon Hare. Why is Malzahns record at home so much better than away? I guess one reason is the ooc cupcake teams auburn plays and the other reason is the refs allow auburn a lit more freedom at home than away. For the most part all teams get a little home cooking at times when playing at it seems that way. But, its blantant thuggery on the plains of auburn. As Gus boasted about beating the dawg crap out if the bulldogs at home...what happened on a nuetral field when youre not allowed to hold receivers or have ineligible receivers downfield Gus? Yep, you got the tiger crap beat out of ya!
When has the opinion of an A&M fan ever mattered to anyone much less Saban? My advice to you is to worry about Fisher and how he can finally win something for the deluisional tam fan such as yourself. Weak coaching staff....haha! But it is nice to know the bottom feeders are still concerned about Bama’s dominance in college fb. Five out of the last nine is it? Not to bad saban not to bad.
You might be correct and then again you may not be. All I know is Saban is one helleva coach and we're proud to have him. Now, let me say this. This kid was going to get plenty of playing time this year...plenty. The only reason he wanted to go to Georgia is because his former defensive coach is now head coach of the dawgs. Smith is a good kid who caused no issues while earning his degree at the UOA. So I'm proud for the kid for graduating early. But, what does this allow for things down the road to happen? Bama had 3 yrs of coaching and 3 yrs of free education invested in this young man...what are Georgia's investments? Bama will survive easily without Smith but what's going to happen down the road if a more prominent player wants to do the same thing just because a coach leaves and goes someplace else? Let's just say it's your starting qb whose a vital part for your success...what happens? For those of you blasting Saban for this is foolish. It's not about Smith it's about future players who may have a huge impact on your teams success. Georgia fans you seen what the impact was in your team losing Chub last yr. I'm sure if it had been because of this transfer rule you'd be bashing the hell out of Chub would you not? This kind of transfer should not be allowed unless it's an emergency type situation.
I'll just say this. Considering what Bama and Scal went thru with the scholly reduction and penalties if the ncaa doesn't bust ole miss for more than what they proposed then they might as well disband. Considering this doesn't include Tunsils recent admissions I'd say ole miss should be in deep shi$$! I The paying of a player or player and academic fraud shouldn't be a slap on the wrist. The fiasco that happened at Scal was all on one player...Reggie Bush. How many players and violations are involved in this investigation????!!! I hate to see any team go thru penalties that should be handed down for these violations. But, if premier fb programs such as Bama an Scal are busted then ole miss definitely deserves more than a slap on the wrist.
Week, one things for sure if they keep losing head coaches and asst coaches they may have to go a high school for the next DC..haha. But in all honesty, auburns going to have to make a decision before long. If they continue to believe in Gus Malzahn and his high school offense they will continue to suffer on the d side of the ball. The offense has been caught up with by other defensive coaches and doesn't have the trickery effect it use to have. That and the refs have caught onto the illegal pop pass so Gus doesn't run it near as much. What defensive coach wants to look foolish trying to keep his defense playing hard if the offense is running plays as fast as they possibly can to wear out the opposing teams d and its wearing auburns out just as fast. No depth on defense and running the hunh doesn't make a lot of sense. Of course Malzahn doesn't give a damn as long as his offense looks good and he can blame a loss on the defensive coaches. Genius is what he is...pure damn genius! Haha
No doubt Murf, should be a slobber knocker. The issue a lot of us bammers is kiffins play calling at times. He seems bound and determined to make Coker a prolific passer if it kills a drive or not. All wr are young and don't get separation as did Amari...ha, but who in the hell does? But bamas running game hasn't been used as it should be or let's say at the right time. That's why I believe the dogs will load up the box and make Coker beat them. Which in my opinion he can't do I hate to say. But, if kiffins uses Henry on more toss sweeps to the wide side of the field I believe Bama will have some success. Problem is kiffins fails to use Henry in that fashion and continues to run him up the gut. He's not as good as Chubb in that respect but is as good or better if he can turn the corner. If kiffin will shorten up the passing game and let Henry get some carries Bama will be fine. Oh by the way, King Henry was given to him not by him..ha. Have a good'in.
Murfreesboro, nice read. Gotta question tho. All the talk from dawg fans and sportswriters seem to be whether or not Bama can stop Chubb. Granted that's a tall order for Bama to fill but they do have the personnel to make it happen. I think depending on kiffins play calling, can the dawgs stop bamas running game? It doesn't seem like anyone's respecting Henry at all. I'm sure Henry..who is a very humble listening to all the Chubb talk. Just a thought because if called correctly the dawgs front 7 could be in for a long day. Thanks