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Really I didn’t know Mullen coached on defense. Or tight ends. Wierd but I’ve come to expect stupid comments from UGa fans like you.
I love when Thedumb@ssofwar says something stupid and gets called out on it he just goes to his typical 38-17 response. When you don’t have anything smart to say just say something irrelevant. Seems to be the UGa fan motto
I dont disagree in fact i agree with you my comment was made to corch who loves being a hypocrite. If mullen does it he's a bad guy when Kirby does it he's a great coach
are you ok man? you need someone to talk to?
So let me just understand this stupid corch logic. Mullen asks a player to leave his program when he finds out an incident even though no chargers were pressed and he doesn't take assault serious where as this incident for UGa happened a year ago and Smart knew 2 months ago but only kicked him off the team when it became public knowledge and that makes him care about assault?
there are 3 other teams in the sec that have lost more recruits than us
you expected an appropriate response from him? I thought u knew better kirby
Idk its very hard to gauge a lot of teams in the east this year minus UGA. Mizzou is breaking in a new QB. UK lost their best players on O and D, UF has o-line issues, UTjr needs work on the oline, Vandy is vandy, SCAR has Muschamp as their head coach. I think the success of every team in the east minus Uga depends on staying healthy if UT stays healthy I think they could go 7-5 or 8-4
I took it as the offense will be better but he doesn't know if the record will be better
Wait so 2 teams in the sec had more players transfer out than UF? Don't tell UGa fans that then they'll have to use other bs info to troll our page with
That being said the ultimate goal would be NC so NC should be above all else. Then recruiting then results on the field vs expectation.
Lol of course a SC fan would rank Muschamp above Mullen. I feel like if your going to rank coaches you have to rank them by more than just on the field results but also recruiting. Recruiting sets up your team to be successful on the field. That Being said I would have Saban, Fisher (barely above smart but due to the fact he has won a NC), Smart, Orgeron, Stoops, Mullen, Malzahn, Muschamp, Mason, Odom, Luke, Moorhead, Pruitt, and Morris
Lol you post about UF and Dan Mullen on pretty much every article you comment on most of the time not being pertinent to the article. You went on spouting your stupidity on a UK article and other articles that have nothing to do with Dan Mullen as a coach. For you to say you only mention it when pertinent is beyond laughable. You sir are an idiot
Lol so Franks learning under a New coach, qb coach, and offensive system doesnt count? The jump Franks made from his first year playing to his second year is far more impressive than anything Bentley has done.
Agreed simply due to the fact that 1 played last year and the other didnt
IDK I guess it depends on where you look. Based on what I've seen Uga fans are really bad. Granted there are decent UGA fans out there
Common now with a logical post like this how is Corch, DaGherk, Ugarmy, or TDOW supposed to say something stupid
boxster you among others here are the reason I have not given up on UGa fans completely. At one point I was even pulling for Uga when they were in the NC against bama. Since then Dawg fans have gone off the rails, for the most part, causing me to not want UGa to win ever. I get we are rivals but a lot of UGa fans go way overboard on here.
Man U love sounding stupid. Do you really think Dan Mullen recruited a safety when he was Florida's OC? Even then this guy hasn't been playing at UF for over 10 years.
Actually UGA93, Co Jones has some pretty decent posts. If you want to talk about stupidest posts on this site you only have to look at your own fan base ;)
For UF being so "irrelevant" to UGA they sure do talk about us a lot.
Let me say that I am in now way a fan of UGA and will not be rooting for them against anybody anytime soon due to the stupidity of their fan base lately. That being said I think they will absolutely destroy ND who is always overrated because they normally play a weak schedule and end the season with a good record. As someone else said o here They won almost half their games by one score and it wasn't vs good teams either. Im saying UGA wins by at least 4 touchdowns.