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Well if you go by that then Tebow should have won it over Sam Bradford. The only reason he didn’t is because he had already won it and they didn’t want to give it to him twice
Gotcha and it makes sense to a point. Oh well none of this matters now anyways
agreed. Just put out a warning and tell people to cough in their hands and wash their hands. Problem solved
If we judge people on one thing they said then I’m pretty sure we would all be morons
Would make sense but I feel like returning production should be a key factor in a teams chances to win a NC
I may swap LSU and UF but not a bad list overall. I am curious why LSU is getting so much love with everything they’ve lost including Brady. I think LSU will still be good but like a 10-2 or 9-3 kinda good not a NC kinda good
Why is ole miss so low with that record?
Shocked? No. Surprised? Yes. I didn’t think a freshman QB would come in an win the NC for Alabama when they benched hurts who got them there. You can never be sure of anything in college football. That being said Dan Mullen has pretty much said this every year he’s been a head coach. It’s how he motivates his players whether they are starters or not.
Aww a UGA fan. I’m going to guess this is TDOW alternate account
Agreed. Mike white is kinda like Coach O for LSU. Can recruit very well but not a great Xs and Os guy. Mike White needs to find his Joe Brady
Ya it’s crazy how player rankings are set in stone now and won’t change at all
Stay tuned next week for questions that will never be answered
Isn’t Jacksonville basically the defacto SECE championship game already? Once each team is where they need to be on the field and in recruiting I would think a NC would be #1
That’s true but who knows if those player rankings will increase or not
I think this needs context. Beating UGA is important but I’d rather have a season like we did last year than USC who did beat UGA. So 1) should be at least the same amount of regular season wins as last year. 2) Beat UGA 3) Oline improvement 4) be competitive in the SEC championship if we make it 5) finish with a top 5 recruiting class
So does USCjr beating UGA last year mean they are on UGAs oblast
sounds like UGA is criminally wasting talent based on your assessment. must be rough for you UGAGrad417
awww the ole UGA dumb@ss routine. IF UF is wasting all its talent in football finishing in the top 6 with a NY6 bowl win with the 15th most talented team and looking to do better next year due to the schedule. Then what has UGA with the third ranked most talented team and finishing at or one spot above UF in the final rankings with a 1-1 record in NY6 bowls the last two years?
I’m with 17Tide I want to see the results before I buy in
Coach O knows his strengths and weaknesses. He is not an X’s and O’s coach. He is a great motivator and recruiter. But he does not have any system. He runs whatever offense the offensive coordinator runs.