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I believe he is using sarcasm. Most people blame their problems on others rather than take responsibility for their actions
I don’t feel u can look at it like that though. You also have to take into account the offenses that defense played against
My question is what does this do to help black people? What does getting rid of this chant, removing national historical monuments, changing uncle Ben and aunt jemima do to help black people? Does it help lower the black poverty rate? Black on black crime? Lower the % of single parent black house holds? Keep black kids out of gangs and crime? If the answer is no then why are we focused on this BS. I’m a paramedic firefighter and this would be the equivalent of me worrying about someone’s stubbed toe over the giant laceration in their leg caused them to bleed out. No one should be ok with us trying to erase history. We should learn from it and fix real problems that affect black people in this country.
I think this is a very interesting topic myself and i think there are two ways to look at this. The first is how good is the coach at recruiting and how much he can get out of those players. In this scenario I think the rankings would be easy for the top 3. 1) Saban 2) Smart 3) Orgeron. Talent is the most important thing in college football thats why normally the NC is also one of the most talented teams in college football. That being said there are more facets to the game then acquiring talent when it comes to coaching though aquiring talent is the most important. So like this guy states if every coach in the SEC has the same talent level who is the better coach? The problem is this is all just opinion since there is no way to know for sure. The way I look at is is what coach is able to get the most out of his players regardless of their ranking. IMO that would be Mark Stoops, then I would go Nick Saban, Dan Mullen, Mike Leach, Kirby Smart.
So I would like to start off by saying I am in no way bashing UT. That being said I don’t get the level of optimism that most UT fans have. Will UT be bad next year? No but I doubt they will have more than 7 wins and 8 looks like their ceiling. All I can do is base my opinion off of what I’ve seen so far from UT under Pruit and off of last years team. UT only beat three teams last year with a record better than .500. Of those wins only one was by more than 4 points. UT was not even remotely close to beating UGA, Bama, or UF at hasn’t been under Pruitt so Idk why they would this year. OU is going to have another electric offense and I don’t really see UT being able to even come close to keeping up with them. That means UT would have to be perfect vs the rest of their opponents and if last year is any indication I doubt that they will. UK will be a tough game, USC has had UT’s number and some games that may appear to be toss up games may be harder than anticipated. In my opinion I see UT as a solid 7 win team with a slight chance to get to 8 or more wins but more likely to only get 6. Until UT can consistently beat the weaker opponents on their schedule and prove to actually hang in with the Bama’s, UGAs and UFs of the conference I will always have UT around 7 ish wins. That all being said I do hope UT improves and goes 11-1 losing the East and game to UF.
What gives people hope UT will beat UF I’m curious? Is it the bowl game thumping you put on indiana or the close game of 34-3 vs UF last year? Or is it th stud wr’s you lost? I personally don’t get the UT hype. I am way more nervous about UK then UT.
Well since this is all just conjecture and judging based on how Mullen has done the last few years I think it’s fair to say at this time Florida gets the over. We can all say what if or it’s not guarantee. The thing that shocks me is the fact people think UT is going to be good next year. Could they be sure but they have not shown yet that they will be. So quickly do people forget. UT started 0-2 last year to the likes of BYU and Georgia state. Two scrub teams that barely finished over .500. Tennessee couldn’t even come close to hanging with the likes of UF, UGA, or Bama last year. Losing by 5 TDs to UF. UT only had 3 wins over teams that were over .500 and two of those wins were by 1 point and 4 points. The other team that was over .500 that UT beat was UAB which was probably their most impressive win of the season tbh. So if anything I don’t see why anyone is even thinking that UT will beat UF or be any good next season. There is a higher chance UF goes undefeated than UT beating UF next year.
Because that would ruin his argument. Or why pick UT and FSU for us two of the easier teams we played and then the two hardest teams u played. Why not pick UGA for us who had a better defense then bama last year.
Correct pfarmer I think the LSU game may be a bigger hurdle for Florida just strictly due to us being more concerned about UGA. I can see us being slightly over confident against LSU judging that it’s at our home and be a rebuilding LSU team
I mean i get a UGA fan or even a Mizzou fan talking about winning in the East but a UT fan. Phew that is rough. I mean Tennesse has been really bad for a while. Now I hope UT gets better and ends up being a top 3 consistent team in the east but until they start even sniffing UF or an east title please keep your thoughts to yourself.
crazy what mullen has done at UF with players not as talented as UGA, UF still had as many players drafted
Jalen is for sure my favorite QB in this draft but i honestly dont know how i feel about this pick. The eagles have no need for a QB and have very few receivers. I was hoping Jalen would go to a team without a cemented starter or if they did have a cemented starter that he would have more weapons around him to grow if that starter gets hurt.
woah woah woah beachbum you cant use since 2000 that ruins UGAs narrative. JK in all seriousness theres no real thing as DBU, QBU, RBU ect. since there all no real set limits on what that even means. Is based of players success in college, players just getting drafted, players success in the pros? Since there is no set rules to determine these things its pretty much just whatever fanbase and media pushes it the most. UGA has had some amazing runningbacks go in the draft lately as have Alabama and LSU.
Well if you go by that then Tebow should have won it over Sam Bradford. The only reason he didn’t is because he had already won it and they didn’t want to give it to him twice
Gotcha and it makes sense to a point. Oh well none of this matters now anyways
agreed. Just put out a warning and tell people to cough in their hands and wash their hands. Problem solved
If we judge people on one thing they said then I’m pretty sure we would all be morons