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It’s not that he didn’t give the alter to Trask it’s that he wouldn’t answer the question why Trask was 4.
lol the fact that he has two Alabama players one and two discredits him right away. It’s a lot harder for Trask because every team is trying to stop the pass as well as not having the talent Mac has. Najee benefits from Mac and vice versa. Trask has it was harder
Agreed. Also Washington tried to schedule BYU this season for next week or the week after and BYU turned them down. Being undefeated vs that schedule is like being the skinniest kid at fat camp.
I agree I think 8 seems like a better number and better for college football money wise as well. It would allow that obnoxious G5 team that thinks they deserve it after going undefeated against nobody and every conf gets a team in. Making conf championships more important. I also think ND should be forced to join a conf or be left out every year until they do.
Mac has been great and I don’t see him playing poorly in any game this year. Especially with how defenses have been this year and the weapons he has.
I agree at this point there is no point in changing our defensive coordinators. But if he doesn’t get it fixed by next year I think it’s time for him to go
never thought I’d see the day were FSU didn’t even want to play it’s ACC opponents
Congrats to UGA on the commitment. Stud LB and someone I would have loved at UF given our LB woes. Not really shocking though
Lol then WTF are you? TDOW you have been a UGA troll for a long time. Boxster is a great poster and someone I actually enjoy on this site but you have no room to talk about trolling
Mullen did inherit a pretty bad situation. McElwein had lost the team which is why like 15 players were suspended the beginning of his last season and it was the worst team talent wise in a long time at UF. Mullen got the players to buy in completely right away and developed an offense and defense to work to the strengths of that roster.
I disagree. Saban has made Bama the gold standard and players go there after Saban until a different coach runs it into the ground
Frank’s was a train wreck before Mullen and Trask hadn’t started a football since middle school. I wouldn’t call that a competent QB room
Exactly. There were LSU fans declaring Myles Brennan the Heisman trophy winner.
Exactly. Alabama has more rushing TD due to having a far better Oline and a first round running back. As well as two first round receivers. All of which make it easier for Mac. Alabama can attack you in numerous ways unlike UF which every team is playing the pass. Which is why Trask imo is better. He doesn’t have the talent luxury Mac has
Ya but wouldn’t you weigh say TDs as more important than Completion percentage?
Honestly this question doesn’t matter because the transfer portal does exist and it doesn’t matter how Mullen gets the talent as long as he gets it