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So you’re going to discount all the sh*t UGA fans have been talking for two years. Shocker
That’s my point every fans have them. I would never make a comment about it
Oh the irony. UGA fans have been the most obnoxious overly confident fans on this site and now that someone else’s is acting like it they complain
And on top of all that this is Trasks first time starting in like 7 years
Which is why I brought up sack numbers. It obvious that Fromm had all day to throw where as Trask was constantly under pressure.
A UGA fan complaining about the arrogance of other fans lol that’s hilarious.
While Auburn only held LSU to 23 points LSU still had over 320 yds passing and 180 yds rushings with over 500 yds total offense.
He’s not hating on Fromm. It’s true Fromm shouldn’t be on this list. He hasn’t been that good at all this year and the stats back it up. Fromm has only thrown under 20 passes in two games Murray state and UK. Fromm avg 26 passes a game. He has thrown 2 less passes than Kyle Trask yet. Kyle Trask has 250 more yards completed 19 more passes and thrown 3 more touchdowns. Trask also played in 2.5 less games than Fromm. The biggest stat between the two is Fromm was only sacked 9 times all year for an avg of less than 1 sack a game while Trask was sacked 21 times in 9.5 games for an avg of over 2 sacks a game. So Fromm had way more time to throw the ball and a way better OLine blocking as well as a run game to set up the pass game.
Logic doesnt work with UGA fans like TDOW. Boxster and KirbySmart are holding up the UGA fans from all looking like morons
Do you ever get tired of saying stupid things TDOW. So if UF has more NC and SEC championships then UGA and is considered a failure then what is UGA or any team besides Alabama in the sec. Since you like to handpick records of teams UGA also has a losing record to Alabama, they also have a losing record to LSU and are one game above UT. I will say UGA does benefit from not having any good in state schools to play
Guys on our team had to go find people to train them for S&C
Ill admit Fromm played a large role in winning the game for UGA vs UF though I would say it was mainly UGA's defense that won that game. Besides that though Fromm is not the reason that UGA is 11-1 not even close. Where as Trask is clearly the reason we are 10-2 since we cant run the d@mn ball. In terms of being the reason a team is as successful as they are or just plain stats its clear Trask has been better than Fromm this year.
Also all those elite players werent even recruited by him and once they were gone well we went 4-8
Lol i cant believe someone can be so dense. Ya McElwain did come close but its because he had elite players on defense his offense was constantly trash which he was brought in to fix and he didnt take over a 4-8 team nor did he have to compete with a good UGA team. I honestly dont know if you're a idiot or not but its clear that Mullen has greatly improved our offense with the same players Mac had. He also beat a Michigan team that blew out UF twice in Macs time. MacElwain had far better talent at QB, at least 1 WR, and the entire defense was elite which bailed him out of games. He also never beat FSU and lost to UT. The fact that you even try to make an argument to compare Mac vs Mullen is laughable. Ya i get that your trying to make it seem like records dont matter but you do this by trying to look at the whole picture like the east was complete sh*t when Mac took over we had a way more talented team and he was brought in to fix offense which he never did.
Other facts are Mullen has done something in his first two years at UF no other coach in UF history has done. Mullen also has half the amount of 10+ wins in two seasons at UF as USCjr has in their history
Lol if you want i can post the stats of the UF vs USCjr game and the other fact is Mullen is 10-2 and about to play in a NY6 bowl while USCjr. has a losing record and not even playing in a bowl. Im sure everyone in the country would take being UF vs USCjr
he only had 6 turnovers last year. So you think he was going to turn it over more this your. Man youre dumb
So to all the idiot UGA and USCjr fans saying good luck to UF in the Citrus bowl look like morons now. UF will at best be ranked #6 before bowl games and at worst will be ranked #7. We are definetly going to a NY6 bowl and most likely the orange bowl with UGA in the Sugar bowl unless UGA upsets LSU then we're going to the Sugar bowl.
All those coaches I named had success at their second school and none of them coached in the best conference in football. Name the top 10 best coaches in football right now and do you honestly think any of them would be successful at MSST? Mullen elevated MSST to hieghts its never been before. He is the winningest or second winning est coach in MSST history and took them to more consecutive bowls than any other coach in that programs history. Mullen has only been at UF two years its not like hes been here 5 or 6 years so obviously hes going to lose a few games to top notch programs. He took over a dumpster fire. Also if you look at every stat in the UF vs USCjr game UF lead in the majority of them. Where as the uscjr vs UGA, USCjr only lead in turnovers and points. SO no its not safe to say that UF got lucky vs USCjr. ANother stat you have to look at is overall record. Its obvious that USCjr sucks based on its record so its pretty easy to assume that they got lucky vs UGA. Where is UF has a way better record than USCjr so to say UF got lucky doesnt hold much weight
Fromm will not win this game. IF UGA wins itll be because of defense not From