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lol DawgofWar proves with every post that he is an immature child. He can't even post with out name calling or saying something stupid
I dont think catching the ball is the problem its being in sync with your QB, route running, getting separation, and blocking
Idk what they base Pruitt being a good coach at UT but then not being sold on UF. Mullen took a 4-8 team to a NY6 bowl in is first year while pruitt didn't even take his team to a bowl game. Ya I think Pruitt will recruit well but doesn't mean he will be a good coach
Though I do agree with you that FLorida has a deeper and probably better WR group than georgia thats where our talent over UGA ends. Yes we may have a few others players that are better than UGA overall every other position group UGA has is better than ours even if just from a depth standpoint. Yes we have some great DB's but we are 1 or 2 injuries from McWilliams starting. UGA has arguably the best O-line in the country and our interior D-Line is not that great or deep so Id expect them to have success running against us. I do think that their passing game may not be as great just because of the continuity and talent they lost but should still be good. Overall I still see UGA beating us at least this year.
So is this pastor saying that jesus hasn't won since 1980?
and not a gator fan over here whining, throwing, insults, or complaining. I think its a pretty bad joke but to each his own.
Agreed but you can see a clear growth in a player like franks who struggled at a lot of things where as a player like Tua, Trevor Lawrence, or Jake Fromm came in as pretty good qb’s with the ability to read defenses, throw accurate balls, and make some adjustments.
I hope Florida takes it and don’t UT and TXam hate each other so UT won’t play them
True but then again Jeff Driskell is also on a NFL roster. I think Mullen tends to get the most out of his QB's but there are some things no coach can fix. I do agree though there are other positions that need development and I think Mullen has brought in the right coaches at a few of the spots especially reciever and O-line. I think we have the right coaches to develop our players minus our Safety's coach what we really need now is to bring in 2 or 3 positions coaches that can recruit. I would say we should replace our TE, Safety, and Special/RB team coaches with stud recruiters. Those are spots where I feel we can get away with not having the best developers of talent but stud recruiters.
well you kind of imply he cant carry the team when I think thats hard to argue either way
Sadly I don't think UF has the depth to go all they way
I honestly dont see him being a first round pick I think there are better NFL style Qb's available and there are question marks about this kid. Does he even want to play football? Why didn't he test in the NFL combine? Why doesn't he want to be measured? Can he hold up in the nfl? I could easily see 4 or 5 qb's picked before him
Kid was a baller in college but doesn't mean he will do well in the NFL. For examples see Tebow or Manziel
Idk Florida still has some huge question marks and lacks depth at quite a few positions. I see UF's only big challenge in the east being UGA and right now I see us losing that game. For some reason Mizzou has our number so idk what to expect that game and LSU should be really good. Honestly dont know what to expect from Auburn. I can see UF being anywhere from 8-5 to 11-2 with it most likely being around 9-4. I just see our Oline struggling and having a few injuries at key positions
I think i would take Tua over Fromm but Fromm is the perfect fit for what UGA likes to do
I like a lot of your posts but I disagree with this one. First off this is the SEC not the big 12 so most teams really heavily on the run. Second Fromm is not asked to throw it alot nor is it really ever needed by him so we dont know how he would do if he had to throw it 25+ times a game. But if you watch Fromm play he throws a very catchable ball, throws players open, is accurate, and makes good decisions. I dont personally think he is the most physically gifted QB in the sec but he may be the best qb between the ears. Also I dont see how being a game manager is a bad thing. Mizzou and Ole miss QB's sling it around all the time but you dont seem those teams playing for many SEC championships. I think Fromm is the clear #2 QB in the league 3-6 is a toss up for me
I think this all depends on the O-line not only are we inexperienced but we are also very thin across the O-line. The skill players are there if the Oline can hold up.
Comon man reading comprehension I said while mullen has been at UF which is 1 year vs Kirby has been at UGA. Theyve only played once and Kirby won