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I wish we would have every conference have to play one game against two other P5 conferences. Example ACC vs. SEC, SEC vs Big 10, Big 10 vs. Big 12, ACC vs Pac 12, Pac 12 vs Big 12. That or 9 conference games. Would like to see Florida play UM every year as well
But I am curious who would you want to play instead of a cupcake?
Normally I'd say yes but tbh this year I'd say no just for the fact that Felipe Franks and Emory Jones need reps to gain confidence going into the FSU game. Once we get our QB of the future than I would like to at least play a USF, FAU, UCF, FIU team before fsu or play another mid tier P5 team
hey just curious how close is that freshman cb at georgia to earning the heisman?
so female cousin it is then. you guys make a cute couple
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and ur one of the few idiot dawg fans
did xx ilmd xx get his cousin on this site? or is legend dd2 his other account?
Good god that may be the dumbest take ever but no surprise coming from you. So your saying a team is only as good as their players? no sh*t
Well there is only so many articles they can write about the sec they need their click bait to. They got you to click didnt they
I wouldnt go Les Miles though unless you can't get Brohm or Kiffen
I think a lot of people think it will be Brohm due to his connections there but I think Kiffen would be a great hire for them
why not? theyve had a few bad games but i still think theyre a top 25 team
WTF SDS this is just stupid to post which is why I dont frequent this site as often anymore
Lol kind of how they posted that bs article of the empty UF stadium 3 hours before the game
sh*t I thought they meant first year coach at a program not first year head coach period. Ya I read that wrong
I think this is a tough one but I would go with Dan Mullen. Obviously it seems biased but due to the fact we have the worst qb in the sec and are 7-3 coming off an 4-8 season I would say is pretty impressive but What pruitt das done to turn around the vols from last season and the beginning of this season is impressive. I just hope florida starts to recruit better and then it looks like the east will start to challange the west with UGA, Florida growing under mullen, Pruitt changing the culture at UT, and if UK can finish strong.
both of which are still ranked in the top 25 atm I believe
Well that's what sports analysts do they just give their opinion based on what they've seen
You do realize that florida was a 4 win team last year that was almost a 2 win team last year. I think every florida fan knows we aren't close to elite due to lack of depth and qualify of players at certain positions but we are light years better than where we were last year and every gator fan is more than happy about that. Plus Idk how you can say Florida is overrated. Every team besides Bama usually has that one game the struggle in that they shouldn't. They're called trap games. Plus if you watched the game it was amazing seeing the way our team came back and won we haven't come back from down by that much in like 15 years. Florida is still learning with a new coach so there will be obvious bumps in the road but I doubt any coach could have done as good a turn around job as Mullen has done so far.
Im with you boxster tennsesse is arguably the worst team in the sec east. As happy as gator fans are about the win lets see how we do against better sec competition.