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I think preseason rankings should be removed and rankings start after week 4
To bad. I knew he wasnt going to make it in but we need WR for next year and in 2021. Hopefully Mullen cuts down on recruiting kids with character and academic problems. THe amount of kids we lost this class will start to bite us in the butt next year
Well when you play in the ACC its not hard for your defense to look good. I agree with you Miami's D is a little over rated.
Is he going by college ranks or NFL or both. In college I thought he would go with Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Trevor Lawrence, Tebow, or Stephen Garcia. Any of those three for college
Im not saying Dan Mullen is a bad coach I think he is a great game day coach and hope he succeeds at UF. That being said Im not willing to crown him UF's savior and would like to see same changes to the staff and an improvement to recruiting.
Im not saying we havent won a few battles but for the most part we are losing most recruiting battles vs big name schools for kids in our state and honestly we dont know how good Elam or Copeland are neither one has played for us.
My point is our depth is a huge problem and our recruiting deficiencies arent helping. With the amount of playing time available we should have no problem recruiting safeties, RB, or Oline men
I agree but you would think he would still have a little more succes bringing in QB's
and lastly with as good as mullen is coaching QB's and his track record with QB's like Tebow, Prescott, Franks last year ect. He is struggling to recruit elite QB's all of them are project Qb's minus E Jones and even he needs a lot of work cleaning up his throwing.
Im happy Mullen won 10 games but we squeaked out quite a few games that could have gone either way. They went our way but through in a few more injuries last year and UF doesnt win 10 games. This isnt the NFL recruiting is extremely important and if you dont believe me just look at Bama or the last 10 NC they either had an amazing QB along with stud Dlinemen or recruited at an elite level. Even then some of those teams that didnt recruit well but had elite QB like auburn needed the ball to bounce their way to get to a NC. Now with the playoffs the need for elite talent is even higher.
Also our off the field recruiting staff was super disorganized and still has positions that Mullen hasn't filled. Mullen has made no improvements to his staff that sucked at recruiting at MSST and is hoping the UF brand wins them recruiting battles rather than elite recruiters. How many elite or really good RB are in Florida this year and we have 0 omitted including EJ Smith son of Emmit Smith. If you think recruiting isnt a problem you are blind. Mullen and his staff can certainly coach but poor recruiting leads to roster imbalances and that effects winnign especially playing in the sec gauntlet. We've brought in 1 safety in three recruiting cycles. We are dangerously thin at OL, interior DL, safety, and CB and we've struggled to recruit all those positions minus CB
I disagree the average fan may disagree with me but any real fan that understands college football would agree that UF recruiting is a big concern. How many players did we lose from our recruiting class? The reason we won some of those battles is due to character issues and grades not Mullen out recruiting other programs. Perception is reality and though the off the field issues weren't major or were handled appropriately the amount of issues put UF in a poor light. Maybe saying mullen doesnt care is poor wording but he has made no move to improve our recruiting in terms of top end recruiters or off the field staff. Dead weight in terms of coaches would be Ron English( not a great coach and terrible recruiter ranked #151), Greg Knox(decent running back coach but running back is an easy position to coach and athleticism is the most important trait here ranked #285 recruiter in the nation.)(side note for Knox is he has been with Mullen for a while so I would just say move him to asst. Head coach and special teams coach), David Turner(D-Line coach idk how good a coach he is but Im sure we could do better ranked 276 recruiter.) So those three I would say are dead weight and Gonzales is a terrible recruiter as well but I doubt Mullen fires him or Knox. We have not landed one elite RB, WR, or Saftey and we are struggling to land a saftey or RB period especially with available playing time this is unacceptable.
To be honest I think this scores are way off especially UF and UGA. I would say UGA fans are a 10 and UF fans are a 7.5-8. If Mullen did in three years what smart did at UGA on and off the field then UF woul be a 10. Like most UGA fans have pointed out smart is new to being a head coach and he lost two really close games to the greatest coach in college football history. Granted if 3-4 years from now if Kirby hasn’t won anything then I’d be nervous as a UGA fan but at least I would know he would be leaving the roster in great shape for the next head coach. Mullen’s on the field success is great and excited a lot of fans but off the field has been close to a disaster (not all his fault). Recruiting is king in college football and Mullen struggles a lot in this department. The most frustrating thing for me as a UF fan is Mullen seems like he doesn’t care or want to fix this problem. We have brought in 0 elite recruiters and have a few dead weight coaches on staff that should be fired
Kinda feel bad for the kid. This is why he should have come to UF over UGA in the first place. UF runs the perfect offense for him and Dan Mullen certainly knows how to coach up QBs look at franks jump under Mullen. Sadly I think fields will flame out and never do much in college due to not being in the right system
“I’d think we did a poor job recruiting if guys were coming in and then immediately leaving. -Dan Mullen. There you go dawgs of war posted it for you. Thanks for the 5 star btw
Guess he’s not winning the heisman this year like he predicted. In all seriousness I hope he gets better asap
I agree our depth after this year is pretty thin at db
I don’t think there is anything wrong with TFK thinking our schedule is manageable compared to some other teams and based on how most expect us to do this year
Gatorgrad12 your comment made me laugh more than it should have
Just need corch I here to make it a dumb and dumber party or throw in princess neagan and it makes up the sds hillbillies
You also have to throw in queen neagan in there. He doesnt troll as much as these guys but when he does he is by far the dumbest UGA fan on here.
How is Florida overrated? In Mullen’s first year he took a four win team to ten wins and a NY6 bowl win. Most people expect Florida to get better in its second year?
Man you and corch are sad individuals. Make a good team as the SDS hillbillies though or is it dumb and dumber?