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It’s never over till the fat UGA troll sings. Kid is a heck of a player and hopefully we can hold on to him. I’m sure it won’t hurt Bama much.
UGA fans still complaining about UFs schedule when UF beefed up their schedule with legit teams. They may not be NC quality teams but Utah is a decent opponent plus Texas and ND in the same year as well as two other p5 teams. UF has definitely beefed up its schedule a lot. But like always UGA fans have to pretend they are the best at everything that doesn’t involve winning a NC.
Vandy will never leave the SEC. they bring in a ton of money just for playing in the sec and though they suck at football they are good at other sports. There’s at least one team in every p5 conf that shouldn’t be there
I don’t think his seat is ice cold but it’s definitely not hot either. It’s clear that UGA is completely committed to winning and I think eventually in the next 5 years if smart doesn’t make a NC game his seat will get warm to hot. Eventually there’s no excuse with the talent he has. But I could be completely wrong
Pretty sure Tebow has never taken credit for any of the many great things he’s done to help people. And please don’t compare that idiot Lebron to Tebow. Lebron is a great athlete but in terms of a good person I doubt it. Especially after his tweet instigating a cop should be murdered after that cop shot a black girl to stop her from stabbing and possibly killing another black girl. Just because Tebow follows a religion doesn’t make him a bad person. Though a lot of people have used Relgions and Christianity to prey on people and steal their money there are those who truly abide by and believe in what they preach. Tebow appears to be truly genuine in his belief.
Plenty more deserving than Tebow? I doubt that. I will agree that there are other athletes that do great things but they don’t generate interest that Tebow brings that interest brings more awareness to the foundations he runs and is apart of such as kids with special needs or human trafficking. Tebow has always had great character and is definitely someone to model after. Everyone should be routing for Tebow imo if not because you like him merely for the fact that him doing well should translate over into helping the charities he runs get more publicity which in turn helps a lot of people in need. Idk why Tebow being a good person triggers you Tiger TD or anyone for that matter.
The amount of interceptions he threw was a lot but I think he cuts that down a lot this year. I also thinks that’s from him having to throw so much and forcing things due to his horrible defense. Dude is pretty athletic, has great arm strength and accuracy, and can make all the throws.
I agree honestly I’d take him over any QB in the sec. I could only imagine if he was at UF this year. Corral is a very good and for some reason underrated qb
Idk about UGA going undefeated, Clemson should be good but they are an unknown. Honestly there’s to many unknowns to really know what is going to happen this year with so many major teams breaking in new qbs but besides Clemson and maybe UF, UGA should have a pretty easy road the rest of the season. Even if UGA losses to Clemson they have a good shot at the sec championship and playoffs
Couldn’t have said it better myself Boxster just like feminism and BLM being woke may have started with good intentions but it has transformed into something ugly and dangerous along with our cancel culture. And to think that I couldn’t like you anymore than I do boxster. Deff my favorite UGA fan in this site
The first round projections and Heisman odds I remember clearly by them so I’ll look for it for u. In terms of getting passed on the depth chart is more just speculation. Why would he transfer to UGA and then not try to play?
Well when the shoe fits since a lot of the UGA fans that comment on UF articles spend more time on our articles then their own it comes off as obsessive especially when it’s not to have an actual conversation but to act like an @ssclown
I mean I hope even you and most fans can realize PFFF is trash and was trash when they talked about Newman last year. Most UF fans are pretty realistic minus when it comes to playing UGA
Marsh it is about power. Notice the people making the biggest fuss about it. Most of them are liberal white men and the left media and all of them are on the left. Idk why everyone thinks our politicians or government care about us but it’s clear they don’t and their actions show that time and time again. Why people fall for this bs is beyond me. It’s all just a distraction from other major issues and to further divide this country. There are the majority of Americans white or black born into poor or low income homes and it has nothing to do with their skin color. Racism is real but it is no longer a big enough problem to hinder anyone from achieving there goals and in a lot of cause being a minority gives you preference over others
Athletes and strong men do it all the time what’s your point
I agree with swamp to often now things are viewed as racist that aren’t even close to being racist. Feminism is the exact same way. Heck they are making Superman black lol. And I don’t have any problem with a black superman John Stewart is my favorite green lantern and Miles Morales is a bad ass Spider-Man. Heck even a unique hero like Hancock was awesome. Why ruin Clark Kent’s character they have other versions of a black superman in multiverse. And why do they only try to do this with black characters? Why don’t they make a big deal about Hispanics, Asians, Indians, ect.? Are those races not important? This is just one example of the woke culture making something about race that has no need to be about race. And just by me saying all this I’ll be labeled a racist.
I can’t imagine he cares I mean the kid has not even started a single game for UF and he’s a junior
Only UGA fans like PFFF because it over hyped your qbs. Only last year before the season it had Jamie Newman as a first round pick and Heisman contender. Jamie Newman never played a down for UGA and went undrafted. Literally the complete opposite of what the PFFF predicted. I think Emory Jones is a good qb or had the potential to be job but in no way is he a first rounder. I mean what does PFFF even look at to make these projections. I mean if Newman was such a good QB why’d he transfer to UGA and then decide not to play unless he got passed on the depth chart?
Oh as a matter of fact I do. What qb holds the record for the most interceptions thrown in a season as a QB? Two hints. 1. He used to play for UT and never beat UF 2. He’s a hall of fame NFL QB and won two superbowls
A UGA fan commenting on another fan being petty is pretty ironic
Dude is a moron I’m surprised he’s not a IGA fan
Tuas only played one year. Imagine if we ranked every qb off their first year in the NFL. Peyton Manning seems like a bust to
Goodluck to Mac he went to a good team hopefully they can get him some weapons
Trust me he cares nothing for educating himself. Ignorance is bliss for him