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Wow Mullen to UF and Fisher to A&M should not be on here. They are both great coaches but they haven't coached a game yet which knows how it will go. Kirby smart should be like 3 spots higher. He changed the culture at Georgia after his first year and has them at an extremely high level. Very confusing list after the top four.
Hopefully he can recruit QBs and keep Matt Coral on board
Lol I was hoping he'd go to uf. Hope he works out for you guys.
Also get recruiting classes consistently in the top ten with a few top 5
I just want to see improvement every year. Muschamp could barely field an offense to beat fau and that lost to Georgia southern and McElwains offense got worse each year. If Florida wins the games they're supposed to and goes 50/50 on the other games the first 2-3 years I think fans will be happy. But we do eventually want to compete for nc
Why? This guy has way more coaching experience and has coached in the sec at two big programs.
The fans might protest his hire. You never know ;)
It would be awesome to see Fields go to UF but it's very unlikely. The only thing about him going to UGA is he'll probably have to sit behind Fromm for three years then he has to win the starting spot because who knows what other QBs Georgia brings in the next three years. Lastly Mullens system focuses on Fields stregnths where as Georgias offense doesn't do that. But if he does go to Georgia I wish him good luck
What are they supposed to say? "Mullen off to terrible start" they are saying he's off to a good start because he's already got most of his staff in, has clearly excited the fan base, and is hitting the recruiting road hard. So it's a promising start they didn't say successful.
And I bet you think msst goes undefeated. Clearly you haven't seen our schedule easily a 7-8 win season with a possibility of 9-10
I doubt dabo to bama would happen but I also don't think Saban will leave bama
I think there is two ways to fix this. First go 2 an 8 team playoff, with all p5 conference championship, next 2 highest ranked non conference champions, and the last spot for and undefeated non p5 school like UCF or the third highest ranked non conference champions. Make it a rule so no more than 2 schools per conference can get in and then bam problem solved. Next is I think every conference needs to schedule games against two other conferences. So like big 10 plays big 12 and sec, sec plays acc and big 10, acc plays pac12 and sec, pac 12 plays acc and big 12. So like Florida plays fsu now they need to schedule a big 10 opponent.
If you guys got Peterson that would be an amazing hire my uncle coached tennis at Boise State when Peterson was there and talked about his character a lot def a class act. Only problem is he's a midwest/west coast kinda guy from what I hear
I think we'll be ready by by 2022 or 2023. But I think gator fans need to be more patient with this coach than the last 2. I do think Muschamp and McElwain were very bad hires for us and I'm glad they're gone, I do think Mullen is our guy and we need to give him time. Unfortunately no one is going to be bama but bama. Last thing I want is Mullen to pull an Urban Meyer. As long as we improve I'm ok with a few up and down years.
Ya I don't see fields decommiting but I'd be happy if we could sign Emory Jones. It will be a couple years till we can truly play toe to toe with UGA but idk any other tuly good team in the east, and who knows who the FSU coach will be. I can see us being an 8-9 win team next year. But soon the the cocktail party will be a fun game to watch. Good luck UGA in the playoffs
Well the other thing about venables is he's been around dabo who is one of the best 4 coaches in college football so at least he sees what it takes to become a champion
Well I guess most of us do. Some ppl here are to stupid to realize that when bowl season comes around we want every sec team to win.
Sorry what I mean is I think he is the only coach that can consistently give bama a run for their money. I think Clemson wins but good luck to you guys. I'd like to see Georgia vs bama
That's why I thought that he would take the Arkansas job
I think they should go to an 8 team playoff. 5 spots for conference champs, 1 spot for non p5 school if undefeated and the last 2 spots go to the highest ranked p5 teams that aren't conference champs. I think that makes it a little more fair
Then why comment on something that you didn't read or think is irrelevant that just seems stupid guess those apps tests didn't help you. Apparently you were second because your we're a semi finalist for the national merit as well as bama finishing second in the sec. Btw what are obvious fats?