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Haven’t seen Negan around in a while. TDOW won’t come here he only goes on negative recruiting articles or articles about 3 star recruits.
UGADAWG78 so my question for you is should UCF have played in the playoffs a in 2018 and 2019 since they went undefeated in the regular season both those years? They played arguably better teams than Clemson did this year.
KS that just proves my point. PFF simply grades teams based on talent not coaching or other important factors.
The PFF is a trash rating no one takes them serious.
Yes but there’s two differences. 1) UF played two P5 and rivalry games last year and 2) UF has activity gone out and added P5 teams to its future schedule.
The one thing you can say about Fromm is he made the right reads and didn’t turn the ball over very much. We still don’t know if JN can do either consistently in a new scheme. He seemed to be a one read QB for the most part at Wake.
I disagree I think 2020 is the best year to take down UGA. The entire offense has new starters pretty much and a new system. If Smart completely turns over the offense to the OC which I highly doubt then I could see UGA making a legit NC run if they get Vandergriff at QB.
This is not possible TDOW assured me that Mullen was a goofy idiot and no one would want to play for him. Which is why our whole team transferred or quit unlike UGA who has not had one player decommit or transfer from UGA since Smart has been there.
Maybe you should apply to be the next UF coach. My guess is you couldn’t coach yourself out of a brown paper bag
Lol you can speculate all you want but you were still wrong. And since you’re such a smart guy and appear to know way more about football than our idiot coach
Corch didn’t you have like UF losing 4-5 games in the preseason. You and TDOW are the biggest idiots when it comes to predicting anything UF
First we have no idea how Smart changes the offense. I still think he will ground and pound it a good amount. Second your new QB will be learning a new offense along with all your skill players and he has no experience with any of them. Third you return 1 olineman. Even if your backups/now starters are more talented on paper that doesn’t automatically mean the will be better than the guys they replaced. Oline is the most developmental position in football plus you just lost your stud oline coach. Plus none of your receivers have proven anything yet. So no proven wr. No proven TE, Loss of a stud RB, brand new starting oline, new offense, new OC, and new/transfer QB. I get the optimism but I think it’s misplaced right now at least
I’m not saying Newman isn’t good but I think it’s unfair that Newman would come in and automatically be the starter. He will have more talent around him but he will also be playing against teams with way more talent on defense. Any legit defensive team he struggled against and except for Clemson I can’t think there was much of a talent gap between him and the other Acc teams he played against
I agree with you. Unless Savanna retires really soon and all the pieces just fall into place for him.
Lol nothing wrong with LSU celebrating they had a magical season. 18-22 y/o kids are going to act like 18-22 y/o kids. As for next year I def see a drop off for LSU to around a 9-3 season which I think is still pretty good.
I wouldn't say light-years but I do agree it should be slightly easier for UF since they play UGA and Ole Miss instead of Bama and Auburn. Both teams should have a really good shot to win their divisions though. Other thing is UGA plays both Bama and Auburn before they head to Jacksonville which could be a big factor for UF.
Idk if it was just Jameis either. Dalvin Cook and that defense were nasty. That team was absolutely stacked that year. We will see if Jimbo can do it at A&M.
I will never. I repeat never count Bama out until Saban leaves and even then they will probably be my favorite to win the SEC. They are my favorite to win next year but if Jimbo ever was going to show he is worth the money they are paying him next year is it. There's just to much turnover by all the top teams in the west and with that schedule. If Jimbo cant win the west next year when will he?
you can say that about a lot of kids though. Why would any kid go anywhere but Bama or now Clemson.