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Im actually curious. If I'm correct isnt Tyson Campbell a freshman?
I mean he played the most important half of football last year which won his team a NC.
I would take Fromm over Lock
Trust me bud no one is on, near, or ever wants to be near your "tip"
Im not trying to do "black culture" because black people have a rich and diverse cultutre depending on where they come from like Haiti, Jamaica, Africa, ect. What I was trying to do was "stupid" just to see if you would understand
TBH I think Georgia's year is next year or the year after that
QB retention rate? Dude FLorida's track record is even worse. Cam Newton, Jeff Driskell, Jacoby Brisset, Tyler Murphy, and Will Grier. Not only did all those QB's transfer but when they did they all started on another team and were way more succesful than at UF. Heck 2 are in the NFL and a third one is about to be. Also btw what I mean by worse is the QB's that left were actually succesful at the school they transferred to
Exactly and obviously there's going to be smack talk between rivals and fans getting excited and arrogant or just defending their team. Which may cause a few people to say stupid things but at least I understand what they are saying
Also to add to this article if Im georgia I think one loss isn't a big deal nor is not making it to the playoffs this year. This may be a somewhat down year for UGA in terms of fan expectations by which I mean lose maybe a game or two and not make the playoffs. But give it another year or two with fields and the way you guys are recruiting and I can see a couple NC in the near future.
Well I dont think Fl fans expect to beat UGA. I mean some of them do have crazy unrealistic expectations. Like I've said before 8-4 or even 7-5 with a win against FSU and an improved offense is all I want. Florida is in need for a big rebuild. We need depth at almost every postion and we need an actual sec caliber O-Line and a real QB.
*not always agree with BamaTime or Bunker Buster
WTF do you keep making this a race thing. Trust me bro it's not. I don't know the race of anyone on this website but I dont dislike any1 here. I might not always agree with some UGA or UT fans, i might always agree with Bamatime or Bunker Buster but at least they bring something to this website. The problem is not race its stupidity you feel me. Bring a logical somewhat non bias opion to this website and don't act like Georgia has always been the greatest team and they are unbeatable with the greatest coach and the best players because we all know thats bs and you do to. Make logicalish arguaments. When you say bama sucks and the only reason they won is because of the refs you sound retarded because when I watched that game I saw a lot of mistakes made by georgia leading to bama winning. The refs dont leave wr wide open for game winning td's
No it was that bad but luckily UT seems to be heading in the right direction. I believe that in a few years they will be a top 3 team in the east and top 5 in the conference
Oh boy I see ILoveMyDawgs comin soon and spouting some bs incomprehensible non sense
You know georgia might as well get handed the NC Trophy right now and everyone can just play to go to bowl games because georgia going to win at all and has the best players at every position and the greatest coach to only ever coach a whopping two years so far and not win a NC. Na meen mg dont doubt UGA the best team for the rest of history "FAM"
Why are you on here pls at least keep your stupidity to Georgia only boards
No you’re not right about pretty much anything
If there is one team that hasn't been given unearned shots at NC's it's bama. I would agree with you if bama got destroyed in the playoffs but instead they have proven time and time again that they deserve to be there. I have no love for bama and even pulled for georgia last year but Im not foolish enough to say that bama has not earned every NC they've won the last 8 years.
Who's we? We know you're not going to be in Cali and we also know that your fanbase doesn't want you.
If you just commented on how good georgia is no one would mind to much. There's no denying Georgia is good. But what you say is not only down right stupid half the time it's incomprehensible.
ILoveMyDawgs I guess the real question is can you afford to be in attendence
You know I actually now use ILoveMyDawgs posts as comic relief because of the sheer stupidity of everything he says. I dont think Ive seen a more unintelligent person on a forum in my life