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Obviously this season doesn’t count since the sec teams didn’t choose to they had to
We have quite a few scheduled but nice try
Look at UFs 2031 schedule. Has any college football team in the last 30 years chose to play all P5 teams? I doubt it and I know UGA hasn’t
I think Gilbert already showed how good he is with his freshman season at LSU and firmly place’s himself imo as the best TE in the SEC. Bowman has yet to show anything in college but there is a very clear reason he was a 5 star RB and why everyone wanted him
While Florida isn’t on this list I think it’s fair to point out that they didn’t sign any players because we are full minus one spot which we will fill in the portal. Of course can’t expect UGA trolls to be honest. Also funny how this article literally doesn’t mention UF yet UGA fans still need to bring up UF. Notice how Alabama fans don’t bring up Auburn. Also Arik Gilbert and Demarcus Bowman are better than any offensive skill position UGA signed this year.
I get it. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story but Trask was actually hurt one of those years in the beginning of the season so your wrong
Lol because someone predicted us to not make a NY6 bowl? Ok bud
That defense was historic alright. Made that Bama offense look terrible. Florida’s looked awful to
When you have elite running backs, Oline, and receivers it makes a QBs job way easier. Mac won’t have the luxury of having 5+ seconds to throw the ball and recievers 10 yds open.
If be shocked if Mac Jones went in the first round. Not a knock on Mac but I don’t see him doing well in the NFL. Great College qb but I think playing for Bama actually hurt him a bit in terms of preparing him for the NFL. Same with Tua.
Some UGA fans are so dense. Are you guys mad that UF Twitter page made a light hearted joke about the cheating that UT brought on themself? Lol UGA fans have no problem saying way worse to UT fans
I’d agree. Bama has been very impressive all year
Congrats to smith and I think they made the right choice. The rest of the order of the top 5 is bs but they got the winner right
Congrats to Smith it was clear he was the best player in college football and deserved it. Not that it matters but I think it’s complete BS that Tlaw was second Mac and Trask were both way better
Name one thing I made up? Also our defense had numerous chances to stop LSU at the end and failed. Or did u forget the shoe throw. Heck Alabama had six first team all Americans and 5 were on offense if that doesn’t show the talent gap between Alabama and literally anyone else idk what to tell you.
I never knocked Mac for playing weak defenses. I said Florida’s defense sucks which I know you know is true. Like I said I think Mac is a great QB but anyone can see the superior talent he has around him compared to Trask. Mac rarely gets pressured like Trask because Alabama has an elite Oline. Mac rarely has to carry the team himself because he has to Heisman finalists on his team. It’s not Macs fault he’s on a more talented team but it should be taken into consideration. Mac isn’t the reason Alabama is where it is. It’s the incredible talent Alabama has with a good offense that makes Alabama great. Florida has no run game and an awful defense. So every game the weight is squarely on Trasks shoulders. I’ve said it earlier but Mac has gone two games without a single touchdown and Alabama destroyed both teams. If Trask went two games without scoring a TD Florida losses 100% of the time this year. Heck even if Trask plays great Florida can still lose. As shown in the A&M and Alabama games
Also two of Florida’s three losses were two teams with defenses in the top three of the sec.
Can’t give Mac credit? Dude no one has said Mac is a bad QB and every gator fan has said he is top two in the Sec. no one has talked sh$t about Alabama or Mac as a QB we just think trask is better and there is certainly a case to be had. The problem with Bama fans and you In particular is if we don’t agree that everything about Bama is better than every other team you get triggered. You guys can’t admit that any team is better or any player is better than yours.
Dude this is Florida’s worst defense in like 30 years. Everyone knows that. You have to be an idiot not to admit that. Every fan on this sight knows that and it’s been brought up by numerous sites and college sport shows
I can easily answer that question. It’s why every Alabama QBs has struggled in the NFL. The QBs are used to having elite talent all around them far superior to anyone else. Tua rarely if ever had to throw in tight windows and when he did he knew his reciever was better than the other guy. Doesn’t work like that in the NFL. Same reason Mac will struggle in the NFL
Also it was Harris that went off the UF game
One more thing to point. Both games where teams challenged Mac and Mac showed up were easily and by far and away the worst defenses Mac faced and it’s not close
Bama time your kinda making my point though. Trask is pretty much Florida’s whole team. If he plays a bad game we lose. Heck he could play a great game which he did against Bama and Texas A&M and we lose. We have no defense and no running game to lean on if Trask is struggling. All the pressure is on Trask. Teams no that and that’s why defenses started dropping 8. And even then teams were getting pressure on Trask. Mac Jones does not have to deal with that. He doesn’t have to carry his team each and every week. The one game where a team dropped 8 men in the box Mac couldn’t do anything but take his check downs. Not a single completed pass of 20 or more yards. No touchdowns thrown and only 200 yds passing. Bama still destroyed them though because they don’t need Mac to destroy teams. Florida needs Trask just to win games