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I agree and UGA will be good for awhile but that comment was more to excite the UF fan base than throw a shot at Georgia
ARe you that mad uga lost the nc? Not bashing uga but common you have got to be kidding me with these comments. What do you want him to say oh I hate my job Florida is a terrible place. Obviously he’s trying to sell if and excite the fan base. I swear between this comment and the one about Florida being lucky to be the fourth best in the east next year. Make you seem very childish.
Not the worst at least like bama they have earned the right to talk crap maybe not on the level bama can but still. The worst is when a fan base talks crap but can’t back it up
And records have know bearing on the future look at smarts first year record. Smh
I’ve seen a couple uga complain or whine or seem upset about it. I agree with you tbh uga shouldn’t give a crap either way
Yes I know the records of every team last year but UCF and FSU have knew coaches so who know how good those schools will be in the future and unless we play Fau, USF, or fiu then we don’t need to worry about them. The only team doing good on the field against good competition and on the recruiting trail is Miami.
You sir are absolutely correct and I am jealous but and hopeful for UF football and though stars dont mean everything they do mean a lot. It will be interesting how well Smart can develop those players. Im curious to see how georgia does next year especially with the senior leadership that is now gone
I hope not. I hope the top of the board is to win the NC. What Mullen said should be long forgotten by the time we play. UGA is on the rise and this coment shouldn't even make their bulletin
So many upset Georgia fans. Chill out guys you're doing just fine. This comment is more about exciting our fan base than anything else no need to get so upset
Wow I've read some pretty dumb posts on here and I understand your passion for UGA football but to say that florida would be lucky to be the 4th best team in the east is just stupid. I don't know why you mention taggart he hasn't proven himself yet in any way at a big school, tennesse still has a lot of problems to fix, and Kentucky really? Right now the only team in our state we need to worry about is Miami and in the Sec east is georgia and south Carolina. I congratulate what UGA and smart have done and are doing in such a short time but why couldn't mullen replicate that success as well? Maybe not to the extent that UGA did but common man your kidding yourself if you think Florida would be lucky to be ranked 4th in the east.
Wow I'm surprised at how pissed georgia fans are about the blind squirrel quote. Obviously it was toward our fan base to get them excited and to add heat to the rivalry but damn georgia fans no need to get so upset. I mean making the the cfp championship game and having the number 1 recruiting class should make you plenty happy. But yet I see you guys whining on here comparing us to UK and that we're below tennesse and stuff about Taggart. I dont know if you guys missed the last three years but our offense has been abysmal under McElwain so any coach is an upgrade compared to him. Not only that we've seen Mullen have success with lower tier athletes in the sec so I'd imagine he'd be more successful with better athletes on the weaker side of the conference. What georgia did and is doing is very impressive with Mr. Smart but you guys for seem reason still seem really butt hurt
I don’t get that. First bad move by Mullen. Seider is a hell of a rob coach and recruiter I can’t believe Mullen moved him to TE coach and then lost us our best recruiter
That was pretty cute and hopefully Fromm does FaceTime him I know it would make that kids day
There’s always a couple in every fan base that makes the fan base look bad
Got to say that def looks like a foul and should have been called. Love when the gators win but I hate when they win like this where that foul could have decided the game
I feel like Nick Saban is the guy that wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he wasn’t coaching he’s to driven by it still. And with Saban at the helm Bama will be a contender every year
Well since Florida got rid of him after the first accident I don’t see your point. Every college recruits a trouble maker every now and again
TBh I like the idea of every p5 conference playing 8 conf games and then 2 non conf power 5 teams.
Well I guess Bama will go on a 34 point run in the second half because Georgia spotted your 13 in the first half.
I hope so it would be nice to see the cocktail mean something more than just bragging rights. Good luck to Georgia in the NC I’m pulling for you guys. Wish you guys the best of luck in the future as well except in the cocktail party.
No one will ever be Alabama. Bama is Bama and what Saban has done there is special. Georgia is Georgia and what smart is doing there is special. Yes they are comparable because they have winning recipes, good defense and a strong run game. no wonder they’re playing each other in the NC. But the media loves their stories so here we are with an “Alabama east”.
I think it’s very clear hurts isn’t very good at qb. But I think Alabama is the only team were you don’t have to have a good qb to win a nc. I love how people say that hurts has played in two NC games so that makes him good. If you put hurts on Georgia, ohio state, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, or another good team he wouldn’t be in a NC. I really hope Tua gets a chance to play next season. It would really suck to see that talent go to waste
You're right bamatime. Congrats to bama on making it an all sec NC. Wish both teams good luck