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The fact UK isn’t on here is a joke. UK is easily better than Louisville
Lol your funny. Remember when you said miami would beat us last year. I hope you don’t gamble
Corch is a f*cking moron. Even the UGA fans on here know it.
Lol using UCF logic App state and UNC were both better then UGA last year. Since the both beat USC and USC beat Georgia
Lol I hope your kidding. Do you really think it’s more likely that Texas, Oklahoma state who is losing at half to Tulsa, Cincinnati, or two Acc teams in the playoffs happen before Florida makes it in? I’m not saying that Florida makes it but all these guys besides Pollack picked one random team that while definitely not make the playoffs
I mean I don’t hate the guy personally and would take him al day over McElwein but I just don’t think he is head coach material
It’s to bad he went to USC. This is not to knock USC but Muschamp. Muschamp has a terrible track record with qbs and Hillinski is just the next on the list.
Muschamp sure knows how to ruin Qbs. He did it at UF and is continuing it at USC. It’s shocking how he is able to recruit 5 star qbs when his track record with qbs is so poor no matter who the OC is.
Which is unfortunate for burrow. Kid is a good qb but no rookie should be throwing the ball 60+ times. Just shows how bad Bengals Oline is which can easily cause Burrow to get injured and stunt his growth. Hopefully they fix the problem the next couple years
I have UGA below USC and ole miss. UGA has no qb with any sec starting experience and the only qb they have with any experience is coming off an injury and isn’t even medically cleared to play yet
Time to redo this list and move UGA down like 2-3 spots
Wait the Heisman front runner is sitting out? this hurts UGA big time.
Tbh this is smart on his part. He doesn’t lose any electability and gets a whole year honing his game on the college level. Hopefully he turns into a stud.
I’m with you. I’m not here to sh*t on UT but they were not good at all last year. They lost to some bad teams and didn’t beat any good ones. What’s more surprising is they are getting more love than UK who has been really good the past few years
Poor kid hate to see this happen. Two torn acls is a lot to come back from
I don’t know how Georgia fans can be so optimistic their offense will be better this year. Normally I would say it couldn’t get worse but based on the circumstances I think I can this year. this year is very unique and Football especially for Georgia. A lot of turnover on the offense of side of the wall including a new quarterback and pretty much brand new offense of line.Even though the offensive line has gotten a lot of reps they have to learn a brand new blocking scheme. They have a new offensive coordinator. A brand new quarterback that has to learn a new scheme and have to get a custom to playing in the SEC. on top of all that throw out spring practice and limited fall practice. Finally after all of that they play an SEC only schedule. I don’t see how any of this favor of Georgia for having improvement on the offense of side the ball.