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Holy crap. Take out a few UGA trolls and UF and UGA fans can have legit conversations about playing each other. I knew it could happen.
Clearly you cant go back and watch the game withoug your cock glasses so please stop being such a whiney lil b*tch.
Completely agree with 1. I have never seen a more uneccesary targeting in my life. 9 is a dirty player and I have no respect for him.
I would say no unless they change OC's and even then he may not.
Thanks bill. I'd say Id save a seat at the bar during bowl season but UF will be bowling
Lol UK scored 0 points. They didnt give the game to anyone they just flat out lost.
Hope your whole team shows up to the swamp on game day then
they dont play anyone any year outside the SEC
No SEC championship and no quality win. I agree it would be hardto put bama in then. Even with a couple 1 loss P5 Conf champs.
It’s pretty nice especially since I heard all season they were going to beat us. Maybe next year
I mean what would UGA beating UF have to do with USCjr losing to UF or barely making a bowl game
Just like Auburn was going to beat us down on USCjr was going to beat us lol. Keep talking your dumb sh*t
lol ok man. The only people looking stupid are USCjr fans. Good luck in the belk bowl