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Georgia Keeps winning in Dominant Fashion and yet keeps falling in the polls. What happens (if) they get past Bama this weekend, I suppose they will be out of the top 10 all together? TCU let Texas Tech put 50+ on the board (No Defense) Ohio State struggled with yet another unranked and still gets put at the top?(Over Rated) Notre Dame's only respectable Win was against Georgia Tech who Lost to unranked Duke this weekend and yet Jump ahead? #NoLoveForTheDawgs
And this is why The Vols will never build a powerhouse program again. If a coach doesn't win a Freak'n National Championship with in 3 years, their ostracized. Butch Jones has been recruiting very well and given enough time will turn what was a wreck of a program back in too a nationally respected one. Keep running the coach's out and don't complain when Florida streak hits 20 in a row.
It is an obvious Targeting of the official and the players as well as the Coach should be disciplined. That being said........That Pony Tail though....LMAO.
It makes no sense because your a Bama fan. The GA Game only played for 3 quarters and Chubb still had his 9th consecutive 100+ Rushing game. As anyone who knows and understands CFB. defenses are usually broke and winded by the 4th quarter and that would have only allowed Chubb to run up the stats and Broke 200 yards and tack on another touchdown or 2.
Not to Knock Henry and his play in the least but the Georgia Game was only 3 quarters and as everyone knows. in the SEC the defenses are broke by the 4th quarter which would have allowed Chubb to run up the stats..
Chubb did it in a game that only went 3 quarters.
The only real test in front of UGA will be Auburn on the 11-15 and Todd Gurley will be back. So if Georgia wins the SEC Championship with only 1 loss, how can the committee not put them in the playoffs justifiably? and if this is the case, Why did they rank them so low? Me thinks Politics are at play here but lets see how it all plays out. That's why we play the game...GO DAWGS!