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Very true. This was the year that offenses dominated and defenses struggled to keep pace. It's not just a UF problem, but was prevalent throughout college football.
Your bulldogs are getting humiliated right now....way to struggle against a group of five team.
Florida's defense couldn't get lined up correctly. When UK was in the redzone, UK had trips right with only two UF DBs over to guard them. I saw our true freshman DL Dexter yelling over at Marco Wilson (senior) to get to the other side. We straight up look lost, and it hasn't gotten any better as the year's gone by. Need to worry about UT and LSU afterwards, but Bama should have a field day with this defense. Go Gators.
Florida beat UGA and is the better team. Get over it and move on....
This may be the very first Gator SDS article that doesn't have the standard UGA trolls in the comments section. Where'd ya'll go?
Which championship is better, a Special Teams championship or being champions of life?
So very true. While I don't like seeing these cupcakes, the smaller schools need it to keep their programs going. It is what it is.
Florida had a lot of success with the Fun 'N Gun long before the Air Raid came to the SEC. I'm sure it can work, or at least bring about some amount of success. The LSU game somewhat validates that. Now, does MSU still win the game if Death Valley was packed with fans? Who knows?
Food for thought: UGA's last Natty is closer to the attack on Pearl Harbor than it is to today's date. Let that one sink in...
Davis is a good player, but I can't stand his antics when he makes a good play. He always showboats and kisses to the crowd. It cost the Gators a 15 yard penalty last year vs Kentucky after he made an INT. Get off of Twitter. Take your ejection like a man and shut your mouth, whether you agree or not. It's part of the game. Deal with it. Go Gators.
Florida came out firing on all cylinders for four straight quarters. Not a lot of other teams can say that they did that yesterday. The only other I could think of was Miss St, although they almost shot themselves in the foot with several late game turnovers.
As I’ve said before, UGA’s last national championship is closer to the attack on Pear Harbor than today’s date. Let that sink in...
Food for thought: UGA’s last Natty was closer in time to the attack on Pearl Harbor than compared to todays’s date. Just saying...
So I wanted to see if your claim that UF trolls are all over UGA articles, because I don't think that's the case. I looked at the most recent UGA article on SDS that I found, and the title was "Georgia football: 5 records that might be broken in 2020, and 2 that will never be", written 4 days ago. That article had 67 comments, and only 5 were from UF fans. None of which were any smack talk at all. (5/67 = 7% of all comments from UF fans). This article alone has 17 comments, 6 of which are from UGA fans. That's 35% here. The numbers suggest that you're way off base.
Completely agree. Trask has proven he can move the ball and score points. Look at what he mustered in one quarter vs Kentucky with the game on the line and time running out. Also, we have good RBs. It’s the O-line that’s struggled to run block. I’ll stick with Trask, thank you very much.
My son has special needs. If I ever heard someone call him a retard they'd get a face full of knuckles. That word, to me, would be like people using the N word. There are other ways to insult someone....this is definitely NOT PC BS. What an asinine thing to say.
To be fair, this years O-line can’t open up holes like last years could for Perine.
I live in Virginia as well, doesn’t automatically make me a UVA or Va Tech fan though.....I wasn’t a fan of any California schools when I lived there several years ago. Please don’t embarrass our conference in your bowl game like you did last year!
Who's Mullet? Starting to think that you can't that a Georgia standard?
Your posts are spot on! Only a matter of time before UF starts beating UGA. UGA has 22 5-star players, and only managed to beat UF by 7. UF had ZERO 5 star players this past year. That should tell you something about coaching.
Relax fella. CJ is making the best decision for his future. He could suffer a career-ending injury in the bowl game and miss out on all of that NFL money. I have no problem with him leaving and sitting out. He did enough for the team and university and it’s time that he does what’s best for him. Go Gators.
It’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect. Essentially they’re too stupid to realize they’re stupid.