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Lack of production for McFadden's pro career stems from Oakland and Dallas' inability to get him outside in their offense. Dallas did the same thing with Felix Jones. Insisted on constantly running them between the tackles. Worked out well for a short period of time in the NFL for Peyton Hillis.
Listen and learn. Bob Stoops Urban Meyer Bobby Petrino Brent Venables Eliah Drinkwitz Jimmy Johnson Lonn Clayton
Any time I hear someone say that one qb knows this system better than the other I throw up a little in my mouth. I've been around the game for almost 50 years. This IS NOT a complicated offense!!! Jefferson is the future and should be starting and playing unless hurt. Jones is simply too small to be an effective sustainable starting SEC qb. He would fit well as a backup for Jefferson though.
I honestly believe the Hogs will go 8-4 losing only to A&M, Auburn, Bama and LSU.