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"The programs that are not cheating will be looked at as if they are." Ha-hah!!! And which programs would that be?
Ugh, because he's 24-2 over the last two years in the SEC.
"No one will watch" - I doubt it, but maybe. I don't know what's in the mind of millenials since I'm an old fart baby boomer. Seems to me that the popularity of football today is about the same as it was in the 60's and 70's. There's more money and media involved but the individual fan interest and passion seems about the same. The increase in attendance is more about demographics than a measure of fan interest. Personally, I enjoyed watching the good 20-17 final score ballgames back then more than the 51-48 final score ballgames today.
ACL Tear = adverse athletic career implications Brain Damage = adverse life implications I rest my case.
Delpit wasn't draft eligible and Fulton was the only guy out of them that may have gone in the top 3 rounds after last year. He came back and improved his draft status markedly. That doesn't compare to the three guys you have returning that are all potential 1st rounders and definitely no worse than 2nd. Seems like Alabama has had a lot of high draft pick eligible juniors return over the years, but like you, I don't care enough to look it up. The last big time player I recall staying for 4 at LSU was Glenn Dorsey way back in 2007.
I do look forward to the near future of players being paid for endorsements. Primarily, I like the transparency of it.
Maybe, but you've had better players say from 2015 to 2018. From 2011 to 2014 a lot of LSU guys left while Alabama retained many of it's top players. As good of a recruiter as Saban is, keeping your top talent around for their senior year is probably a greater and more valuable feat than his recruiting. I don't know what the trick to that is but LSU needs to learn it. I can't imagine LSU retaining guys the caliber of Najee Harris, Davonta Smith, and Dylan Moses, all who would have most certainly gone in the first two rounds. It just doesn't seem to happen anywhere else but Alabama.
Agreed, we have kept coaches up until this year.
I'm not sure where you'd find the numbers, but I'd be willing to bet that LSU has actually had more players leave early for the NFL over the past 10 years than Alabama. It's not a new thing for the Tigers. I think the greater attrition for LSU from the 2011 and 2012 teams was a major factor in disparity between the two teams in the immediate years following.
Grow the grass that they play on about an 2 inches higher. It will slow the game down so that the collisions aren't so brutal. It's a simple and sensible solution that would do much more for player safety than all these stupid subjective rules but no one in the "football marketing departments" want to hear this.
Problem is, the Saints don't draft LSU players. Their management denies any conspiracy, but their draft record tells a different tale.
"He (Coach O) earned the right for fans to trust his hires." That summarizes it perfectly for fans like myself who aren't exactly jumping up and down with excitement about Pelini returning. Coach O keeps making the right moves.
Nope, it's not just you, coaching salaries are insane. In defense of the coaches though, lots of other professional salaries are insane, also.
"You are suppose to go out and get the best. He is not." Alabama has the GOAT coach. I'd think he and the good people of Alabama wouldn't settle for anything less than the best. So obviously, Golding is the best, otherwise Saban would have fired him and replaced him. According to you, that's what you're supposed to do, right? BTW, was Brady the best when we hired him? No one even knew who he was. He was only a part time employee with the Saints with no official title. As fans, we have to trust our HC to hire the best possible and when they prove incapable of that demand a new HC. While I think Saban's getting long in the tooth and your dynasty is over I don't think he got stupid yesterday. There's good reasons he's keeping Golden just like there's good reasons O hired Pelini. In other words, you have no clue as to who was the best hire for LSU, but assuredly, you would have bashed them regardless of who they hired because you want so much for them to be a one hit wonder. Keep dreaming, LSU is only a one hit wonder in your dreams.
I'm okay with Hitler, specifically with the logic provided. However, if he were an LSU coach and he said Saban, a suspension would definitely be merited.
So if Alabama hadn't beaten a quality opponent since 2018, you have to wonder if the Saban dynasty is over?
Agreed, Clemson was the toughest team LSU played, followed by Florida, and then Alabama. Sorry Auburn, I know the score was close but seven of your points were with virtually no time left. You were statistically dominated in the game and the score was much closer than the game.
Obviously, we're not paying our guys enough. If Harris, Davonte Smith, and Dylan Moses were playing for LSU they would have declared; but at Bammer's pay grade it works out that they're just as well off staying. It'll be much easier to shovel funds their way once the player endorsement deals are legal.
Nope to LSU's Justin Jefferson going to the Saints. They've proven year after year that they'll select some guy out of Utah or Ohio St with less talent at the same position before they'll take a Tiger.
Let's just face it guys, we've always been and will always be second banana to Alermerbammer. Even if Coach O does prove to be elite, he'll leave LSU and succeed Saban because it's Alermerbammer's God given right to have the best college FB coach and team on the face of the earth. And it's so kind of them to let us play in their conference with them. I mean with Auburn I can understand, they have to let them be in the SEC because they're the little brother, but we're just their ratty 2nd cousin. Alermerbammer is so great and kind.
"Where have I heard that before"? I don't know RTnColorado, but it wasn't from BR. We never doubted Saban's ability to field a championship team in Tuscaloosa, we were just bouyed by hope that our boy Les could maybe stand toe-to-toe with him after wins in 2010 and 2011. Of course, Lil' Nick won the NC game in 2011, all of our underclassmen left, and we lost the recruiting battles in our own backyard. But that was then, this is now. Lil' Nicky is losing recruits to Kirby and Coach O closed the gate to Louisiana recruits. Nick's older and no longer has the talent gap cushion that he's had.
Dead on. Agreed, O-Line is biggest concern. Second is Brennan, but I do look forward to seeing him get his chance. If he gets beat out by one of the freshmen; then obviously, that would point to a bright future indeed as if a freshmen beats him out they must be extremely talented and a quick study. I think like most Tiger fans, I've no illusions of continuing 2020 like we left off in 2019, but I'm excited and looking forward to seeing the talents of our 2020 team displayed.
Never was a problem in the heyday. Alabama's had plenty of injuries in the past but never skipped a beat. Looks like the heyday is over.
Well since showing up there's been a lot of mouth running about the 8 game streak. So, am I to assume that it wasn't happening prior to my arrival.
I think RTnColorado must be quite young and only knows of Alabama dominating with lil' Nicky. Before that, only knows of the stories of his grandfather when they dominated with the DaBaer. Between that, is just a forgotten era that none of his elders too much talks about when Alabama was in the middle of the scrum with Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and LSU and generally not faring as well as them teams. He has no comprehension there are a few other quite proud programs in the SEC that don't take losing sitting down. He just figures unless someone else has a great QB, or Alabama has injuries, or someone else ends up with a fluke play, etc., that Alabama wins and the rest of us are just here for second place. From his ramblings, it appears all of our recruits are just guys not quite good enough to be offered by Alabama. Dude, get a grip. Your 2019 Alabama team is only returning 12 starters from a team that proved nothing to nobody. Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, and maybe A&M and Tennessee although I'm not sold on them yet will all give Alabama a run for their money next year. Sure Alabama's been a cut above for most of the Saban years, but only a slight cut and the separation keeps getting tighter. Eleven and two in 2019 was not a fluke, it's the state of the competition. History has shown us over and over that dynasties whether in sports or sovereign nations are quite fragile. Competition is always catching up and in the case of SEC football, it's caught up. Sure, Alabama will always have a strong football program, but here's your rude awakening and you can book it. Alabama's chances of winning another 5 SEC championships over the next ten years is nil and none. For next year, you've lost several of your key players and will be replacing them with unproven recruits just like the rest of us. Your schedule next year is much tougher. You have the same defensive coordinator that couldn't stop Auburn or LSU when they needed to. You have a QB with an entire 3 games experience that is no more blue chip than what the rest of us have. Your coach is old and showing it. I see nothing that says Alabama will be greatly improved next year. Welcome back to the scrum, you'll be in it with the rest of us. If you can get out of with another 11-2 record next year you can consider it a success and be thankful.