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Agreed, Clemson was the toughest team LSU played, followed by Florida, and then Alabama. Sorry Auburn, I know the score was close but seven of your points were with virtually no time left. You were statistically dominated in the game and the score was much closer than the game.
Obviously, we're not paying our guys enough. If Harris, Davonte Smith, and Dylan Moses were playing for LSU they would have declared; but at Bammer's pay grade it works out that they're just as well off staying. It'll be much easier to shovel funds their way once the player endorsement deals are legal.
Nope to LSU's Justin Jefferson going to the Saints. They've proven year after year that they'll select some guy out of Utah or Ohio St with less talent at the same position before they'll take a Tiger.
Let's just face it guys, we've always been and will always be second banana to Alermerbammer. Even if Coach O does prove to be elite, he'll leave LSU and succeed Saban because it's Alermerbammer's God given right to have the best college FB coach and team on the face of the earth. And it's so kind of them to let us play in their conference with them. I mean with Auburn I can understand, they have to let them be in the SEC because they're the little brother, but we're just their ratty 2nd cousin. Alermerbammer is so great and kind.
"Where have I heard that before"? I don't know RTnColorado, but it wasn't from BR. We never doubted Saban's ability to field a championship team in Tuscaloosa, we were just bouyed by hope that our boy Les could maybe stand toe-to-toe with him after wins in 2010 and 2011. Of course, Lil' Nick won the NC game in 2011, all of our underclassmen left, and we lost the recruiting battles in our own backyard. But that was then, this is now. Lil' Nicky is losing recruits to Kirby and Coach O closed the gate to Louisiana recruits. Nick's older and no longer has the talent gap cushion that he's had.
Dead on. Agreed, O-Line is biggest concern. Second is Brennan, but I do look forward to seeing him get his chance. If he gets beat out by one of the freshmen; then obviously, that would point to a bright future indeed as if a freshmen beats him out they must be extremely talented and a quick study. I think like most Tiger fans, I've no illusions of continuing 2020 like we left off in 2019, but I'm excited and looking forward to seeing the talents of our 2020 team displayed.
Never was a problem in the heyday. Alabama's had plenty of injuries in the past but never skipped a beat. Looks like the heyday is over.
Well since showing up there's been a lot of mouth running about the 8 game streak. So, am I to assume that it wasn't happening prior to my arrival.
I think RTnColorado must be quite young and only knows of Alabama dominating with lil' Nicky. Before that, only knows of the stories of his grandfather when they dominated with the DaBaer. Between that, is just a forgotten era that none of his elders too much talks about when Alabama was in the middle of the scrum with Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and LSU and generally not faring as well as them teams. He has no comprehension there are a few other quite proud programs in the SEC that don't take losing sitting down. He just figures unless someone else has a great QB, or Alabama has injuries, or someone else ends up with a fluke play, etc., that Alabama wins and the rest of us are just here for second place. From his ramblings, it appears all of our recruits are just guys not quite good enough to be offered by Alabama. Dude, get a grip. Your 2019 Alabama team is only returning 12 starters from a team that proved nothing to nobody. Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, and maybe A&M and Tennessee although I'm not sold on them yet will all give Alabama a run for their money next year. Sure Alabama's been a cut above for most of the Saban years, but only a slight cut and the separation keeps getting tighter. Eleven and two in 2019 was not a fluke, it's the state of the competition. History has shown us over and over that dynasties whether in sports or sovereign nations are quite fragile. Competition is always catching up and in the case of SEC football, it's caught up. Sure, Alabama will always have a strong football program, but here's your rude awakening and you can book it. Alabama's chances of winning another 5 SEC championships over the next ten years is nil and none. For next year, you've lost several of your key players and will be replacing them with unproven recruits just like the rest of us. Your schedule next year is much tougher. You have the same defensive coordinator that couldn't stop Auburn or LSU when they needed to. You have a QB with an entire 3 games experience that is no more blue chip than what the rest of us have. Your coach is old and showing it. I see nothing that says Alabama will be greatly improved next year. Welcome back to the scrum, you'll be in it with the rest of us. If you can get out of with another 11-2 record next year you can consider it a success and be thankful.
The last 1 year: LSU: 1 SEC Championships, 1 National Championship Alermerbammer: 0 SEC Championships, 0 National Championships Quit living in the past, the dynasty is dead, deal with it.
"why anyone at Alabama wasn’t running their mouths about beating LSU any of the prior 8 years" Oh really, because that seems to have been the what every other Tide fan on here posted about up until this past November.
Last I checked, ya'll are the crowd base that sings "We just beat the hell out of you" no matter how lucky you were to win and how little you won by. And BTW, ya'll are still bragging about a game played 8 years ago.
Nice of you to stick up for your little brother even though last time out your little brother spanked you. Let's see, they were statistically dominated and scored a TD with about 20 seconds left to close the point gap.
So, you're whining because you didn't get a do-over again?
I just as soon see him not come to LSU. We've got Miles Brennan ready to go in 2020 and several good looking freshmen beyond that.
Reality is so hard for you Bammers. How many times must we hear that if Tua don't fumble on the opening series you score a TD and win the game. Now, here's the harsh reality. It was 3rd and goal when he fumbled, we had defenders everywhere and he wasn't going to get even close to the endzone. OK, so he don't fumble. Ya'll line up for a short field goal and even if you don't doink it off the goal post still lose the game. Further reality. You were a blocked pass interception on LSU's first drive of the 3rd quarter from being down 27 and really out of it. Other than fluke plays such as that, Ya'll didn't stop Burrow and the Tigers all day. Yes, Young Burrow's statement is correct. The Tigers dominated Alabama in Tuscaloosa and the game wasn't near as close as the score indicated. Deal with the reality.
9 out of 10. Um-m-h, let's see now. No, it looks like the LSU/Alabama series record this decade is 11 to 10 Alabama. We'll even it up for you in Tiger Stadium in Novemeber. Come on down for it, you'll find our delicious seafood is just the thing to get over the butt whoopin' ya'll going to take.
Let me get this straight, LSU is losing 14 starters from one of the greatest teams in history. One that played and beat one of the toughest schedules in football, never trailed in the 4th quarter of any game, and also beat every team they played statistically (most by a wide margin). Alabama on the other hand is losing 10 starters from a team that went 11-2 against a weak schedule losing against the only two really challenging games they had to play. LSU will have to replace a their highly successful defensive coordinator. Alabama is retaining their very unsuccessful one. Recruiting has been about equal. Now explain to me again why Alabama’s going to be so great in 2020 and LSU is going to be so average.
Now that's top-notch writing. Nicely put PatAttack.
Oh, and by the way, Wasson's not a journalist. He could best be described as "just another Bammer homer", or "Alerbammer Minister of Propaganda". Your choice.
It's just wishful thinking. It's easier to discuss LSU issues rather than how exactly a QB they all complained serving up two pick sixes against their rival or a true freshmen 5 star QB along with the return of their precious BR native (traitor) at LB is going to make all the difference in turning around a team that hasn't fared well against top 10 teams in a long long time. They might be slightly better next year (slightly at best without Juedy, Ruggs, Wills, McKinney, Tua, and Lewis). But their schedule while not brutal will be quite a bit tougher than the cakewalk they had in 2019. Yep, two losses in 2020.
It's just going to be so wonderful hearing you Gumps boo Saban right there in Bryant-Denny. The dynasty is dead.
"Took perfection to beat Alabama" Seriously!!!! You Bammers act like you'd won 10 out of the last 12 up until this year by just manning up and dominating LSU every year. A couple plays here or there (dropped passes, fumbles, penalties/officiating, etc) like you’re clamoring for this year in the 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017 and them games would have gone LSU’s way. And note, in many of these years a loss to LSU would have kept Alabama out of the NC game. The Alabama factor is gone, you'll lose at least two again next year. Welcome to mediocrity.
As usual, great job Wasson. You article shows how desperately you've wished, hoped, surmised, dreampt, and rationalized every thing wrong with LSU; yet somehow failed to discuss that Alabama hasn't beaten a Top 10 team in over a year and how they're going to change that next year. Ya'll get one or two top 10 wins next year to break the dry spell, but I'm really looking forward to seeing another 11-2 year for Alabama again.
Probably better ready to go than Queen, but I don't see him being drafted too early. Thanks for choosing to play your college ball at LSU and good luck in the NFL.
The Tigers won 10 in 2018 when Burrow was a game manager and Brady was working for the Saints part-time probably making less money than I do. They'll win at least 10 again in 2020. The bleeding isn't even over yet, we'll lose at least three more juniors. But we've got some guys on the depth chart, some excellent incoming recruits, and a great coaching staff. I'm not predicting a dynasty, but we'll be pretty good for quite a few years to come.
He was a lot of fun to watch. Great hands, speed, and lots of shake-n-bake. Good luck in the NFL.