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The good news is LSU just found the money needed to retain Joe Brady, they can just take it out of Aranda's salary.
This was total typical SEC bias that this guy isn't suspended for at least a game. Of course, we can always trust Saban to handle it internally, like make him sit out the first series against Western Carolina or some other brutal punishment.
Easy to see why this guy is willing to write for food and golf balls. From what I've seen of his articles, it's hard to imagine anyone actually paying him to write.
Nope. JO256 above has it right, "Fields ain’t coming to the SEC and do what Burrow is doing. Burrow on the other hand could easily go back to OSU and torch the Big 10."
As long as the word, POSSIBLY, is in there, I'm good with jmrtsus statement. I'd definitely give him the nod as the best we've ever seen at LSU and I go back a ways, I was attending games when Bert Jones was playing.
No, I don't really think that, I was being sarcastic. But all joking aside, these are very young men we're talking about and I've never heard anything negative about Fellippe. I'm sure he has exceptional work ethic and is driven; so you never know. I can say that after seeing Trask play, as an LSU fan, I went quickly from not being too concerned about the LSU/Florida game to being very concerned. Regarding Burrow, we'll just have to agree to disagree. I think he's the real deal and is a notch better than the other very good college QBs. Miles Brennan will probably be LSU's starting QB next year. I'm excited to see him play and think he'll do well. Not necessarily Joe Burrow well, but well.
Wrong. Justin Fields brings a lot to the table, but pinpoint throws in tight windows is not one of them. Every game, Joe makes pinpoint throws to keep drives alive. Fields is a more explosive runner, but not near as good of a passer or field general as Burrow.
No, the offense is NOT the main reason for Burrow's success, Joe Burrow is the reason for the offense's success. Burrow worked hard to finish his degree early so that he could dedicate his time as he has to being the best physical and cerebral QB he could be, and the result are what you're seeing on the field. Fact, in the last 3 games of 2018 he played about as well as any QB and that was in the old system. I wish we could have him longer in Baton Rouge, but I look forward to watching him set records in the NFL, also.
Here’s a crazy idea. The whole Conference Championship game is BS. It has nothing to do with crowning a conference champion and everything to do with making more money for the conference. I’d like to see it abolished for every conference and just replaced with an extra round of playoff games (8 team playoff). But if we must have it, let’s make it meaningful. Assume LSU finishes 8-0, Georgia and Alabama both finish 7-1 (and these are definitely big assumptions). But with that assumption, let LSU opt out of playing the game and then Alabama and Georgia could battle it out in a more meaningful game for a chance to earn the coveted #4 playoff seed. This is one way to settle it on the field instead of the back room CFP committee opinion.
The Alabama folks are a little out of control with this if that, if this, shoulda, woulda, coulda, take away this play or that play, etc.. Alabama was playing on their home field in front of an electric capacity crowd, had three very long TD plays, a fumble recovery when LSU was driving, several key 4th down conversions, yet still didn’t win. How many breaks do you have to get? And for those who want to say Tua was hurt; well, so was Grant Delphit, and had he not been, I don’t think either of your long passes go for TD’s. Next excuse, we dropped a lot of passes. Well your receivers need to do a better job of catching them. Plus, none of the drops cost you since you scored TDs on every drive where passes had been dropped. By the way, Alabama hadn’t beaten LSU 10 out of the last 12 up until Saturday by just manning up and dominating them every year. A couple plays here or there (dropped passes, fumbles, penalties/officiating, etc) like you’re clamoring for this year in the 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017 and the game would have gone LSU’s way. And note, in many of these years a loss to LSU would have kept Alabama out of the NC game.
Hey Tide!!! Rammer Jammer Yeller Hammer we just beat the poop out of Alerbammer. Good luck in the Citrus Bowl.
I've given up on Saban retiring, I've given up on Saban leaving for another job. The one thing I still have faith in his aging. Without any earth changing new biotech developments, Saban will get old and slow down just like the rest of us. I'm way past ready to begin seeing him fade away a la Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno. Saban's inflicted a lot of pain on the rest of the college football world and it would be wonderful to see him inflict some back on Alabama. Personally, I'd find great joy in watching an aging tired Saban on the sidelines presiding over perenial 7-5 Alabama teams. Him, too stubborn to retire and too tired to make "the process" work any more; and the Alabama administration, too scared to dismiss him.
Maybe the reason that more have not been competitive is that there aren't enough teams. As proof to that pudding, how many number 1 seeds have won it all? how many number 4 seeds have won it all?
I've no idea what 2/10 means, but yes, I would at least watch a 12 seed vs 5 seed and a 1 seed vs 8/9 seed because the game at least has meaning versus a meaningless conference championship game (just crown the conference champ in the regular season). And with 12 teams, the conferences would make just as much money as they do now by replacing the Conf Champ Game with a playoff game. Can a 12 seed team be competitive with a 1 seed? Definitely yes. Particularly when you look at teams which surge late in the season or had lots of injuries early in the season.
I say stop it with the ridiculous, and often meaningless, conference championship games and replace them with a much more meaningful and interesting playoff game. With that said, I think the perfect playoff format should be 12 teams. Each P5 conference champ is in along with the highest ranked Group of 5. The other six slots are filled at large. Teams seeded 1-4 get a first week bye as their reward. Teams 5-8 host first week playoff games on campus. Then teams 1-4 host second week on campus. The final 4 teams play at neutral sites just as they do now.
Not sure what LSU fans you're talking about, but I'm fine with LSU 2 and OSU 1. From what I've seen, while OSU hasn't played the competition that LSU has, they've looked no worse than fantastic in beating the fairly good teams they've played. With that said, if LSU wins Saturday, I expect next weeks rankings will be reversed.
Actually, yes, there are lots of us. But only U2 music recorded >25 years ago.
Sankey initially replied, "Alabama"; but he misunderstood the question. He thought they'd asked him who was his favorite team.
It's one thing to not get chance when the starting QB is not getting it done, but when Malzahn still didn't send him in to run the Wildcat and instead sent in the injured Whitlow, I expect that was the end.
A little off topic, but does anyone know how the transfer portal works with scholarships. In other words, can you pick up an incoming player for every outgoing player, or can you pick up as many incoming players as want to come to your school without regard to the recruiting scholarship limitations.
LOL. Well one thing's for certain, we sure won't be getting any officiating help in our next game.
Same here. But, hopefully you'll be tuned in the whole game on 11/9.
Watching the replay of the game last night, I have to say there were a lot of plays which could have made a big difference where Nix simply missed the receiver. Apparently, Malzahn doesn't think Gatewood can make the throws either and Nix is his best choice. There were some catchable passes that were dropped, also. The pass catching drills LSU put in place in the off=season has really paid off. To Malzahn's credit, he had his team in position to make plays last Saturday that weren't made; he had a fairly well thought out offensive game plan in place that would work (if executed). It was much better thought out than the "no plan" Les Miles would roll out every other Saturday when he was at LSU. With that said, Malzahn is still overpaid and I was shocked when the contract was announced. He's better than average, but he's not an elite coach.
Agreed. "To be the man you've got to beat the man". Hopefully, LSU will do that in a couple of weeks, but until then the ranking should have remained as they were.
This may have actually been a less biased article... if Steve Shaw had written it.
There's been a talent gap more so because so many LSU players began leaving early for the NFL in 2011 than the recruiting delta. Seems more Alabama players have also began to leave early over the last couple of years so it's getting closer to even. I don't know who all of these people are who penciling in a W for LSU, but they're certainly not in Las Vegas which is always the most valid opinion. The Tigers can win this year, but they were also capable of winning about 3 of the last 8 meetings also and just didn't get it done. Hopefully this will be the year that they get it done, but even if they do, they'll probably have to do it twice. BTW, honestly from what I've seen, Ohio St would beat both of us.
Officials might have missed a couple LSU holding penalties, but no worries, Shaw will get them in the film room to make sure the officiating crew for LSU's next game calls them for holding early and often.
Just to be clear, my points are (1) that national officiating would go a long way towards alleviating perceived bias by conference officials. (2) You can't write off the perception that the conference officiating is biased by a simple observation of penalty quantity, it would require a qualitative judgement, and (3) Sankey's statement is quite disrespectful of the SC and Tennessee fan bases; he and the conference would never be so disrespectful to Alabama. I'm not using this game as any type of proof that there's an SEC bias for Alabama. I was just curious as to what calls were made and when. I'm an old fart who's been watching SEC football since the 1960's. I didn't suddenly come to this revelation last weekend and I've met enough fans of other teams to know that the feeling is widespread. However, I've never met an Alabama fan who felt there was any possibility for conflict of interest associated with SEC officiating. I wonder why, I guess you folks are just much more superior in rational thought as compared to the rest of us? And please, I'm still waiting and have been for many years for someone to provide any rationale for why officiating must or should be administered on a conference level as opposed to a national level.