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I agree if you watched this series since 80s both teams have ups and downs it will turn again. What makes it worse is to AU fans that turn on the players and coachs not the Bammers absurd ridicule.
Lol..AFAN that's your expert analysis of Bo Nix who are you to question. Put Mac Jones in that game for Auburn and it would have been worse what's your expert analysis of that?
Exactly he seemed to escalate that whole deal cant wait until he comes to Auburn. He acted like a cry baby saying Derrick Brown was dirty because he hit Trask.. I guess anytime Trask gets hit Mullen is going into Crazy Cry Baby Mode.
We don't expect anything but a chance to win. I hope beats Bama on some weird bad call by the refs that will be great.
Take away the points the offense scored and how many would Bama win by.. Lol. Your have it backwards.
If Arky loses i am sure it will be because the refs are against Arkansas.
Why is everyone ignoring the fact that the refs was running toward Shivers waving his arm for a touchback a blowing his whistle and Shivers was headed toward the ball then he saw the ref and stopped and turned around.. he did not go for the ball.. the ref was running in waving his arm for touchback and blowing his whiste.. PLAY OVER END OF STORY it was same thing on NIX play.. but to say they gave Auburn either one of games those is saying you want to give Ark and LandSharkBB the game for nothing as in they didnt win the game on there own Auburn gave it to them on wierd miscue but not anything the other did directly. You guys can bite us Auburn Won Those Games. WDE
I guess you forgot he beat 2 NO#1 teams in 2017 and was 1 game or 1 injury Kerryon away from the playoffs. Short memory for AU fans.
Whine about the refs when UG is the dirtiest team in the SEC.
UG has not beat UA with any of your QBs since Kirby's been at UG. You won't beat Bama until Saban leaves deal with it.
Dawg fans will be saying the same thing when they lose to South Carolina and Florida and O for sure when the travel to Alabama. That offense will have problems again like it did last week against Arkansas. Auburn was just not the team to do it.
I was just saying its stupid for Gus to blame the O-line when it was obvious that running inside was not our gameplan going in so why does have to blame the O-line for not being able to run the ball when that was not your plan in the beginning. He always blames the players though maybe thats why Auburn fans are so hard on him.
Gary seems to aggravate every fan base playing Alabama, Florida, and Georgia on CBS. Just mute the TV and play the team broadcast on your phone.
That gameplan was the worst we have seen since well the last Georgia game. He never tried to establish the run so I do not understand why Gus says we have to run it better but how can you when you only let the RB get 11 runs. It didnt matter what the AU defense did when the offense can only get 2 field goals in a game you can not beat anyone in the SEC with 2 FGs. I really believe with the talent Auburn has on offense they should have scored a couple touchdowns. I am not saying they would beat Georgia but it should have been closer than that with Nix and the WRs AU has. I have been a Gus supporter for too long and I feel stupid after this loss with the offensive gameplan Chad Morris/Gus Malzhan put together for this game.
Georgia winning 10 games a year was because of the weak division they play in. That shows in the amount of SEC titles they have won in those years 0. Playing UK and Vandy every year make a 7 or 8 win team a 9 or 10 easy... Even Tennessee was a joke in those years so that's 3 cupcakes they had every year. That's why they fired the coach...
Hope Coach Saban lies to these bammers and leaves after the BCSNC game and goes to the Browns....They say its a done deal if he wins.