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That’s not true I’m just saying the game came down to the wire and we lost at the last seconds. Our defense was trash and couldn’t stop them all day. But it wasn’t a blow out. We lost at the very end is all I’m saying
Mac is a hell of a QB and I see why him and Trask are 1 and 2. I just wonder if voters take into account the talent Mac has around him vs Trask
So let me ask you if we don’t fumble it and kick and make a field goal in the last seconds of them game do we still lose?
How are we down playing it. Is that not exactly what happened? We were driving the ball in the last couple’s minutes to get in field goal range and our rb fumbled and they got the ball and kicked the game winning field goal with no time left. We didn’t get blown out or destroyed by them. I also like how you ignored the rest of my post. Like I said are we as gator fans not allowed to be happy. By the way you’ve been posting recently it seams that way
Obviously this is a somewhat biased take but I have not been impressed with anyone but Bama
If I was a betting man I would say Bama completely destroys everyone with maybe UF being it’s toughest test left. None of those other teams have played anyone remotely good minus the ND Clemson game where Clemson lost. I honestly think UF could beat anyone not named Bama.
I will add that this is not a knock on LSU and I as well as most fans besides Bama would kill for a season like LSU had last year and gladly take this season with it.
My take on it is Orgeron got very lucky last year. Everything came together with the right players and assistants to have an incredible season. I honestly don’t think he is the right answer though long term. Luckily for LSU he recruits well so with the right hire I think the next coach could keep them competitive in the west and probably number 2 behind Bama. We’ll see how LSU does next year and any coaching changes they make. Honestly I see them being the third or fourth best team next year in the west. I think Orgeron is going to be like Gene Chizik.
Lol with how great UGAs QBs have been I won’t take u guys serious about anything qb related.
But we’re not. So at least save the unnecessary hate for sec championship week or the obnoxious UGA fans on here. Hey most of you guys wanted us to beat UGA and to play us.
I must admit I don’t understand Bama fans. No one in here is bashing Bama or any of their players. There’s zero hate towards Bama or Theo accomplishments this year. Yet there are a ton of snarky comments by Bama fans in here. Are we supposed to be upset that we beat our main division rival, clinched the East, lost only one game due to a last minute fumble, and have a Heisman contending QB. I get that every year Bama is in the championship and has 8 first round players on their team but it’s been a while since Florida has had this offensive success at least passing. Is it wrong for us to be happy? I would get the comments by bama fans if we were talking trash ect.