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In 3 years we will be right Back here looking for a new coach if we go back to the stupid ground and pound. We need a modern offense, we needed a young hungry coach who wants to win at all costs. And that idiot Yurachek went and got a guy who is collecting a check on his way to retirement. There’s a reason he has never been a head coach in his 26 years of coaching and we are going to learn why the hard way.
The Arkansas media and board of trustees have destroyed Arkansas football for the foreseeable future. Wally Hall needs to be fired.
Fire Hunter Yurachek And dismiss every current member of the board of trustees
Poor mans PJ Fleck my a$$. Lunney is a terrible coach just like his last two bosses. He should have been shown the door like the rest of the staff
Talking about Lunney. Fire Yurachek because he had three weeks to get this done and he failed miserably. Lunney has been part of two of the worst coaching staffs in the history of Arkansas football. If anything he should have been fired at the end of the year with the rest of the losers.
If this is true FIRE HUNTER YURACHEK! Because this guy has only been a part of the worst 8 years of Razorbacks football. He’s been here with two terrible staffs. So sure make him the coach instead of paying for a real head coach. Well Arkansas injury the beat down from Kiffin every year. The program is done if this happens. You will lose generations of fans.
Thank goodness this season is finally over. Just please don’t let them hire Gus or leach. If they do then just go ahead and shut down the program
I hope it’s not a fracture, because from what I could tell if it was than this might be career ending. I just feel so bad for this kid.
This is just a bad deal. I hope everything is fine, but I feel like this is a bad injury. Being taken away in an ambulance doesn’t make things look like it was a minor injury. Just hope he can make a full recovery.
If HY doesn’t fire Morris by tomorrow then fire them both on Monday. Fire Chad Morris! Fire Hunter Yurachek!
Hunter Yuracheck needs to make a statement. Fire Chad Morris tonight!
He did get paid. He received a 4 year bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas with zero student loan debt. He was paid handsomely. 90% of the students in this country walk out of college with crippling debt that they will never be able to pay off. So yeah he got paid plenty.
But Bert has to meet his legal obligations also. I hope he looses in court
I don’t understand why they keep making a big deal out of the uniforms. They’re the same uniforms from 15 or 20 years ago. I know a lot of people like them. I personally think they’re boring and unimaginative. I wish we could have uniforms like Oregon. Different combinations and colors. I guess it doesn’t matter what they wear they still suck.
Fire Chad Morris Hire Mike Norvell, Matt Campbell, or Lane Kiffin
Well the recruiting is now headed in the wrong direction. I know everyone thinks Arkansas can’t afford to fire Morris, but can they really afford to keep him. The recruiting will now struggle. It’s time to stop the bleeding. Fire Chad Morris.
It’s nice of Morris to not want to burn the redshirts of some of the freshman. That way they won’t have to sit out a year at their next school. The next Coach at Arkansas will appreciate it too, you know if they don’t all leave at the end of the year.
I guess he feels sorry for his buddy Chadwick. Because Auburn is about to lay down an a$$ wiping. I bet Auburn’s 1st or 2nd play goes for a TD.