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Very much so. Well, more so than Clemson and their 1 - point domination of UNC.
Finebaum is a classless man. He should be ashamed with the way he talks about teams. These are young men playing a sport and when he puts teams down, he’s doing nothing more than putting down the young, individual men who play collectively as the team. He knows nothing about sportsmanship. Creepy little dude.
You're a moron. Just in case, here. mo-ron /ˈmôrˌän/ noun (INFORMAL) a stupid person.
Yes. I can Spurrier with a nurse, and Saban with a hammerhead. Horrible image either way but it is now in my head. Still laughing.
"Will he learn from it?" Too late. The moron was mouthy from the day he arrived just like so many of the FL players and faithful have been for years. That's not how it's done if you look at the elite programs these days. Come on Gator haters, jump on board!
What an enema nozzle! I mean, WTF! I’m a gator hater but WTF!!
Florida is just a mouthy team, with once again, a mouthy coach. I hope Florida gets their asses beat bad more than few times in 2019.
The guy is a clown, and has a thuggishness about him. Speaks with little class, and I won’t be surprised if he’s gone within 2 years. I’d like to see him stay however, he's a perfect fit for the gators from a gator hater’s vantage point.
Mullen is just another redneck douche nozzle.
Chaney is not, was never and will never be, the reason an offensive standout joins a program. The kid's a showboater and I wouldn't be surprised if he crashes and burns at some point in his life. He's never seemed particularly bright though when has that stopped a gifted athlete from passing. Or in this case, catching.
Da Bears have got to get rid of this dude. Bottom of the barrel kicker.
Morons. Shouldn’t be allowed to play if they’re incapable of completing a grammatically correct sentence. Dumb as a box of rocks.
Come on now. Everyone knows they loaded the family into an outrigger to cross the pacific. It's kinda like that guy named Jed who barely kept his family fed.....