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Mullen is just another redneck douche nozzle.
Chaney is not, was never and will never be, the reason an offensive standout joins a program. The kid's a showboater and I wouldn't be surprised if he crashes and burns at some point in his life. He's never seemed particularly bright though when has that stopped a gifted athlete from passing. Or in this case, catching.
Da Bears have got to get rid of this dude. Bottom of the barrel kicker.
Morons. Shouldn’t be allowed to play if they’re incapable of completing a grammatically correct sentence. Dumb as a box of rocks.
Come on now. Everyone knows they loaded the family into an outrigger to cross the pacific. It's kinda like that guy named Jed who barely kept his family fed.....
Thanks for your insight. I can now move on to other matters.
Utterly. But, with Chaney waddling in, biscuit sales are gonna skyrocket.
The Ugly Orange is crap, and will be for years to come. Pruitt's not a leader. You'll see troll.
Wow! Twice now I’ve seen you on higher ground. You must have a compass. Ha!
That higher ground is a strange place for you I'm sure BT. Ha! Suck it Bama!
It's "annihilated" moron. And yes, they are. It's pure bliss.
Go stir your possum stew and turn down that Kid Rock. Those trailer walls are thin.
Malzahn is garbage. Always has been. Still mystified Papoe signed. Big mistake.