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Ha! That’s funny. LSU picked a bad head coach. You’ll see……
Yes, that’s great. More importantly, thank you Coach Saban for standing up for voting rights! Hey Bama, Namaste
Thanks, Mr. President! The dawg fans who have a brain and understand reality appreciate the congratulations. And we're equally grateful that you're not an orange turd. Go Dawgs!
Well, not with you on the team. As long as they can keep you off the field and not part of the “we”, they’ll win.
Nobody with a brain wants to hear about your absurdly ridiculous personal experience with a disease that’s killed nearly 1 million Americans. STFU Podunk.
Why don’t you go do that for us, you redneck, Podunk moron.
I know, right! And the orange turd won too. Bigly…..
Go help the Douchebag at ML apply his spray on orange tan. Go Dawgs!
You’re out of your mind. He’s a garbage human being. Go Dawgs!