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Normally, I’d never agree with you. You being such a backward redneck. However, you’re spot on here.
Because it’s just another evil act in a nation overrun with evil acts. 170,000 dead and the possibility of 300,000 dead by years end, that’s news. Where’s the collective feeling of concern regarding this “truly awful and just evil” fact. Bang bang, you’re dead. Well, that’s just America. Ain’t it great, to be great again....
No one would be reading such a story let alone commenting had you just put a mask on back when, instead of floating down a river looking at pyramids. This is not completely Trump's fault. A great deal of the fault falls on the ignorant that drink the kool aid he serves with one lie after another. He's just a side show barker spouting lines to get you simpletons into the tent to see the freak show.
You’re an enema nozzle. Used....
Not to point fingers but didn't the athletic director's chair see this coming. Oh well, at least he can still play, "Pull my finger". Who needs a pinky anyway.
Level 100, section 104, row 50 in seats 4&5. Absolute garbage experience, Surrounded by some scary folk. “Go away”. Ha! I ain’t going anywhere, Podunk!
I had the misfortune of attending this years SEC CG. It was a garbage experience where both fan bases were representing the white trash southern population with historic levels of expertise. Wow! The LSU fanbase was especially belligerent. Thank the Lord they weren’t serving alcohol as there surely would have been record numbers of arrests. I watched a man (an LSU fan) of at least 60 and near heart attack fat, literally shove to the ground, a loudmouthed bleach blond bimbo of maybe 30 dressed in her Dawg colors and that’s when I knew, this was my last live and in person attendance with what I can only imagine to be equaled by a trumP rally. Ugh!
Blah blah blah! Buncha rednecks with your commentary. Living your pathetic lives vicariously through 18 to 22 year olds as if somehow, their successes and failures were yours. It’s sick....
How on earth did the Dawgs win this. They so totally got lucky. I have 2 SEC Championship tickets and I’m thinking about selling them because there’s no way this Georgia team beats LSU. If they do, it’ll be divine intervention. Fromm is a game manager, not a game changer. His passes float. He doesn’t scan his options. When he does have time for his floater to get where it’s going, he misses. F@&$ Kirby! How could you let JF get away.....
You’re such a gator. An LSU fan wouldn’t be such an enema nozzle with the insults.
I’m hopeful Fromm is going to play some of his best ball this Saturday against TA&M, experiment some against the Nerds in midtown the week after that and then, take care of business on 7Dec19. After all, LSU gave up 38 to Texas and Vandy, Florida hung 28 on them and Mississippi’s run game torched LSU’s D. Auburn’s loss by 3 to LSU tells all. In other words, their O can be slowed and their D is highly vulnerable. Hey bayou tiger, I’m smiling too. Geaux Dawgs!
"LOL" Really... Well, I'll be watching The Dawgs on 7Dec19 while you and the rest of the gator nation will be watching reruns of NP's Christmas Vacation co-starring you know who. And when The Dawgs take care of business, I'll be doing the Kirby shuffle. Should for some strange reason they get an L, The Dawgs still did the representing and Fromm will still be 3 and OH! against their biggest rivals. Wish I coulda gotten the header, "Gator Hater" cause I'm a top 5 at the very least. Suck it!
Loved 3 of those 4 quarters like I was age 8 on Christmas morning but that 4th quarter was like that 3 hour period before they cut my tonsils out at age 9. WTF Kirby! Eli Wolf drops a hand delivered pizza! They hand the ball off to Cook and he runs straight at a wall of AU human concrete when he could have bounced it two steps to his left and taken off. STOP WITH THE RUNS UP THE MIDDLE! GO WIDE! And another painfully constant aspect of these games, the passes from Fromm that simply float on their way to the potential receivers because he has no zip on the ball not to mention the missed open receivers because he is not scanning the field properly or fails to look off the defensive backs. He can do much much better. Fix all this boys! Good to see a few toss sweeps even though you can tell Fromm has not fully perfected the toss. Thank goodness Swift has elite hands. Now that I’m done playing armchair QB, let’s dance! Go Dawgs! Go Dawgs! Go Dawgs!
Well, if by the “little things” you mean, UGA beat you soundly for 3 straight quarters, before going into that stupid prevent D, and poor offensive play calling, then sure Gus, whatever you say. The dude is classless. AU deserves him.