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Ole Miss above Kentucky? I know Corral went down early in that game but the Cats won their bowl game.
Rattler at 5 over Levis is probably the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.
Something tells me the Cats put up 40+
I might be biased but i think Stoops deserve the only A+ grade. Yeah 3 losses but look at what he’s built from.
Kentucky at any other spot than #1 or #2 is blasphemous. One bad season last year doesn’t necessitate a drop in respect, Coach Cal has his guys playing well, and together. Oscar and Wheeler are leading the teams and TyTy is finally starting to adjust. Look out SEC the Cats are back.
Something tells me that when Will Levis said he needed to talk to a few people before he makes his decision about his future, one of those people is Wandale Robinson. And something is also telling me that Wandale will choose to come back for senior year to continue learning and growing inside of a pro style team. Kentucky is going to be a hungry team next year and will be very dangerous if he returns.
Stoops leaving now would suggest that he doesn’t believe he’s building a football program capable of playing with the big dogs. Guess what.. he already has. Stoops was already recruiting at a high level before this season, and it’s only going to improve. Don’t be surprised to see the UK-UGA game next year decide the SEC East again.
Stop pushing the Stoops is gone narrative. He isn’t going anywhere.
broadcast team didn’t think the Cats had a shot either, all they talked about all game was Malik Cunningham, down 38, not even in the game.. Ls down forever and ever.
Who said anything about Iowa St? My point was those two schools joining the SEC just strengthens Stoops reason to stay. Best competition just got even better.
Great job hyping up loserville qb instead of saying a single word about the Cats. Typical
Stoops isn’t going anywhere, the entire state of Kentucky supports him and he is well taken care of. The only school that slightly worries me is Iowa, but with Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC why would he want to dart to a lesser conference? Stoops is building Kentucky into a solid football program and his tenure, however long it will be is going to have a lasting effect on the program for many years to come. Go CATS. Ls down
louisville will not even come close to a win in 2 weeks. mark my words
Those that are saying Stoops has maxed out his potential really need a reality check. Losing to Georgia and Miss St on the road are not that bad of losses considering State beat A&M the week before they upset Alabama. And the recruiting is only going to continue to improve, as it is right now. As for the game Saturday, the Cats will be ready to go for a much easier game at home in front of an absolutely crazy Kroger Field. Defense will prevent big plays and the offense should be able to control the ball for the majority of the game with the run game and play action off that.
Kentucky should win out. They’re a different team at home.
I see a meteoric rise for Paschal just like Jamin Davis had last year. Wandale could be a first round but I think he’ll be more like 2-3 round
Kentucky shut this offense out last season and it would’ve been a total shutout had a punt snap not gone over the punters head. State doesn’t do anything remotely complicated on offense. Stoops and Brad White will be more than happy to drop 8 in coverage. And Liam Coen will continue his great play calling against an overrated defense. Cats win 28-6
i think Kentucky has a really good shot at 11-1 but i feel like Ole Miss is probably going to trip up somewhere. maybe against auburn
Still trying to push the same old Kentucky narrative.. of course. Stoops will have his team ready to go. Call me crazy but the Cats have a chance at the CFP, the big ten teams are going to eliminate each other and Georgia is probably going to beat Alabama. If UK wins out it, it might be hard to leave them out.
Glad to see Josh Paschal make the honorable mentions at least..I still think he’s a top 10 player and possibly a 1st round pick.
I think it’s blasphemous to say coach Stoops won’t have his guys ready to go. They will be amped and ready to play hard like they usually do, especially against State. This feels like one that Stoops wants bad as he’s yet to win in Starkvegas
Here’s hoping Kentucky gets an actual good team to matchup against. In other words, they would destroy Wake Forest.
Kentucky shut out the bulldogs last year and i expect them to do it again. Nothing about the air raid offense scares me or anyone for that matter. Maybe after this season Kentucky will finally start to gain respect.
If by still a rivalry you mean, do the Vols have a chance to win Saturday? Then, no..
Josh Paschal deserves on this list. You know the guy that absolutely destroyed that “dominate” Florida offensive line.. He’s probably Kentucky’s best player and should be a 1st rounder.
How is Kentucky not included in this? I think they have a pretty good chance at winning out. If Georgia beats Alabama in CCG, does a 2 loss Bama get in over a 1 loss UK?
The case against him and his teammates was dropped due to lack of evidence