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How does Tennesee jump 3 spots for beating UTSA right after losing to Florida LOL. Maybe, just maybe, neither team are really that good.
Pissed of when we win, pissed off when we lose. Kentucky will be ok everyone
Sounds to me like you were already dumb to begin with. The title of the article clearly lets you know it’s gonna be about Kentucky’s uniform…
No need for concern with Leary and the offense. There’s no point in Coen emptying out his playbook to beat MAC teams and FCS teams. Kentucky struggles with MAC teams because for one, they’re not bad teams and two, Stoops just plays a conservative type of ball and he always has. Style points don’t matter, 1-0, that’s what matters.
No announcement has been made yet so maybe that means he will be ok. Of course that could also mean bad news too.
That 2nd fumble recovery for a TD for KY was so confusing. They reviewed and confirmed that it was a fumble, and a very obvious defensive TD, yet the CATS got the ball at the stop of recovery, while he was on his feet..
Most valuable transfer has to go to Devin Leary to Kentucky. Without an elite QB the cats would be a 4-8 team, just watch the South Carolina game from last season!
South Carolina finishing 2nd in the east, now that’s bold!
AR will without a doubt be a bust. Levis at the very least will play out his rookie contract as a backup.
Perfectly said. All the coaches after Leach are benefiting from the foundation he laid before them. Kentucky football would not have the fan support if it wasn’t for Leach, he and Mumme showed that UK can hang in the SEC. Great dude, RIP.
How did Chris Rodriguez not even make honorable mention?
I’m predicting C Rod back in the lineup allows the opening up of a playbook that’s been pretty basic so far. Play action will be huge with Key and Brown on the outside and Robinson in the slot. Defense thinning out from injuries before SEC play really gets going is what concerns me the most.
never said UK was threat. You’re delusional if you think anyone is playing within a score of UGA or Bama this year.
Tennessee is not a playoff threat. Playoff teams have defenses.
Kentuckys offense will get a huge boost with CRod back for the Miss game. Playbook has been very thin as author said, run game should get going and will allow offensive line to establish themselves better at the beginning of games, opening up more play action. On the other hand, UK defense has played outstandingly tight, given the opponents it might not be that surprising, but they play as a team, there are no stars. This team is and will be a legit top 10 team all season.
This may be the first time I’ve seen Kentucky ranked higher in the AP poll vs Coaches
I think this defense has potential to be best ever under Stoops. Square, Jones, Weaver, and Wright is an incredibly deep linebacker group. Secondary got a little more thin today with Geiger suffering what looked like a broken leg, but next man up. Go CATS
Yeah cause they spent the entire game hyping Florida and Richardson regardless of how sloppy he looked.
Defense won this game for the Cats. Linebackers and secondary are incredible and in the right spot nearly every play.
Florida beat an overrated pac team. Utah is not better than Kentucky despite what everyone thinks. The Gators gave up 230 rushing yards. I think it’s fair to guess that Stoops and co were keeping a lot of plays in their back pocket, along with allowing Levis to run all over Miami (OH). Don’t expect the same this weekend, Stoops will go all out in trying to secure a win. This will be a defensive battle with KYs linebackers keeping AR in the pocket, forcing him to throw to an underwhelming receiver group.
You sound just a little bit scared. Stoops’ linebackers are going to give AR trouble all night.
Kentucky’s Oline and run game will be fine. Freshman lineman Goodwin is due to get more PT very soon. Cats started the game without their #1 guy and then lost Ramon Jefferson who is in my opinion their 2nd best RB. Cats vs Gators is gonna be a fun one
I’m predicting Kentuckys linebackers will be able to keep Richardson in check and force him to win with his arm and put trust in an underwhelming receiver corp
Spot on assessment. KY show very little in terms of their playbook. As for the Gators, Stoops and White should have plenty film to watch as it took just about everything they had to beat an very overrated Utah team.
Utah looked overwhelmed in the 2nd half, they weren’t ready for that SEC football. Rising is not as good as everyone is making him out to be, Levis is much better. Cats linebacker corps should be able to contain Richardson for the entire game.
Good win. Got help from defense and special teams so the offense didn’t really have to show much of their hand. They go into next week with plenty to improve on but plenty to be happy with as well. Levis to Robinson is going to be a special connection (again.) While Brown and Key finally give the Cats SEC speed at multiple receiver positions.
That’s cool. Stoops and his entire program thrive off petty ass comments like that.
Honestly this is probably a good sign for the program. It means the incoming freshman class has more than likely taken over the WR room and the upperclassmen are getting pushed out.
I think this year Levis will look to throw the ball more as he hopes to enter next years draft. He’ll be looking to prove he has the arm talent, everyone already knows his legs are there. Footwork within the pocket and making better reads post snap are about all he has to work on..