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Keep ranking Stoops low and Kentucky low for that matter, it’s just fuel to the fire.
Having Louisville in top 25 over Kentucky is laughable.
Don’t be surprised if Kentucky ends up with at least 10 wins next year. Bringing back a very healthy portion of talent from this years team, plus Terry Wilson will be back. The Big Blue Wall will give him all the time he needs to throw the ball, and they will open up running lanes all season. Look for Ali and Smoke to have breakout seasons on offense.
Sorry to break your spirit but ever since Stoops got to UK they’ve been competitive against Florida and Tennessee. Wildcats are only getting stronger. Don’t forget that it took a heroic performance from Trask to come back and win the game earlier this year.
I want someone to go back and count how many times they mentioned that Bowden started the season at receiver and eventually had to switch to QB
Kentucky will compete for the East tomorrow, great roster turnover
I’m left thinking what if UK had went with Bowden at QB to begin the season
Mark Stoops deserves to get SEC coach of the year again. I think they will finish 8-4.
UK defense held up all night until the bad punt gave UGA the ball on the UK 39, which by the way was the first time they ran a play that wasn’t on their own side of the field. Where’s the praise for the defense?
Kentucky needs to run the same offense they did against arkansas. Bowden would be QB1 if it was up to me
He’s always struggled with getting the team back up after a deflating loss. I love Stoops, i think that and his sometimes conservative playcalling are his worse features.
Completely different game without the missed field goals. Mississippi st did not dominate kentucky
Would’ve been a completely different game without the missed field goals.
Kentucky will dominate at the line of scrimmage and win 28-17
Thank you for acknowledging that UK was just a few plays away from a win, and Smith played a great despite the turnovers, which were pretty much his only bad throws of the night.
These are the most generalized and broad “moments” of this season. This may be the laziest article you’ve ever written. Why not say actual specific moments? You suck joe cox
UT will not score more than 10 against UK defense has they bounce back from last week.
This is Snell’s game to take over and show the SEC what he’s really about. He’ll rush for close to 150, if not more, and 2 Or 3 TDs. Kroger Field will be rockin, Lexington will be rockin, the entire state of Kentucky will be rockin. CATlanta we’re comin for you. UK wins 24-21
Also, only a 46 percent chance to be USC? Lolol. More motivation, that’s the last thing this team needs and the last thing any of their opponents want.
35 percent chance to be Mizzou? LOLOL. The game plan will be run the ball snd control the clock, get to the passer, and if they UK gives up some big plays, they’ll just continue to run the ball down the Tigers throats. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Snell rush for 200 and the Wildcats as a whole rush for over 300.
It seems you haven’t watched UK play this year, it doesn’t matter what defensive adjustments the coaches make. They know Snell is going to get it, and they can’t stop it, if they slow him down just a little bit, Terry Wilson will beat you with his legs, and has shown big play ability with his arm when it’s needed. I think you should be worrying about how your gamecocks offense is going to move the ball against one of the best defenses in the SEC and country. You’ll see a lot of #41, get used to it. 31-17 cats roll
You’ve lost your mind. UK just ran all over one of the most physical defensive front 7’s in the SEC. What makes you think they won’t do the same against the cocks? A 75th ranked rushing attack after playing only 3 games while most other teams have played 4 doesn’t bode very well against the top rushing offense in the SEC, with arguably the best back in the conference, and in my opinion the 2nd best in the nation. Good luck, you will need it. 31-14