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I’m very excited to see Wandale Robinson against SEC competition. Dude has blazing speed. Tyreek Hill comparisons anyone?
What has Kentucky lacked for the past 2 seasons? A downfield passing game, now that they have it, play action is there and it opens massive holes for the Wildcat rbs. This team has potential to be better than the 2018 squad. Mark my words. That defense is scary and should scare every team in the SEC. Right now, Alabama might be the only team they couldn’t beat.
Really you think the Wildcats offensive line won’t hold up against Mizzou?
Not sure about UKs defense? How? You’re a clown and you’ll see that the wildcats are probably the most underrated team in the SEC this year. And the most overrated will be the 3 teams directly ahead of them. Especially Mizzou, I’m not buying the hype for the Tigers.
He’ll be good. Dude has blazing speed and agility. But yeah I’m probably more surprised that Kinnard didn’t make this list.
didn’t UK beat south carolina by nearly 30 points last season with virtually no passing game?
This is most overrated team, last year their QB and TE carried them, defense will suck again. 7-5
In my opinion, Kentucky is positioning themselves to compete for the East for the next 4-5 years and possibly longer if the recruiting continues to improve the way it has over the years. Go CATS!!!
Mike Leach is ranked way too high. SEC defenses are too good for his one dimensional offenses.
All I’m worried about is who’s gonna step up at QB. The rest will be fine. Kentucky may be looking at a 9-3 or even 10-2 with every game except for maybe the Georgia game being favored or fairly split.
New OC is going to be the difference maker for the Cats. SEC East or bust for the next couple seasons.
I love how with UK it’s always what they were never able to do in the past.
Kentucky football is prepared to take a step forward, not back, in my opinion. New OC with great NFL ties. Chris Rodriguez and Jamin Davis senior seasons, Darian Kinnard and Luke Fortner returning for 5th season to help put on the O Line. Watch out for the cats next season and the seasons following!
I expect Beau Allen to begin the season as Stoops’ number one guy. Has a heck of an arm and can also move well enough to keep the defense honest
What other teams have had at least 18 players and 10 coaches out and still played? I’m not sure i’m asking if anyone knows. Seemed unfair. I feel like UK could’ve hung a lot better with both teams at full strength.
If UK is at full strength on defense i believe they can really slow down any offense. Alabama probably not, but Florida better be careful
Someone correct me if i’m wrong but UK pulled nearly all starters on both of the sides of the ball for the 4th.
Josh Ali is the most disappointing player this year for me. He’s had two instances of pretty much allowing the defender to just rip the ball from him, both times flipping the game in the other direction and being very instrumental in the Cats’ losses.
It starts with the QB position, Kentucky is slowly becoming a more desirable school for top recruits. They’ll get there. To me quarterback and kicking game are the only thing holding Stoops’ team back from being elite.
Don’t be surprised if this game is close or if UK wins.. Everyone forgets how close the game between these two was last year. Wildcat defense may seem battered, yeah they allowed missouri to control TOP, but they ran 92 plays and only scored 20 points. I think the defense is confident and will force whoever Georgia plays at QB into tough passes and mistakes.
Props to UK defense for only giving up 20 points in 92 plays. Georgia better come ready to play.
Kentucky will control the line of scrimmage and therefore time of possession, UK wins 24-23 with a late touchdown to go ahead