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"What should LSU fans be expecting from freshman QB T.J. Finley". The maws of pain, that's what. This guy was wet garbage in high school. In fact, I think he was offered because dacoacheaux whiffed on some better recruits. Anyways. You'll get 40% completions and 3 picks but because Will Muschamp couldn't clutch up a VW bug. The Cocks only win by 5.
There's no such thing as a "false fact. I also live in Louisiana and follow your team. All of that's true and not so deep down, you know it.
You know Dacoacheaux is relieved. The Chizik parallels are of course striking and he's hyperaware of them. But now though he gets to say his season hit the skids because he lost his starting quarterback and not because he's piping in Whitesnake over his headphones. I wonder if he has Pandora premium?
You see the problem with lsu is dacoacheaux. He has the x's and o's acumen of, I don't know...A career D-line coach? Also he's so insecure, he hires the very worst assistants he can find and he does this because he knows they won't challenge him. It's common knowledge here in Louisiana Joe Brady had to be crammed down his throat and of course everyone knows it was Leslie who gifted him Dave Aranda. Neither one of those guys couldstand Coach Whiteboots and couldn't wait to hit the bricks. Well those guys are gone and Farmer Fran is now left with the worst coaching staff in the conference. But at least Coach YawYaw is "one of them", right?.
You're not getting it. I'll do better. He'll apologize or he'll be framed as a wealthy white man who uses the black man to further his financial goals. That's our world now and no one gets to step outside of it. Not even the GOAT. Nick Saban will capitulate to the mob. His only other choice is retirement. He'll bow soon enough. You'll see.
The comments section is turned off on the Saban "all lives matter" article. So even though this will get deleted and I'll be canceled, I'll just drop it here anyway. the entire BLM movement is predicated on lies. The lie of "systemic" racism, the lie of "institutionalized" racism and most of all, the lie that George Floyd that canonized piece of human debris was murdered. With all that in mind, of course Nick Saban will apologize. He's white and he's a shameless user of the black man.
"Ed Orgeron says LSU sees Alabama-caliber wide receivers 'every day' in practice" No he doesn't. The Alabama receiver group has been consistently excellent over the last three seasons, under three different offensive coordinators and under three different offenses. They play and win on the biggest of stages and play with the mentality of a professional. LSU's receivers? Well last season they could barely catch footballs, they have no elite big game experience and they've never had to sweat it out in a season defining game. In fact, they've never won a season defining game. Lsu has good receivers. Alabama has legit professional, ready receivers in both skill set and maturity. These groups really aren't close. But i like how whiteboots keeps coughing up the bulletin board material.
"What to do with auburn", you ask? Well you reserve their annual spot in the kotex bowl. That's what you do with them.
Let us all just sit back shall we and watch gus malzahn ruin yet another quarterback recruit. We know it'll happen, he's ruined all of them. Here's a little factoid for you. Gus malzahn has never, not once successfully developed his own quarterback. This kid he's got now won't be any different. Every quarterback he's had success with was coached up and developed long before he reached API and the inept tutelage of hillbilly Gustavo. Cam, nick and Jarrett. All prepped by better coaches. Bo will have his daddy to blame for this.
Whiteboots has three games to lose. Three loss teams don't make the playoff.
And here are five things clemson doesn't have to worry about at all, not even a little. The best quarterback in the country. The best defensive tackle in the country. The best and deepest offensive backfield in the SEC. The best wide receiver group in the country. And finally, the best coach innthe history of college football.
Tua's special. Generational. Transcendent But you know who isn't any of those things, not even a little? You know who's barely average? You know who hasn't thrown a touchdown pass in 4 of the last 5 games? Joe burrow.
Any year saban doesn't win, the trophy's nothing more than an honorable mention award.
By "tight game" do you mean 17 points?
Somebody explain to me please how lsu is facing a "top ten defense" in Miami?
Coach whiteboots is a well known, documented loser who made the worst sort of history at ole miss. There's no situation where nick saban loses to this yaw yawing, coach emphysema moron. It simply won't happen.
Enough of this bullspit. Meyer didn't hold her down while she got beat up. Put the man back on the sidelines where he belongs.
Is this the same guy that jumped onto the field with kirby and started with his ghetto dance moves after the tua sack? That guy was great. :)
Is this the same gut that jumped onto the field with kirby and started with his ghetto dance moves after the tua sack? That guy was great. :)
People need to stop with this kirby smart "next best thing" narrative. It's lazy minded. Let's examine this shall we. If I didn't know better, I would've thought mark richt himself was coaching in atlanta. Kirby smart choked that game away so badly, he lost his gag reflex. Smart was given one advantage after another in that game and he didn't have it in the pants to carpe diem. Alabama was absolutely falling to pieces before our very eyes and kirby wet himself. Alabama all but said "here take it, it's yours" but kirby was a tad too timid. This is what "the man" spotted his lacking pupil. A flailing first half offense and listless defense, a true freshman quarterback, a backup left tackle, a second half offense filled with true freshmen, a potential game winning kick shanked so badly it hit the left side of my living room wall and last but not least a devestating sack in overtime. And let's not get into the sideline drama with players passing out and fighting coaches as well as a defensive coordinator with one foot in Knoxville. 17 points. That's what kirby smart couldn't protect against THAT alabama team and people are gonna try to sell to me that kirby smart is a kingslayer? Nope, sell that to somebody who knows better. Kirby smart showed the world two things and two things only in that game. First and foremost, gagging and not finishing is enculturated at georgia, it's in the wallpaper and carpet fibers. Secondly, he can't stop an alabama forward pass. Give a coach with some stones (urban meyer, dabo swinney, chris petersen) those advantages over alabama and we take it dry. Give them to kirby smart and we make history. Roll tide ladies and gentlemen.
I was gonna maybe respond to that but then I scrolled down and saw how you wrote a dissertation. I"m not reading all that but it's obvious you be lovin' you some coach whiteboots. :)
I'm not making anything up. Re-read the post. Lsu fans don't compare ogeron to saban. That would be stupid. What they do is try to draw similarities between saban's first year at alabama and ogeron's experience at lsu. As if to say saban had a bad first year at alabama as well and look at what he went on to do. Ogeron could do the same. It's a desperate mental gyration to try and make that leap.
Connor O'Gara says this: "We all know the ultimate feather in the cap is beating Alabama." Yeah that's what every single alabama fan wants to hear. We want to hear that another set of tigers is so hell bent on beating alabama that they're willing to keep a bad coach if he happens to do it. Welcome to the world of your garden variety auburn fan. Make no mistake about it, gus malzahn is a bad coach and his record reflects this but because he from time to time beats alabama, auburn keeps that loser around. Gus malzahn is a gift to the alabama crimson tide and I can promise you, we wouldn't want auburn to have anyone different. Is that what lsu is becoming? Do you want alabama so firmly in your wheelhouse that you would keep the worst coach in ole miss history because one time out of a thousand he played spoiler to alabama? Maybe so and if so I say this. On behalf of the entire alabama fanbase, we thank you.
Well because it is a "whole different scenario", you can't mention what saban inherited at alabama versus what ogeron inherited at lsu. But to answer your question. Considering saban's professional history and what he inherited at alabama, we were confident. I hear lsu fans try to draw that parallel between saban's first year experience at alabama and ed ogeron all the time and it's an act of desperation. You don't even have to scratch the surface to see how they have nothing in common.
"The officials completely blew that game". The cry of the truly desperate. You sound like an lsu fan and soon, you'll lose like one.
That's a whole lotta scratch to a coach that wet himself on the grandest of stages. Kirby choked that game away so badly, he lost his gag reflex. A 17 point lead. That's what dried up and blew away while kirby watched. Don't try to sell to me kirby smart is the next nick saban or even urban meyer when Kirby couldn't keep his boot on the neck of a team that was imploding before our very eyes. A true freshman back up quarterback, a true freshman left tackle, a patchwork defense, a player passing out on the sidelines, another player attacking a coach and last but not flippin least, a kicker who shanked a game winning kick so badly, it hit the left side of my living room wall. All that and i'm supposed to buy into georgia? Nope, sorry. I saw the same snake bit georgia team i've always seen and furthermore, i saw a coach that doesn't have a killer instinct. Kirby didn't have it in the pants to put down a team that couldn't get it together. Sound familiar? It should, that coach resides in coral gables now. No no. We'll just save that kirby smart "next big thing" narrative for you neutered muts over in jawja. Save it for the lazy minded. I know better. All kirby smart did was show the world he couldn't stop an alabama forward pass.