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Never have I been more stunned watching a football game than the 1996 Fiesta Bowl between the Gators and Huskers. We went from thinking Nebraska didn’t even belong on the same field as Florida to questioning every aspect of physical reality (as the laws of physics seemingly did not apply to Tommy Frazier). Will we get our payback on the diamond? Highly doubtful.
Well, Kirby did give his blessing to the lawsuit, so he seems pretty content with the drama. And why wouldn't he? He's on top of the world right now and gets to kick his rival while down. Ultimately though, this is just a shakedown attempt from the Rashada family, who probably realize by now that Jaden's not likely to make money in the NFL. This lawsuit will settle, NDAs will be signed, the Rashadas will get some money, life will go on, and Billy will sink or swim based on the on field results in 2024 (sink is my prediction).
I laughed out loud about the part where he said the SEC will step in to punish Florida because they hate UF and besides, they have their orders from Kirby. Sounds like someone might want to put down the crack pipe for a while.
Meanwhile Kirby's players are still recklessly endangering the citizens of Athens.
What’s everyone’s high score on Ms. Pac Man? I think mine was right around 110,000. Better than most, but not even in the ball park of elite players. I’ll never forget going to the machine at the Reitz Union one day and seeing 800,000 as the high score.
Is this a greater or lesser controversy than Arch not appearing in the Nintendo game?
Say what you will about Billy and his inability to get 11 guys lined up on special teams in different jersey numbers, his players are beacons of moral light and ethical correctness in the Gainesville community. Graham Mertz, for example, is well known for helping his landlady carry out her garbage.
I say he's overpaid as long as his players continue to terrorize the good citizens of Athens with their high speed drunken foolishness.
Lane Kiffin will convince him to stay at UF in any case (I don't see Jedd Fisch leaving UW after one year, but you never know. Seattle is nicer than Gainesville in the summer, but Gainesville is nicer in the winter). I'd be concerned about who Lane poaches from UGA next portal season.
I've been trying to get UF's graphics team to put up a 100 foot billboard in Times Square this summer to announce the start of Graham's Heisman campaign, but they said the football program spent the money on a second assistant analyst for 3rd and 16 situations.
Mullen - a man ahead of his time. Using the portal before everyone else and then cashing out his buyout to play golf and talk on TV. Expect that to be the next trend.
It’s amazing to think we have a QB room right now that will produce two more statues in front of BHG. Graham’s statue will be him pointing while running like he did to that Vol defender he juked. DJ’s will feature an actual rocket launcher for an arm.
It’s kind of surprising not to see the Mertzinator on this list. Most CFB prognosticators have him as one of their leading Heisman contenders this year.
May he enjoy his year in Athens before transferring to a MAC school.
"I was wrong about Graham Mertz last year." And so far you're wrong this year too. Graham is easily a top 5 SEC starting QB and having Lagway is the best backup situation you could hope for. I'll give you that Texas and Georgia an edge over UF, but the Gators at #8 is absurd.
Is the video game decision thing still holding him back or has that outrageously callous and selfish decision on his part been forgotten?
We got guys with good wingspans now, if that makes sense. Right?
Get ready for an onslaught of these silly season fake controversies. All you need to know is this: Mertz is the starter. Mertz will be the starter. Mertz will finish the season as the starter, barring injury. Lagway will play in every game. Lagway has an enormous amount of work and development in front of him.
The number of grown men losing their minds over a video game is something to behold. This is why Japan is kicking our rear ends.
What Napier really needs to do is find guys with good wingspans relative to the rest of the conference, if that makes sense.
Plus, if Tate Rodemaker was the world beater that everyone says he is - remember Jordan Travis saying he wished he'd broken his leg earlier so everyone could see how great Rodemaker is - why the heck is he is transferring? What's going on in Tally that they'd let a future NFL Hall of Famer walk just like that? If Rodemaker doesn't transfer to a blue blood program and win the starting job and become a first team All American, then I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop believing some of the things I read online.
Why has almost the entire apparatus of the national CFB media kicked into high gear since December 3 to express their outrage and defend over FSU being left out of the playoff? Other than clicks? Matt Hayes and Chris Wright are the only two CFB writers I know of offhand who have stated unapologetically that FSU had NO business in the playoffs after the Jordan Travis injury. For most everyone else, it really has the feeling of being the type of performative virtue signaling that people take to online whenever Some Really Bad Thing happens. As a reminder: being an undefeated Power 5 conference champion does not you earn an automatic bid, contrary to what so many mistakenly are saying. And like Clint Eastwood said in Unforgiven before putting Little Bill out of his misery, "Deserve's got nothing to do with it" either.
Class of 98, FSU originally tried to pretend this year's 5-7 Florida Gators under Hot Seat Billy were were the '85 Chicago Bears. Boy did they love telling people how they went 2-0 against the SEC this year (it's actually 2-1 now!).
The Jameis curse is real. It's no coincidence that Jimbo got fired the same year FSU got left out of the beauty pageant.
"One way to look at that would be to see a balanced outfit stepping up in the face of adversity to take care of its business against a couple of legit opponents without its star." So one of the worst teams in Florida Gator history, playing with its own backup QB - by the way (and also consistently denigrated all year by the author of this piece) - is now "legit?" This has been an awful season for Florida football, but seeing FSU fans trying to turn us into the '85 Chicago Bears all of the sudden has been a rare bright spot. Let's go Dawgs and we'll see you in Jax next year with the Mertzinator!
I like Napier and want him to succeed, but even if he gets his offense firing on all cylinders after bringing in the talent he requires to run it, I don't know that the Gator Nation will be excited by an old school, smash mouth style of offense.