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Shocked to see either team break into 20s, picks 24-21. Major thonker.
They shouldn't be in even though they are the better team? That's some good logic.
Since when did this become about the more deserving team rather than the better team? Last year, it was about Ohio State not deserving it. Alabama is the better team. Who cares about deserving it? With a pick system like this, you pick the better team. That is Alabama.
Georgia played awful tonight. Blown coverage on defense, offense line was blown, held on rushing. It was awful, but the people calling for Kirby's head is assinine. Every Georgia fan that actual has a decent brain will tell you Auburn was a game that would be scary. On top of that, they will all tell you Auburn came out with their fists cocked ready to throw, and they did. This was easily their worst show of football. Bottom line.