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Sounds like one of those situations where it makes perfect sense if you were there and experienced it, but when trying to make a quick, simple description it comes off as very odd-sounding.
LarryMunson you might be providing some of the stupidest content I've read on the internet lately.
ROFL... sexual assault? Not quite. Sexual assault is "any type of forced or coerced sexual contact that happens without consent". Slapping a person of the opposite sex does not constitute sexual assault.
Your record is 0-Embarrassed in these "top-tier" bowl games so try showing you belong before running your mouth. You're in the Sugar Bowl by the grace of geography, nothing else. Try not to be an embarrassment to the SEC again.
*Disclaimer: I'm stuck in an airport with LITERALLY nothing else to do Opponents of each SEC team on College Game Day (excluding bowl games): Alabama: Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, UCLA, Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson, Florida, Virginia Tech, Penn State, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Michigan Arkansas: Tennessee Auburn: Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Vanderbilt, Clemson, Mississippi State Florida: Florida State, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Miami, Kentucky, Alabama, Texas A&M Georgia: Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, Auburn, Clemson Kentucky: Florida LSU: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Oregon State, Virginia Tech, Auburn, UNC, Oregon, West Virginia, Ole Miss Mississippi State: Auburn, Alabama Missouri: Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina Ole Miss: Alabama, LSU South Carolina: Florida, Georgia, UCF, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama Tennessee: Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Notre Dame, Miami, Auburn, South Carolina, Arkansas Texas A&M: Colorado, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida Vanderbilt: Auburn
Ah, SDS's weekly "let's try to portray MSU as being dirty" post! UK player throws what very-much looks like a punch to the face mask of a MSU player on his back during the game, SDS says nothing. Had that been a MSU player, we'd already have a 1000 word story and 6 slow-motion video angles, complete with quotes from people on Twitter who agreed that it was definitely a punch. Instead, we just ignore the punch because it wasn't MSU and instead make a big deal out of this situation?! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
"There wasn’t no altercation, there wasn’t no arguments.” So you're saying there was an altercation and argument? Or just no grammar?
Nice post. Thanks for taking the time to share!
Wow that was a bit repetitive. Maybe I shouldn't be posting when hopped up on allergy medicines. (Thanks springtime).
Agreed. It would be nice to see who is the second in each category, as well as what year they are as well.
I made a website about the location of the 3 BCS trophies that Hugh Freeze tweeted a picture of: Helpful hint: I didn't actually make a website. But if you go to that URL you do get the message 'Not Found'.