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You typing with misunderstood phonics? Portrayed...not betrayed.
If we get the DC we want, I think most fans will forget Grantham’s name. But I think that’s a pretty big “if.”
We aren’t delusional land sharts. What comment has any mention of a Nat’l C’ship? Troll on, buddy. I would imagine the trolling slows down after that hammer blow tomorrow morning.
*who’s. And I bet you can Google his name...or read the article you commented on. I know it’s overwhelming but I bet you can do it.
Considering Dan had no problem beating Sumlin when A&M had a lot more talent, that seems like a step down to me.
Mississippi State May be down to one scholarship QB after the Bama game. Fitz will be forced to pass. And I believe Bama will be in his back pocket all night long.
Leave it to a fan from the far left school of MO to be the one whining about this BS. Grab a tissue and go cry in the corner. Unless there’s evidence of this being done in a more severe manner, it’s NOT a big deal.
Wow. The few paragraphs I painfully made it through were terrible. Why is sh*t like this published? And this guy is supposed to be a comedian? That's sad.
I like Williams a lot. He is not Ballard 2.0. Sorry. Ballard had acrobatics that Williams just does not have the ability to do. He is probably just as effecient in this system, but Ballard was a better back, probably a bit faster too. We'll see. Hail State!
It appears that the MSU RB is the most effecient running the football so far.
They should be happy if they go 8-4. Very overrated program.
The truth is that blacks and whites aren't killing each other at a high rate. The black violence is almost exclusively black on black. I'm not sure of the stats on violent crimes from whites, but my guess is that a very high percentage of it is against other whites. And yes, I do assume that you were kidding for the most part.
Did you see where USC has started a stink over the horse that's ridden, whose name is Traveler? Robert E. Lee's horse was named Traveller with two L's. There is zero correlation with the trojan's horse and the confederate general. Sh*t's beyond out of hand. There is no turning back at this point.
Dude. Read BEFORE you type. You could possibly save yourself from looking like an idiot.
Good God. It's satire. It's stated at the beginning of the article.
I hope you're just trying to be funny and failing badly. The author even told you at the beginning of the article that it was satire.
I like how the only comeback OM fans have when their feelings get hurt is that somebody is obsessed with them. I mean they truly think that they're so much better than other people that opposing are obsessed with them. No, buddy. We're making fun of the sh*tshow that's always going on in Oxford.
Supporting cast is irrelevant when comparing Hurts to Fitzgerald? Bama top 2 RBs had 1376 rushing yards. State top 2 RBs had 977. How much help did the State D give NF? What were the TE and WRs like at Bama from top to bottom compared to MSU? How well can Hurts throw it? Not any better than NF and that isn't saying much(although the potential with NF is very evident). Fitz was benched against USA, and I'm pretty sure that Mullen would admit in hindsight that it was a mistake. You can call State fans sensitive all you want, but Hurts would NOT have won any more games at MSU than NF did, and I'm pretty positive NF would've won just as many as JH(maybe one more...) if he were taking snaps for the Tide. Supporting cast has PLENTY to do with it, and you're a fool if you think otherwise. Go watch some film. How well was Rankin doing the first half of the season? I'd also love to see some numbers for QB hits and hurries for Bama and MSU. My guess is that Hurts had a lot more time back there. State fans don't have much to hang their hat on from last season, especially when compared to Bama. But they did have a better QB. It appears you're the sensitive one since you have to go to message boards to defend your opinion. It is just that; an opinion. Yours just seems to be weak and in favor of the team that played for the NC, opposed to a team that went 6-7. Go ahead and tell me where I'm wrong...
Coming from a State fan, I can't see how a UK fan could be good with this. Unless y'all truly don't give a crap about anything but basketball. The only positive I see is that the added strengths to the conference are in the East. Recruiting to Oxford, Starkville, Lexington and Nashville will just get tougher than it already is.
Is that your silver lining to the pending destruction that's headed to Oxfart? He didn't have to try too hard to shut down the impressive OM offense last year. Troll on, care bear.
You must be a class act. Petrine is a scumbag and had to go. AR may need to fire Bret, but bringing back Petrino would be ridiculous. There's better coaches out there. Obviously you're the type that thinks winning is the only thing that matters. Some people like to claim their school has a little class and integrity. You're as bad as ole miss fans.
The problem with this, that all the bored bloggers fail to mention, is that the divisions, for the most part(looking at you, MO), are geographically aligned. Travel for many fans to several games would be cut off. As of now there are two games each year that may be a bit too far. But, I imagine these writers are probably not loyal to a particular SEC school and work has them traveling to the best game to cover. I think it's fine how it is. But these millinneals have to see something changed or updated every few years. When has the best SEC team not won the SEC C'ship game? Who cares if they were playing a lesser opponent from the other division instead of a better one from the same division. Maybe you get a better C'ship game, but the best team has always won.
I bet Kelly took more loads on his face.