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Vick was punished and became an Uncle Tom. Ben on the other hand can rape and not get into any trouble
Uh-oh the closet racist is out. You could not watch the video if it’s not entertaining. It could be so simple.
You literally make no sense if if tua was this all time great Qb what happened to him in 2018 SECCG? What happened to him in the NCG? He makes a lot of mistakes because of his gunslinger mentality
So they gain nothing but next year hope.
Hear that every year and then y’all have this season. Maybe you should develop the players you got.
All they going to do is complain about next year too. We heard this recruiting thing before.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Kirby really said that. It’s a reason they call y’all bama East
Nawl Cochran would show the same ole same. Squats, bad form deadlifts and bench press.
You said all that and he was still trash at SC and got replaced. Good luck
You might want to get from under that rock you live. Reality women lie about things like this. It has happened plenty of times. Wait until all the evidence comes out before you call someone guilty.
How about we wait and see before burying anyone. Let’s not act like women are 100 percent trustworthy.
Funny an Auburn fan talking about recruiting.
Please don’t talk trash when vandy can’t beat anyone
When we beat y’all, keep that energy that you were know better than those teams
Other than Wisconsin, who has a terrible defense who have you played?
Dabo should worry about if there going to play a team with a winning record in their conference championship
It seems like his coach gave up on him, by letting a guy who can’t throw 10yds start. Without giving you a chance
@Geaux long I’m happy y’all can finally beat your chest. Because in 2 weeks y’all will go Back to hiding.
@NashvilleGator Y’all struggles the whole game. Until the 4th when the refs helped y’all out. Trask is trash and those are facts
We’ll see I bet they don’t be ranked when the CFP rankings come out. We saw Florida and how vulnerable they are when they played USC. But the talk is done. In two weeks we’ll see who’s better
Alabama plays the same amount of rank teams this year as LSU. LSU and Auburn. Texas just showed they are trash.
Gator fans are ridiculous riding another team. We saw that the gators aren’t that good USC showed your offense is mediocre
I think if y’all had a good offense you would have won