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Spot on. Getting a #1 ranked class by chasing star ratings can leave you undermanned at some positions and overstocked at others. I believe that LSU fell into this kind of thinking at the end of Les Miles' term. Plenty of skill players (WR, RB, DB) and lacking in the trenches (OL, DL, LB). It seems like they were more interested keeping their status for signing top 5 classes instead of filling needs.
I have noticed that the "expand the playoffs" comments from posters on social media sites and CFB websites has died off since Monday night. I wonder if that would be the case had Alabama won........
Based on how the FL passing game lit them up in last year's SEC Championship Game, Alabama went in with a defensive gameplan to stop the pass against FL. A&M was struggling with a backup QB to begin the season and relied heavily on the run up to that point. Tide defense was set up to stop A&M from running the ball. Bad defensive strategy by Saban & Golding is why those 2 games played out the way that they did.
Front 7 defenders too heavy and too slow to keep up with the uptempo offenses and athletic QBs. They get gassed as the game goes on. Saban got burned against OK, Ole Miss x2, Ohio St, Clemson w/Deshaun x2 and decided to get smaller and more athletic on defense. Also changed offensive styles to be able to hit big plays in order to keep up in a shootout if necessary.
100% spot-on with your comment on stopping offenses in today's game. If you get matched up with any team that has decent athletes be ready to score 30-35 pts plus to win the game. 17-13, 20-14 type of games rarely happen in top 10 matchups anymore. Saban got a dose in the mid 2010's from Auburn during the 1st 2 yrs of the Mahlzahn (sp) era, Freeze's Ole Miss x2, Oklahoma, Ohio St, and Clemson 2x. He realized that the days of running the ball, controlling the clock, winning the field position battle and playing shutout defense is over. Had better be able to score quickly in a shootout and be able to make a defensive stop or 2 in key situations.
Clearly states that these are the offenses that can give the Bulldogs d trouble in the playoffs. Ohio St has the most potent offense, followed by Alabama, folllowed by Oklahoma w/Williams at QB. There are other teams that are still eligible for CFP but none of them have an offense that is a real threat to GA
Yes this GA team kinda reminds me of that 2016-17 Alabama teams with Hurts at QB. Limited on offense with great defense. Problems on offense (mainly the passing offense) did not show until they played better competition
Many of the players on the roster have checked out since losing to Kentucky
True. Key is for Georgia to not fall behind early. Defense and running the ball is the best bet for the Bulldogs. Daniels is the type of QB (not very mobile) that normally does not do well against typical Alabama defenses. If GA gets down and is forced to pass, I can see AL getting some strip sacks & ints from Daniels. The game would play out similar to the 2018 GA-LSU game. Bulldogs were better team but got put in a spot where they had to abandon the run. Game went downhill for them at that point.
Why would they have to pay back money if they completed their fall courses? The scholarship is used to pay for school. If some guys leave, those scholarships are freed up and can be rewarded to the non-scholarship players that are on the roster. Not like the school is continuing to pay for a guy who is no longer enrolled in school.
Football scholarships are renewed on a yr by yr basis. Everyone gets mad when the player leaves without using all of their eligibility but what about when players are dismissed or red/blue/gray shirted to make room for upperclassmen or incoming freshman. Ppl like to complain about players holding up their end but do not expect the same from the coaches or athletic depts.
How would you enforce that rule? The bowls are played during the semester break in most cases. Players that have graduated in Dec but still have eligibility do not have to come back to school. Players who plan on giving up eligibility to go pro without graduating have no reason to enroll for class in Jan. Threatening to withhold a scholarship of a player who already has the degree or who does not want the degree is not going to force the players to play in bowls or return to school for the spring semester
Quality wins or strength of schedule do not matter once you are in the playoffs.
Whether you like them or not they have played a major role in the SEC and NC picture
"Beating Alabama is now the measure of if a team is successful?" Pretty much. No SEC East team has beaten them since 2010. Since 2008 there has not been an SEC West champion that lost to the Tide in the regular season nor has there been an East champion that has lost to them in the regular season. The SEC East has been basically decided by teams not having Bama on the regular season schedule. 11 of the 12 last national champs has been Alabama or a team that had to beat Alabama somewhere along the way (exception being 2013 FSU, who beat Aub....who beat #1 Alabama to get there). Weather you like them or not
PTheRicker is right. More HS talent in SC than TN. Gamecocks just can't beat out Clemson or UGA for those recruits. Reason why TN football fell off is bc they stopped getting those top players from the Carolinas once Spurrier & Dabo started to lock down the Carolinas
Exactly. Lost several recruiting battles from their usual recruiting grounds. The downfall started during Fulmer's term. Ppl want to blame coaching. U mean to tell me that Phil all of a sudden forgot how to coach after yrs of success? No, he was not getting the players. Which led to losing, which led to missing out on more players. Which led to more losing & then bad decisions in firing/hiring coaches
Lattimore, Todd Gurley & Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Gilmore, Jonathon Allen are some examples of players from Carolinas/VA area that TN used to get. Yeah coaching is a part of the downfall but there was a big change in talent from early 90s-mid 2000s vs what they were signing late 2000s-mid 2010s. Talent went dry for nearly a decade. There were years where TN did not even have a single player drafted. Lack of talent until recently
The setback of the Tennessee program over the past 10-12 yrs is caused by the rise of Alabama, then S Carolina, then Clemson. Vols were already battling UF & UGA to stay in the east race. Eventually they started losing the regional recruiting to the 3 schools mentioned earlier plus UGA. TN used to get talent from Memphis and the the stretch from North Alabama, thru North Ga East TN and the Carolinas. Vols started losing the kids from that geographic region to those schools then started losing games on the field. TN is getting their recruiting back up over the past 3-4 yrs but they are still behind AL, GA & Clemson
SEC Snob there were many times where Auburn & S Carolina players were arguing, taunting & getting physical after the play was over. I think it kinda fueled the Gamecocks to play harder. Tigers were supposed to be the better team but they let petty stuff get to them & take their focus away.
Last time these teams met in the desert Clemson dominated 31-0. National semifinal game during Clemson's 1st CFP championship season
Shows how Butch Jones failed to develop players. The 2019 & 2020 draft will likely produce similar results. Pruitt’s recruits won’t be eligible until 2021 draft so u should see a change in TN draft numbers then.
See the cut block on #49 from Alabama during the iron bowl........