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Sorry Chris. Instead of calling it an Opt Out List", they need to call it what it is. An 'I Quit List". Yes, these players quit on their team and your analogy of Coaches leaving programs for a new job is "Apples & Oranges". Coaches don't leave prior to the end of the Season (for the most part). They generally finish the season (i.e Bama's O Coordinator) Any coach who doesn't finish the season, I have the same problem with them as I do the players that quit on their team. They're teammates and coaches had a huge part in making them the player that they are.
It takes an incident like this for Herbstreet to call out a Coach (rightly so)and recommend consequences. Here's a thought Herbie.....start calling out the thug behavior that happens every game on the field every time a player makes a routine play. It starts with players taunting after every play and not having any respect for their opponents. It's called SPORTSMANSHIP!!! There is a serious lack of it in sports today and it starts at the Junior High level. Coaches seem to condone it. As upset as I was about that idiot throwing a shoe in the LSU game, I was equally as upset that he was on the field on the next set of downs.
Aside from the embarrassing performance of the defense this year, we can go back to last year and the year before. We could not get off the field on 3rd down. If it was 3rd a 12, we'd give up 11, and then they would convert on 4th down. Just look back to the Kentucky game in 2018. Let's not forget all the good "stats on paper" stated in this article were built up against non-conference games. If Grantham stays, I expect more of the same on defense next year.
Grantham has to go. This really has been an on going issue the last three years counting this year. Grantham can't get his team of the field on 3rd down, and, when it's 3rd and long, his D gives up just enough so the other team goes for it on 4th......AND always converts.
They really should change the term from "opt out list" to "Quitters list". This is the new culture of sports today. Me, Me, Me. Same with the shoe thrower. Selfish act that cost his team a win in that game.
You can say that about any QB. Trask was the most accurate QB at Florda since Danny Wuerful. The thing that will separate Trask at the next level from DW is his arm strength.