77 yrs old , been a dawg fan for 63 yrs now. Ran the 900 Bill Dollar recruiting phone line for the sec , clemson etc for years . Internet put me out of biz lol. I have coached football, bb , girls bb and at present time Im in my 26 yr with aau. Title at present is Dist Director and Co National Dir. woof

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Kirby doing his job, keeping folks at home
All this can be accomplished with great recruiting. IMO
Thats funny, my bama lunch buddy said today that if Richt stayed then Shotty and Pruitt would be gone. I tried to bet him a lunch but he would not do it.
They better stay out of this . Could hurt recruiting and the fans will go berserk. STAY away
I couldnt read the article because of ads. WTF
Brice Ramsey will be uga s starting QB. Lambert hasnt even showed up in practice yet. lol, not sure if Bauta isnt ahead of him right now
So UGA is going to finish way down the line usaying
What happens when TAM beats bama, and Ok beats Baylor .
I watched ucla and auburn, Tex AM will kill both of them , and maybe Bama too. I would love to see the uga dawgs play bama. Maybe in atlanta in december