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Florida won’t have a snowballs chance in hell if Kentucky brings that high powered offense they brought to alabama.
Couldn’t agree more. Every week it’s the same thing. If it were up to the fans we wouldn’t have any coaches left lol. My main problem is subbing when we don’t have time. By the time the guys get onto the field the play starts before they are even set.
Ok? Soooooooo. Back to my question! Not hypothetical we should have done this or that, but I’d like an answer to what I asked. When would it be ok with the naysayers on this post to get back to a normal life?
So I am just wondering, for all those against this, when would it be ok to open things back up? When would it be ok for me to walk into a store without a mask on or tailgate at a game? Honestly would like your opinion on this. When a vaccine gets here? What if that’s not in the next year or two? So I’d just like to know when it would be ok for you if I returned to a semblance of a normal life.
Oh they are back every year until they play a half decent team. Hell, they were back Saturday before the game started lol. Go gators!
Why does it matter if he is the first black oc in the history of Florida? Who cares? He does a great job for us and we’re lucky to have him. Black or white, I’m sick of race being brought into everything nowadays. That being said, 4 more days till game time!!!!
I thought the same thing about McWilliams. Well probly get Stewart back after a couple games like usual lol.
It’s not a political platform, and that stuff might be happening in whatever liberal state/town you live in, but it’s not happening Where I live, don’t bring that crap up on a sports thread. It will only add to more division. And it would be helpful if you didn’t copy and paste this same argument every time.