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Yep. They should've been a finalist. Especially over Alabama.
2017 recruiting class (#3), 2018 recruiting class (#1), 2019 recruiting class (#2) - Kirby finally has all of HIS players in HIS system, those kids in the 2017 recruiting class are now in their third year, Fromm and Swift are also upper classmen. Kirby is himself a more seasoned head coach. The puzzle pieces are in place.
Why is that? Ever since Kirby Smart was hired, the stars have been aligning for a championship run in 2019. I don't think that it's out of the question at all.
For the sake of future waiver instances and the validity of the system, I hope they uphold the true definition of "egregious behavior." The particular incident at UGA, I would argue, was NOT "egregious."
I guess I would argue the only "complaints" are that Georgia's wins are better than Michigan's. Wins at Northwestern (6-4 record) and Michigan State (6-4 record) are impressive?! UGA's are against Florida (7-3), Kentucky (7-3), and Auburn (6-4). Michigan's only ranked win is against #24 Northwestern. Again, not an issue. Georgia wins out and they're in regardless. But I understand the argument.
But looking at resume, that’s not the case. Sure, Georgia lost by 20 AT LSU, but they’ve also beaten a pair of top 20 teams pretty convincingly. I don’t see any statement wins by Michigan, other than the one Penn State win. Until the outcome of the Michigan v. Ohio State game, I would put UGA in the 4 spot.
Can anyone explain why Michigan is a spot ahead of Georgia? Besides Penn State (who is only #20), what other top teams have they played and beaten?
Wait, what “quality wins” has Michigan had? Name just one...
As a UGA fan, I'd have to agree. Though our dline is suspicious.
It's just a comparison, calm down. Did you ever hear Saban utter those words over the last 10 years? Kirby is capable of having an original thought. He doesn't have to get everything from Saban. Sheeeeeesh.
"Keeping the real things the real things." Sounds a lot like Kirby Smart's mantra to his team last year "keeping the main thing the main thing." Very slick, Saban.
Ugh, seriously? WHY? It's not Alabama's first rodeo. And it wasn't that "epic" or "wild" of a win. 2018 season, here we go!
"I would not be shocked if it’s not going to be just like Georgia." Hm. Double negative. So he WOULD be shocked if Tennessee turns out like GA...
Great list, but don’t agree with Tua at #1. I’d place him at #3 behind Fromm and Swift. Those two guys proved themselves their entire freshman season in major roles in MAJOR games. Tua played one amazing half. This kid has to earn all of these accolades, I think, and he hasn’t yet
Take it easy there, Dilfer. Let's see if the kid can play more than 30 mins. of meaningful snaps and lead his team through 14-15 games to a championship. Kid's good, but can he maintain that steady poise and ability through an entire football season? We'll see...
CFFan is a troll and has no knowledge of what they're talking about. Tua was the better QB that night - for that one game. It shouldn't take anything away from what Hurts accomplished this season, or what Fromm accomplished. As a true freshman, Fromm took his team, the entire season, to a championship. For now, he's still the better frosh QB in my mind. "btw, humble yourself UGA"????? When was UGA not humble? Their secondary is their weakest group, they knew that, everyone knew that. They held their own against the Heisman winner, but flaws were apparent, and Tua was just another QB to expose them. That flaw should be fixed in the next year or two. I, for one, think Hurts will stick around next year and see where he can fit in with the offense.
Have to agree with CarolinePhoenix. No way Michigan has 10/1 odds, and South Carolina isn't even mentioned. I'd give SC the same as LSU and Wash.
Weagle99, it wouldn't let me reply to your comment. But, clearly you don't know the facts because A) he's most certainly NOT playing in the bowl game and B) sometimes certain kids don't respond to discipline (he was already suspended this year for 4 games) so now he's being sent to rehab and a treatment center to help make him a better young man and hopefully fix his serious problems. He most likely will NOT re-join the team for these very reasons, so better think twice when replying so you don't sound so stupid.
Actually, he has been kept out of the Rose Bowl and will be entering rehab for treatment. Learn the facts before you make an inconsiderate comment, fool.
Amen! Those three running backs + Hardman will be able to eat up a ton of clock, and score on top of that. Fromm will make some surprise big throws on 1st downs and UGA will handle time of possession and win the game.
Totally agree. As much as the narrative will revolve around OU's offense against UGA's defense, I think UGA's offense against the OU defense will be the real clutch story. If UGA can get 2-3 stops against Mayfield, they should be able to run the ball easily on OU's defense and eat up a ton of clock. Best part is, UGA will be able to run, eat up clock, and still score points in the red zone. And use Fromm sparingly but at key times. I think that's the game plan and maybe the only way UGA will win.
Another horrible horrible horrible call made by the refs. How much is AU paying these guys?????
Trash?? Everyone I talked to was super nervous. Auburn played a lights out PERFECT game and would have beaten anyone in the country. They brought their BEST against the #1 team. Can they bring that intensity every week from now until December? Doubt it.
Well said. Roll Tide... I mean Go Dawgs!... Er, Roll Dawgs?
Haha. Switch Nick Fitzgerald and Jake Fromm. But I still don't understand the logic for a lot of these picks.
... Because it's degrading to women who are trying to do their jobs and they get laughed at for asking an intelligent question about a man's sport. Seriously dude?