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All freshman team huh?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
And Maggit is playing for the colts
@Bryanchip Fuente had one of the best qbs I'm the country at memphis. Not sure where you get 'bare cupboard"?
Apparently you've never been neyland. That's the front gate at neyland stadium dumbass
We beat georgia last yr so not sure what the 3rd losing streak you are referring to?
Our defense should be top 3 in the sec. We are definitely hyped but not overhyped. We're stacked on both sides of the ball. Should be a fun yr.
How Bout we talk about when derek dooley straight slaughtered ole miss 52-14 a couple yrs b4 this game
We started the season 25th last year, finished 22nd. I'd say we done a fine job of earning that ranking.
Wish someone had told me that when I was new. Lol
Hurd and Kamara are a better combo than Chubb and michel. They're more reliable and both are better than michel
Kinda like when georgia was jumping up and down and getting in the Bama players faces b4 that game last year? I was embarrased for them. Smh
They should have had to vacate the wins that grier had last year.
Curt maggit curt maggit is top 5 on the def ends list talent wise if he can stay healthy. I'd even say he's the best athlete on that list when healthy.
Gaytors don't need any help looking bad. They do a fine job
Won't need one but we will have 2 1000 yard rb and another possible 1000 yd rusher in dobbs.
UT had 2 1000 yard backs last year. Kamara had over 1000 all purpose yards.
Agreed. Noone wants to miss auburn get spanked by clemson.
Even berry is the best return specialist in the country.
Yall putting too much faith in chubb returning and especially in him being 100%.
You've got to be the dumbest troll I've ever seen. At least most trolls don't sound ignorant when they troll.
Why you like to look like a fool trolling on every post? And the bs you say is not even close to true. Hurd and Kamara are the best rb duo in the sec and top 5 in the country. I guess you gotta watch the vols videos cause they damn sure ain't got anything to say about ole blue.
Love the answer to the gators question: No because tennessee is too good.
SevenT you already proved you're a clown, don't back out now.. uk loser
And kentucky is automatically marked "W" on every sec teams schedule including vandy lol.